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  1. A Cass, Smith and Jones Too much of a stretch? 🙂
  2. Seems to me that its a mix of several things. As supporters, we know that its an issue, so need to be sensible and get there a little earlier- especially for bigger games, become a little more tech savy and buy tickets on line and learn from the "your qr code is to big/too small" turnstile issues and get it right next time . However, I agree that this isn't sustainable long term and the club need to get much much better. The problem would be I guess that bug changes to the concourse (desperately needed) and the old and knackered turnstile blocks can't be done in season. What could be done is to open up the big gates in the paddock, use some barriers there to create 3-4 additional manned turnstiles and introduce some proper queue system what can be used as an overflow if/when needed in bigger gates. The turnstiles aren't really needed as we don't collect money now, so its rally about getting people scanned to show that we have a ticket and in the ground asap. I'd expect some major changes over the close season and have every faith that Kev and Carol are all over this today.
  3. Row L

    TV Adverts.

    Should also link to the "Things that happen at a Vale game" thread - just occasionally, someone will shout "Av it" after a clearance. Always makes me smile! 🙂
  4. Row L

    TV Adverts.

    Can't stand the Bet 365 one with all the lardy red and white striped shirts in them obviously! Other than that, the Calgon one really gets my goat. The dubbing is awful - surely if you are going to use an ad recorded in a different language and over dub it, at least try to cover it up a little!
  5. "Get up you mard arse", "tread him in" or "drag him off" when an opposition player goes down and needs treatment.
  6. Doesn't happen anymore, but I miss the whole crowd "Gooooo ARRRRN" when they kick off that we used to have
  7. Spot on. You can see it in their eyes that they are just desperate for someone to challenge them so that they can kick off
  8. Good question. I suspect that they don't have a right to rope off the road ... but I'm no legal expert here! I'd also suspect that the people who do park there don't want a confrontation. The guys are always there in 2-3's "on patrol" quite clearly waiting for someone to try to move the bin so that they can kick off. I'd imagine that 9/10 of the time, just finding somewhere else to park is the path of least resistance!
  9. In my opinion, parking (or something for transport) has to improve. The ally by the Bycars is now being roped off by a local house owner who guards his wheelie bin rope barrier thing with his son and a massive spliff, the car park opposite the tip has been closed by Dougie mac and only half of the official car park was available. It was hard (ish) to park with 7k ... imagine a big cup game. And the bar in the Paddock is a joke at half time. The girls there are always moving so its not hard work, but the system or something has to help. 3 games on the bounce and I've not had a coffee or food. From my family alone, that about £20 in revenue lost and I can't be the only one who won't miss the end of the 1st half or beginning of the second for a brew.
  10. They are already limited to 4 years ... just that, for some reason, the public accepts the issues that we see and vote them back in. Until people start to think about who they are voting in, the reality is that sadly we are getting what the majority ask for (proportional representation not withstanding) .
  11. I would 100% agree with this Andy. Its tough, but if you are able to force yourself out to do literally anything that involves other people, you will feel better. This is a pretty <ovf censored> time of year and loads of people feel like you of too. PM me anytime and never worry about speaking out - more often than not other people feel the same way but don't have the balls that you have and come out and say it. UTV
  12. I thought that it was a truly professional performance, even more so after the sending off. In fact, we were concerned at half time that the sending off could put Harrogate back in their bottle and that Vale often struggle to break down teams when they have 10 men. On Saturday we stretched the game, moved the ball faster and kept pushing them back - exactly how you would want it to pan out when you have a man over. I thought that we executed what we needed to do perfectly.
  13. I just thought that his performance was strange. he is at his best when he physically dominates the opposition and almost bullies them. He has all of the attributes, but for some reason on Saturday, just looked lightweight. Strange to be saying it, but I hope that his is injured/was protecting a knock and that its not psychological/throwing his dummy out because he didn't start. Fingers crossed that if it is, he comes roaring back and starts throwing centre halves around and beating them for pace and drive again soon!
  14. I think that he is in a difficult position - he is really fighting for the Conlon role and he isn't going to win there. I think that (assuming that Conlon presses on and moves up the leagues at some point), the best thing that Taylor can do is to get his head down, learn and impress DC sot hat he is ready for injuries, suspensions etc. he has a long contract and can afford to learn ... if his attitude is right.
  15. I thought that we played some tidy football against a good team. Plenty of sides that the midfield are clicking already and loved the press with 3-4 going at the same time rather than letting the centre forward chase on his own. The back 3 looked solid and was very impressed with Johnson. Martin looks like he will eat headers if we meet "standard" league 2 teams. We need to work on getting the front 2 into the box more and make sure that the back 3 & wing back figure out how to defend against overlaps, but a steady start and one of the better friendlies for a long time
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