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  1. We’ve robbed a point tonight. Really poor performance but it’s one point gained.
  2. This front two is like Teflon. Literally nothing sticking up front. Would get Politic on for Lloyd and Amoo for Gibbo for Martin and go 4-3-3 by pushing Worrall forward.
  3. Next goal huge. Possibly the worst 45 of the season so far so it is to be hoped that DC gets into them at half time and we come out in the 2nd half.
  4. Not started yet and they have come out quicker. Willing to be proven wrong but really don’t see what Lloyd offers.
  5. Has to find a way to get Politic in the side, looks to have game changing potential. Would also like to see us try 4 at the back more often to have a go at sides. But 3rd after 12 games is dreamland stuff really when you consider the turnover in players we had.
  6. The game would have been available on iFollow in any event that weekend as it is an international weekend. Think the home side gets £30k for hosting a Sky game so at £20 a pop that covers a 1,500 drop off. On historical precedent and current form Bradford’s following would likely have been sub 1,000 in any event. Their last couple of Saturday followings at Vale have been 1,100 and 600.
  7. You win some, you lose some, you draw some. Football has ever thus been that way and always will be. We beat ourselves in many ways today by getting dragged into a scrap rather than keeping with the football that got us into a two goal lead. We were also far too brittle when faced with a physical, direct approach. The less said the better about the referee who must have been their man of the match. Ultimately though the behaviour of some of our “fans” was far more disappointing than anything on the pitch. I took my 5 year old daughter for her first ever game today. She largely loved it, despite the result and us having to stand and me holding her for much of the game on a barrier. However after the 4th goal we had a mid 50s gentleman who tried charging straight through us in some sort of futile attempt to gesture at the Sutton players after the 4th goal. He continued to do so despite my clear protestations and the fact he could see I was holding my daughter. To that gentleman I would say this. You are clearly old enough to know better and I hope you are proud of yourself for barging into a 5 year old watching their first ever live game of football.
  8. I think it’s at the discretion of the home club. Given we’ve sold our allocation there won’t be any impact on that income stream for Sutton so you would imagine it will be available.
  9. Good run out for a lot of players who haven’t had much game time so far. Thought the young lad was very neat and tidy on debut.
  10. Good start but a long way to go.
  11. Another good away day and Garrity has already repaid his fee I would suggest with key goals that have won games. Like the managers mentality - one game at a time. Tasty looking game next week against Orient.
  12. Good win. Great goal from Worrall and great to see Wilson off the mark. 8 games in and the start to the season is up to “decent” in my opinion. A couple of wins in the next couple and the first ten games would look very healthy.
  13. Can see why he has signed another left back on the evidence of Bennings showing today. Complete dross.
  14. Seems a complete waste of a signing IMO. Why would a young lad with virtually no goalscoring record, who is being let go on loan by the might of Cheltenham, get a game ahead of Wilson, Proctor, Rodney and even Amoo? Pointless exercise after the manager had said he wouldn’t “squad fill for the sake of it”.
  15. I certainly think he would offer something a little different to the others we have but would be concerned about goal output.
  16. I hope with Legge out DC reverts to a back four and a 4-2-3-1. Cass Smith Martin Jones Pett Walker Worrall Garrity Rodney Proctor
  17. The friendly was against one of these 2nd chance academy sides who recruit players let go by academies in the hope of being able to get them back into a club.
  18. 2nd half was encouraging. 1st half was atrocious. Really like the look of both Jones and Cass. Two good signings. I’ve not been impressed with Garrity but thought he made a big difference today. Pett and Walker were much better in a three in the second half than a 4 in the first. Wilson and Rodney isn’t the answer up front. Think Proctor leads the line well but doesn’t look like a goal scorer. Desperately need to find something different up top.
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