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  1. Alternatively Goodlad Mills Swan Glover Tankard McCarthy Earle Walker Guppy Foyle Naylor
  2. Johnny Brain Jermain Holwyn Liam Burns Chris Slater Phil Hardy Simon Eldershaw Ashley Dodd Neil McKenzie Kevin Gall Kyle Perry Danny Glover Now that is what I call a dream team.
  3. The reality is very simple. Askey’s recruitment was dreadful. This squad is nowhere near good enough and the first task for Clarke is staying up. The second task is to bin as much of this dross as he can and build a side that can compete.
  4. 4-4-2 according to RS. Thought it might have been a back 3.
  5. Two very solid appointments in a week IMO. This season now becomes about building for next.
  6. The view that we “dipped” after Sinclair arrived is false. He was appointed in August. Prior to the Kings Lynn game we were flying high in the table and that was in November. In terms of coaching credentials he holds the UEFA A badge which I suspect is a higher coaching qualification that anyone on OVF and potentially higher than anyone currently at the club (I believe Pugh has his UEFA B badge). The very simple fact is that a significant number of the playing squad are just not good enough. Of those who are good enough I would suggest only Conlon and Worrall (and perhaps Rodders) ha
  7. Such sad news and like others he was one of my favourites to watch in those great sides of the early 90s. RIP JJ.
  8. Lovely goal from Rodders. I like that he isn’t afraid to have a pop.
  9. I must be in the minority on Hurst but all I see is a headless chicken. Runs around a lot but offers naff all threat. Would be nowhere near a side challenging the top 7.
  10. Isn’t the point of the midfield 3 to try to win the midfield battle? We are barely touching the ball and when we do it is being given straight back to FGR.
  11. Can’t see it being Cowley. Has been linked to the Sunderland and Sheff Weds jobs in recent months so can’t imagine League 2 and the Vale will look an attractive option. I’d imagine if Pugh gets us through in the trophy and we get something from FGR that he’ll get it until the end of the season. That would give him an opportunity to impress and the club the chance to evaluate the future re COVID and how that plays out in the next few months. The latter point particularly important given the £1m hole that Covid has created and where there us no certainty around when the club gets back to a
  12. Taylor will be an over 21 as he was born before 1st Jan 1999 which was the cut off for this season. He’s better than the likes of Whitehead and Burgess (albeit that isn’t saying much) so would be an upgrade on what we’ve got. Not convinced he’s made for playing in a 2 in central midfield. Maybe in the longer term he would do well as a 10 playing off a centre forward.
  13. Graham Coughlan is favourite on SkyBet currently. Can’t recall seeing his name even mentioned on here or at least not mentioned very often.
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