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  1. I think DC generally gets his formation right . Not a happy clapper by any stretch of the imagination but we are at times looking suspect around the middle of our six yard area ,funnily enough i thought Martin and Smith and Covalan dealt with it very well last game last night the ball in versus Barrow they asked no questions as we had the ball mainly but last night was a test of our resolve and looking back on game I'm not sure Mansfield created much at all just seemed like they had because we were second to everything but the scoreline says differently . I am sure that with the formation change the one v Leyton Orient and Barrow in coming back from behind is the way to go . We never got chance get anything going go last night ,credit to Mansfield but I am sure if we brought our A game last night with Proctor in the starting line up and Gibbons starting we would have beaten them I'm sure of it . I'd go 4-3 -3 on sat to start with Wilson Worrall and Politic up front I think it would work a treat UTV
  2. Hope Proctor is ready go if not a few tweaks in the starting 11 for sat . Having seen last night I think Gibbons should be first name on team sheet the difference in application was very different once he entered the fray. Benning seems a better sub than starting player for someone who turned the game sat to then the following game take 2 steps forward and one step back was very disappointing. I can also see why we look a much better attacking outfit when either Cass or Gibbons are on Worralls side because there both major positive that's why . I do not think Smith works there like someone pointed out he is better as the middle centre half to the right or left he weakens us somewhat not wholly but slightly . Who's pushing for a start is Walker anywhere near is Cass going be back ,has Politic deserved his chance I'd say YES he as ,is Rodney going make a impact,is Hurst pushing for a start ,did Lloyd do enough last night I'd say he put the hard yards in ,is Wilson fit enough play 3 games in a week . Should we change formation I think you have keep teams guessing what your going do . Different games require different qualities . Let's get them 3 points UTV
  3. Gibbons come on and then we started competing the 80 mins prior it was almost as if DC had said to his players let Mansfield look really good so that is m8 Nigel Cloughs still in a job and his hometown team get a positive result v us . There's no way that was the same team I've seen in the last 4 home games where we have out ran out manoeuvred and out classed our opposition gamely . As for the fans not singing backing the team they paid there money get there and the level of performance was dire some payed 25 quid get in good job Tom Conlons dead ball skills and Covalans excellent night in goal gave them something shout about as I paid a tenner on ifollow and I hated most of last night's performance . However after losing 7-0 on aggregate last season v the mighty Mansfield the result was downright excellent but on that performance if regularly repeated with them going through our midfield too easily for my liking the top 7 is light years away. But the prior 12 games would suggest we are a very good side lets hope we get back to it on sat . UTV
  4. Watching it was completely annoyed more than any other game this season I've watched them . Here are my marks . COVALAN 8 saved pen did nowt wrong our best player in my opinion Smith 5 looked out of sorts most of night . Martin 5 did some good things I thought but also did some bad things . Benning 3 a cone be more useful did he think he was still playing for Mansfield because he showed no desire take them on when we had the ball and was generally miles away from there player when he was crossing . Jones 5 poor distribution tonight Worrall 5 headless chicken no real attacking threat at all . Conlon 6 great goal and another great free kick however spent most of the night chasing shadows .He gets a 6 for his goal and that's it . Pett 5 chasing shadows Garrity 5 chasing shadows LLoyd 5 never held the ball up but was on the end of through ball to win free kick works his socks off ill give him that . Wilson 5 Subs Gibbons 7 he livened us up a bit . Politic 6 at least he got us in there half Rodney 6 thought he did OK but we never played at all all night . 733 Vale fans there and they play like that. AWFUL. man of the match the travelling fans
  5. First half just watched it feel Mansfields the better team.we seem well off it I'd make changes that was no where near good enough ,Conlons goal a cracker the penalty save was excellent but lets not pretend it's been a good performance it hasn't. Hopefully like sat we improve considerably
  6. On the other hand when they get a corner that's a concern surely UTV
  7. Let's hope the away following has plenty to shout about UTV Should be a good 700 there
  8. Big call that is putting Lloyd in he hardly excelled last time he came on the pitch ,that's gone now DC has seen something in him so let's hope he delivers in a great team display . Shame about Proctor Cass injured and Gibbons on the bench lets see how the others do big night for them all no being benevolent to Mansfield thats happened far too many times in the past few years . Time to deliver a winning performance v them
  9. Lets embrace tonight my message to the players is simple you are third in the league your efforts up to yet have deservedly got you there do not freeze go out there and play your normal games home and away . We have goals galore in us let's not give Mansfield a leg up go out there and put your best in and GO FOR IT . Win tonight extra 1000 on gate sat draw and play well and still most Vale fans will be content with that . Lose and it takes all the good work away from saturdays comeback win . Apply yourselves and bring the 3 points to the mother town . UTV
  10. These are the games to put us on the map again ,Accrington Stanley are a super club who are in a league above deservedly . I will be there it's important financially to have a run in this competition. Evert home game lately we are delivering different types of goals ,it's a great time be a Vale fan lets get to round 2 UTV
  11. