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  1. Looking forward to the season now, very happy with signings we’ve done ✅ just a backup keeper now think we are ready to go, loan market say later if we could get Taylor back.
  2. Completely done wonders for this club.
  3. Just thought it was D day on knowing if he coming or not?
  4. Gutting I thought we would announce him today, can understand the lad making a decision but I thought we would know today.
  5. Nicky Maynard and Hallam Hope would be amazing for us and I would be say we get in the top 7 easy if these are true.
  6. Maynard be a great signing, fingers crossed on this one.
  7. Nicky Maynard would be a brilliant signing, the type off player we need if we want challenge for the top 7, pay him the money and he will come and he’s living local which is good news for us to get him.
  8. Who is the striker then, if Bradford are after him we’ve got no chance then😫
  9. We need a good striker in, somebody who’s done it in this league and knows where the net is.
  10. Look at the signings so far and I’m happy, I would love us now get a good forward in who’s been and done it in this league, a backup keeper to Brown, need a good attacking midfielder unless Taylor signs off course, still think we need a good LB aswell unless we get Clark back on loan.
  11. Remember him such a nice guy, will be missed RIP fellow Valiant.
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