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  1. Personally, I don’t see your fear. I also think you’re in the minority with that opinion. It’s competition, something which we haven’t had in a long, long time. As I said, if they aren’t happy, they can leave. We aren’t a one club man anymore!
  2. I just don’t understand why you see it as a problem?
  3. I genuinely think you’ve got to comfortable with having absolute dross rotting in our football club over the years. We are being run properly. I’m struggling to see the issue?
  4. It’s all well and good keeping everybody happy, but what happens say if Gibbons and Worrall get injured? We are then left in a predicament that we saw before Christmas with the ST position. We aren’t a one or two man club, we have moved on from those unsuccessful times. As I said, if anything, top quality players should ultimately relish with healthy competition. Which, in turn, should realistically breed success. I’m all for bringing players in to add healthy competition, if players aren’t happy, they can leave. It’s as simple as that! In DC and Flickers we trust.
  5. Great news! I’m a big, big fan of Dennis. He really is a game changer, and someone who genuinely can be the difference between 1 point and 3 points.
  6. You can’t argue with stats though? We don’t need a GK when we have conceded the 4th least goals in the division. I’d rather the money be spent on an experienced ST and CM.
  7. No, if anything, it should do the opposite. With new players coming in, you’d expect the old crop to step up. Ultimately, if they don’t, they will be shown the door. It’s called healthy competition, and any professional athlete should rise to the challenge.
  8. I’m not sure about your view on the GK department. What makes you think it’s the weakest? We’ve conceded 23 goals, the 3rd least in the top 7 and 4th least in the league. Covolan and Stone are two very competent GK’s at this level. For me, Covolan just about edges it and I’d expect to see him start against Swindon. Such a weird opinion...
  9. Stupendous business! Hall looks a very good option, and more of a competent one than Johnson. All rumours, I know, but I’ve heard we’ve beat one or two other clubs for Hall. Watched a video of his highlights on YouTube from his time at Brackley - nothing to go off, I’m well aware - and he looks very comfortable with his feet and his passing range seemed very good. Good signing! Not surprised about Legge. I’d heard one or two things about him leaving a few weeks back. Very surprised he’s joined Harrogate, however. Nevertheless, Legge was absolutely superb for us, and I wish him well for the future. Edmundson, Harratt, Hussey and Hall in the space of 10 days, with Whitehead, Amos and Legge all out - take a bow Vale, take a bow! Clarke said 4 or 5 more on Saturday, and since then we’ve signed 2. I’d expect a CM and another ST. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either Taylor, Burgess and Rodney to leave, if not all. Trust the process!
  10. I thought i'd seen he was on contract till 2024.. I think you’re right on that one mate
  11. Agreed. He epitomises everything Port Vale stands for.
  12. Don’t particularly know much about Hall but after having a scan through Twitter, he seems to be one of their key players. I believe he’s a left-sided CB, so he will easily slot into the back 3. With 18 months left on his contract, again like Hussey, he will command a decent fee but it seems as though that’s been agreed. I believe he was at the club yesterday, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sign over the next few days. Hearing that we’ve beat one or two clubs as well, if all goes well. A 6”4, big brick sh*thouse, is something that we have lacked this season. With Legge not getting any younger, and rumours of his departure, this could be an excellent signing. The depth in our defence is absolutely beautiful. Let’s just hope Gibbo doesn’t leave this month and we can tie him down.
  13. We’ve be susceptible all season. I’m hoping that Hussey will add some much needed aerial presence in place of Jones.
  14. I’ve got a feeling Hussey will slot into LCB. I like Jones; he’s been a good signing but he’s dropped off recently, so I’ve got a feeling Hussey will come into the back 3 to provide much needed experience.
  15. I stay until the players go into the tunnel, regardless of the result, and I can assure you, he did the same thing on Saturday which he usually does.
  16. He does that every game. I’m sure you’d probably know, like the rest of us, if you went each week...
  17. Some of the moaning and groaning in the ground, coupled with some of the callers on Praise & Grumble was absolutely baffling. Did people genuinely turn up to the game today and expect Vale to dominate from the off? As Clarke rightly said in his post-match, we had to show respect to a classy attacking outfit or else, as we saw in their counter-attacks, they would have played through us from the off and it would have been game over in the first half. To go into the break just one goal behind, really set the precedent for the second half - a half which showed where we are as a football club. Until their 4th, we really did have them on the back foot and rattled. We were certainly unfortunate not to have scored a second. The score line 100% flattered Brentford, but you can’t begrudge how clinical and ruthless they were. Nevertheless, it was great to see over 8,000 there. Credit to us Vale lot, we really got behind the boys in the second half. Harratt looked a real handful, alongside the reliable Politic - he never fails to amaze does Dennis, he simply has to be starting for us if we are to be successful. Where? I don’t know. Onto Swindon now. Let’s p*ss this tinpot league.
  18. If I’m honest Rob, I completely forgot about Amos. Yes, I’d imagine he will be one to leave. I do think that’s a shame because he hasn’t really been given a chance and he seemed more than capable when given one. Not to mention Doncaster fans highly rated him. However, something must be missing if he hasn’t been able to get in our or Doncaster’s first team.
  19. In terms of departures: I’m expecting Legge to move on even though, personally, I’d prefer to see Martin depart. I’d expect Johnson to stay - Jones is out for 3 games and it’s the perfect chance for him to show us what’s he worth. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Taylor leave either. Conlon will stay in my opinion, until the summer at least.
  20. Maybe the right player for the process commands a 6 figure fee? I’m not in anyway saying what I’ve heard is true, but I’ve heard this multiple times. I heard one loan player - initially I was led to believe it was Amond, but we’ve obviously signed Edmundson - and then a forward for a 6 figure fee.
  21. Smart signing is Edmondson. He’s out of contract in the summer, and there is a very slim chance of him going back to Leeds and earning a new contract. So, if he plays well and scores the goals, we have a great chance of signing him permanently. For me, we are an experienced ST and CB away from a real push for the top 3. I think we will get both of these. It could all be rumours, but I’ve heard numerous times that we have paid a 6 figure fee for ST scoring goals at this level - before people jump on me, I’m not on about Telford because there is zero chance of that happening. Let’s see what happens. Nevertheless, happy with Edmondson and I firmly believe it’s an upgrade on Lloyd.
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