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  1. Depends. Some players come back quicker than others in regards to getting up to scratch. But his overall quality is badly missed. But more than anything we need pace in this side. It's one of the slowest Vale sides on the whole I can remember. I suppose if little else today's result stops the rot.
  2. Had we not lost both home games it would have been a good point. Looked two very average sides out there today low on quality where it really matters. Proctor can't come back quick enough now.
  3. We wouldn't sore if we were still playing this time tomorrow. Hussey is a good defender but he's not a patch on Gibbo going forward.
  4. We need a Jennison Myrie-Williams type in this side. Someone unpredictable that can make something from nothing. We're also missing Conlon's set-piece threat.
  5. Gibbons is ace but seems made of glass somewhat sadly for him and us.
  6. Having to start Aaron Martin doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence.
  7. Suddenly feels like the start of a new season all over again with the team looking disjointed and players bedding in... That one month without any football has really set us back. Can see us getting beat comfortably today, although stranger things have happened in football.
  8. Exactly what I would go for right now. I don't mind Smith as part of the squad. Just don't believe he should be an automatic starter every game as he is when fit.
  9. It was only an improvement because on that evidence, Salford are a much worse side than Swindon on every level. Any team with genuine promotion aspirations would have beat them convincingly last night. They were woeful.
  10. He's a fan favourite and he's never a player you criticise lightly, but I've never been the biggest fan of Nathan Smith and still think we can do better. He's brave and puts his head where some people wouldn't put there feet. But he's not quick, not particularly strong and his passing out from the back is Sunday league level at times. His passing just hasn't improved in any shape or form over the years. It's early days but Hall has looked great so far. I'd like to see someone with legs that has a bit of pace alongside him in the near future.
  11. First half wasn't bad but any decent side would have dispatched this Salford team by 3 or 4 this evening. We didn't. Second half was close to pathetic and the team showed a massive lack of belief in themselves and each other the moment they went a goal down. Confident and belief gets you a long way in football and a couple more losses in succession and we could drop down the table rapidly. We're in danger of blowing all of the positive vibes the club built up early on this season. It's quickly starting to feel like another case of "same old". Another false dawn.
  12. Eh. How the <ovf censored> have I managed to quote myself? <ovf censored> it. Night all.
  13. Salford were clearly much worse than Swindon though. We were unlucky not to be leading at half time. But as soon as they scored we went to pieces almost and probably wouldn't score if we were still playing past midnight. To me we currently just look very slow and one dimensional as a side. A far cry from what we were some weeks ago.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if we beat Orient, such is League Two football. But it would make this loss especially all the more frustrating, missing out on what should have been 3 comfortable points. The sooner we have a settled side again and don't have three or four changes every game, the better.
  15. Martin has to be one of the first to go at the end of the season, no matter where we finish. Absolutely useless.
  16. Sad thing is, we get that goal in the first half and we more than likely go on to win this game by a few goals. They were woeful but like any side, once they got a goal they found a bit of confidence and belief. 0 points in 6 since our month off. Talk about killing the good vibe that we had after signing Hussey and Hall.
  17. Salford are one of the worst sides I've seen all season. It's taken some doing to lose to these.
  18. Being in the top 3/4 and beating Burton in the F.A Cup kind of seems like a long time ago.
  19. Edmondson lasted at least 10 minutes longer than he should. Early days but not a good debut.
  20. Only thing missing in the first-half was a deserved goal, so why tinker? Just keep doing what we were doing and the goal would come. Lose this and nobody can't start to be rather concerned.
  21. Well it's not just the two wide players that would be tasked to create. The likes of Conlon and Garrity also. I'm not saying we should start every game 4-3-3 with Worrall and Amoo supporting a single striker. But I don't think it's a bad option for certain games. Worrall is a winger that can do a job as a wing-back. As one of our best players, for me, he should be starting in the position where we can get the most out of him. And while I've never been Amoo's biggest fan, he has pace, and sometimes that's enough to cause mayhem against League Two sides if used correctly. I think Edmondson can also be used on the left of a front three which gives another option, as would the return of Rodney.
  22. You can't play him and Worrall together though. That's "Askey-ball".
  23. That's why I said earlier that him and Worrall as part of a front three is still an option for us, before someone started spouting about "Askey-ball", like an utter looney. Just because both players also played under Askey means nothing. Worrall is undoubtedly more of a threat in his natural position out wide as part of a front three or in a 4-4-2 than he is at right wing-back, and Amoo would still get in plenty of League Two sides as a winger.
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