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  1. Again Carol asked to go on Jeremy Vine and talk about this. Port Vale in the forefront again. She talks a lot of sense and said those owners are not thinking about the fans, just the money they can make from it. Yes a club are run to make money for the owners, but without the fans then there wont be money going in to the club. Just the select club owners who want to make more money and are not bothered what happens to the other clubs.
  2. Well done Vale against a team that had some good players and those snowy weather conditions. 6 games and a clean sheet. How things have changed. You worked your socks off today.
  3. They are worse than us when we were going through the bad spell at crossing balls into the box. Come on Vale we need another goal please.
  4. Come on Vale. Can you score again please and help calm the nerves. They are working hard today against a team that is organised and just falls over at the slightest touch.
  5. Hope these are just tactical and not due to injuries.
  6. Makes you wonder what goes through players minds at times. Grimsby seemed to be getting points as well in previous games, so their manager wont be happy with him.
  7. When he went in with the high tackle, which got him a booking he seemed to pick up a knock and then later he took a clattering and seemed to not be moving as freely.
  8. That should be interesting in their changing room after the match 🤣 On the right bench we have the head butter and on the left we have the guy head butted - Now what do we say players - yep fight - fight 😆
  9. Thought Guthrie had pulled his groin with that clearance in goal then. Come on Vale. Feel we will need a couple of goals as Morecombe look dangerous when they attack. But our defence seem to have stood up to them so far.
  10. Get in there Nathan, bottom right - well done Vale on the restart. Can we have another please Vale.
  11. No I just can't believe that for one second 🤪🤔
  12. He will be offered a coaching role as we don't have enough coaches to put a coaching squad for a reserve league b team. 🤣
  13. Not really, feel most of the fringe players may move on which wont be a big loss. We have seen once the better players came off the sick list, the results improved which is great and they have been no where near being picked now for the squad. But most of the squad seemed to down tools and stop playing like we had seen them do and they seemed to just put in minimum effort. Who's to say if they were kept and next season they fell out with DC they wont do it again. I know other players may do the same that DC brings in, but hopefully they wouldn't but it shows the mentality of some of th
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