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  1. You could easily add Conlon to that. He’s slightly older, but there is no reason why he couldn’t make us a bit of money. Pugh naming him captain certainly won’t go unnoticed with clubs higher up.
  2. From what I know, Hursty has the same agent as Askey. I think John invited him to train with club to take a look at him, and was obviously impressed with what he saw. We have more than one or two promising youngsters. Gibbons, Taylor, Hurst and Rodney could all go on to be sold over the next few years. If I was Carol, I’d be tying Hurst down to a new deal.
  3. The irony, ay. A year ago today, Askey must have felt on top of the world. First and foremost, thank you John and Dave for making us believe again. Who knows where we could have ended up without Covid. To steady the ship initially was brilliant. To then making us genuine promotion candidates last season was brilliant. Something went terribly, terribly wrong since November. It’s sad to see them go, it truly is. However, I lost my faith after the Stevenage game. I feel as though the decision has come a bit too late, but it’s one that needed to happen. Time to get an experi
  4. Has anyone listened to Askey’s post match interview? He seemed a lot more upbeat. He knows full well that his job is secure.
  5. Maybe not stopped, but it’s better than the feeling amongst us at 5:00pm on Boxing Day. I think the Burgess comment is fair. He’s been dreadful all season, and tonight was the icing on the cake. He is yet to reach his heights of last season which is a shame because I liked the look of him.
  6. Rot stopped. Two awful, awful football sides. Both seemed pleased with a point. The most pleasing thing from tonight was finally getting a clean sheet, but I think a Sunday league side would have managed that against their attack. Burgess and Whitehead were truly dreadful. How many times did Burgess give the ball away? Did Whitehead even touch the ball? Pleased with Hurst, yet again. The only bright spark amongst that dross. The most entertaining thing from tonight was listening to BBC Bradford on the dodgy stick. Two commentators getting excited over Bradford. “The midfi
  7. The exclusion or McKirdy and Robinson speaks volumes. They won’t feature for the club again.
  8. Can you not read, mate? In my selection for Tuesday, I noted that I’d put them both up top. Never at any stage did I suggest that Pope should be starting over Rodney. It was either Pope or Robinson to partner him, and I know who I’d rather have.
  9. I wouldn't say he's the only positive. Rodney has started to show what he can do too. I’d agree to an extent, but in terms of performances Hurst has edged him. Rodney didn’t look interested yesterday, and despite his goal at Walsall, he didn’t do an awful lot. But, I don’t disagree with what you’re saying.
  10. Another game, another loss. I’ve got zero confidence in the players available and the management to turn things around at Valley Parade. Brown has to stay in goal. He hasn’t been performing as consistently as of late, but that’s expected when the ten players in front of him are useless. The defence is anyone’s guess. Mills and Fitz are simply not good enough, they are constantly leaving the two CB’s exposed. Smith looks half the player we know and Legge has been poor. However, I’d be bringing him straight back after his touchline antics. Brisley and Crookes have struggled when been
  11. I disagree with your views on Hurst. Only his 4th league start, and he had a good first half. He’s been thrown into a struggling team and is showing promise. He’s been the only positive that’s come from the poor run of form.
  12. Has anyone watched Askey’s post match interview on YouTube? The bloke looks defeated. Come on John, do the right thing and walk. 1 win in 11. Unrest behind the scenes. 80% of the fan base against the management. There is no way back for him. Thank you for steadying the ship initially, but we have now reverted back to the laughing stock you inherited. 8 points off relegation. Key players missing for another 2/3 weeks. Bradford, Mansfield and Grimsby in the next 3. Can anyone honestly see us winning one of them? I certainly can’t. If we don’t pick up at le
  13. I’m really starting to lose interest in Vale. 1 win in 10, and Askey has still got a job. Any other club and the manager would be gone. Come on Carol, it’s time to be ruthless and put your personal friendship to one side; get him gone.
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