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  1. You cannot seriously compare the last labour government with the present Boris Johnson Tory government they have taken corruption, and lying to a whole new level it’s not just a few bad eggs it’s 90%of the party
  2. Did you not go to the Derby FA cup game then ? Went that one the away terrace behind the goal was way over capacity at one time it was scary for a while especially with the fencing at the front and no escape onto the pitch
  3. Lads went down at 10 this morning got a ticket no queue at all
  4. Exactly mate it didn’t come out of the blue on every forecast it was overnight snow
  5. So it’s all ok then cos he apologised
  6. They played it against Swindon some years ago when they both needed a draw for the play offs so they would be good at it
  7. Those that didn’t go and cough up 22 quid made the right decision
  8. Agree with most of what you’ve said mate really piss-d off with tonight’s shambolic performance
  9. We also have not won a header from jones cracking long and flat throws and from a corner conlons corners are to loopy surely someone can wip a flat corner in
  10. Also thought the substitutions were baffling especially as we were on top can’t believe he kept Rodney on and took amoo off he was running em wragged second half
  11. Really disappointing should a been out of sight after an hour but didn’t take our chances and Sunday league defending cost us but at least the fans were brilliant but as usual let down and against a sh-te team
  12. Fantastic game last night thought Stockport looked a really top side and Quigley looked a million pound striker
  13. Is it one per season ticket for burton away
  14. Immigration is now at record levels your hero and idol Boris promised to stop immigration and get control of our borders but that was just another lie like most of the things he says
  15. Does anybody know when they go on sale
  16. If they want to boo for what ever reason they can boo it’s a free country and cos they don’t agree with you they are loud mouth brain dead morons Unbelievable
  17. Agree thought the ref was decent tried play advantage and keep the game flowing wasn’t card happy but made one big mistake by not sending their lad off with 2 yellows
  18. Thought politic would have been the first change and would be nailed on to come on when Wilson limped off
  19. Glad they started with Robinson and not the lad that replaced him
  20. Agree with that joe makes for a better atmosphere it must be crap for the away fans stuck out there on there own
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