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  1. Askey paid too much respect to the Macc team and changed the formation which did not work at all. The players must have trained using this formation this week. It seems like they hadn't.
  2. They have played the game they wanted to and we have not. We have made silly mistakes and just not turned up.
  3. Feel sorry for all the Vale fans who traveled today. They have been let down by the players. Always seems to happen when we have a big following. Come on Vale get a goal and a point.
  4. Macc are the team winning and playing their game quite comfortably. Askey paid them to much respect and got the formation wrong. Should have played our formation/game and made them change. Have not heard we have really pressing Macc team at all. We seem to have resorted to the hit and hope.
  5. Is this another fine for the Vale - Bennett getting a bit feisty and having to be pulled away. Hope the Ref does not put it in his report. Come on Vale.
  6. Thought we would have been better than this today, but Askey got it wrong and took a while to change things around. Some of the players did not turn up at 1500hrs. Come on Vale, score two goals to keep your 3 goal record. You can only hope as they say.
  7. Archer on for Pope. Some pace now on the pitch. Come on Vale.
  8. Been on the cards they would score. Sloppy play and allowing them to play their game, rather than Vale pushing them and hounding them into making mistakes. Askey please change the formation and get the players to harass the macc players.
  9. Sproson does seem to be a bit more critical of Gibbo recently, but justified a lot of the time. But he is still learning his trade.
  10. We haven't got Agent Jones giving Askey info on his diamond formation have we.
  11. Yep, but the other commentators have said it as well. A few of the players having an off day, but hopefully they will come out and start playing like we know they can. May see a change of formation and 3 points for us.
  12. Time for a cuppa I think mate. Gibbo having a bit of an off day by the sounds of it. Askey needs to wake them up a bit.
  13. CambridgeDon you jinxed it. Our defence allowed them to score again.
  14. Get in there Bennett. Can we have a few more goals please.
  15. Just started thanks. At least no one has scored yet lol.
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