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  1. McKirdy seems to be having a decent game for Swindon tonight, scored two so far
  2. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/19399125.ryan-johnson-left-hartlepool-united-join-port-vale/
  3. Orderd mine Monday and it came yesterday (Thursday). Birmingham based. My 3 were also delivered yesterday, so all good
  4. Ordered mine on Saturday, haven't arrived yet☹️
  5. Bought me and my two little ones the kits today (online), really impressed that the club included the £10 off for the club shop as as a reward for the season tickets purchase last season automatically. (Although to be quite honest I wouldn't of minded if they hadn't). Nice touch.
  6. Got to be a wind up. Would ruin a lot of planning for a big reveal this Friday.
  7. Maybe Cambridge's offer wasn't what Hannant thought he was worth? Although saying that, i thought Colchester were skint? So not sure at all. Strange move as comments above.
  8. I would love to know the ins and outs of Manny's departure. He struggled for fitness with us, but it cant be deigned, when he started we were a better team. He then plays a few games and in his last game he goes off injured (if I remember correctly) Gets sold to Chesterfield Then he plays a good number of games for Chesterfield (never subbed) I would of loved Manny to stay, until he breaks down, I'll always be wondering , why did we let him go!
  9. My favourite Vale goal of all time.
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