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  1. Yes mate, my head is full of 'Magic' after seeing Vale lose away from home. I'm just not as wound up about it as you because I'm not off my head and looking for a scalp like you. And to answer all of your questions. 1) Yes I'm happy/non-plussed 2) Yes, open play goals will come - play generally has been pretty sharp (Rodney exeter, Cullen twice off the top of my head) 3) I think Worrall is a great player at this level and his work ethic is brilliant - I legit wouldnt put him lower or higher than about 8 other players in terms of form. 4) No Askey is a proven football manager an
  2. Wowzers, and this is why I have less than a 100 posts on this forum. Were not even in tier 2 yet and lockdown is getting to some vale fans. You and Tyler should form a bubble.
  3. You are ruining yourself on this forum - you're posts on here have been inconsistent at best, you post knee jerk reaction to pretty much everything and your views are in line with your vision of your worst enemy Worrall's perfomances - laughable. Surprised you haven't been calling or questioning Askey again. 3 points off playoffs in the early stages on the season, took some positives from last night despite the result and just put it down to us mainly not having Manny fit (the team simply ticks more with him) and them being a bit better than us in the final third - a bit more consist
  4. Why? Probably the bottom of my list as to what I want from a player. Can't fathom not getting behind a player because he annoys the opposition, has a dodgy haircut and has his socks down. So what? Not sure why this is such an issue for people? Goal scoring record and ability - few comments Dodgy haircut and socks - o GoD i HoPe ThE DrEsSiNg RoOm iS oK These same people were probably crooning over Paulo Tavares.
  5. I said about 9 pages ago on this thread that signing this player on a one year deal should be a no brainer. Glad he has signed and welcome to the club. There will be some fans who will inevitably stick the boot in before he's even kicked a ball but as ever, Askey knows best and not the 'in the know', behind the scenes fans who have direct links in to the players mind and the Shanahans on the blower at any given time. Maybe some of these people should reign it in a bit with thinking they know what goes on at Vale when realistically they can see the same twitter accounts and rumours li
  6. Agreed. People are quick to jump on this 'he's a bad apple' bandwagon, yet are completely OK when Pope is being a cretin for us against other teams, I thought we all loved that? I was sat in the bycars when he was being arrogant against us, I thought 'jesus, we could do with someone nasty like this against Stevenage '. Having some edge and arrogance as a footballer is not a bad thing, hopefully it's a sign that they are'nt paper enough to just give up. They aren't all going to be professionalism personified like a Leon Legge, here's a list of 'Bad Eggs' just off the top of my head. S
  7. Steve speed, show why you were on an advert in Scandinavia about 3 years ago and get that massive clay square up to league 2 ref standard. The weather helps us and they will hate it, it’s got to stay on.
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