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  1. No idea what happened to the quote in the above. It was the one about no one moaning if we had been sat third but playing poorly.
  2. And as the saying goes if your aunt had a meat and two veg she would be your uncle. We were playing “ok” but no more before this run but heavily reliant on Brown. We are now playing poorly and Brown is unable to continually bail us out. We are averaging around 3 shots on target a game across 15 games despite playing 30% plus of our games in the oppositions final third. We’ve conceded a third of our goals against in the last 15 mins of games (having cost ourselves a playoff spot with similar issues last year). We’ve scored 9 goals from open play in 15 games. We’ve lost as many league
  3. Anyone having a pop at Carol needs to give their head a wobble. She has done more for this club and the local area in the last 18 months than any owner has done in two decades. Under her stewardship I can only see the club going from strength to strength. She deserves our trust and faith for what she has done. Results on the pitch are always transient. That is the nature of football. We are currently going through a patch of bad results and poor performances and last night in lots of ways was inexcusable. As a supporter of 30 odd years I have serious reservations about the manne
  4. Get in Rodders, great finish. Will be interesting how Stevenage handle the last 10 given their prolonged period of poor form.
  5. Before tonight Stevenage had won 4 of their last 49 league fixtures.
  6. Lucky to only be 1-0 down at half time against a side sat 23rd in the table and who had scored 8 goals in 13 games before tonight.
  7. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The definition of insanity. The system and tactics are not working. We are creating next to nothing and leaking chances for fun. That mix is not a sustainable one to win games of football.
  8. Anyone else struggling to get onto iFollow to sign up for the game? Wondering if iFollow are trying to do me a favour but not letting me sign up?
  9. I admire Leon’s honesty. I’m afraid he hasn’t looked quite at it for weeks in my opinion and it was managerial madness to leave him on after half time yesterday given he was walking the 2nd yellow tightrope and had done so from the 4th minute. I agree that a break might do him some good - at 35 the volume of games was always going to prove challenging as it is for Pope. Brisley has rarely let us down when called upon and should be given a chance to stake a claim.
  10. Something worth a prolonged try is Worrall in the midfield 3. Creates room for McKirdy and Amoo to start if he persists with a front 3. Also gives our midfield an element of threat. Downside is it removes Worrall from crossing etc where he has been very creative in the last 18m.
  11. Monty would be better suited to wing back than he is full back. Clark would be more than competent at it on the other side. 3-5-2 worth a try but don’t see Askey doing it.
  12. Not sure I agree. This season already we’ve conceded 4 goals after the 90th minute of league games. In the last week that has cost us 4 points. Last season we conceded in or after the 90th minute in games against Salford, Orient, Mansfield, Scunthorpe and dropped 8 points as a result. I would suggest that it is happening too frequently to chalk up to pure chance. Askey does deserve time to turn it round but he needs to do so quickly.
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