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  1. I left myself a bit of time to think about yesterday’s performance. For me, Harrogate was always going to be a tough fixture. It seemed like a lot of people thought it would be a walk in the park, but i had a feeling this would have been our toughest game so far. Harrogate arrived with a game plan and they executed it perfectly. Their work rate was second to none and they looked very, very organised. In the first half especially, they bossed midfield. They made us go long at every opportunity by giving Joyce no space to receive the ball and pick a pass out. Vale going long meant they cou
  2. Credit to the boys today, they were all superb. Coming down to Exeter is never easy, but we looked comfortable throughout the game. Exeter themselves are a good side, and I believe they will be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. That is what makes the victory even more pleasing. A special mention has to go to Manny, he absolutely bossed that midfield in the first half. I genuinely believe he could be key to being a successful side this season. With the likes of Gibbons, Amoo, Pope, McKirdy all ready to compete at some point, we can genuinely start to believe that
  3. Great start to the season, nothing beats three points and a clean sheet. First half performance was impressive. The second half turned very scrappy, but we did well to see the game out. Rodney looks a real handful. There is certainly work to be done with him, but judging by that 80 minutes, we have a real player on our hands. UTV!
  4. Well according to a Carlisle fan, their season professionals weren’t up to it. My point is, we have four lads who showed throughout last season they are leaders. This is what McKirdy could potentially need.
  5. “McKirdy strikes me as a lad who's easily led. If you've got good leaders, he might keep on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately we had Webster/Collin as main leaders during his time here.” That quote has been taken from Carlisle’s forum. They talk about the lack of leaders in their side last season. Taking a quick look at our squad, we have the likes of Legge, Brown, Pope, Joyce. Four seasoned professionals who could keep the lad on the straight and narrow. Then we have a manger in John Askey, who as we have seen before, takes no sh*t. Just look at the likes of Rawlinson, Miller, Hann
  6. Football is finally back! Looking forward to the first competitive match for the Vale in over five months, albeit in unusual circumstances. The starting XI is anyones guess, but I’d go for this: Brown Mills / Legge / Smith / Fitz Joyce / Conlon / Burgess Wozza / Rodney / Amoo Subs: Visser, Brisley, Crookes, Whitehead, Monty, Cullen, Robinson I’ll be optimistic and go for a 2-0 victory for the Valiants with Conlon and Robinson notching. Scunthorpe seemed to have recruited poorly but still have the likes of Van Veen, Gilliead and Eisa who can cause problems.
  7. At the end of the day, it’s now or never for him. He’s worth the risk.
  8. In my opinion, McKirdy should be given a chance. Everyone keeps alluding to an attitude problem he seems to have, but does anyone actually know what that means? The lad was brought up in Stoke and maybe a move back home could be the best thing for him. What’s the harm in a one year deal? It could potentially be last chance saloon for the lad. I remember watching him for Carlisle this season, and I couldn’t help but think, I’d love that lad in our side. He’s a proper sh*thouse and that’s something we don’t have. He’s without a doubt a talented footballer. He would certainly add goals to our sid
  9. Not quite what we all expected, but what can we do when Mansfield come in with a better offer and a goal bonus? As far as I’m aware, Vale and Maynard had agreed terms but Mansfield came in at the last minute. Vale were right to leave him, in my opinion. Theo could turn out to be a tidy signing. His record over the past two season suggests he can very much cut it at this level. Many people will judge this signing on his short spell with us four years ago. There is nothing wrong with that, but just back the lad instead of knocking him. You’ve got to remember that was in a higher division.
  10. I’m struggling to see what part of 35 goals in two seasons is underwhelming? I genuinely believe Maynard could be the difference between mid-table and the play-offs. You’ve got to take into account that Cullen is prone to the odd injury and Pope isn’t the player he was a few years ago. Rodney is raw and still young, he will take time, I’d imagine. Maynard seems like a necessity than a nice bonus, for me. He’s the proven goalscorer every football club cries out for.
  11. I’ve got it on good authority that there has been positives talks with Maynard. I’d expect him to sign with the Vale. If it comes through, it will be one hell of a signing and shows how far we have come in the space of a year.
  12. Both forwards. Kieran and Ethan are there names.
  13. I honestly don’t think I’ve been this pleased to see a player re-sign in years! What Nathan brings to the team is invaluable and I’m so pleased we will have him for at least another two years. Who knows where we will he in two years... To re-sign all of the out of contract players is a big statement. We are three or four more additions off having a really competitive squad.
  14. I’m going to start off with a bit of rant here... I’ve just had a read through the reaction of some Vale fans after we announced Rodney on Facebook. A fairly large amount decided to knock the lad, call it an unambitious signing, claim his goal scoring record isn’t up to suit and one bloke even suggest we should have re-signed Quigley instead. It truly is laughable how some people base their own opinion off of a few stats from Wikipedia. This isn’t just the case with Rodney, I’d say 60% of the players we sign instantly aren’t good enough for some people. It really does wind me up. Give the
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