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  1. Well done all the staff, players and great for Carol and Kev. Great for them. Just a shame a couple of people went to confront Swindle players. That is going to take shine off it.
  2. Nerves are shot. Last 15 minutes and then the unknown penalties. Come on Vale. You can do it.
  3. Not what the commentators said. Worrall was took out and DC stupidly reacted.
  4. DC sent off after a dirty swindle player taking out Worrall.
  5. Come on Vale. Concentrate for another 30 minutes and get a goal please. This is soooo close to the dream carrying on.
  6. Come on Vale. Get another goal please and concentrate. This sounds like Swindle are taking their frustrations out by kicking our players and dragging them down. The ref is bottling it when we needed a strong ref tonight. Come on Vale - no nails left.
  7. Sounds like Jacko51 is focused on rubbing his leg. 🤣
  8. Hope a fresh Vale come out in 2nd half and get another goal or two quickly. If we get a 2nd goal, hope the team concentrate. So far it is a cracking game, just wish I was there. Come on Vale.
  9. DC kicking every ball and wants to be on the pitch by the sounds of it. Come on Vale.
  10. Thanks, take it day by day as they say. At least we are 1 up at the moment, cheered and got some strange looks from people 🤣🤣. Don't think a shout of "get in there" was what they expected 🤣. Got headphones on 😁. The crowd sounds awesome. Come on Vale.
  11. Family emergency stops me and my daughter being there, but will be listening to the game via iFollow. Getting more nervous as the hours tick by. Please Vale, let the Vale team we know you can be turn up and beat these arrogant staff and some of the players who have voiced their arrogant views. Other players are probably thinking, what the hell did they write or say that - that's cringe worthy. Safe journey to all the fans making the long journeys, wish I was doing the same.
  12. Thank ..ck for the final whistle and we are nearly in the game on Thursday. 2-1 down is still there, but it just depends on what team turn up thursday?
  13. Come on Vale, get another goal please. Came a bit of a surprise we had actually scored, was waiting for the officials to disallow it the way today has gone.
  14. There you go. Just can't see how we can win our home game against a team in full confidence. Vale just cant defend, midfielders are watching the ball and we have little up front today. Come on Vale.
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