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  1. You can’t be for real? He’s been in the role now for 6 months. In that period he’s appointed Clarke; appointed Crosby; helped bridge the gap between the academy and the first team by appointing Rooney; made plans for a new training ground; he’s been a part of the overhaul of a new squad (releasing 15 and signing 12); and there is probably a hell of a lot behind the scenes which we just simply don’t see. Give the bloke time to implement his ideas, we’ve not played a competitive game in over two months.
  2. I think Clarke will go with Johnson at LCB. From what I’ve heard, he’s on a decent wedge and we beat a lot of clubs for his signature. Therefore, I reckon he was one of our biggest targets, and he fits perfectly into a back 3 considering he’s a left footer. I’d imagine Jones will compete with Benning, while Martin will most likely start in the middle with Smith to the right of him. Just my opinion, but I don’t think that’s a bad guess.
  3. You don’t seriously believe we have a chance of signing Mullin? Come on, let’s be realistic.
  4. I fully understand what you’re saying, and I heard the same a few weeks back. I’ll say it again - just because we signed him a few weeks back doesn’t mean other clubs weren’t sniffing around him.
  5. That doesn’t mean he didn’t turn down other clubs. He was out of contract, so I’d imagine various clubs had been pursuing him for a while.
  6. I was told he turned down Bristol Rovers and Shrewsbury, alongside a number of other clubs. Apparently we’ve offered him a very good deal. I could be wrong.
  7. Do you ever have anything positive to say? I know for a fact we beat quite a few EFL clubs for his signature. Hartlepool fans are very complimentary about Johnson, so I’ll take their word alongside Clarke and Flitcroft’s judgement.
  8. Personally, I’d be making sure Worrall is starting - it’s a must.
  9. The fact that Scott Brown is 3rd choice at a club that Covolan supposedly turned down suggests to me that he is an upgrade. I could be wrong though? Browny was no where near up to the standards shown in his previous two years. Not only is that a strong opinion, but one which can be backed up by stats. Secondly, I really don’t understand this ‘proven player at this level’. The best goalkeeper in League 2 last season was Vaclav Hladky, and he’d never stepped foot in English football before moving to Salford. If you’re good enough, you’re good enough. Simple as. I genuinely believe Covolan will be good enough, and that’s why there was a number of EFL clubs supposedly after him. Yes, Vigouroux was only at Leyton Orient and I’m well aware of that. But, as I said, let’s be realistic. He was one of the better goalkeepers in League 2 last season, and there is supposedly a number of League 1 clubs after him. There was zero chance he was signing for us. Visser was steady, but he’s 31 and an understudy. It’s makes very little sense having an understudy at that age when you can bring in a younger lad to develop and push on. Covolan may seem like a risk, but I’m very confident in Clarke and Flitcroft’s decision. As you said, it’s an important part of the pitch and I’m very sure them pair wouldn’t want to make a t*ts up job of finding their number 1. Trust the process.
  10. I find the fact that people thought we’d actually get Vigouroux quite amusing. Let’s be honest, there was very little chance of us signing Vigouroux. I think some people should be a bit more realistic. Anti-climax? Not for me. We’ve arguably signed one of the best goalkeepers from the National League, whilst adding an understudy who played over 20 games in this division last season. Covolan and Stone, for me, are an upgrade on a declining Scott Brown, the journeyman Dino Visser who hasn’t been able to break into any side in this country and an untested Tom Scott.
  11. I didn’t think GK’s contributed towards the registration numbers?
  12. And it is. I’m still hoping that we might see Ryan Sweeney due to his connections with DC and DF. From what I’d heard, we’d offered him a deal alongside a number of other clubs. So, fingers crossed on that one. 5 CB’s would suggest we’ll be going down the 5 at the back route.
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