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  1. This may have already been posted but what did Pope tweet about Conlon? I seem to have missed this...
  2. After much reflection on yesterday’s defeat, I’ve come to a conclusion. Is it the end of the world? No. Have we made work a hell of a lot harder for ourselves? Yes. Yesterday was always going to be a tough task without a DM, and Rovers certainly took advantage of our depleted midfield. Rovers were good, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t believe they are as good as some are making out. We more than matched them in the second period, and we were very unfortunate not to level through DJ. The score line 100% flattered Barton thugs, but you can’t deny that they were worthy winners on the afternoon. We’ve still got the advantage, with 7 points securing automatics. There is no reason why we can’t get at least 6 points out of the next 3, I think that would even secure it. Heads up Valiants, it’s in our hands. Hopefully, we’ll see the return of Pett and Gibbons next weekend in Walsall’s Champions League final!
  3. Covolan Gibbo Hall Jones Worrall Pett Garrity Hussey Wilson Proctor Amoo Subs: Holy, Smith, Walker, Charsley, Cooper, Harratt, Edmondson Covolan in for Holy - he's the better goalkeeper, despite his madness. He commands a higher line which contributes more effectively towards our style of play. Worrall in for Smith - Put Gibbo in RCB, which will allow us to return to a similar back three which got us success at the start of the season. Jones in for Walker - Push Hall into CB, which allows Jones to return into LCB. Amoo in for Cooper - Push Amooo up top with Proctor and have Wilson pulling the strings behind. Vale 2 - 0 Stevenage - Wilson, Hall
  4. It was a real tough one to take last night, especially after controlling the game for 93 minutes. But that's football, and you are always at risk of conceding a sloppy goal at any point. The performance wasn't bad as a whole, we controlled the midfield, won the battles down each flank and snuffed out any danger at the back. If we see that game out and come back with three points, people would say that's the perfect away performance. I do, however, believe that we should have gone for the killer second long before Wilson fluffed his effort wide. They were there for the taking - one of the worst football teams I've seen in a long time, I must say - and a second goal would have 100% seen us pick up the three points. Their goal was comical. How on earth we didn't clear the ball, I'll never know. Holy should be doing better. He's 6"9 ffs, his positioning was awful and he's been beaten too easily, for me. Hall should have done better. For all of his fancy play, he's been to blame for our last two goals. As Crosby said in his post-match, defenders get remember for clean sheets and that's two games in a row without one. Just one last thing on the goal, what on earth was the shape of the team? If they we can't reset in shape from a goal kick in the 93rd minute, then we truly deserved what we got. Automatic promotion is off the cards, with play-offs looking unlikely. Bristol Rovers, if any side, look the most likely to get a spot in there. That's an indication of our demise over the last few months. When we beat them in early December, there was 13 places and 12 points separating the us two. If we are to make them, we need Conlon back sooner rather than later. We miss him a lot, and I genuinely believe he could be the difference for us. I'd also be bring back Dan Jones, who for large parts before Christmas was easily our best player. I think the back three as a whole is solid, but that doesn't quite cut it for our style play. As mentioned by a previous poster, Cass-Smith-Jones earlier in the season, allowed us to play free-flowing football and pushed our midfield up. With underlapping and overlapping runs, we looked like a threating side, but I'm afraid Smith and Hall don't offer that. We really are suffering from a lack of 'footballers' in the back three. Very, very frustrating. Saturday is great chance to reignite the hope amongst our fanbase. The next three games are massive, with anything less than seven points unacceptable. With 16 games and 48 points to play for, there is a still a lot to play for. The unbeaten nine game run, with eight wins, under the same management team last season still gives me a glimmer of hope but perform how we did last season and we've got bob hope!
  5. I completely agree on your point on Cooper being no better than Hurst.
  6. Spot on! Nullify our wing-backs, and we are pretty helpless. DC got it wrong today. We were crying out for someone who could run with the ball, someone who could make something happen out of nothing. Cooper or Amoo should have come on instead of Charsley or Harratt. Conlon and Gibbo, for me, can’t come back soon enough. They just add a different dimension to our side, pretty much like Proctor did this afternoon. They should both 100% walk back into this side. I’m not overly disheartened, however. We are unbeaten in 5 and seem to be resolute in defence. We’ve got the games in hand, and have the likes of Gibbo, Conlon and Proctor all edging closer. For me, automatic promotion is a very tough ask, but there is no reason why we can’t make the play-offs.
