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  1. Pope may be old but he isn't 39! He runs about like he’s 39
  2. Been to get 2 season tickets for me an the wife and 2tickets for Northampton chap behind the counter told me they’ve had another 450 tickets today so if you want any tickets get down the ground on Monday
  3. That’s the obvious thing to do but we’ll wait till sometime Monday before requesting them and will get them on Thursday
  4. Is it season ticket holders first or is it a free for all
  5. That ridiculous run up to the ball did him no favours
  6. The fact is every time we meet a top 10 team we get beat and Germany apparently are not in the top 10 at the moment
  7. I’m not a fan of southgates I must admit but I do believe the England manager should be English so I don’t know who could do a better job
  8. I agree with that if Mancini had been in charge of England last night I think we’d of won it
  9. Good game last night and fair play to Italy they were the better side and deserved the win , thought Southgate was to negative can’t understand why grealish didn’t come on till the start of extra time and a mention about the ref who was brilliant let the game flow and didn’t blow every time someone hit the deck wish the refs we get were like that
  10. Yer cos you don’t want to splash the cash on a proven goal scorer who will get you 15+ goals a season when the midfield can chip in with a few goals
  11. If Italy get a pen in extra time in exactly the same circumstances as the England pen with the faintest of contact we’ll be going fecking mad shouting we woz robbed
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