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  1. I’m going to start off with a bit of rant here... I’ve just had a read through the reaction of some Vale fans after we announced Rodney on Facebook. A fairly large amount decided to knock the lad, call it an unambitious signing, claim his goal scoring record isn’t up to suit and one bloke even suggest we should have re-signed Quigley instead. It truly is laughable how some people base their own opinion off of a few stats from Wikipedia. This isn’t just the case with Rodney, I’d say 60% of the players we sign instantly aren’t good enough for some people. It really does wind me up. Give the lads a chance and don’t be so quick to judge! Now onto the signing... Admittedly, I was took back by the length of the contract but at the same time pleasantly surprised. A three-year deal is a statement of intent from the owners, and long may it continue. When was the last time we signed a player on a three-year deal? Rodney looks a decent prospect. Stockport and Halifax fans are raving about him. 15 in 32 in the past two years in the National League is a good return for a player who has played a fair percentage of that out wide. He’s still only a young lad and I’m sure he can only improve in the next three years. I’m certainly excited by this signing.
  2. Seen a few ‘rumours’ suggesting Crewe are interested in Smith. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are. A local lad, looking for a step up in football and a club which would be ideal for him in a number of ways. However, I couldn’t personally see Smith going to Crewe. Would they offer him more money? I doubt it. Are they going to make a serious challenge in League 1? I doubt it. Would it be a serious step up for him? I doubt it. I think Smith is holding out for either, a top half League 1 side or a Championship club. I’m praying Smith stays with us for at least another year, but it’s not looking very likely. Months of negotiations and nothing seems to have changed. If he was to leave, I’d wish him all the best. He’s been a great servant to the club, in some very harsh and tough times for a footballer of his age, with the situation Vale have been in previously. I must stress, it’s only a ‘rumour’, I have seen about Crewe being in for him. It might just be somebody on the wind up.
  3. Absolutely gutted that the season has had to end meaning we narrowly miss out on the play-offs. However, I fully support and agree with the decision. It seems to be the only ‘fair’ way to deal with the situation we are in. For those moaning about the way it has finished, would you be moaning if we were in Crewe’s shoes? I don’t think you would. Missing out by a point is honestly heartbreaking. I said throughout the season, conceding late needless equalisers would bite us in the bum, and it has. Mansfield, Salford, Orient and Scunthorpe were all games we should have seen out and secured three points. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. However, it has been a fantastic season and I’m very proud of the boys. Any improvement on the last three would have been great, but to finish 8th and be disappointed like we are is honestly something to be proud of. Askey, the back room staff and the players should be very proud of what they’ve achieved in a short amount of time. The biggest thanks should go to the Shanahan’s, they have transformed our football club. The work they have done in the club and the community is truly remarkable. I will be forever thankful. Goodness knows what kind of position we would be in if Norman was still here. Don’t be too down Valiants, our future is bright and once all this is over, we can continue heading in the right direction.
  4. Another two points dropped this afternoon, bitterly disappointing. Eight points dropped in added time this season, I’ve got a really bad feeling that will cost us at the end of the season. Brown yet again at fault for the second goal, just like the first at Walsall. However, Brown can be forgiven because he’s saved us more times than he’s cost us. I would just like him to be a bit more commanding in his area. Monty had another poor game, hasn’t looked his best recently. Therefore, Clark comes straight in for Monty and we can have two out and out full backs on the pitch. Don’t get too down beat though, Valiants. Seven unbeaten and we move back into the play-offs. Our fate is now in our hands. We looked good today, but we need to cut out those silly mistakes. Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, I will be proud and so should everyone else. Very tough game next week against Cheltenham, but remember we have beat them at their place already this year and drew at home. They are beatable and we are capable of turning over any side on our day. KTF!
  5. Same team for me. This will be a very tough game, but our recent run shows we can beat absolutely anyone. I’m confident and will go for a 2-1 Vale win, with Cullen and Legge getting a goal each. I’m expecting 1500+ travelling Valiants, so be loud and be proud. Can’t wait!
  6. I wouldn’t change anything, until of course things start going wrong. Every single one of the players in the 11 today will be fighting hard not to lose their place. With the likes of Manny, Taylor, Pope, Clark, Gibbo, Amoo, Atkinson and Crookes not playing, we finally have healthy competition in more or less every position of the pitch. Long may it continue. But for now, no changes are to be made
  7. Fantastic from start to finish. We deserved the opener, especially after dominating large spells of the first 15 minutes. We then weathered the storm (literally), with Colchester having set-piece after set-piece. We dealt with all of them fantastically, they had five or six real big lads, with Bramall whipping in fantastic balls. Going into half time was crucial. The second half was one of the most complete halves of football I’ve seen in a long time. The midfield absolutely dominated the half. Joyce, Conlon and Burgess were unreal, they never stopped. The back four didn’t give their forwards a sniff. Cullen’s two goals were fabulous finishes, both took so well and so composed. Worrall’s ball for his first was easily one of the best passes you will see, it was pin-point. Overall, a top performance, capped off with a clean sheet, against a side we always seem to struggle against. Every single one of them players were fantastic. MOM - I could genuinely pick all of them, but for me Conlon was superb. I was critical of him earlier on in the season, but this past couple of months he’s really got back to his best. Cullen not far off. Joyce, Conlon and Burgess must take huge credit. They are keeping the likes of Atkinson, Manny and Taylor out. I know Jake is injured, but in the past we have seen players rushed back, now we don’t need to do it. Onto Walsall now, they picked up three points today against Northampton. It will be a tough game, but with 1500+ Valiants, there is no reason why we can’t pick up another three points. Buzzing for this one now. Up to 6th and I’m now genuinely starting to believe. 7 wins from 12 will do it. Credit to Askey, he has transformed this football club. Where are the boo boys now? UTV!
  8. Thought we were unlucky not to get three points today. Apart from Salford’s goal, they didn’t test our goal much. I thought the first 60 minutes we were much the better side. We kept the ball well and our play down either side was excellent. Amoo once again had a good game. All of the midfield played well, especially Burgess, who for me was very tidy. Mitch Clark deservedly got the MoM, he was fantastic. I’ve got nothing against Monty and I feel like he has done well covering in at LB, but it was really nice to see a proper full-back at LB. Watching Clark, you can see he’s a natural defender and he is also a handful going forward. I do think Clark will make that position his own now. Monty can be used as competition for Amoo and Worrall. Special to mention to Shaun Brisley, was very solid yet again. Bennett isn’t the answer, and now Pope or Cullen need to step up. The game changed when Tom Elliott came on, he’s a real handful. We sat deeper after the goal and struggled to get going, they put a load of pressure on us, but for all the money they have spent they left a lot to be desired for. They were poor in defence and their defenders reverted to hoof ball. All in all, Vale played well and were maybe unlucky to only take a point from that game. Three points off the play-offs still. The next three games are huge for us. Come out of them positively and still sniffing, then I will start believing we have a chance.
  9. Are you okay? In January in years gone by, we have added absolute trash and lost some of our best players. We have done neither this window. Added two players, who will add undoubted competition. We haven’t added unnecessary quantity. Look at last January, where are most of them lads now? I think some people are expecting us to go out and spend £250,000 on ST. Not going to happen lads. We could have took a punt on young lad, but nine times out of ten, they are no better than what we already have, so what’s the point? I’m sure people on here don’t understand how football works. Some think a new signing guarantees success. Like I’ve said before, in Askey we trust.
  10. This transfer window couldn’t have gone any better in my opinion. We haven’t lost anybody who is significant, but we have managed to re-sign Clark and Taylor. Two players who add healthy competition to an already competitive squad. Anybody who is disappointed by this transfer window needs their head wobbling. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved another forward, but at the same time I’d rather us not pay extortionate prices. Wait until the summer to add quality rather than quantity in January. In Carol and John we trust!
  11. Awful first half, which lacked heart and intensity. They were first to every ball. Atangana was running the show in midfield for them. Their pace on the wings was too much to handle. I really did fear the worst at half time. The first five minutes was no different, but the penalty decision turned everything on it’s head. Great finish by Bennett. Then David Amoo produced a mastercalss. He was running them ragged, he was being quick and direct, they really couldn’t handle him. I thought we fully deserved our second, Leon with a knee. At least it wasn’t in our goal this time. Then Bennett got his second, lovely worked play and it was a good deft header by the big man. Game won at this point, Exeter looked lost. Special mentions go to Brisley and Conlon. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve criticised them both, but I thought they were excellent last night. Conlon looked like his old self, and Brisley showed why he was a big part of County’s side two years ago. Altough Bennett scores twice, I’m still not convinced. Don’t get me wrong, his effort is second to none, but he really is a poor footballer. His hold up play is woeful and he can’t jump to save his life (he scored with a header I know). Pope’s hold up play in 10 minutes was miles better than Bennett’s in the whole game. Amoo and Woz turned it on in the second half. So did Gibbo and Monty. An all round pleasing display in the second half. I do genuinely think we could beat anyone at Vale Park. I’ve said previously, I think the play-offs is out our reach and I still think it is. However, if we carry on getting these wins then anything can happen. I’m just not going to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen because I genuinely don’t think it will. Massive game Saturday against Salford. Let’s pack the Park and get behind the boys. Hopefully we can get more than 3,300, that was very poor last night. I’ve seen higher on Tuesday night when we’ve been in a relegation scrap. Keep the faith!
  12. Sorry mate, where’s your loud mouth tonight? Let Askey do the work, 3 points off the play-offs. Have a nice sleep
  13. What a silly post. Garlick is doing a steady job and to suggest he is useless, is plain stupid. Askey has already stated that the price of players in this window is way overpriced. What’s the point in paying over the odds for someone who wouldn’t necessarily improve us? The contract situation with the likes of Smith and Gibbo, there is only so much the club can do. At the end of the day, it’s their decision, not ours. We can’t force them to stay. People need to calm down. Yes, we are five points off the play-offs, but realistically we won’t get them. We have overachieved massively this season. It’s come to soon for us. Remember this is a transitional period. Personally, I’d rather not waste money on quantity in January. We can then use it for the quality in the summer. it’s very rare you’d get quality in January. If you don’t believe me, just look at some of Norman’s signings. I’ll take 10th right now.
  14. Finally a sensible post. Rome wasn’t people in a day people. Everyone calm down.
  15. So a midfield three of Manny, Taylor and Burgess wouldn’t get overrun? They are all three attack minded players. There is no tough tackler, or someone who’d do all the dirty work. I wouldn’t be confident with a midfield like that at all.
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