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  1. It's generally what happens to most League Two defenders if you don't give them time on the ball. Certainly the centre-backs.
  2. Love this post on there forum. "As for Port Vale, they weren't all that if I'm honest. With a generous slice of whatifery, including not dicking about with the ball on the edge of our own penalty area, and players spending time on the training ground actually finishing chances, we could have won that one 3-1 easy." Clearly an hole short of a Polo mint that helmet. They could have scored a couple of another day, sure, but we could have scored 5 or 6. I could also be a pornstar if my dick was 5 inches bigger.
  3. I'd say he's never scored one like that in his career. Even Nigel Winterburn scored one worldie for Arsenal many years ago.
  4. Yeah. They were still in it at 2-0 and that next goal, if there is one, is always massive. We will smash someone 5 or 6 soon, I'm sure of it.
  5. While I respect your opinion, are you on crack?!
  6. Happens to all of us at this level. Only takes a few players having an off day and you'll get turned over. But we still had to show up and we certainly did that. I thought 3-0 flattered them a bit as it should have been a couple more.
  7. Rodney was far from poor today. I thought his overall game was alright. But ultimately he has 1 goal in 9 this season which is a poor return from him, and I should imagine his confidence is far from the best it's been because of this reason.
  8. Maybe we made them look so bad just as Mansfield did to us at times earlier this week. Sometimes you just have to give credit to your opposition on the day. But the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.
  9. It was a stroll and we should have won by more. But at 2-0 they did have a couple of chances so you usually always need that third goal, which we got.
  10. Playing like a player that has only scored one goal all season. But it only takes a moment and then hopefully it will turn for him and he can produce a bit more of what we know he's capable of.
  11. If you disagree, fine, but at least type something relatively constructive for <ovf censored> sake.
  12. Great result and performance. Right back at it today. Could have scored 5 or 6 but will take three all day long.
  13. Still feel there's quite a bit more to come from this side too, despite being second currently. At some point, Rodney will start firing. Legge and Proctor will return. Politic will only get better and better...
  14. Desperately needs a goal, even if a shot hits him and goes in. Looks to have absolutely no confidence at the moment.
  15. The next goal in this game will be huge. We're the better side but they still have enough about them if we get complacent at all.
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