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  1. I’m intrigued to see whether the last 5 games have changed anyone’s opinion on certain players?
  2. Despite my comments about Legge, I wouldn’t be against him staying on next season. He’s a capable back up and he adds much needed experience to the squad.
  3. Legge? I want to know which Legge you’ve been watching this season? We’ve got one called Leon, and for 70% of the games he’s been poor.
  4. Do you really think the appointment of Rooney is going to decide Saturday’s result? I’d be very surprised if it did. Just because we haven’t got over the finishing line yet, that doesn’t we can’t plan for the future. Carol simply just can’t win with some of you sometimes. Let her get on with it. Jesus!
  5. I suppose there is always the concern that it's coming from the same pot. I know Carol has said it will not come from the playing budget but am concerned they are overspending on backroom staff. It's OK to have ambition but what is needed at our level or league 1 , think we are over egging the pudding. Appreciate playing budget limits are now in place. If we have spare cash would rather it be put away for a rainy day fund to spend on players when restrictions are eased or as a buffer to cover reduced season ticket sales . They aren’t overspending on the backroom staff at all, they ar
  6. I know mate, I wasn’t referring to yourself. As you say, long may it continue!
  7. Port Vale fans, ay! The owners show ambition and splash the cash to IMPROVE the football club, and they are met with reactions like I’ve seen on here and on Facebook. I know, let’s go back to the Smurf days where we were ran by a clown. I preferred them days... Christ, get a grip. Fantastic stuff, yet again, by Carol.
  8. Therefore, if it’s a 2 year project, we go out and sign 6/7 new players and push up the table. Then add a few bits of quality the following summer. Hurst and Crookes, for me, haven’t done that much wrong. They’ve been brought into struggling side and looked okay. Hurst is young and you’re basing your opinion on him off 20 EFL games in a struggling side. Give the lad a break man! Crookes is versatile. Do you really think we could go out and sign someone similar for the price who’d be happy for a place in the squad? I don’t think. You say 6 non-leaguers, can you name them?
  9. I’m not against what you’re saying, mate. I agree we have got to be ruthless. For one, Burgess has another year left on his deal. I never said give him another season. I put him under the ‘unsure’ because he’s shown glimpses of being a very good midfielder and he was apart of the midfield three that saw us nearly make the play-offs. However, like I said, he’s been nowhere near good enough this year. Therefore, it’s up to Clarke to decide whether or not he wants him. Personally, I’d be edging more towards letting him go, but I wouldn’t be against him staying. If he does go, that frees up
  10. It’s certainly going to be a huge summer down the Vale, and Clarke/Flitcroft have got a massive job on their hands to make it a successful one. This is just my opinion! Release: Visser, Brisley, Mills, Fitz, DTS, McKirdy, Cullen, Guthrie. Pay up: Whitehead, Robinson (what was Mr. Askey thinking with 2 year deals...) Unsure: Tom Scott, RCG - Both are under the age of 21 when the season starts, therefore they wouldn’t need to be registered apart of the squad of 20. So, I can’t really give much of an opinion on these pair. However, Campbell-Gordon was hig
  11. The meltdown on here is laughable. Please can someone tell me the success we have had in appointing a manager since Micky left? None. Flitcroft being appointed DoF shows our long term vision. It's honestly refreshing to see. Realistically we aren't going anywhere this season; so, therefore, we can take our time in appointing the right man for the job. I'll be honest, I'm more confident in this appointment than I would have been if we just appointed any old manager to sort out the mess. As I said before, what success have we had in doing that since Micky left? We've been g
  12. I’m unsure on why Hurst is getting criticism. Can someone give me a good reason for the criticism? Give the lad a chance. He’s 21, playing in his first season in league 2. He’s out of position. He’s playing in a dogsh*t side. It’s as though some people just want him to fail. Get off his back and support him. Over the past 2/3 months there has players who have played a lot, lot worse than him. Before someone throws the ‘end product’ card at me, that will all come with time. He hasn’t even played 20 games for us and some people are still writing him off.
  13. McKirdy is still at the club judging by his social media. Whether it’s just using our facilities or training with the squad.
  14. It’s going to be a long few months. Before Saturday, I was pretty sure we’d avoid a relegation battle, but I’m stuck in two minds now. We’ve got a group of players who are clearly low on confidence. We are in desperate need of an experienced head to sort the lot out. I’m not convinced Pugh, Sinclair, Paynter and Griff can provide that. It’s time Carol - do the right thing. The game itself was woeful. Two poor sides. We are crying out for CB. What’s happened to Smith? He’s a shadow of his former self. Mills and Fitz are simply not good enough. They don’t supplement the style w
  15. You could easily add Conlon to that. He’s slightly older, but there is no reason why he couldn’t make us a bit of money. Pugh naming him captain certainly won’t go unnoticed with clubs higher up.
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