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  1. i didn't watch the game last night (usual protest), but haven't missed any others all season and those that know me will know that I don't miss many generally. My take on the strikers is a strange on - Robinson is a player. i have no doubt about his ability at all ... but something isn't gelling at the moment. Could be the system, the ball not being there for his runs, just settling into the club/team still or something else that we don't know about. Hopefully JA will know and can work on it with him. Pope is a nice surprise for me. Love the bloke to bits and always will, but I tho
  2. Thanks for running the competition Barry. I'll for for 63rd minute please
  3. Really enjoying these - just like being back in the Paddock. Keep up the good work lads
  4. For me he would leave with my best wishes. I hope that he stays and gets promotion with us, but can't blame him if he can get more money - there are few in this world that have enough loyalty to any employer to turn down the opportunity to double their wages. I too would applaud him if he returns ... with the exception of it being with that lot down the road 🙂
  5. Craig James was a strange one - looked awesome at first, had a dodgy spell, got better ... them became complete crap I think. Was he another of the "brilliant loans" that was crap when signed?
  6. I seem to remember being at Sheff united and watching him kick the floor in front of the ball while trying to take a corner.
  7. Watching the highlights on here reminded me of a comment made at the game on Saturday of how much better we did when we were pressing high in midfield. At time (including the led up to the 1st goal) we were swarming all over them and forcing the errors. The work rate and teamwork was the best I have seen for years. And it was all bought together in the last 5 minutes when they had a corner. Joyce, Leggy, Smudge and several others were organizing, encouraging and generally working together - all desperate for a clean sheet. Such a turn around from the last few years and Askey and th
  8. I don't pretend to understand the history leading to this issue (and suspect that Pope is the same). My take on it is simple - religion, race, gender etc etc mean nothing to me - so I simply don't comment on them unless its strictly necessary. I'd like to think that Popes comments can offend simply because he is either ignorant (in the nicest sense, as am I) or misinformed. Either way, if you don't have substantiating evidence and it could be offensive ... just keep your gob shut! I think that the FA could be cracking down hard on him this time and while i love Tom to bits and will foreve
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