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Match Thread: Colchester United v Port Vale

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12 hours ago, LancyTony said:

See - that's why I think you're resentful of, or dislike, the DoF? I think he offers more than sound bites, which is a pretty dismissive term. But...that was a much more sensible reply than I'd expected - thank you. We will have to agree to disagree on this - I believe there should be that distance between DoF and stand-in Manager...but that doesn't mean he won't be giving the coaches the benefits of his kmowledge...just not in an official capacity. Also - a coach coming in who isn't known to the current staff should be able to give a different overview of the team tactics and training?

You’ve made a leap there on one thing.

I’ve said before I’m happy with DOF model. It was desperately needed to rebuild the club after previous regime.

My point isn’t about coaching, tactics… it’s leadership. We are in desperate short supply on the touch line and In dressing room. It really shows in performances and tactics.

Agree to disagree on this.👍

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21 hours ago, The man in the pub said:

Are we at that level LT ?  My concern at the time was that Carol and Kevin were spending money on projects whereas the same money could be spent elsewhere. Comments came back at me that its their money let them spend it how they want, fair point. Equally as wealthy as they may be its not a bottomless pit , indicated by the fact  that the purchase off  Smurf has been made by an  installment plan rather than a one off purchase.

True but when it came to wasting money, Smurfwaite was king. Remember all the money wasted on feasibility studies into pubs and other fantasy stuff at the club?

Then there was the daft foreign player agent catalogue approach. 

I would hugely support the investment in coaching as in theory it means the players you have get better…

Just not seeing it at the moment! 

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