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  1. I don’t think he needed to look at some of them tonight to see they’re sh-te he’s coached for how long
  2. And they’ve been brilliant totally outplayed and out battled Leeds even if they aren’t at full strength
  3. Didn’t some say the same about Micheal Brown
  4. So so sorry but then agen Walsall are a pretty good side
  5. If carol could tempt the cowleys to come and I know it’s a long shot ,what a boost for season ticket sales in the summer
  6. If you can’t judge Pugh on the forest green game cos they are a good side you can’t judge him to much on the Grimsby game either cos they were shocking certs to go down
  7. Yes decent performance and plenty of effort but no matter what their gripes were with Askey and they may be justified the lack of effort in matches was an absolute disgrace to the owners and the fans especially fans who have brought season tickets to help pay their wages they should hold their heads in shame
  8. Bit like Brown , did ok in first couple of games got the job the rest is history
  9. They probably want him because he’s mates with most of em but if he gets the job permanently ( which I hope he doesn’t) he will have to change his approach but that ain’t easy when your mates with most of em
  10. It makes me laugh when fans say he loves the cub he knows how the Clubs run he’s vale through and through -what difference does any of this sh-t make when choosing a manager
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