  7. Harsh on Charsley, you’ve based him off 58 minutes of football.
  8. Said this multiple times today. It was so, so disappointing watching our slow and lethargic play.
  9. We aren’t guaranteed clean sheets with this back three. So, do you gamble with a more offensive defence? We did well in first quarter with an offensive back line. I think it’s a tough one.
  10. Martin has looked calm and assured in the past three games. He looks like the player that Exeter fans were raving about. I’ve got nothing against him continuing in that position. The back 3, however, is one that should be up for debate: We look a lot better defensively with Smith-Martin-Hall. We looked better offensively with Cass-Smith-Jones What would people prefer - a more solid back three or a back three which plays better offensively and contributes to us potentially scoring a lot more goals?
  11. Frustrating result yesterday but, as many have said, I would have taken a point beforehand. First half was fantastic. Garrity, Edmundson and Wilson harrying their defence into mistakes and it worked. Unlucky not to have gone into the break two up. Best half I’ve seen in months which is very promising, considering we are missing Conlon and Gibbo. The second half was always going to be difficult. They are top of the league and unbeaten since September, and they showed flashes of quality in the opening 20 minutes - Vale did well to keep them out. From there, I genuinely thought we’d go onto a scrape a 1-0, so I was very disappointed when we conceded from a sloppy corner. Harsh to criticise anyone after last night, but I will. What did everyone make of Tom Pett? I thought he was very sloppy possession and hasn’t quite looked himself since the break. I could be being harsh, I know, but I’d be tempted to give Charsley a start on Saturday alongside Garrity and Walker. Also, I hope last nights performance shushed the recruitment doubters. How anybody can’t see the improvement in quality is astonishing. Yeah, making 8 changes in January isn’t ideal, but some were forced and the majority done for the improvement of the squad in general. Edmundson > Lloyd - He did more last night than Lloyd did in months. Hall > Legge - Enough said. What a signing! Hussey - Different type of player to Gibbo but, as a whole, he will no doubt I’m prove this squad. It will enable Gibbo to return to the right. Hussey is improving game by game. Holy - He looks assured and has a decent kick. Jury is still out for sure, but Stone and Cov didn’t exactly set the world alight. Charsley > Burgess, Whitehead - I no doubt believe this. Harratt > Rodney - On the basis of this season, no doubt. Cooper - The jury is out, as I really liked Dennis. We shall see. Robinson - It was enforced, but he comes with a good pedigree. All in all, I was very pleased last night and we saw signs of the old Vale under Clarke. Recruitment looks promising. 20 games to play, there is no reason why we still can’t get autos - 7 points off with two games in hand. Play-offs 100% achievable, and I think we will make them at the very least.
  12. Best post I’ve seen on here for a while!
  13. A tidy bit of business today. As good as Covolan my be, he’s hugely unreliable. It seems as though DC can’t put his trust in Cov, and he doesn’t seem to be convinced on Stone. Holy is no doubt going to be our number one. He’s played the majority of his career in League 1, so I think it’s a decent signing. Joel Cooper is the obvious replacement for Politic. Highly rated in NI, so let’s hope he can find his feet at Vale. We needed a direct replacement for Dennis and hopefully we’ve found him. I’ve seen people complaining about this signing because we don’t play with wingers as such, but this signing gives us the option to change formation when things aren’t quite ticking. It worked numerous times with Dennis. Just a CM now, and then I think it’s been a decent window.
  14. I’m a fan of the wage structure, despite the frustrations of missing out on certain players. However, as Doha righty said, that figure doesn’t include bonuses, etc. I wouldn’t be too concerned with the likes of Stockport and Wrexham potentially coming up. Money doesn’t guarantee success, just look at the likes of Salford and Bradford. I believe we have the infrastructure in place to achieve promotion, whether that’s this season or next season.
  15. I like Smith, I really do but do people genuinely believe he can play either RCB or LCB? The bloke can’t play football at all. We need Cass and Jones back either side of Hall or Smith. All of our good play came from Cass and Jones in September/October, so I’d be doing what I can to get them back in. I’d go Stone Cass Hall Jones Gibbo Garrity Walker Pett Hussey Wilson Harratt
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