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  1. How much queueing do you have to do for your tickets out of interest? If there is a privileged group that get tickets before everyone else this should be advertised. Season ticket holders should also be in some form of privileged group. Understandly demand will still out weight supply but that's when a loyalty scheme comes in to play and ballots can be conducted to determine who is guaranteed without the need to miss a day a work and camp out all night. It's not that people shouldn't get a priority over others, it's the current process that its done in which boils peoples pee.
  2. You've literally said the main reason. Plus it's a miles better experience than the bycars. Why should we slum it at home and give that to away fans? You get a concourse, can have a beer, toilets don't stink like death...miles better for Vale fans.
  3. Swindon in bycars, vale in hamil. Lej.
  4. The ref was weak again. They started with time wasting tactics very early and he could of stamped it out. We were also very weak. Weak upfront in battles with their defenders, especially when Amoo came on. Weak in the middle of the park, and weak defensively. Pretty disappointing but it's not over yet. Just a little harder now.
  5. If we put in a performance like that away from home, we would all be delighted.
  6. It's not good. I usually get there at like 245 but as I knew it would be busier than usual got there at 2pm. Turnstiles weren't even open and there was a massive queue. We've got to get better at all these basics. The match day experience around ticketing and entering the ground is poor.
  7. Still I our hands which is the main thing. They were a dirty side. You can tell their manager is Barton. The ref was poor as well. Let then take the pi$$ with time wasting. He should of dealt with them like the ref did with the barrow keeper at barrow away. On to walsall
  8. What a huge game. Vale Park is going to be rocking. Can't wait!
  9. I said a few seasons a go that I didn't like the team we had. Loved Vale but didn't like a lot of the players we had playing for us. Felt they didn't want it or appreciated what playing for Port Vale and what the club means to people like us. That is a million miles from where we are today. What a group. They epitomise everything you want from a set of players playing for our great club. I absolutely love them all and the least they deserve is promotion. Up The Vale!
  10. Great result. Great reaction 2nd half. Up the vale.
  11. It's not even that they didn't have the balls to tell people they were queuing for nothing, the vale social media actually revelled in it. They see the queues as a sign of great support. I see them as only a FAILURE of the whole ticketing set up. It has to be sorted out ASAP.
  12. Walter has said it enough times, a proper ticketing system and loyalty scheme needs to be in place ASAP.
  13. I reckon it's at least another 1000 watching via dodgy means. That facebook page stream always had around that number watching.
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