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  1. Played loads of games at home when stoke are also at home recently.
  2. Vale were brilliant. Vale fans were brilliant. Crewe fans are embarrassing. That daft prize bully sums that lot up.
  3. I'm part of the england travel club. They get around this by having collection only in the city we are playing. Forces everyone to travel and you only receive caps once you have collected. Someone cant collect on your behalf.
  4. I cant believe it everytime I go in. Always flooded. Horrible really. Wading through pi$$. Not sure how you solve it if vale fans arent smart enough aim it in the bog rather than the floor.
  5. I can't understand why the floor gets as wet as it does on match days. Do they hose it down with water prior to the game? Or are vale fans just that bad at aiming. Understand a few drops but its mad how wet the floor is. Basically like its flooded.
  6. Tough one tomorrow. Let's get behind them and create a decent atmosphere.
  7. Truly disgusting comment.
  8. This is pathetic to be honest.
  9. Not sure but there has been some proper whinging about it as if it's the end of the world and going to stop people going.
  10. Yeah I took it as that sort or the sort that look like they should be thrown out because of all the rips
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