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  1. What the hell you wittering on about mate FFS
  2. It was a fantastic atmosphere and a brilliant night and shouldn’t be overshadowed by a few idiots at the end of the day none of the swindie players were hurt let’s move on and get ready for Wembley
  3. Brilliant post it was an amazing night every man in a vale shirt should have got m o t m still buzzing this morning that game will be talked about for many years even me mrs was singing and shouting in the hamil
  4. There was more than 11600 at last nights game
  5. Totally agree with you if we lose tonight we’ve failed after being 5points clear with 4 to play
  6. Thought the ref tonight was excellent let the game flow got the penalty decisions right wish he was reffing us tomorrow night
  7. I agree with you thought the ref wasn’t to bad kept his cards mainly in his pocket did fall for there antics some times but not all the time
  8. If they use the sprinkler machine before kick off they should turn it on the bycars and soak the feckers , now you know how we felt
  9. Some fans already booking hotel rooms for a Wembley weekend. If they get through Mansfield will beat them not sure though if it’s Northampton
  10. The problem was no roof if there had been one I think we would have made a lot more noise
  11. One of the worst away days I’ve experienced no roof piss wet through no alcohol queue a mile long for food 40 mins before kick off pubs wouldn’t let any vale fans in and portaloo toilets would never go there agen
  12. Even so this was a massive missed opportunity and in football there’s no guarantee we’ll do better next season
  13. Loved his interview after the game -how is the manager getting the best out of you - he puts me on the pitch
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