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  1. Bit fecking harsh just saying what it says on google and if that makes you ashamed of me being a vale fan then you you need fecking help
  2. Google it, he joined the Nazi party in 1930 and his sisters were married to Nazis. Maybe you should do your research before calling me braindead you ar*sehole
  3. I also missed out his nazi allegiance during the 1930s
  4. The bloke has made more racist comments than Bernard manning over the last 40 years but I bet your one of the first to slag him off
  5. Yer he must be British then and he had such a hard life the last 70years
  6. But I want to watch totp 1990 usually on bbc 4 at 8 😢
  7. Nothing against Phiiip but why have we got programs all night on bbc 1 and bbc2 all about Philip and programs on bbc4 cancelled have it on beeb 1 fair enough but if you don’t want watch it there should be an alternative
  8. He’s been paid a lot more than we have aswell
  9. Me daughter used to work at sjoke in the boxes on match days she says that Peter Coates was decent sort a bloke but Denise was vile she was horrible to the staff treated them like dirt
  10. To be fair who cares weather it was meant as a joke or not it was a stupid question to ask straight after fridays game
  11. Nice to see subs coming on in 89 and 90 mins to wind the clock down Askey only made subs then when we were losing
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