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  1. 7 appearances and 1 famous own goal is enough for the guy to be cemented in memory. My post count is low incase I accidentally curse anything whilst using his name. 😁 Seriously though, I wouldn't change much from Tuesday night selection wise unless management wanted to 'get minutes' in for certain players. I promise you I'm just a 30 something geezer from Bradeley.
  2. I love how you have given a rigorous break down of team selection based on a bunch of players you have watched play together once via a facebook stream from some punters Nokia in the Lorne St. I'm not looking for 'Character' from a friendly against Chesterfield, just the same amount of professionalism they've brought to the whole of this pre-season so far. Worrall no set position, Johnson on the left side 'on his own', Legge back in and all settling in to a nice and familiar 3-4-1-2. Some people are mental.
  3. What a weird take of a friendly that is, and to focus on Legge so much? Thought Martin and Johnson were decent actually, bit poor from set pieces but in general an upgrade. And to have a dig at the fans as well without actually being there yourself? Be more agitated at a pre-season friendly? Oright pal. Lads were decent I thought, not much to worry about - don't get what the fuss is all about. Nice little friendly and good to be familiar with the bycars again.
  4. On your own with this one you absolute weapon. Clearly not a father to a daughter, as a lot of people in this world are (yes, beyond this football forum). She did a great job and I haven't seen anyone suggest otherwise.
  5. Argue he brought in players more than Guthrie, on tonights performance. Plays it more to feet. Also thought he read the drop of the ball well for his half chance that was fifa finessing into the far right corner, unlucky to get blocked off. Hold up play in general was good, rather than flick on's he brought midfielders into play deeper in the attacking half. Thought it was a pretty selfless, motivated performance. Hope he can nab a goal in the coming games and prove his worth if not for Vale, then any other club.
  6. Well deserved Vale. Injury free win, that has been coming for a few games. Subs, game management, man management, tactical setup. This is what gives me confidence in this manager going forward for next season. Hopeful that this will relieve some pressure on the lads, and even Robinson can get a goal against the club we signed him from on Saturday (I actually thought his forward play tonight was pretty decent - better than a Guthrie aimless flick on). Some of our more established players who we expected to come back in this run played well, Montano, Amoo, Worrall, Oyeleke - takes the pressure off Hurst being an outlet and hoping for Rodney to constantly provide a bolt out the blue. Over the moon, well done lads, well done DC, have a day off s**t posters. Still plenty of games left and could see us based off the past few performances getting to the lofty heights of 14th this season.
  7. Mate, don't tell me my head is full of magic and then when I give you a measured response ask me to calm down. You have to be on the defensive on here because if you have a differing opinion your outed as some rose tinted glasses mentalist. My question was valid - do you have any xp in football? Because you say DC is clueless, but don't offer much yourself as to what can be done, and have a fans opinion like everyone else. I don't rate my question wasn't difficult or breaking any rules. The reasons are from what i've seen in the past few matches - tight at the back against Stevenage, Cambridge, Salford for the majority and today second half. Glimpses from some players that they want it, Hurst/Crookes/Legge/Rodney - more of an understanding of the squad - I.E not to start Guthrie at all - he knows now that it looks like Taylor cant be arsed - players to come back from injury, more games at home in the near future - performances from teams that we've already played this season that makes me think we can pick up points again in the future. I also take heart from DC's interviews, better than Askey's. That's something? I know there isnt loads to take away, but i'll find what I can and try and make an assessment on it, which is I think they'll just about stay up.
  8. My optimism isn't head magic cheers pal. I've just got the ability to look at things in perspective if you read my previous posts. I'm a vale fan as much as you, so please don't patronise me. Here's a question though, do you have any experience in football? Ex player, manager, coaching/fitness staff, in and around the game? Or are you just a fan like me? Don't put your own crap traits on to somebody else would be my advice to you. I back up my optimism, whether you agree with it or not is on you and doesn't bother me either way.
  9. Fair, to be honest I do feel like people can take part of a quote on here and make it into what they want. I realise that I can trigger post on here n all. I know that we are all Vale, I just rate we can survive, and your right - I'm generally an optimistic person. UTV
  10. Although Limmy is fairly class, i'll give you that.
  11. Again, taken out of context by another top poster. I recon you would love it if Vale went down - you could come on here and tell everyone you were RIGHT couldn't you? Recon you could get some props from the boys or your mum and dad for that or something? Tell all your pals in the real world and say 'I really told them on the OVF forum that season we went down'. Your jokes go over everyone's head as well because no one takes you seriously. Give me a PM, i'll give you my instagram handle and we can have a bet on if vale go down or not. We can have a chat on there rather than back and forth on here.
  12. Why am I always taken out of context on here? I said I think they won't go down, based on the run of games in the future and the players due to come back. And that DC seems to have got them organised - bar individual mistakes today, the defence has improved with the exact same set of players (minus Gibbo who is a big miss). I don't think today was good enough, but I think there's just enough between the manager and some of the squad for us to survive. Good, you get down there on the last game of the season and shout into the wind if we go down. Will you want a pat on the back for that?
  13. Would not put it past some fans to go down there and shout at the players/staff regardless. Sadly, that's where I'm at mentally with Vale fans. I daren't look on Facebook, but I bet they are calling for blood.
  14. What are you going to do about it then? Sit on here just crying about it all day? No way to live your life pal. This is the difference between your 12k posts on here and my less than 100. I don't explode in emotional text on here after every game, you've given me reasons which are fair but it ultimately comes down to just looking at the glass half full or half empty. It could be worse, we could be Grimsby, we could actually be in the bottom 2, we could have a tougher run of form ahead of us, we could have more or less than 10 odd games to play with, we could have picked up 2 more injuries today and got a red card. Does it matter WHAT players we have now and how long they last? They've got what they've got so what else can you do than hope they have enough professional pride to want to be available to either the vale or other league 2/lower clubs next season. There's signs to me, not in the results - but in the organisation, that they will have enough to pick up points in the run of games someone posted earlier. I think realistically, we have the right to win any of the games coming up - and there's a strong argument (not tonight granted) that we were close to winning/picking up points in recent games. Again, fully expect to get nailed for this by the top posters.
  15. Never said I was happy - said I don't think we would go down. And because there's enough games left in the season, with players to come back. Why is it a weird concept to people that i'm not looking to shoot myself after Vale losing? I get it's bad, I just don't think it's as bad as a lot of posters on here would have it.
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