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  1. Some of the chats from our Owners and JA on Radio Sjoke seem to hint this will be happening. Makes sense in one way to use the loan market and get our lower down the list fringe players out on loan. Just hope the last couple of games have shown JA and Co we don't have the squad capable of play off's and worried we may start to slip to mid or just below at this rate if their confidence takes a knock or we pick up injuries to certain players that seem to produce the goods week in week out.
  2. We have released a couple of midfielders who signed 6mth contracts from our development squad and looking at a player who can play in defence, but is not actually a LB - if I read right. Hopefully we are also looking at a LB, midfielder and striker - but not holding out much hope as why would teams let their players go. But you never know JA and Co may get lucky and get a young player who performs like Jake has done. You never know it could happen. Will we see more of the lower down fringe players go out on loan to see if they can actually do it in the next league down?
  3. When Bennett came on he was straight on the wing and it stayed at 4-3-3. Pope was still playing by himself and their players were still up for it as the formation we used seemed to play into their game plan. We should have gone 4-4-2 when he came on. No it took Cullen coming on before we went 4-4-2 and then look what happened - we started getting shots at their goal. Their goalie actually got mud on his gloves and kit. When it changed to 4-4-2 they seemed less capable of marking everyone and gaps appeared - we also pushed up as well. If its not motivation - then do the players not like playing in a 4-3-3 formation ? You hope that they are tired after a hectic Xmas period and this is where the fringe players should have been battering down JA and Co's doors - saying come on boss play me. They have had a couple of chances in previous games and did not really take them and so JA and Co have to keep with the same players.
  4. Players are very tired and this is because the fringe players can't come in and claim a place. JA and Co have tried numerous fringe players and they just could not motivate themselves to say - look at me - I want to play in the first team. See what the Jan transfer window brings in.
  5. Play off's next season may be Will take 10th this season and build on it over the summer. But would love us to click and get into the play offs. Do I think it will happen - no as we don't have the players that can get us there - at the moment.
  6. Biddulph_PV. Same here. Some of the players don't seem interested or just can't motivate themselves to play teams below us by the looks of it. Or is it the formation JA and Co use. The teams know we can only play that way now and put 2 people on Pope - take him out of the game and our other players don't know what else to do with the ball, so fall back in to our half..
  7. Amoo had a shot and hit the corner flag. Shocking night and feel so sorry for the Vale fans who have been let down by the players. 5 minutes to steal a point.
  8. How did Joyce get himself off side - he was even looking across the line. Come on Vale. Would take a point after the start/most of the game we were just not in the game.
  9. Hope this Ref is strong enough to stop them time wasting now. We have finally woken up and now trying to play. Their players seem so much taller than our players. Had not noticed how much taller. Now their goalie has a dirty kit. Nearly a 2nd goal for us. Brilliant save by their goalie. How it changes when we have 2 strikers actually up front.
  10. Sure Gibbo has scored several this season - cracking goal tonight as well. May be proved wrong tho.
  11. Come on Vale. Get in Gibbo. Nice goal as well. Curling into the top corner as well. We go 4-4-2 and look what happens.
  12. It that we are dreadful for 9-10 games and then have a good game? We have always been dreadful against teams on a bad run. Don't know why, but it has been like that for the last couple of years.
  13. Have we just had 2 shots at goal or have I fell a sleep and dreaming. Cullen getting ready to come on by the sounds of it. Pope coming off. Well that is it - JA and Co have gone for the loss then.
  14. It's hard to think we could have been weaker, but yes it seems that way. Looks like its still 4-3-3. Bring Amoo off and bring on Cullen - Amoo just does not seem like he is interested - is he carrying an injury or just not bothered?
  15. Thank god Scott Brown is actually the only Vale player playing at his best. Without him we would have been 5-6 down. Have we gone 4-4-2 now - or still trying to play 4-3-3 and hoof ball. Feel sorry for the poor Vale fans who have travelled to this game. Have a safe journey home.
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