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  1. Looks like his account has been deleted now. This account doesn’t exist
  2. Just makes such a difference to the weekend when we win, especially against a decent team away. Really hard working performance from Vale. Feared the absolute worst at the end when Cov played a short ball to Jones instead of smacking it out to anywhere. Absolutely love it.
  3. This is what I'd do tbh. Conlon for Walker. Garrity has performed excellently in the past 3 games, so should keep his place.
  4. Really looking forward to seeing what team DC picks tomorrow. Really cant remember us having a squad like this where whoever comes in, I'm more than happy with. Roll on tomorrow, cant wait!
  5. Pretty sure Monty was on the bench for the first game, not featured since.
  6. Really can't remember the last time we had so much competition for places.
  7. I didn’t listen other fans views, just wasn’t too impressed with his first lot of games for us.
  8. I’ll admit I wasn’t sold on Garrity at first, but he’s been superb lately.
  9. Only time I listen to praise and grumble is when Vale win and red and white eye balls lose.
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