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  1. Comes across really well. To be fair that second they scored was a goal worthy of winning any game. They had a bit more quality than us throughout the game, as to be expected for a League One side that look like they'll soon get out of that league, but won't have come off the pitch thinking it was a walk in the park.
  2. One thing we do lack is real pace in the side. Having Benning back in the 11 will help a little, but other than Rodney we don't have much pace about us at all. I still think we're a striker short but I think Clarke knows that anyway, which is the most important thing. We have the best midfield three in League Two, or at least right up there, and the spine of he team is genuinely excellent.
  3. More than holding our own. Sheff Wednesday will walk League One.
  4. Key phrase there is 'on paper'. We'll all have to wait and see Yeah, I'm not taking it as a given that we're gonna storm the league or anything. I still think there's not enough goals in the side for what would be ideal. We're going to be reliant on being extremely solid and keeping a lot of clean sheets to win games. But if there are a bunch of better looking teams in the league then we're in a very strong League Two this year.
  5. Well, personally I think the middle of the park is our strongest area now and we should look to set the formation around Conlon, Pett and Walker. I'd like to see a wing-back 5-3-2 formation, or it can be seen as a 3-5-2. Worrall and Benning as the wing-backs. The three players above in the middle of the park. Then a back three from Smith, Legge, Martin, Johnson, Cass and Gibbons etc. I think we looked a bit slow there yesterday with who started so I hope Johnson and Cass have a bit of pace. I think it will be Smith, Martin and Johnson who start. Lucas Worrall Smith Martin Johnson Benning Walker Pett Conlon Rodney Wilson On paper that 11 looks far stronger than what we could put out last season, in my opinion.
  6. Regardless of the performance yesterday, anyone that doesn't think that the likes of Martin, Belling, Walker, Pett and Wilson aren't a big upgrade on Brisley, Fitzpatrick, Joyce, Oyeleke, and Cullen need their heads examining. We've made some excellent signings. Not all of them will be a resounding success of course. But our best business of the summer could well be keeping Conlon and Worrall.
  7. Pretty sure I heard Bowers say that the home shirts weren't quite ready or something. Today we could have helped ourselves more by keeping the ball better.
  8. 3-4-3 wouldn't be my choice of formation. Despite being largely outplayed we could have gone in 2-2 at half-time on another day. Second half we huffed and puffed without doing anything but we won't play a better side than Forest all season in League Two obviously. One thing I did notice today was a lack of pace in the side as a whole, and especially at the back. Still, nothing to be too concerned about today. We certainly need another striker though.
  9. We definitely look a striker short. Rodney could score 15-20, there's no reason at all why he couldn't. But he's still learning the game and in an ideal world he wouldn't be starting every week. Not sure either whether he's actually best up top with someone or on the wing at the moment. Wilson is talented clearly but isn't a goal-scorer, more of a scorer of really good goals. Proctor is a target man, link up type of player that can't be expected to worry the scoring charts too much. I can see us playing a 5-3-2 formation with wing-backs, which means then you can choose between Rodney and Proctor to play a little ahead of Wilson if the latter starts, depending on what you want in the game from the striker. Worrall can also play wing-back without any problems, meaning Gibbons can be eased back considering he's coming off the back of a very injury hit season. Lucas Smith Martin Cass Worrall Benning Walker Pett Conlon Wilson Rodney Subs: Stone, Johnson, Jones, Gibbons, Taylor, Amoo, Proctor If that's not a side capable of the top 6 then we're in one hell of a League Two this year.
  10. Arsene Wenger would be my go to guy after Southgate. He'd fancy it. He also obviously knows the English game like the back of his own hands. It's a no-brainer. If he couldn't get us playing and entertaining then nobody will.
  11. Which can be done. England just got to a final just by being organised and solid. Clearly we're not going to be a free scoring team but if you defend well then that doesn't matter.
  12. To be fair we have had plenty of toss managers. The way I see it, plenty of other nations aren't as strong as they have been. Germany, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands... Even Italy who are now Euro Champions aren't the team they were when they had the likes of Pirlo and Totti etc. I also think that we were quite fortunate in both the last World Cup and this Euro's just gone in regards to who we played. That's not to say we had it easy, but things could definitely have been a lot more difficult than they turned out. It might be a bit harsh to say that we made the final despite of Southgate. I've got nothing against him - I think he's a top bloke and clearly has some positive attributes. But it isn't harsh to say that he's not got anywhere near enough out of our attacking options, which are the envy of lots of other Nations. I don't have any faith that we'll suddenly start to look the force we could and should be under him either. As well as we did to make the final I was genuinely bored watching England at times, which takes some doing when you have players like Foden, Grealish, Sancho and Mount.
  13. Southgate deserves a LOT of credit for getting the team enjoying playing for the country again. And you can't argue with his record, despite us being fortunate twice with the draw it has to be said. But I feel England made the final despite of him, and not somewhat because of him. Had Mancini being in charge of us last night we would have been celebrating being European Champions today.
  14. Proper bottle job last night by Southgate and the players. Scored early, played football, looked the better team and then suddenly allowed Italy all the time in the world to knock it around. We suddenly stopped doing what was clearly working so well. As soon as they scored it was always going to be extremely difficult, as momentum is everything in football. Only once Chiesa, who was outstanding, went off the game became more equal again. But we created nothing considering the players Southgate had at his disposal. Southgate lost the game for us last night more than Italy had to win it. We'll never have a better chance and he blew it with his negative approach and woeful use of subs. The game was there to be won had he just been a little more brave.
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