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  1. Never gets any protection from refs. Didnt watch the game...did we get a foul at least when this happened?
  2. I wouldn't mate. I haven't cared about this thing since the b teams came in. Literally couldn't care less.
  3. Cant get to worked up about that result. I didnt watch it, but we played a weakened side and got what I expected.
  4. I got that from watching them not just what she said.
  5. Yeah...I really didnt understand why people were desperate for her to say something.
  6. It seemed like you were upset by the use of the word Snakes when describing the players. I'm glad you arent.
  7. That's my point. Although I dont really care at other clubs and certainly not at Stoke.
  8. That's my point. Although I dont really care at other clubs and certainly not at Stoke.
  9. And for the record I arent criticising Carol. She made the right decision RE JA and taking Pugh on may also be the right decision. Certainly not going to criticise her for being cautious...I just arent happy with the power these players seem to have. I'm angry about it at Port Vale, but it may not be just a Port Vale problem. Probably more likely a football wide problem.
  10. Mate if you get upset because I've called the players snakes then I'm not sure how you've made it through 2020.
  11. No he deserved to go. It's his responsibility to get the best out of the squad etc. He didnt. So paid the price. I have not changed my mind that changing the manager is the right thing to do. However, I can also be annoyed that we have been paying some so called professionals a very good wage and they haven't been performing through choice. It then sounds like in essence these same lot are forgiven because they said sorry and now get the man in charge they want. What happens in a few months if Pugh isnt happy with a performance and gets them in on a sunday? Are they just going down tools a
  12. Good signing. Let's hope he continues where he left off.
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