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  1. I genuinely feel sorry for fans of the Super Six tonight. Their clubs are in the process of global humiliation. Meanwhile in the meaningless football pyramid we’ve just witnessed a lad discarded by Stevenage, born in our city, and whose great grandad and great great grandad played for the club, score an absolute wonder goal and score both goals to win the game. They will never know how that feels and what that means. The beautiful game at its very best. Viva the beautiful game and viva Port Vale.
  2. That is up there with the best Vale goal I’ve seen in 30 years of following. From a technique perspective you will struggle to see better at any level. Is that ESL still open for applications?
  3. You can’t please all the folk all the time. In the circumstances I think the gesture is a fair one and further evidence that we have the best and most responsible owners in the Football League IMO.
  4. Premier League approval is required for them to enter and the PL are not supportive. Could lead to an interesting stand off.
  5. And the parachute payments end for them this season so there’s another hole for Mr Coates to fill.
  6. Southend and Grimsby look like they are down. Difficult to see either side gaining the 6 and 8 points respectively on Colchester in their 6 and 7 remaining games. One win for Colchester in their 6 games and it requires either side to hit playoff form in their remaining fixtures.
  7. Throughly deserved. Job very nearly done.
  8. I’m pleased HM is getting a chance under Clarke. There is definitely a player in there IMHO and we don’t have many going forward that have that little bit of X factor. I wonder whether he would be worth a go up top alongside Rodders.
  9. Robinson offers absolutely nothing. No pace, no strength, no goals, creates nothing. It’s to the credit of the other 10 that they have got a couple of results recently with him in the side.
  10. Deserved win. Two more in the last nine and we will be safe.
  11. Another very balanced and fair commentary team from the other side.
  12. About time we won a game like that. Let’s hope that is a corner turned, we get 3 or 4 more wins quickly and consign this season to history as soon as possible.
  13. I have no idea how this lot will get us enough points to survive. Completely inept.
  14. Alternatively Goodlad Mills Swan Glover Tankard McCarthy Earle Walker Guppy Foyle Naylor
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