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  1. To be honest I thought he was almost a certainty to miss it. Not because of some sort of agenda against him, but simply because he's clearly playing with zero confidence and belief in himself currently and he surely would have been doubting himself a little as he walked up. But he put it away well and things will turn for him eventually. Obviously for us, the sooner the better. He'll now get plenty of game time which will help his cause.
  2. It will take a bit of a monumental performance to beat these on their own turf without our strikers, but someone can make themselves a hero on the day. If we defend well we have a goal in us, and it only takes a Conlon free-kick special or something. Taking the above into account I'm all for a 5-4-1 formation with two wing-backs for this game. Try to make us difficult to create against and still be in the game late on. Something like - Covolan Worrrall Legge Smith Cass Gibbons Walker Pett Garrity Conlon Amoo Not a fan of Amoo as a striker but would give him the nod over Rodney at the moment. We can't just sit back all game and hope for the best so it's important our wing-backs get forward at every opportunity, and same with our midfielders who can take it in turns to bomb forward to support Amoo (or Rodney) knowing Walker is behind them.
  3. We were second best in the first half, but really came into the game in the second which also coincided I believe with them brining some of their better players on. Overall we gave as good as we got in a game we would have definitely lost by 3 or 4 in the past once we had made changes, obviously some of them forced. They know they were in a game and clearly they're no mugs if they are top of League One and unbeaten in 17. Need to put in the same effort and performance on Saturday now against what will be a lesser side.
  4. On form, Burgess is a decent player. He just lost his way last season, as did a fair few of our players to be fair. Glad to see him involved again.
  5. Turned over a new leaf. Even my lady has started to call me Jim Royle, with how much I whinge, so it can't be a good look.
  6. Thought the better side won in the end but I thought we looked like a good League Two side overall up against a clearly very decent League One team. Thought we played better this evening than we did against Hartlepool, a game we obviously won. No complaints at all about the effort or the team performance.
  7. Can't believe people are actually moaning about anyone that mentions Rodney being poor this season. Far better footballers get criticised all the time, just as they are praised when they deserve it. Devante got a lot of praise at times last season, none more so than from myself. Nobody should be booing him, or any Vale player for that matter, inside any football stadium. But criticising his performances and/or record this season on a forum is hardly a criminal act.
  8. Bigger upsets can and will happen. But there are much better sides around than ourselves who would drop off massively if you took their two main forwards out. I'd be lying id I said I was confident on the back of recent performances and injuries, but with a bit of luck, who knows.
  9. Rodney will come good. One goal is probably all it will take to turn for him hopefully. But nobody can say anything other then he's been really, really poor this season as of yet. Some people still talk about him as if he's an 18 or 19 year old prospect.
  10. I'd quite fancy our chances of a bit of an upset with our strongest 11 out, but without both Wilson and Proctor I think it will take a minor miracle, especially being away from home.
  11. I think we would have needed much more than what we showed today against a decent side. But as has already been said, there won't be many, if any, other teams in the league that could be without three or four of their better players and to not see a considerable difference. The most pleasing thing about today other than getting back on track with the 3 points was that yet again our goals are being shared around. We've gone years without having goals from midfield but now have a few that are more than capable.
  12. I think Lloyd would be much better playing off a target man, but we don't have one and don't play that way. And our defence simply can't be trusted to keep too many clean sheets. This could really mess our season up unless we act.
  13. We're very unlucky to be without both him and Wilson at the same time. But anyone who thinks we'll be alright with Lloyd, Rodney and Amoo as our forward options for a number of weeks need to give their heads a serious wobble.
  14. You're desperate to go on a date with me it seems. Not only am I taken but I don't swing that way pal. You couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding, and even if you could, you're currently making yourself look a right melt.
  15. Exactly why I think it was far from convincing as a performance. They looked awful and exactly the type of side you want to play at home when you're having a bit of a wobble. We're clearly a very good side with everyone fit and available. That's not in question.
  16. What have I said that's so offensive to some in this thread? I've literally made about three points: - It was a poor performance against a woeful side. Perhaps I am being a tad harsh, I could have used the word average. But I literally stated right after that the 3 points was the most important thing. - Walker, a player I've wanted to see more of in our midfield, made a bit of a difference today. In my opinion, he was one of our better players. But apparently I NEVER say anything positive about the club and/or it's players. - We could do with another striker. That's because I have little faith in Rodney these days and don't think Lloyd is suited to a lone role up front which is how we usually play. That's about it.
  17. Careful, you're not allowed to say that round here. You're not allowed to be more than content with 3 points but not over the moon with the performance from everybody this afternoon and rate the entire team as anything else other than 10/10.
  18. Amoo isn't a striker though as long as he's got a hole in his arse. And although he gives his all and seems a good lad, can we rely on Lloyd as someone who is probably third choice? I don't even count Rodney as a striker right now as most defenders have more goals than he does this season, he's badly out of sorts.
  19. Thought Walker made a big difference. He offers a presence in the middle oft the park we haven't had, and he will only get better the more he plays.
  20. Are you still crying? I don't even know what you're so upset about. I literally only said it was a poor performance overall against a frankly not very good side but a much needed three points, which is the most important thing, and that we could do with another striker. Go and cry somewhere else, snowflake.
  21. Stopped reading when you said his distribution is generally good.
  22. 2-0. and that's that. Far from perfect but after the last 2 games the 3 points is far more important than anything else, of course. Desperately need Proctor back in the team though.
  23. Terrible conditions and everything, but this has been a really poor home performance against extremely average opposition. Our squad probably isn't quite as strong as most of us have believed it is, especially in forward areas. I don't think Rodney would score if he was still playing the game come this time tomorrow. We're desperate for another striker, in my opinion.
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