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  1. What a performance by Vale from the first half, Bennett and Amoo were amazing and great business we’ve done to get them in, really hopeful for this season and the first time we’ve beat Forest Green very happy fan tonight UTV
  2. Really looking forward to tomorrow game can’t wait UTV thanks Carol and Kevin for saving the Vale
  3. I agree got great cover 4 decent strikers on the books í ½í³–
  4. I agree the four now we’ve got is amazing hope Miller stays!
  5. Good Luck Richie, look forward seeing you a vale shirtí ½í±
  6. Tough start really, Colchester await first really dint want tbh, but I suppose got play all off them.
  7. Just hope it isn’t him don’t rate him can do better!
  8. Be interesting to see who it is:smile:
  9. I agree with you completely, just be nice add a bit off proven in now with league experience, say we need another 4-5 players in before the season starts.
  10. Manny signing is a huge one and very good news for us, I think most off the budget really now is getting some good forwards in and a good winger in, I would like a box to box midfielder, but we aren’t really far away off becoming a good league 2 team on paper.
  11. I agree,we need some decent signings in get people in the mood to get one, I’m getting mine in June.
  12. Good luck to Luke, gave 100% wish him luck, just hope we’ve got a better replacement for him.
  13. Great news that, David Worrall and Legge signing is good just need Manny sign up then we are looking good in terms off who we wanted keep.
  14. Yeah great news that John is staying, 3 years deal aswell! Come on Vale let’s push some season tickets now!
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