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  1. P&G lardy fans calling for their managers head. Get that yellow van outside the sjoke ground. 🤣 Today we should be wearing the stripped jumpers and the mask. Got away with a point. Thought we were going to loose near the end as they threw everything at the Vale. The usual thing that happens - Vale play a team with injury problems and at the bottom end of the table. We are tipped to win. What usually happens - we loose.
  2. Poor performance, but we come away with a point. Rock on saturday.
  3. Quinn keeps throwing himself down in the penalty area. Ref just book him. Come on Vale
  4. Commentary jinxed it. Come on Vale. Show us what your capable of doing and score a couple more. Midfield went missing by the sounds of it.
  5. Hopefully the goals will flow again for Vale. Come on Vale. Their fans are getting on their teams back by the sounds of it now.
  6. Just seen the goal and penalty save. Both crackers. Come on Vale, need a sharper start in the 2nd half.
  7. 2nd in the table at half time. Sutton pull one back at Swindle. Come on Vale a couple more goals in the 2nd half to improve our goal difference would be great.
  8. Come on Vale another goal would be good to go into the break with.
  9. Clumsy challenge and they have a penalty now. Come on Cov - you can save this. - Just seen Conrad posting - told you he could save it. 🤣
  10. That sounds like a cracker from Conlon. Doha any chance of putting the goal up. Pretty please 🤣
  11. Keeps getting pushed over a lot at the moment. Come on Vale. Need a goal to stun them. They seem to be the better team at the moment.
  12. Sounding like Vale are struggling today to match them. Come on Vale.
  13. I hate my phone. Come on Vale 3 points please. 🤣
  14. Strong bench again to bring on in the 2nd half and get the result us Vale fans want to see. Come on Vale 3 points please.
  15. Well Vale, you caused a lot of your own problems today by not defending crosses. Not helped by some strange ref decisions. See what DC says about it. Re-group and win the next game. Hate it when our manager wins the manager of the month award.
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