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  1. Out of interest, can anybody remember how many coaches we took for the Autoglass Trophy vs Stockport back in 1993?
  2. What is the difference between CAT 1 & CAT6? I take it its just the view? or are there better facilities too?
  3. I won’t ever witness that kind of experience ever again. That was a special night. Well done vale.
  4. What a night , no voice left. Brilliant atmosphere from the vale fans. Hamil end was immense
  5. Us Vale fans will get us through, especially with us having the Hamil end. Atmosphere will be through the roof. Got us through Vs Southampton anyway
  6. Forget McKirdy, we just concentrate on what we need to do to get to league 1. McKIrdy will be over the moon tonight and rightly so. We can crush that. Up to us
  7. That goal from Wilson could turn out priceless. Thursday will be a cracker. Got to get behind them and drive us to Wembley, which I really want my kids to experience. Come on Vale
  8. We have offered absolutely zilch today. So disappointing so far
  9. Going to be pointless on Thursday if we dont sort ourselves the <ovf censored> out
  10. Up automatically as of now have to say let them go up, would prefer to play Northampton
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