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  1. I was in the Lorne street and when it went in, I thought it was cross that went in. Didn't realise it went in from a deflection
  2. Am I right in thinking Mckirdy set up the first for them, then won a penalty and then to top it off scored? Great day for him, really rubbed our noses in it. Pissed me off typing that out tbf
  3. He's just had a month off. We were terrible today and the stats from the match are embarrassing. We got schooled in a very bad way. Easy for Swindon and they looked a class above. Typical Vale, we have a good week and we perform like that. <ovf censored>, no other word for it
  4. Lorne street showing as sold out, besides one ticket
  5. What is Jake Taylors actual injury? And has Sprowy been on Radio Stoke since his comments RE Taylor? I like Jake, he is a decent footballer who has the ability to get goals from open play. Some of the goals are crackers too.
  6. Even with 2 sent off I’m still on a knifes edge🤣
  7. DC WILL BE BUZZING LIKE US Cap lock was on, couldn't be arsed to change it
  8. I always take my headphones out when the opposition team attack, just for this reason.
  9. Like DC post match interview, agree with everything he said. Also I’m confident he’ll put it right. He cares and it shows. Definitely the man for the job , even though he got it wrong tonight formation wise( saying that we weren’t up for it , so no idea if that actually matters).at least he admits it and will look at himself. Makes a refreshing change from the dirge interviews we’ve heard from Askey etc in the past which left me more angry than I was before I heard them
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