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  1. But for 3 of 4 years, that 'nucleus' has nearly been relegated. Completely fresh start for me. I don't think that we were nearly relegated last year were we?
  2. There is a difference between stability and evolution. Every year we should be looking to be bringing in 3-4 that can realistically challenge to get into the first team. Whats has happened this year is that the players bought in (with the exception of Dave) have been poor and not looked close to being first choice. Its essentially last years team that have got us out of this ish. we need a prune, but not back to the Norman scum mass exodus of players.
  3. For me, all we need is to keep the nucleus of the first team together and add quality. IMO, we need at least 1 good striker (excluding Dave, they can all go), a winger to replace Amoo who doesn't do enough, a good quality left back specialist. Add those 3-4 players and evolve the team and we will be there or thereabouts
  4. i didn't watch the game last night (usual protest), but haven't missed any others all season and those that know me will know that I don't miss many generally. My take on the strikers is a strange on - Robinson is a player. i have no doubt about his ability at all ... but something isn't gelling at the moment. Could be the system, the ball not being there for his runs, just settling into the club/team still or something else that we don't know about. Hopefully JA will know and can work on it with him. Pope is a nice surprise for me. Love the bloke to bits and always will, but I tho
  5. Thanks for running the competition Barry. I'll for for 63rd minute please
  6. Really enjoying these - just like being back in the Paddock. Keep up the good work lads
  7. For me he would leave with my best wishes. I hope that he stays and gets promotion with us, but can't blame him if he can get more money - there are few in this world that have enough loyalty to any employer to turn down the opportunity to double their wages. I too would applaud him if he returns ... with the exception of it being with that lot down the road 🙂
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