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  1. I think my group I went with were impressed with a lad in the middle with blonde hair for them. It was probably him but cant be sure.
  2. Good point i think in the end given the circumstances. Attacking wise i think we probably need a little more, maybe a more proven striker to see us over the line... Concern with Wilson is that it takes so long for him to get to any sort of level. It's been 3 games and he's had like one shot? He doesn't just look not fit, he is barely involved...I know it happened at the start of the season and he showed how good he can be eventually, but I am concerned we don't have the games to carry him at this point.
  3. I have a weird feeling we're going to win down there.
  4. We dominated first half and had a penalty turned down and missed another great chance in the second half. Criminal that we haven't scored.
  5. Yeah. He did the same at the start of the season too.
  6. At the game, I thought Mckirdy should be off. But once I saw it on my mates phone at half time, it was obvious that the ref had made the right decision. Just really stupid from the keeper. Proper dumb.
  7. Mckirdy is about 8 stone wet through, he isn't clattering anyone.
  8. Our keeper laid on the floor longer than mckirdy
  9. Outclassed and outfought. Rubbish tactics. We were miles off it. A bit worrying really. The keeper is a first class idiot. Can't be trusted and shouldn't continue as number 1.
  10. we have had pretty decent crowds in fa cup.
  11. Let's have it right, we never really got going... But that referee is an absolute disgrace. I cannot understand how they keep getting worse. Proper disgusting. How can they be this bad? Terrible.
  12. We are absolute filth. Its not on. Way too good. Disgusting.
  13. I went and I thought the vale fans were crap. Sang for about 5 minutes. Out classes by Mansfields fans and they are off the back of not winning in God knows how long.
  14. Should of smacked him in the mouth. Absolute clowns the stewards in that stand.
  15. The stewards are a waste of time up vale. Was it the sunderland game when they all just watched a dosser run on the pitch only for legge to have to do their job for them
  16. I think Wilson has been good. Just needs a good run of games and the goal will help him immensely.
  17. Brilliant vale great goals and I am chuffed for Wilson. He has deserved it and I think it will do him the world of good. Hopefully he kicks on now. No reason why he can't. From our run of fixtures, to be 7th is really good.
  18. I'd go with this as well. Give Wilson a few games. Its not fair to play him for 60/70, drag him off, drop him and then bring him back. Pick a striker and back him for a few weeks.
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