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  1. Early 70's as a kid sitting on the tall wall that over looking the ground before it got developed and you can't see the pitch anymore from the wall. Then when they opened the gate we would rush in the ground to watch the last part of the game. One kid fell off the wall and landed on a car below so they put glass on top of the wall to stop the kids sitting on it. All we did was take several thick layers of card to go on top of the glass shards and watch the game as before. Always makes me smile when I walk past the wall now and think how the hell did we not kill ourselves. But it was part of being a kid then and our chance to watch the Vale I suppose. My kids said you lot were mad sitting on there as it was so high with your legs swinging over it. 🤣 See Playa Amodores did the same. Probably one of the many that used to do it. 🤣
  2. A point is a point, but we are just not a top 7 club at the moment. We never looked like scoring again. 4 point gap now between us and Exeter and they have only played 1 game more than us.
  3. Walker taking out their player and now walking a dodgy 20 minutes now. See the youngsters were straight in on the pushing match. Come on Vale get a goal please. Be nice to nick 3 points off these.
  4. Not read or heard off the commentators if Worrall has picked up a knock or out injured again. Does anyone one know. Come on subs, do your stuff.
  5. Sagi has noticed that Vale keep playing the ball back to the goalie and questioned why the players keep doing that. As he said it's because they don't want to take responsibility to get the ball forward. Come on Amoo put your scoring boots on please.
  6. Aaron Martin needs to stop passing it back to the keeper and putting him under pressure. Come on Vale. Love them to have a shot on target. Leopard on fire, an old stomping ground pub now gone forever now by the sounds of it.
  7. Wonder what DC will do to change this around. Vale playing against 14 players as the officials seem to be allowing Orient to foul Vale players, but when one of their players falls over, its a foul. Just hope we don't loose another player to injury in the 2nd half. Come on Vale - 3 points would be magic today.
  8. Why is it commentators and fans can see their dirty tactics, but the ref is happy to let Orient players get away with it. Playing against 14 players. Ref seems to be swayed by the home crowd as well. Come on Vale.
  9. Gibbo is out with an injury and is totally devastated by the sounds of it as well. The injury jinx is still causing havoc at the club. Come on Vale.
  10. Just a tad worried that we can only get 5 subs. Are we that thread bare with squad players and the next group of players coming through. Think this last week of the transfer window could be a busy one. Not sure of a win today. Please Vale players prove me and other fans thinking this wrong.
  11. May be the fact he could come on and change the game most times. Not worth breaking the wage structure if there is someone else out there who can do this for less wages.
  12. Commentators were saying 4 individual errors lead to the corner being given to them and they scored from the scorer.
  13. 2nd half was rubbish. Vale you need to take your chances as this happens. 4 players make mistakes and the ball goes out for a corner and they score off it.
  14. Come on Vale, nick a goal please and then run off the pitch in a black and white stripped shirt and don the masks because you have robbed Salford of a couple of points. Cant see us scoring even when they come off the pitch and we stay on.
  15. I am sure Salford players could leave the goal open and we will not score tonight. Again another example of Vale not taking their chances and defense errors costing Vale points. Is it too many tactical changes are not helping the players or we just buckle with the pressure.
  16. Wilson on and bring off Edmondson as he seems to be making more errors at the moment. Come on Vale.
  17. Pett off for Amoooooooooooooo. Another formation change again. Come on Vale.
  18. Vale players giving needless free kicks. Come on Vale, get an equaliser as they are confident now by the sounds of it.
  19. DC made a formation change during half time. Can we go back to the later first half formation please. Come on Vale.
  20. 4 Vale players mess up and give a corner. Guess what. Yep we concede. All that hard work for nothing. Typical Vale. Come on Vale get a couple of goals, you deserved to be in the lead from the first half.
  21. That damn goal post stopping a Vale Goal and injuring a Vale player 😁 At least Vale have actually had shots on goal this match. Well done Vale players.
  22. Gibbo seems okay thank goodness. Come on Vale. At least we are trying to score tonight. Just need that first goal to give the players some confidence by the looks of it.
  23. Gibbo holding his groin at the moment according to the commentator, wonder if he will be coming off injured by the sounds of it. Connor Hall also gone down with an injury. This is Vale's luck at the moment with injuries. Come on Vale.
  24. Goal bracket is bent and as such the ref said he can't carry on with the match till it is fixed. Something for question of sport. What happened next.
  25. Speedy wont be happy Hall has broken his goal. Come on Vale.
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