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  1. Finishing - Not sure we have that area sorted. Defence - Fell a sleep at times. But again showed why they were the best defence in the league. Midfield - Well there was some there. Subs - Not sure Askey and Co had their watches on tonight. How can subs change anything with 10 minutes to go. This side is a mid table side at the moment. Cambridge were the better team in the box and showed how to score.
  2. Surprise surprise a penalty given already by the arse Ref. He is totally unbelievable that ref. We are playing against 12 like normal when he is a ref.
  3. You never know he may have had some Ref lessons and be good tonight. Then we all woke up. Can see this being a hard game as Cambridge are having a good run at the moment. Relatives in Cambridge are wondering when this will cease and normal service will start again lol.
  4. You wonder if the pitch could have some bearing on Vale player injuries.
  5. It is hard when you are the single striker and find yourself marked by 2 defenders who seem happy to take lumps out of you. Todays defender tried to rip Rodney's shirt off him as he went past and the Ref did not do anything. Not as if there was not proof - one ripped shirt and Rodney being pulled back - poor ref decision that one. Robinson needs some match time and has showed he has an eye for goal, so could be a very good call. Hopefully he would get the service from the wings and ghost into the box like he has shown he is capable of.
  6. Not saying we were battered by them today. It was a game where I could only see one team scoring a single goal to nick the points and that was them as the game went on. Glad it was us that got the 3 points today as the players gave everything. They came out and played some nice football from what I heard on the radio. Some of their players fell over easily as well by the sounds of it too. This allowed spaces for our players to run into. The work ethic is great at Vale and they don't give in. But confidence does seem a bit low in the last 3rd of the pitch by the looks of it a
  7. Wonder how many JA and Co will change for tuesday? Will he go with this line up today or change about 4 or more players? Just hope the players get some confidence from todays game and any win is greatly accepted. Some games we win easy, some we nick 3 points and todays was a nick 3 points. It happens to us all the time, a team will be battered by Vale and they score and run away with all the points.
  8. Think this is the life of a Vale fan - never easy. Looks like the opposition will sneak a win and then out of no where we score and rob 3 points. JA and Co will say they knew the side would win and the fans are wrong. Yes the players kept going and that is good, but we still look like a side lacking striker confidence. Bring on Cambridge.
  9. See the ref likes "Fergie time" as well. Come on Vale. Just blown up. Thank goodness. A huge thank you to Brown and Monty for saving the Vale today. Well done Vale for getting 3 points - not sure how, but will take it.
  10. How do they get all those free kicks off the ref, but we get very little off him? some of them just fall over and they get a free kick. Come on Vale. Concentrate please.
  11. Monty gets a goal again. Get in there. Can't wait to see that one. Come on Vale. Concentrate now please.
  12. Friends used to say is Port Vale actually called Port Vale Nil a couple of years ago. Can see them bringing those jokes back again at this rate. Just don't see any of our players confident of actually shooting at goal. They all seem to pass to another player.
  13. No we have gone with the one striker and left Whitehead on. Theo will just get 2 defenders on him and mark him out of the game.
  14. JA will get slaughtered on grumble and more grumble at this rate. 75 minutes and no subs yet. At last he is bringing on Theo by the sounds of it. Will we go with 2 strikers or just the one? We all wonder.
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