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  1. Agree about Simon Eldershaw though Erniemoss
  2. Better player than Dan Turner though...............
  3. If its that much of a problem, delete the post and stop quoting it!
  4. James Wilson, not to be confused with Lawrie Wilson Carry on
  5. He actually turned up? tell him its more than he did for us.
  6. I actually think he has a point tbf, mate. I am willing to see who else we bring in, before I have a melt down:shifty:
  7. I agree. Rampant Zebra must know him personally, its the only explanation I have.
  8. So Gibbons is a regular in the Railway Stand bogs. Makes sense he got an injury.
  9. In May 2017, Foley rejected the offer of a new contract at Port Vale to remain in League One on a two-year contract with Northampton Town; the move reunited him with former Newport manager Justin Edinburgh Port Vale manager Michael Brown said that Port Vale had offered a better wage than Northampton, but Foley had wanted to play at as high a level as possible
  10. Brown will win it, deservedly so.
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