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  1. Well Pugh has 2 weeks to have a play around now he is isolating. Can see a big turn around of players this summer. We can't keep players who can only play a couple of games - then need 2 months off due to injuries. Not with only a 22 man squad now.
  2. He could always listen to the oppositions radio commentary. Usually better than Sjokes one. 🤔
  3. That is Pugh knackered then if watching on IFollow then. Probably spend more time trying to get the match streaming 🤣
  4. All the best Danny, hope you don't get it bad..
  5. Hope no more test positive. There again we could try and get the game postponed and give our sick notes another week or so to recover. 🤔
  6. Wonder who will pick the side after Pugh has tested Posititve according to the Senile. Hope no more have to self isolate. Wonder if they could call the match off and give our sick notes more time to recover and those having to self isolate 🤔
  7. I hope we go for a 2 striker approach rather than one on the wing and 1 in the middle. Guthrie and Rodney to start. Taylor in the middle. Hopefully Worrall back and providing crosses in to the box with pin point accuracy like he has done previously. Monty will no doubt still be isolating. Hopefully some of the sick notes will start coming back and last a couple of games before having another couple of months off injured. The manager must make a decision if we keep those players or release them and try to get players that last a game or two before going off injured. We seem
  8. I believe the goal keeper is allowed to ask for clarification, just the same as if Brown asked the ref. Would only be biased if the ref did not say anything when the other goal keeper asks.
  9. The FGR commentators after this performance from Vale. 🤣 None stood out, but would probably pick Rodney for his goal that came out of no where really.
  10. Monty tested positive for Covid, so that is him out for 2 weeks then. Just hope none of the other players go down. Hope you get back to the team quickly.
  11. Don't think Pugh will go with this formation due to the players we have available. Trying to be nice to the fit players we have available 🤣 We need some of the key players back as those left fit - most are either lacking confidence or just not good enough to wear a Vale shirt. I am hoping its the first, but actually feel it is the later. Bring on the next match and see which players are fit and hope for a win.
  12. The FGR commentators came across very good and knew a bit about Vale players. They were neutral and said it how it was. A point is a point and could be valuable at the end of the season.
  13. Radio Sjoke just explained by there was no Vale commentary. They would rather do Sjoke and Crewe - than Vale. Actually thought the FGR commentary was better. So may be that is the way forward use the away commentary team. 🤣
  14. A point is a point towards safety. Not the best game, but FGR came down to our standard by the sounds of it. Their commentators said their last 3 games have stuttered. Thank god for that, or we would have been well and truly beaten.
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