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  1. Anybody know what our following was yesterday can’t find it anywhere
  2. I think gibbo was subbed yesterday because he had an off day he was poor especially second half and was correctly subbed
  3. Anybody know what vales following was I thought about 600
  4. Good performance against a poor side really needed a second goal that we deserved but some. poor finishing made it a nervous last 10 mins great atmosphere in the away end really got behind the team
  5. If it’s like vales ticket office there’s no point ringing nobody will answer just pay the extra on the day
  6. Walsall bring a 1000 is he expecting be top of the league when they come vale
  7. Hope the fans make the trip up to scunny on satday and the players run out to 6 or 700 instead of the usual 250 and really get behind the lads
  8. We’ll done vale 2 cracking goals and a decent display and a word of praise for the ref who wasn’t fooled by Harrogates theatricals
  9. I would definitely start with amoo think he mostly causes visiting defences problems at home different proposition away from home
  10. Thought he got the team selection wrong but at the end of the day it were bang on and the substitutions well done the manager and players great result
  11. He won’t get on sjoke have played and won RS will be bouncing
  12. Was quite optimistic about today’s game looking at the starting line up not so sure now some strange selections and omissions there
  13. Don’t know much about Swindon and who they’ve signed but they have made a better start than us but we will have a better idea after today’s game
  14. Didn't reward us much and we've been playing hoofball for 4 years to the start of this season And Rochdale managed to play football on it
  15. Aston Villa spent a few years in Div 3 in the seventies Man City in the nineties and Burnley nearly got relegated from div 4 in the late eighties or early nineties plus sheff weds and wolves in div 4
  16. It’s still the bottom division of the football league the old division 4 and I’m afraid it looks a decent league is because at the moment we don’t look that good maybe the gaffer can turn it around we’ll have to wait and see
  17. First 15 mins excellent after that very very poor be interesting to here was boll-cks the manager has to say about it
  18. Still looks a decent side on paper thought they would make more changes than they have
  19. Noticed Manny wasn’t in chesterfields squad for the opening2games is he still there or is he possibly injured does anybody know
  20. Woke up Saturday morning undecided weather go forest green or Blackpool for the day in the end decided on Blackpool 😥😥😥😥😥😥
  21. Agree don’t tune in and listen to the sh-t about Stoke and don’t ring in on P&G
  22. You're certainly a glass half empty guy aren't you? By that comment, I presume you also agree that we should have won both our home league games to date, on the balance of play? I suppose you could say we shouldn’t have won the game as it should have been all over by half time we could have been 4-1 down and even we wouldn’t have come back to win from there
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