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  1. Remember him such a nice guy, will be missed RIP fellow Valiant.
  2. Got my 2 tickets today very pleased UTV!
  3. Exactly should give us more instead off having empty stands.
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised now to see some go in the home ends a joke off a club not giving us more.
  5. Walsall are a joke we gived them over 3000 when they come to our place, 1500 is a complete joke 2000 they would give to any other club, every time I’ve been their they have loads off empty seats.
  6. We will, if say we win Saturday be a good chance off a sell out.
  7. Really going be missed, everything he’s done for the club has been a positive, be very hard to replace somebody that good, wish all the best for the future.
  8. Very disappointed tonight with the result, traveling back from Morecambe isn’t great on a horrible Tuesday night, just a shame we can beat teams higher up in the league and struggle against teams like Morecambe, go again Saturday UTV.
  9. Completely agree been pleased since he’s been here, always nice when you have a player that can play in different positions good bit off business start off with UTV.
  10. Really disappointed that I couldn’t get a ticket, I really think this should off been set up a bit better then giving two tickets per season ticket, never less I hope all you 8000 rour us on UTV!
  11. Yeah exactly they’ve had enough time now, should put them on general sale now.
  12. Really hope so, I don’t have a season ticket, I go the games I can, really hope they do put them on general sale bit early because it’s not fair on some now 22nd to long if I’m honest.
  13. Mike Baggaley said we’ve sold 6282 tickets, so 1718 left for the Man City game.
  14. What a draw that is, Carol and Kevin deserve this, I reckon we could sell out the 8k allocation UTV
  15. Credit to Carol and Kevin for this can’t wait see Robbie Williams next year at Vale Park
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