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  1. I think the problem is a lot of people who voted leave feel conned and I include myself in that bojo and his mate lied to voters and I’m embarrassed to say I fell for it and I know we can’t have another vote but if we did I’m sure we would vote to remain
  2. Same at away games everybody standing up as soon as they kick off 95% sit down and stay quite and like you say only cheer if we score thank goodness for the 5%
  3. You don’t half spout some crap
  4. We should charge them the same when they come to us
  5. FUA turns a deaf ear to all the crap Boris comes out with
  6. Always do that but longer in miles but usually quicker time wise
  7. Thought the first half was the worst this season against a poor side but the 2 subs and a good rollicking at half time we were a different side second half and deserved the win utv
  8. Apparently a 25 year old man from Somalia
  9. Loyalists outnumber nationalist more than 2 to 1 so nationalists will never win
  10. Paedophiles and murderers mostly go prison if caught taking the knee won’t wipe out racism boycotting the World Cup in Qatar ( which I would support) would be a huge gesture though but then agen we won’t do that will we
  11. This country is one of the most multi cultural country’s in the world only a tiny percent of people from most cultures in this country are racist I know that’s still to many but you will never eradicate it totally so why do we need players taking the knee before a football match
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