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  1. I had a season ticket code on saturday, worked fine. I paid on tuesday, worked fine. Mad.
  2. Funny that...salford v everton on tele tomorrow.
  3. I'd agree. Considering they commentate for the radio, where their audience (predominately) cant actually see the action, they do seem to miss bits or explain it completely differently to how I see it. Harsh to compare maybe, but the difference in how cricket commentators paint a picture compared to football is dramatic.
  4. It's less of an incentive without the prospect of some money from a big crowd in the next round. Maybe tele money so worth taking seriously.
  5. Walter


    Black I reckon.
  6. Who do you want to compensate them? It's not vales fault, so shouldn't be for vale to compensate. Ifollow maybe, but it did work for a lot of people also. I do agree it maybe needs to be looked at to make it simpler.
  7. Maybe that's why your code didnt work? Did you mistake a "o" for a "0" ?
  8. Wonder how many were stealing from the club and watching on that dodgy stream on facebook? Should be ashamed.
  9. With the amount of times a few have paid we must have had a record number watching
  10. Confused how it works so easily for some and then loads couldn't use it. Wonder what could cause that?
  11. Good win and a solid start, without really having to get out of second gear. RB and LB look weak to me, but other than that I thought we were good value for the win. I'll feel better with gibbo and montano in them positions. Rodney looks exciting, if a little raw and I am very happy for Cullen with 2 goals. Smith and legge solid as usual and Scott Brown had a good game.
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