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  1. Great to watch Vale play again. Team seem to be gelling well and hopefully DC and Co will see where we need to improve and the players get to know each others playing styles better. Looking positive for the new season.
  2. Commentator saying he will be pushing for 1st team place this season, so I don't think so. He has been class today and hopefully we may be able to get some loan players from Notts Forest may be? Now Championship clubs can see we are now run properly and our owners look after loan players well.
  3. Nice try by Wilson and good save. Come on Vale. Goalie took their player out by the looks of it.
  4. Defending seems to be a problem at the moment today. DC will not be happy and will learn from it hopefully. Forest are giving the Vale a good game so far. Ground looks good and can't wait to get back there.
  5. Or not maybe, hopefully Newcastle want him to get experience at a professionally run club, they may be paying most of his wages.
  6. I will believe he is off when I see the official notification as he seems happy to collect his monthly money and do not a lot for the Vale. Could be a year loan by the looks of it, but if they pick up his wages than that's as good as a transfer as we are not picking up his wages.
  7. Seems a character. Watch this space to see if he is coming to the Vale. Nature - well we have Westport Lake and some strange creatures in the cities after 2100hrs. Just seen. Welcome to Vale Park.
  8. They used to go down to Hanley Forest Park and do laps around the lake and hills if I remember right with Micky Adams before they even got a look at the ball. Some of the players used to say they hated the first week back as it was just punishing. Wonder where our new squad will go and if any of the un-named players will be on show.
  9. If the Vale owners and media team are holding back the naming of players so they can reveal them in the new kit and make a big thing of it that, I think that would create a lot of interest from the fans and local rags. I can't see a problem with it. Maybe reveal the new kit and the new players using a open day event at Vale Park so they can say hello to the fans and the fans say hello to them. May be its the worry Vale fans have previously had of last minute dot com players coming in which prove to be rubbish as previous managers have not sorted out players coming into the club and all the best players have been offered contracts with other clubs. Don't think that is happening now though. So may be a quick message from DC and Flickers that players are lined up may help you get more interested again and let fans know we wont be getting last minute dot com players who fail to make the side.
  10. Signings are great so far and looks like some thought has been put into them. Looks like a good squad is being put together. Looking forward to seeing them gel and hopefully get us out of this league.
  11. Better late than never, are the media from the club and senile speaking to each other. You would think the club media would be saying this is happening today and can be released at such a time so it hits the senile news faster than it is at the moment.
  12. Andy Crosby signs - great news. Another good story coming out of Vale Park and still not on the senile pages. The good feel factor is growing that this season could be the one with staff staying and new players coming in who can take us out of this league.
  13. Agree, some players seem to come to Vale Park and just pick up injuries which affects their stats and makes them look a rubbish transfer. Then they leave the club and go on a good run again. Hopefully DC and Flickers will know the players they want, their medical will show any underlying problems and this wont happen anymore.
  14. I see the senile has only just caught up with the Joyce rumour signing for Oldham. The way senile is reporting stuff connected with the Vale, we would have signed a couple of players and some of the released players would have signed and played a couple of games before they announce it. Wonder if there will be any announcements tomorrow of players signing and buying into the Vale dream?
  15. Him and Conlon will be having a competition to see who can score from the furthest out by the looks of it 😁
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