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  1. Why do some people keep making excuses there are 5 teams above us who have played just one more game and that game in some cases was when we played in the fa cup when we play midweek games it’ll be the players look leggy and tired
  2. Think it was 1969 v Grimsby can’t remember the score couldn’t see much first half but most went across to the bycars at half time so saw a bit more second half after hamil had emptied
  3. Like Leyton orients pitch
  4. I think we’ll play well today the lads will be up for it and the travelling fans it’ll be a good atmosphere going for a 2-1 win it’s a better game to have than Carlisle or Barrow away
  5. That’s true but I think we’re always looking for excuses
  6. Ok let’s see who we bring in and yes I did forget about Hall
  7. Totally agree we are up there still in contention and we sign a couple a youngsters says it all really
  8. What have the Boris lovers got to say about this
  9. Can’t believe our fans are getting in touch with radio sjoke at all if the lardies were playing we wouldn’t get a mention
  10. Let’s see what his fan club on this site have to say
  11. I’m still behind Clarke but like you say the last time we played well was Bristol away but if you can’t play well and beat a team that’s gone down to 10 men after 15 mins you might as well throw the towel in
  12. TFootball is 90 mins you can’t pace yourself for the first 45 it’s not 90degree heat you give your all from the first whistle if you you tire your fetched off they are after all professional footballers
  13. That bald headed fella in midfield for them spent a lot of the game on the floor a gust of wind sent him sprawling mind you I wish he played for us
  14. He’s the first one be sent off 3 times counting the friendly in one season
  15. I think we might bring in a keeper on loan just a thought and it was said jokingly ffs
  16. It was tongue in cheek I know he’ll get 3/4 games
  17. Hope they ban him for rest of the season it will do us a favour
  18. Trouble is they probably will score 50s and 100s for there counties it’s the county championship that isn’t good enough and all the money is in one day cricket
  19. I don’t know about covolan being fined Clarke should be fined for leaving out gibbo unbelievable decision unless he’s not 100% fit
  20. Play like that again and there won’t be queues at the railway paddock
  21. Wish we’d got him playing like that for us he was a constant threat all afternoon
  22. It’s got nowt to do with the break we played last week anyway we were just outplayed from start to finish against a side with injuries and players that had been recalled Salford on Tuesday can’t see us getting anything from that either
  23. Somebody honest and I know that will be very hard to find in the modern Conservative party but there must be someone
  24. Hope they don’t mysteriously get a few covid cases and get it called off
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