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  1. Happy to disagree. Your opinion is as valid any anyone elses and I have no issues with your thinking. I just don't agree with you. But all good points to add to a sensible debate based on facts and not rhetoric
  2. I don't think that people believe much that comes out of a politicians mouth these days! I agree that the Eurozone has its challenges (show me a political or economic system that is perfect), but checks and balances created as part of the EU have helped to create a more balanced Europe. People see the "Everyone coming over here" and "we are stopped from doing whatever we want to" headlines ... but do we really trust any of our power hungry PMs (on both sides) to make a better job of it. My fear above all else is the lack of checks that we have now - Boris can pretty much do what he likes as Corbin could have done in the same position - and there is little we can do for 4 years. If what we have been told by remainers is true (and I don't believe half of what is said there either) we don't get that option in 4 years.
  3. Totally happy for you to have your opinion, but as someone who works across the EU with daily access to EU based colleagues in 10 other countries, IMO you are talking bobbins. I have not found a single person from within my company or members of the public that I have spoken to while out and about that have a single bit of understanding of why we would wan to leave - not a single person. I know that ts a small poll and you can probably quote a bigger population, but thats my experience. This isn't a holiday experience, its experience of working in the EU every single day, being involved in the manufacture, export and import of goods and managing a team selling on 10 markets. The EU is NOT perfect, but it keeps things on a level playing field and protects EVERYONES interests. Outside of it I really fear that we will be forced to bow to the direction that any of the superpowers takes. We are all so tied up ion the "we won a war" and "we are a superpower" without thinking that by being in the EU we are a part of a superpower. Outside of it ... we really and truly aren't. However, I will go with the majority (not that I have any choice now :)) and we will have have to deal with whatever the fallout is - or if I am wrong - bask in the glory of Bo Jo and his form of Brexit. But it won't be as quick or easy as he makes out. Whatever happens though, just remember that its what you wanted ... I hope for us all that I am wrong and that you are right.
  4. I listen to these every week. The one with Pope and Roberts are good, but Crosleys is standout and laugh out loud funny! They can get a bit repetitive (which podcasts don't when you listen to one every morning to catch up :)) but well worth a listen and are getting better and better. The hosts are starting to get guests who are not their immediate pals and the stories are getting better. Well worth a subscribe and a listen to the 3 very vale related ones plus selected others (including Crosley!)
  5. Would agree with you about Monty for 99% of games (and said before Plymouth that I would drop him), but being fair, i thought that he was excellent in the Plymouth game. If he could do that every game, I would be very happy. Sounds like the old Monty was back fro Exeter though!
  6. I was that end of the paddock and looked just out to me
  7. Thats good. She seems like a fair person. assume you will still be going in there and that its not really as much of an issue as people are making out then?
  8. I suspect that if you are that unhappy and you contact Carol, she will be fair and give you your money back. Will it stop you going into that area?
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