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  1. Set off at 1:15pm from the top end of Hampshire. 3 and a bit hours and 177 miles later sat in the Burslem sunshine.
  2. This aged well. My flag had just about dried when I got back in from work today at 7:30pm! 😂
  3. By my reckoning, unless I missed one, we didn’t get given a free kick until the 34th minute.
  4. Stone Gibbo Smith Hall Benning Pett Taylor Garrity Worrall Wilson Proctor Can’t help but feel we would look miles better playing this type of set up on Thursday. Obviously if Walker was fit he’d be in for Taylor but assume with him not even being on the bench today that he’s done for the season.
  5. And a word for Swindon’s away end. It’s a disgrace that clubs are allowed to put supporters in stands like that. Former Premier League side with an open end, seats bolted on to a terrace and the facilities of a non-league side. Incredible that the ground regs for the professional game don’t require stands to all be covered and to an acceptable standard. Yet sides who come up with a 4G pitch are forced to rip them up and replace with grass. Go figure.
  6. So if you haven’t got the passing quality to keep hold of the ball, play a system that doesn’t require you to have the ball so much. Swindon will be kicking themselves because at 2-0 the tie was borderline down. We’ve got ourselves a chance again but need to show the cojones to grab that chance.
  7. Very poor performance. I’ve said it for weeks but the system is holding us back. Still got a chance but will need to be way better on Thursday.
  8. Northampton, with a shorter and easier journey to Mansfield, seem to have failed to sell out a smaller allocation this evening than we had for tomorrow.
  9. I think Swindon are the toughest of the sides in the playoffs that we could have ended up with. From what I’ve seen of them they play on the front foot, play decent football and have been a threat going forward all season - think they ended up as top scorers and top side for possession in the league so you can expect we will spend a fair bit of the tie without the ball and potentially on the back foot. Midfield including Payne and Williams is arguably L1 level. McKirdy was clearly a talent before he came to us, showed us a few glimpses but never suited a Clarke system or squad but really looks to have found his groove at Swindon. I do worry about the absences we have in midfield as that has been an area in the last few weeks where we have really struggled to dominate the game. Conlon has obviously been a big blow for the second half of the season but I do look at Walker getting injured at Hartlepool as a key factor in what followed for the next few games as well. Getting Walker involved in these games would be a massive boost if he is fit enough to do so. Looks like the winners will be facing Mansfield based on evidence of the first half hour in the other tie.
  10. Bar 71. It’s at the top end of the Arkell Stand just round from the turnstiles for the Stratton Bank which we are in.
  11. Weather forecast also looking a little better as today progresses
  12. The usual away bar at the ground is open for Vale fans from 10am. Only holds a couple of hundred tops from memory.
  13. There are parts of SoT where 50%+ of children under 18 live in poverty. And the cost of living continues to increase. I don’t blame anyone who puts feeding their family ahead of going the game.
  14. I get it. I’m buzzing to have managed to get tickets and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. But if it comes down to a choice of putting food in the table for your family or watching 22 blokes kick a ball around in person when you can watch it on TV on the pub it’s a no brainer as to why some folk won’t be able to go.
  15. I wouldn’t be overly surprised if we don’t quite manage to sell out given: 1) Midday kick off means there are no trains 2) The cost of living crisis and where that is most acutely felt in the low income areas like SoT 3) Given points 1 and 2 the game being on TV gives folk an easy and cheap way of seeing the game without travelling 4) No online sales and the club’s current approach to ticket sales making it incredibly difficult for folk outside the area to buy tickets. Thankfully we got sorted in the end but I had all but given up on Thursday 5) Our record at Swindon over the years isn’t the best. 6) Quite a few will have gone with the fanzone at the Vale rather than travel. Don’t get that personally but it will be a combo of some of the above I suspect. If we sell 2,000 if we represent a 6 or 7 fold increase on what we usually take there. That’s about what I thought we would take and justifies the need to give us that end rather than the usual away section.
  16. Edit: it doesn't say hundreds, it just says general sale There are 500 going to general sale.
  17. Hundreds of tickets getting to general sale yet the club can’t be bothered to return calls from season ticket holders who can’t get to the ground to sell tickets to them. Absolutely incredible.
  18. Had wanted to buy 4 Swindon tickets using 4 ST. Living 180 miles away made the queuing outside the ticket office impossible. Ended the day with: 29 unanswered calls to various numbers at the club. 2 unanswered voicemails (including 1 which offered to make the 360 mile round trip to Burslem on Saturday to collect tickets if I could just pay for them over the phone). 2 unanswered emails. Made even more galling by the fact it looks like the tickets will go to general sale tomorrow and undoubtedly then sell out. Looks like buying a season ticket is fairly pointless for those of us who live outside the Burslem area.
  19. Based on my past experience they usually get sent next day delivery.
  20. 1st leg. I’ve sorted 2nd leg tickets today via the online function which, once I got in, was fine. Half day booked in readiness for the 360 mile round trip.
  21. I’m resigned to watching the first leg from my sofa as the club apparently place no value whatsoever on the support of season ticket holders who follow the club from across the country and are unable to camp outside the ticket office. 14 attempts to call various numbers at the club, not a single answer. Voicemail left, nothing. Email sent on Saturday, not even an automated response.
  22. Unpopular opinion alert. It is a disgrace that in 2022 the club seems to see this way of selling tickets as acceptable. I appreciate everything the Shanahans have done for the club but this farcical approach to ticket selling has been a consistent during their ownership and goes back as far as December 2019 when we drew Man City in the cup. Given the criticality of selling tickets (our main income stream) it beggars belief that we are so far behind the times with ticket selling.
  23. Even better, give them the Lorne Street (completed side) with the front couple of rows and a bit next to the Bycars netted off for crowd control which would give them a similar allocation and we keep the Hamil for ourselves and create an extra 2,000 allocation for our own fans. Stick the away buses on the Lorne St car park and cordon off the walkway from the car park to Bycars Lane. Don’t see why the media facilities would be an issue. They are always surrounded by fans, it would just be away rather than home and there are plenty of grounds where such is the case (Exeter at the weekend had the media right next to the away seats).
  24. Good piece Rob and fully agree that the Rudgie statue, whilst a great idea and one that the man deserves for his service to the club, will inevitably split fund raising to the potential detriment of both that campaign and the Lorne St concourse. I would also reflect that it is a sign of the club’s progress in the past 3 years that we are even having these sorts of debates about ensuring we have sufficient capacity for Vale fans. Let’s hope it is a debate that needs continuing over the summer!
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