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  1. That's a cracking start for Vale. Another cracker by the sounds of it and first for Wilson. Come on Vale, another goal please.
  2. Will DC bring on Amoo and Politic to get some time on the pitch after 60 mins? Come on Vale, another goal will certainly help the nerves.
  3. See what Vale side comes out in the 2nd half. Just hope the same Vale side comes out and pushes for another goal in stead of the side we seem to see in previous matches where they allow them back into the game.
  4. This ref is seems a timid and Harrogate players are taking the micky out of him. Come on Vale another goal please.
  5. Get in there Woz. Come on Vale. Sounds like it was a cracker as well. Come on Vale a couple more please.
  6. Come on Vale, feel we are going to need to take our chances in this game. Promising start tho.
  7. Great result and a win at a bogey place. Not won there for 16 years till now.
  8. Just lost ifollow - gets it back to hear Garrity scores. Thought ifollow had gone back to the first half. 🤪 Come on Vale - please hold out or get another goal please.
  9. Come on Vale. There is another warning they are dangerous.
  10. We seem to be a different side this half. Come on Vale, think we need to score a couple of goals to get 3 points. Love to beat these swindles.
  11. Individual errors/bad choices and Rochdale wanting the ball more and their players double tagging Conlon when he had the ball. Some weird decisions by the ref as well. Oh well - rock on the next game and see what they do. Fans will be questioning Benning's ability after this game. He seemed to be off form today big style. Did the big crowd and emotional memorial affect some of the players - making them try to hard or just put them off ???
  12. Defending again. Just not marking their players. Come on Vale.
  13. Ref seems to be favouring them a lot of the time. Come on Vale a couple more goals would help the nerves.
  14. Oh no Odoh down. Sorry - taxi for one. Come on Vale, think we need a couple more, as Beesley seems very dangerous and scoring for the fun of it.
  15. Proctor again and Conlon doing his part as well. Come on Vale.
  16. What has happened to the side. Easy header for them and we are not learning by the looks of it. Come on Vale.
  17. The commentators said it was Benning initial error and then defending wasn't good to stop the cross which allowed their player heading in a cracking goal.
  18. Sounds like a defending error and a good goal by them. Come on Vale, lets put the chances away and take control of the game again.
  19. Get in there Vale. Proctor again. Come on Vale some more please. That will get the fans rocking after the emotional memorial service before the game.
  20. Come on Vale. Still time for a couple of goals by Vale players. You've played well so deserve something out of this tin pot game.
  21. Come on Vale, this is becoming a nail biter. They have just hit the post. Was just going to say - is it time for George Lloyd and commentator said he is just about to come on.
  22. That Bolton goal sounded a cracker. Come on Vale, back to scoring again please.
  23. Amooooooooooooooooo scores like a striker. Sounds like the Vale players are playing well and pressing them.
  24. Sounds like a cracking goal by Conlon. A couple more please Vale.
  25. Johnson error lead to their goal and the commentators were not too slow to comment about the error either, so it must have been bad. Come on Vale, get a couple of goals now please you have woken up.
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