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  1. He wants to make his point though, it’s the ‘Majority View’ apparently. 🥱
  2. Post them, because I’ve never messaged you. Aren’t you the snowflake who got me banned and reported me to admin last time because you are a cowards with no face, no name and not even in the country? It’s that kind of false flexing you do on regular basis, it’s cool pal, everyone here knows you are a keyboard troll at home in Belgium, at best you are a wannabe manager. Ironic how you give out the ‘give your head a wobble posts’ yet you cried to admin last time I called you out and got me banned for a week 😂😂😂😂😂😅 Shall I post the messages of support I’ve got in calling you out for being a complete clown 🤡 🤡 🤡?? My messages exist unlike yours.
  3. It’s difficult to remember we have someone grace this forum with your managerial and football knowledge. Please, grace us all with your presence more often, not just when Vale draw or lose 🥱🥱🥱
  4. It’s not like you to come and <ovf censored> on someone’s optimism, oh, wait…. It’s way more your style to give out critiques during the game from behind your keyboard in Belgium. Why is it unfathomable to you that someone might disagree with you? Snowflake.
  5. I do wonder if I’ve watched a different game to most on here. Disappointing draw, yeah, disappointing performance no. Keeps the unbeaten run going, plenty of interesting games to happen this season that gives us more than enough chance to make it. Why just give up on the season? May aswell stay in on a Saturday and just toss it off then? Why post on here at all if people rate the season is over? I think even the more positive people on here are being drowned out by the moaners (which actually reflects with the booing in the stands on Saturday with being 2-0 up) constantly clogging up threads with hindsight tactics, what could have been subs, acute man management styles they would have employed, or just having a vent basically. Best of all this usually happens during the game or 2-3 hours in the immediate aftermath. I wanted to say in the past moaning/bitching/slagging is a generational thing, but it’s more certain posters wanting to be ‘seen’ as having managerial acumen at league 2 level when realistically they are a fan, or a keyboard warrior. How some of our fans really begrudge getting behind the team is mind blowing. We berated the Walsall forum for the state of that after multiple losses. This forum looks a bit like that right now - on a 8 game unbeaten run streak still well within the play off mix with 2 games in hand on some teams. I would say to the cup half full people that your support is what the team needs, the toughest part of the season without a manager. We are not happy clappers, we just want Vale to do well - and think in the circumstances, they are. And yes, I know this is a ‘Football Forum’ and yes, I know what an ‘Opinion’ is - get that in before someone gets in a condescending jibe and calls me a happy clapper (again) 🥱
  6. Not a great performance second half but overall very professional I thought, specially defensively. Yes they were poor, but I think defensively we made them look like that. Back 3 looked very assured again. It puts the draw to bed and was a positive sign of getting over it quickly. Disagree completely with people on here that Wilson had a bad game, thought again it was very selfless and energetic performance - just needs a goal. Disappointing for Worrall, he has been one of our best players for the past few seasons and an assist machine, so to see him go off like that was horrible to see. I recon that could be an end of the season job. Still, I'll always expect Beech to get a dig in about form (during the game behind his laptop in Belgium), regardless of that because that's the nature of some of our fans. Whatever his form has been the past few games, he will be missed. Make the 3 points count again on Tuesday and keep the unbeaten run going, over to some of our signings to make the difference squad wise - Cooper, Charsley, Jones, Benning? Hurst? Still in good shape for the run in.
  7. Crucial insight into this absolute nothing match for the mighty Crewe to take up much of the pre-match for radio Stoke. Is this better or worse than Angela? There is no lesser of two evils. At least I can hear SVA in the background, come on lads get at em.
  8. Why would we need to notice that when we have such an extensive scouting system here on onevalefan? Real football people on here you know, a season ticket = same level as knowledge as our management team. With experts such as yourself pointing out professional footballers shortcomings 24 hours after it’s happened we will never need to notice anything ever again. Bit like Dan Jones ‘body language’ last week you were commenting on this isn’t it captain hindsight.
  9. I’m not gonna clog up this thread having a back and forth with you reiterating on every page what an opinion is. You mentioned narrative, I mentioned double standards on that. Your need to respond and defend constantly suggests you would rather do anything other than suck it up, you are just blinkered. The amount of posts with reactions on disagreeing with your opinion is further evidence that most people disagree with you. I’ve been called a snowflake on here, your being a snowflake.
