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  1. We should charge them the same when they come to us
  2. Always do that but longer in miles but usually quicker time wise
  3. Thought the first half was the worst this season against a poor side but the 2 subs and a good rollicking at half time we were a different side second half and deserved the win utv
  4. I bet what we get off sky will only cover the loss of a couple of thousand off the gate
  5. Yes Saturday was a bad result from 2.0 and 3.2 up and yes we were shocking defensively but weren’t we saying a month ago we look solid at the back but can’t see where the goals are going come from how things change over a month
  6. I think covolan has been good this season but I agree he should have done better with the fist goal despite the deflection
  7. Big game next week need to bounce back right away and get 3 points me lad been working in barrow for a couple of months been watch em twice they look bang average so if we’re on our game should get the 3 points utv
  8. If we lose it won’t be because we underestimated them Clarke won’t let that happen
  9. Come off when they scored 2-1 gutted I missed it but still jumping on the way back to the car absolute unbelievable fight back UTV.
  10. People said the same thing when pubs were allowed to open all day there will be drunks in the towns staggering about and swearing but what happened nothing changed . And the same with football it just means that supporters can have a drink while watching the match and it’s nice to have that option
  11. Anybody know what our following was yesterday can’t find it anywhere
  12. I think gibbo was subbed yesterday because he had an off day he was poor especially second half and was correctly subbed
  13. Anybody know what vales following was I thought about 600
  14. Good performance against a poor side really needed a second goal that we deserved but some. poor finishing made it a nervous last 10 mins great atmosphere in the away end really got behind the team
  15. If it’s like vales ticket office there’s no point ringing nobody will answer just pay the extra on the day
  16. Walsall bring a 1000 is he expecting be top of the league when they come vale
  17. Hope the fans make the trip up to scunny on satday and the players run out to 6 or 700 instead of the usual 250 and really get behind the lads
  18. We’ll done vale 2 cracking goals and a decent display and a word of praise for the ref who wasn’t fooled by Harrogates theatricals
  19. I would definitely start with amoo think he mostly causes visiting defences problems at home different proposition away from home
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