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  1. The problem with these up and coming young refs is they have never played the game at any level and have no understanding of it, if you look at the refs in the staffs county league the best ones are the ones who played till they were in there 30sand then went into reffing .
  2. When you get a team looking for free kicks and collapsing on the floor when somebody gets close to them all the time you need a strong ref unfortunately this one was awful and kept blowing up every time they went down
  3. Everton won’t make top 6 and city and Liverpool to battle it out ,as Darren says just like Celtic and rangers and they say anybody can beat anybody in the prem lol
  4. Just seen the Colchester owner on sky sports saying how can people sit on an aeroplane with 300 other people but we can’t have a few thousand people in a10000 capacity stadium in the open air he wants it to be down the grounds safety committee and not the government
  5. Teachers stand in front of a class of32 pupils in cramped classroom for5/6 hours a day pups stay open till 10 at night in some cases rammed with customers but we can’t have 5000 fans spaced out in a 19000 capacity ground for 2 hours in the open air - what is it with these public school pr—ks running our country
  6. The best presenter on tele is Jeff stelling by a mile lineker league 2 by comparison
  7. If he was an ordinary bloke and not a multi millionaire footballer he’d have got a 12 month prison sentence in a Greek prison
  8. He’s a clueless as a pundit on sky sports aswell
  9. The biggest budget in world football and still can’t get near the champions league final would love to see pep in charge of a team with limited resources like Burnley or Sheffield Utd he wouldn’t last 5 minutes
  10. Nottingham Forest winning the European cup twice in successive years
  11. Call me old fashioned but that is horrendous,it’s what a pub team would wear on a Sunday morning
  12. And some of these feminists say women players should be paid the same as the men
  13. The England women’s football team who are fully paid professionals wouldn’t beat Hanley town say no more
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