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  1. We are the smaller of two professional clubs in a relatively small city that has relatively low average wages. 16k-17k is probably about our support level for this type of game and is more than we took to our last 3 “finals”. Virtually 3x our home average attendance and nearing on double the number of home fans who were at the home semi final.
  2. All the above venues are confirmed as Vale fans only for Saturdays game. Mansfield have been allocated: Black Sheep, White Horse, Blue Check, Wembley Tavern, Stadium Sports Bar, The Torch, Crock of Gold and the Arena Square fanzone
  3. Organisation at Ticketmaster has been a complete shambles. Bring back overnight queuing outside the ticket office.
  4. I think most people find it strange how we've both sold 15k but Mansfield fans still have a choice of all categories and we're lumbered with no choice whatsoever. For whatever reason Mansfield seem to have had more blocks released in L1 so can only assume they are more spread out over their blocks given sales seem to be broadly equal. That is giving them a greater range of categories available at any one time. Vale seem to have sold more at L2 level. No idea who is driving that decision or why.
  5. There seems to be some mythical batch of “cheap tickets” that folk are expecting to be released. The bulk of what we’ve sold behind the goal are Cat 5 or 6 which are the least expensive. If they are selling North to South as they have done so far there wont be anymore Cat 5 or 6 (which would be in the third tier) unless we shift the remaining blocks in L2.
  6. 15,452 sold as of 5pm. Would be surprised if we break 20k let alone fill the initial allocation.
  7. Block 236 in L2 is now available. Previously L2 allocation was up to 237. Now L1 is near enough sold out they will release blocks from 236 through to 228. Looks like they will release on a block by block basis.
  8. Would imagine Vale will be in white given that during both games this season we and Mansfield have worn our respective home colours without any sort of clash.
  9. M40 would also be my recommendation. Coming back down sarf from the Vale my satnav very often goes M6/M5/M42/M40 - for Wembley you would just stick on the M40 all the way down until it becomes the A40.
  10. Beaconsfield is one we regularly use for England games. 20 mins into Wembley Stadium station and only £5.50 to park at the weekend. Obviously you need to factor in train tickets as well.
  11. All the pubs/larger venues like Boxpark around Wembley are now designated for either side on a match day involving clubs to minimise the risk of trouble. The split is based on who gets which end.
  12. How often do fans of sides that lose a game invade the pitch? Would have been a bold effort in the face of several thousand Vale fans flooding onto the pitch. If you watch the pens back there were a number of Swindon fans readying themselves in the stairwell down between the areas netted off. I’m sure they would have been trying to get on if they had won it.
  13. Highly likely to be designated for Mansfield based on this bar being allocated to the east stand allocations this weekend
  14. Walk to Euston Square and get the Metropolitan line to Wembley Park. It’s about 15 mins on the tube and a single will cost an adult £3.10.
  15. I thought it would be of use to start a standalone thread for confirmation of pubs, bars, venues allocated to Vale around Wembley next Saturday. As we are in the West Stand it looks almost certain we will be allocated the following which would align with teams allocated the same end of the stadium this weekend for the League 1 and non-league finals: Boxpark Wembley - Boxpark Vale fan park - this is a confirmed Vale only venue on the day. The link can be used to access details of what Boxpark offers and to book tickets for their event. The Green Man The Arch Station 31 The Liquor Station JJ Moons Crystals La Regina Fan Zone - likely to be Events Pad next to the Designer outlet at Wembley
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