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  1. I went and I thought the vale fans were crap. Sang for about 5 minutes. Out classes by Mansfields fans and they are off the back of not winning in God knows how long.
  2. Should of smacked him in the mouth. Absolute clowns the stewards in that stand.
  3. The stewards are a waste of time up vale. Was it the sunderland game when they all just watched a dosser run on the pitch only for legge to have to do their job for them
  4. I think Wilson has been good. Just needs a good run of games and the goal will help him immensely.
  5. Brilliant vale great goals and I am chuffed for Wilson. He has deserved it and I think it will do him the world of good. Hopefully he kicks on now. No reason why he can't. From our run of fixtures, to be 7th is really good.
  6. Brilliant performance. Completely in control.
  7. I'd go with this as well. Give Wilson a few games. Its not fair to play him for 60/70, drag him off, drop him and then bring him back. Pick a striker and back him for a few weeks.
  8. That's pretty much Daryls take. Shape wasnt too bad but we kept messing up individually.
  9. As much as he hasnt done much today, we cant keep changing the strikers each game...need to give them a run surely. Pick one a stick with them for a few games.
  10. He has a very blinkered opinion of a few players that saw Port Vale flirt with relegation to non league on more than one occasion. There was a lot of dead wood and their moves since Port Vale suggest the decisions made in the summer were correct. We knew that before though, as we had to watch it. I live Pope the player and what he did for Vale, but it was time to move on.
  11. Until they are about 10, dont they just boot a bottle up and down the concourse anyway?
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