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  1. Gab knows his stuff. Loves sh!t football that lad.
  2. That was a complete shambles by Vale. We need to get this sort of thing sorted. It's not hard. Why cant we buy online? Why cant we phone? Why just randomly decide they are on sale today? And another, why does the shop have to shut for about 3 days every time we have a new top?
  3. I very much doubt Theo would be at the club still if he didnt have a two year deal given to him previously. Complete waste of time that lad. He isnt interested in doing well for vale. If we can get him off the books then brilliant, but judging by how he conducts himself on the pitch, I'm going to assume hes more than happy to sit on it earning, doing F all. Pope on the other hand, although getting on a bit, still offers something and it committed. I would of perhaps given him another year.
  4. The only one I really care about is Pope. Hes done a lot and isnt someone i include in the above post of mine. Hopefully he eventually get the send off he deserves.
  5. Chuffed with that retained list. Exactly what I would of done. Hopefully he can go further with the likes of Theo etc who literally couldnt give a flying f@ck about Port Vale. That's what you get for downing tools you bunch of dossers.
  6. Absolutely no way would I let any other company keep my money regardless of how often I use their services. With port vale its different. Call it love, stupidity, loyalty, it doesnt really matter. At the end of the day, the only reason my money stayed with them is because of what the club means to me and I can see what Carol has done and thought it's the least I can do to support. It doesnt mean someone who takes their money back likes them any less or is any less loyal...but committing to a ST in the midst of a pandemic was a very loyal thing to do. You wouldnt buy a flight with BA to support them, even though everyone knows how much that sector have struggled. It's not worth the risk.
  7. Chesterfield arent exactly doing it the right way. Furloughing players, taking a million pound loan and then signing loads of new players.
  8. Or will mean we just miss out on play offs... Tongue in cheek and shows what a good job he has done .
  9. Even if he was the equivalent to Rudge, which he isnt, I still dont think it makes that much sense.
  10. 1 win in 12 for Hyderabad. Not ideal that. Considering Southend look like theyve started to pick up a bit, certainly since we beat them.
  11. Cant get my head around them doing that and going for Phil Brown. Hasnt he just had an absolute disaster at some crappy club in India?
  12. 5 in a row, brilliant. Wasnt pretty but who cares weve won.
  13. Bang on mate. Cant understand "Vale fans" stealing it. If you support the club, support the club. Plenty of people I know steal it when they could afford to spend £10. Weird. Different if you cant afford £10 I suppose but I still dont agree with it. Listen on the radio. The illegal streams are taking away from our only current source of income.
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