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  1. How can you not like Darrell? Could you imagine John Askey doing that? What a man. The team spirit is second to none. I’ve never seen players who were on the bench celebrate so much. The scenes after the game tell you everything about this football club. Who cares if we don’t have any forwards, we will make do and come out on the better side - I firmly believe that!
  2. I could be totally wrong, but I’m sure it was more to do with the fact that there was no real medical records of the players, no medicals before signing, no fitness plan over the lockdown and p*as poor training sessions everyday. This in turn, resulted in whole host of muscular injuries which could have been prevented. As was mentioned, you can’t prevent a broken toe, hernia problem, ankle infection, contact injures (which we’ve had plenty of), etc. You can’t prevent every injury, but you can help to decrease the numbers by even the small details. Just be grateful that we have a proper medical team and good squad depth.
  3. I totally agree, mate. I was a bit surprised myself considering how well Politic has been playing.
  4. You’re right, the sending off was his fault. The other reasons are due to a reoccurring heel injury and the birth of his child, otherwise I’m sure he’d be back in contention after his suspension. I just feel some of the criticism is uncalled. He’s being absolutely slated on Facebook.
  5. Some of the stick Rodney is receiving is slightly bewildering, in my opinion. Yeah, the lad wasn’t great but he was thrown on today after playing a total of 104 minutes since the Swindon sending off. Some of the blame must go to Clarke, he should have possibly brought on Politic. For all the people saying he looks uninterested and is lazy, I genuinely believe that’s his style of play. Get behind the lad because, as we all know, he’s an asset for the Vale and a talent.
  6. Clearly not at our best today, but we’ve came away with a point which, for me, is a positive. First 30 was dire, probably the worst in a long time. Too many individual errors resulted in a lot of unnecessary pressure. Thankfully, they had Theo Robinson up top! We finished the last 15 minutes the better side, and that set the precedent for the second half. Just like the end of the first half, we started the second period stronger. I think we deservedly went ahead with a good goal. Amoo finally did what he’s good at - running at defenders. I was particularly pleased for Wilson, as he got his 7th of the season. However, like many others, that’s the worst he’s performed for a while. I just hope his injury isn’t too serious. From then, I think the second half was pretty equal. You could argue they deserved their equaliser, but it was simply a poor goal to concede - Smith should have clear the stand, and Cass/Jones should have picked up Angol. We had our fair share of chances towards the end, alongside abysmal officiating. All in all, a point was a fair reflection of the game. A few players were certainly well below par today. They are League Two footballers for a reason, so don’t be too harsh on them. Credit to Covolan, Conlon, Pett, Worrall and Gibbons who, for me, made a good account of themselves in front of the cameras. We go again next week, in front of a packed out away end. Don’t get too downbeat after that one, we are on the up and there is certainly going to be bumps along the way. Credit to Bradford, they will be a tough nut to crack this season. Well organised, and no turnovers. They should be up there come the end of the season.
  7. Fully deserved his goal. My one criticism so far of Pett has been his lack of goals, but hopefully that can spur him on for one or two more over the coming months. Cracking signing!
  8. Fantastic 3 points! We started the game on the front foot, and looked the far superior outfit. As Crosby had already said, the red card worked to our disadvantage initially. We became slow in our build up, a bit sloppy and lacklustre. But, we responded superbly in the second half. Credit to Clarke for making the changes, they worked a treat. Amoo and Lloyd were excellent. Four great goals ensured were brought home the 3 points. MOTM - Tom Pett, the lad was absolutely fantastic. He recycled the ball so well, and rarely gave it away. Also, there has to be a special mention for Conlon. He is finally starting to get back to his best of last season, it’s great to see. His passion speak volumes, he loves the club and I genuinely believe he will Captain us to promotion. Great day all round, well worth the 7 hour round trip. UTV!
  9. Great three points, yet again. I’m really starting to believe this side can genuinely challenge for automatic promotion. Not one player yesterday had a bad game - everyone was at least 7/10, which is a real pleasing sign. For me, Gibbons was MOTM. What a 90 minutes that lad had. Wilson wasn’t far behind, what a signing this lad could turn out to be - he’s technically levels above anything we’ve seen in years. 7 points out of 9 in a week is a fantastic return. The point at Mansfield is a great point now when you consider how disappointing we were - that’s a sign of a real good football team. Long may it continue, it’s a real joy to be a part of currently.
  10. You can’t be for real? He’s been in the role now for 6 months. In that period he’s appointed Clarke; appointed Crosby; helped bridge the gap between the academy and the first team by appointing Rooney; made plans for a new training ground; he’s been a part of the overhaul of a new squad (releasing 15 and signing 12); and there is probably a hell of a lot behind the scenes which we just simply don’t see. Give the bloke time to implement his ideas, we’ve not played a competitive game in over two months.
  11. I think Clarke will go with Johnson at LCB. From what I’ve heard, he’s on a decent wedge and we beat a lot of clubs for his signature. Therefore, I reckon he was one of our biggest targets, and he fits perfectly into a back 3 considering he’s a left footer. I’d imagine Jones will compete with Benning, while Martin will most likely start in the middle with Smith to the right of him. Just my opinion, but I don’t think that’s a bad guess.
  12. You don’t seriously believe we have a chance of signing Mullin? Come on, let’s be realistic.
  13. I fully understand what you’re saying, and I heard the same a few weeks back. I’ll say it again - just because we signed him a few weeks back doesn’t mean other clubs weren’t sniffing around him.
  14. That doesn’t mean he didn’t turn down other clubs. He was out of contract, so I’d imagine various clubs had been pursuing him for a while.
  15. I was told he turned down Bristol Rovers and Shrewsbury, alongside a number of other clubs. Apparently we’ve offered him a very good deal. I could be wrong.
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