  10. It’s not a narrative, it’s just that most people disagree with you by the looks of it. Reading back it seems like all of your arguments have been countered nicely. I thought you were all about ‘Opinions’, seems like your all about double standards. Just because the majority of people disagree with you doesn’t make it a ‘Narrative’. You can’t just throw in a buzz word and hope it sticks pal! Just suck it up, you or anyone else on here are not the victim of a narrative. It’s a frigging football forum.
  11. Given all that's going on with Vale and the huge match we have at 3pm, radio Stoke seem to be focusing a lot on Angela (the most grating person with our accent i've ever heard) have a nonsensical boring conversation with a stoke fan at 2.53pm. All because he's from America? Wow. Hate this radio station so much.
  12. You read this back and I think you will find plenty slagging DC off actually. I’m critical of Saturday, just not overly critical because what’s the point? Like I said originally, feels to me like there was more support for Askey and Aspin in the bottom half of the table then there is for DC just off the playoffs with games in hand. imo of course, have to caveat everything with that now just so people don’t explain to me what an opinion is every time. Also as someone above said, disappointing performance yes, disappointing result - not really.
  13. Are they? This one has got the hallmarks of upthesaddlers right now. The difference is we’re not 18th in the league so I’m struggling to find where it’s justified on here. Panic, negativity, fear and actually quite anti Vale. Also some jealousy I would throw in there. If that’s up your street knock yourself out. ‘In my opinion you need to get a grip’ there you go, for clarity.
  14. What a journey I had reading back this thread. I think if DC wanted motivation for future games all he would have to do is read this forum and see how many of his own ‘fans’ have got it in for him. A 0-0 draw to 3rd in the league and what do we get, constant moaning and bitching from the usual keyboard warriors after what isn’t a convincing win. “We deserve more, the owners deserve more, crap tactics, crap players, crap manager, crap pitch, why didn’t we sign x player, why can’t we play like x team, why didn’t we play x way, I deserve value for money, why isn’t the manager doing what I say, I NEED MORE THAN CHICKEN BALTI PIES, we are Vale not Barca, why are we still having a Robbie gig, the owners are great but the tannoy is <ovf censored> they should close it down, 22 quid of my hard earned money, Holy kicked it out in the wind, Wilson looked uninterested, we could have signed anyone, these loans won’t do, we need experience, we will never make playoffs.” Never known a set of more entitled ‘fan base’ in al my life, reading back some of the usual participants comments on here is embarrassing. How it seems like Neil Aspin had more backing then DC from the fans is incomprehensible to me.
  15. On the game - 0-0 was fair. Horrible game like many people have said, but not that disappointed at a point and a clean sheet. Still games in hand and still all to play for. I don't think our defence ever looked like conceding, we just needed more organisation up front, which is difficult with the pitch and the weather and how physical and shithousery they were. Couple all that with toss officials. Too many poor games in the midfield, Garrity couldn't find his passing, Pett was battling in there but he wasn't able to find killer passes, Walker the same really. As someone mentioned, not the best midfield combo in that game - crying out for a Conlon actually I thought. Think people are being a bit harsh on Edmundson, but still, when fit Proctor an Wilson as two up top surely. Take a point and move on, can do Tranmere I think, maybe this is the start of their bad run.
  16. I'm not analysing a players warm up like you and your pal Jeffers are pre match, I'm either a) in the pub b) getting there at about 2.55pm due to work. Good on you though, DC and Flitcroft could do with some ageing backwards vale fans on the scouting/coaching team. Sounds like you have a good grasp on how a 20 something year old professional footballer should be performing (whilst warming up) for you. I'm sure everyone takes on board what you say, that's why you got the likes and recognition for being so engaging? Are you a people person? Or just a spectator like the rest of us? Spectator with a keyboard is my guess. Weird to me how you single out one persons warm up despite maybe coaching at lads and dads level, you do you pal.
  17. Good to know we’ve got some fans that have such experience in football analysis that they can determine what a players mindset is just from the warm up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dan Jones as a footballer at league 2, and his long throw is still a big weapon in the season. A very good squad player, sure he will get his opportunities this season still. I genuinely think some fans get jealous of professional footballers. I recon it’s cus he has bleached blonde hair, that automatically means some 60 plus year old vale fan can go ‘yeah well he’s a bit of a clown him, get rid’. Mad
  18. I think our own teams class performance helped us enough, they looked experienced and assured with some younger bright sparks thrown in. Some of the passing tonight, if it can be replicated again going forward, will have us not worrying about other teams results. Feel like now that these boys are a bit more familiar with eachother, we are starting to look a real team again. Still 19 games to go? The playoffs are on this season. Just waiting for that game where we play Walsall away and inevitably send them down whilst securing/reaching the playoffs.
