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  1. RIP Old Sage. Very sad news and thoughts go out to his family.
  2. Yet again a big thank you for doing this. What a cracking squad we had and two great goals as well.
  3. Thanks for doing this again. Much appreciated and brought back loads of memories of the pubs before where the fans were singing and just enjoying it. Then the atmosphere in the ground during and after the game. That was a great game of attacking football.
  4. Traveled all the way for this game from Ramstein, Germany and then went back the next day. A lot happier I can tell you.
  5. Cheers for that - great memories of that game - was soaked through and no voice.
  6. Will the virtual toilets be safe? You know what they are like
  7. Thanks for doing this. Great commercials as well lol.
  8. Hopefully this could go further and may be sponsorship deals in the future on the football front now we are being run by class owners who have the community and football in their interests.
  9. Thanks for that. What a match to re-watch again. Lost my voice that night. Great to see.
  10. So looking forward to this one. Missed it as overseas and guess what they would not fly me back - . Travelled back from south of German for the Brentford (Johnson Paint Trophy) game a few years later - was not going to miss that one.
  11. Another game could be the Burton one, where we only just won - oh we didn't we cruised to victory.
  12. Same here. Paid in one go. Waiting to see what happens with the rest of the season. Knowing IFollow they will say not our problem and we owe you nothing.
  13. Well done to all those involved at the club. Great to see your efforts recognised.
  14. PVFC764

    Good news thread

    Music theme - Don't Stand so close to me. Seen Others - but some would say bad taste - so will leave these alone on the military banter faceache pages.
  15. PVFC764

    Good news thread

    We found out at the till in Tesco, Boston, Lincs limits you to 2 items of a similar product. We had 2 loafs of bread for us and two packets of cereal for us. As we have different things - nothing wrong with that. Our daughter has a lot of food intolerance's and we have spent many a hour over the years looking at ingredients to finally have to put it back as it contains ingredients she cant have. Nightmare it is. So we have a good idea what she can have. So we had a genius loaf for her and two packets of cereal she can actually eat from the free from isle. All labeled up "Free From" etc. Anything else gives her an upset stomach and that is not what you want - as loo roll is like rocking horse <ovf censored> around here. Think people must have bought all the stocks up to eat Any way - the tesco lady at the till went sorry you cant have the 2 packets of cereal as you already had 2. My good lady explained the conditions and asked if we could have the cereal due to her medical conditions and she went no - choose what you want in that smarmy voice you normally get at the doctors surgery - I got some power now. I said put mine back so our daughter can have a packet and we will have to ration it out to next week and I will go without. This is the good news part - The bloke being served next to us, said in a loud voice to our till lady - "Are you being serious - why can't the lady have the cereal - its for her daughter and there are special needs for her to have it. Give me both packets as I have no cereal and I will buy it". The till lady went you can't do that, so he grabbed the packets and told his till lady - can you please put this through my food order" which she did. Then came the bread and again she said this can't go through. I said put my loaf back I will go without again. Again the bloke had finished and about to go when he heard her. "Said again - give me that loaf, went behind my wife and put it through". We asked to pay him for the three items and he said no - it is my way of helping you after the gate guardian wont let you have the items, even after you have explained. You said you would go without, so no I don't want anything. So there are some good people out there and it made me and the wife emotional that someone would still do that. I can understand having rules and limits at this time due to the stupidity of the hoarders, but there must be some common sense used when items are of the similar nature but you can see that are being bought for a person who has special needs to the rest of the family. The free from food is not always that nice to eat as well. Sorry for the ramble - but just wanted to say in this time of negative press - don't give up as there are some really nice people out there and today we found one of them. Just hope I can do something like that for someone else in need. We are buying food for our neighbour who has to self isolate due to her medical conditions, but not like this bloke, who did not know us at all.
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