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  1. I just thought that his performance was strange. he is at his best when he physically dominates the opposition and almost bullies them. He has all of the attributes, but for some reason on Saturday, just looked lightweight. Strange to be saying it, but I hope that his is injured/was protecting a knock and that its not psychological/throwing his dummy out because he didn't start. Fingers crossed that if it is, he comes roaring back and starts throwing centre halves around and beating them for pace and drive again soon!
  2. I think that he is in a difficult position - he is really fighting for the Conlon role and he isn't going to win there. I think that (assuming that Conlon presses on and moves up the leagues at some point), the best thing that Taylor can do is to get his head down, learn and impress DC sot hat he is ready for injuries, suspensions etc. he has a long contract and can afford to learn ... if his attitude is right.
  3. I thought that we played some tidy football against a good team. Plenty of sides that the midfield are clicking already and loved the press with 3-4 going at the same time rather than letting the centre forward chase on his own. The back 3 looked solid and was very impressed with Johnson. Martin looks like he will eat headers if we meet "standard" league 2 teams. We need to work on getting the front 2 into the box more and make sure that the back 3 & wing back figure out how to defend against overlaps, but a steady start and one of the better friendlies for a long time
  4. 🎵 Brad Walker, Brad Walker, where tackling and passing meet 🎵
  5. When is the early bird deadline? I have looked but can'r see it. perhaps I'm a bit dim or something! 🙂
  6. Thats an absolutely brutal cull. I hope that he has plenty already lined up and would assume that this has been planned for a while now as its very quick. Its either going to be fantastic or a massive disaster. In Daryl we trust!
  7. But for 3 of 4 years, that 'nucleus' has nearly been relegated. Completely fresh start for me. I don't think that we were nearly relegated last year were we?
  8. There is a difference between stability and evolution. Every year we should be looking to be bringing in 3-4 that can realistically challenge to get into the first team. Whats has happened this year is that the players bought in (with the exception of Dave) have been poor and not looked close to being first choice. Its essentially last years team that have got us out of this ish. we need a prune, but not back to the Norman scum mass exodus of players.
  9. For me, all we need is to keep the nucleus of the first team together and add quality. IMO, we need at least 1 good striker (excluding Dave, they can all go), a winger to replace Amoo who doesn't do enough, a good quality left back specialist. Add those 3-4 players and evolve the team and we will be there or thereabouts
  10. i didn't watch the game last night (usual protest), but haven't missed any others all season and those that know me will know that I don't miss many generally. My take on the strikers is a strange on - Robinson is a player. i have no doubt about his ability at all ... but something isn't gelling at the moment. Could be the system, the ball not being there for his runs, just settling into the club/team still or something else that we don't know about. Hopefully JA will know and can work on it with him. Pope is a nice surprise for me. Love the bloke to bits and always will, but I thought that he would be more of a 3rd choice this year. he has looked fantastic most times that he has played. Cullen is another one that like Robinson, has the ability, but sometimes its just not there. Always looks to me to be an irritant to the other tams and could be our first choice if he can add the goals that he is capable of. again, we need to stop anything long to him and work to his strengths of through balls and running the channels - he needs passes from midfield not the back 4! I won't pass comment on Rodders except that he started really well, has blistering pace and with consistency can be a player. I'd say that we were set up with the front 4, but need to start to get the ball to them in the right places more consistently. With regards to McKirdy, I wasn't keen on his signing and haven't seen any glimpses of him being what we need ... until the highlights from last night. If he can do anything like what he sounds like last night, play him for 1/2 a game and replace him when he is shattered and I hope that he proves me wrong and shoves my words right down my throat!
  11. Really enjoying these - just like being back in the Paddock. Keep up the good work lads
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