  19. People going in on the keeper, yes he had 2 blocked clearances and one air kick at the bycars end and one (actually successful) punch from a set piece that could be deemed as dodgy. But he also looked quite commanding, came for balls, very tall and his kicks went far in storm Malik. Cut him some slack, he got a clean sheet on his debut and he's probably being told to play a very specific way. First time on this pitch, in that weather on his debut. Seems like a sound likeable down to earth lad as well. Mad some of you lot are. I don't feel for Stone because over his short Port Vale career he's looked nothing more than bang average, same with Covolan although it can be argued that Covolans distribution is better. Is anyone really upset about not seeing Stone on the team sheet? It's been said before he probably needs to go out on loan. He has more experience in the league above then the majority of our team. People need to stop creating something out of nothing and just get behind him.
  20. Leon Legge @leonlegge32 · 10m love to be hated, it means you’re doing something right Don't know how to paste in a tweet, but this about sums it up. Hard man attitude over representing the club, and the people who died supporting this club.
  21. I think chasm is generous considering how much of a tool Legge is. Someone above mentioned how he wouldn't take the vaccine based on epilepsy (although I do know someone with epilepsy and whilst may not be as severe, he's had his booster) - but we would never know that based on his social media presence. I'm not even sure where it's quoted he said that? I don't believe it anyway, 1) Because he isn't smart enough to write his own coherent argument for getting the vaccine and it's easier to just retweet drivel from someone with 2k followers in the US. 2) He doesn't actually mention his epilepsy unless it's for his own profitable gain in some way for his own marketing/imaging purposes (which ironically are now down the toilet). He's one of these who probably fancies himself as a pundit on quest when he retires where in reality he is another lower league journeymen/wannabe boxer like Pope. Still raw for me this, just get rid of him. Couldn't give a toss about his past accolades, captaincy or heading ability. So incomprehensively dumb he's dangerous.
  22. I respect this has gone a bit off topic, but it's this kind of thing that sets the tone for the kind of moral fibre of the club. That and there isn't a game to talk about. Having read through his twitter this morning, I am passing judgement on Legge and suggesting that he probably should be sacked, the same way I felt about Pope suggesting we are being controlled by Jews, we allowed him to take the piss out of Vale fans over the years. If not sacked at the very least suspended and somehow shown the door to play at a lower level (where his one dimensional defending belongs). It's the level of disrespect for people who have suffered with this I'm struggling to comprehend. Letting a pea brained footballer directly contradict the club, the owners, the hubb foundation and probably his fellow professionals is to me enough to sack him. If anyone can show me other L2/L1 footballers with this kind of level of twitter <ovf censored> i'd suggest they be sacked as well. His comments and retweets are consistent enough for me to dismiss how 'professional' his conduct is in the future. I also like how he hates Zuckerberg but doesn't mind being in the twitter universe 24/7 to moan about his boohoo men delivery. It makes a good echo chamber for his 'views' and retweets, so easy to pick and choose your social media platforms when your not being 'controlled' by the illuminati.
  23. Leon Legge is obviously as dumb as a rock, he comes into the same bracket of Tom Pope and Carl Dickinson. Bit like Pope, why should we entertain these twitter attention seekers? Just get all footballers off the platform and they can't vocalise and show how stupid they really are. It should be a club rule really. And ultimately, who actually takes in the opinion of a league 2 footballer on scientific matters? It does make a mockery of lifelong vale fans who have lost their lives to this (including members of my family). Was he laughing and thinking it was all a conspiracy theory when Carol left the remembrance wreath by the Lorne street for the many we have lost? If DC wants a new vision for this club (which I recon he is about 90 percent there) then just get rid of him, he's crap anyway and only here by default. Conference defender at best at his age and would much rather see someone like Amos stay over an over opinionated anti vaxxer who thinks he is a 'leader'. Just as a note, does he want us all to give his Epilepsy Campaign the same due diligence as he has given Covid? Laughable.
  24. Mate you've been crying about 5 pages worth of posts on the last 3 threads, you literally melt down and cry at the sight of anything not going the way you think it should at a league 2 football team. Let's meet at Scrimmy's and we can see who the snowflakes are when not behind a keyboard. Happy to take any direct messages. I do get that today your team have taken a 1-0 against Blackburn though so must be tough to praise Vale on here afterwards.
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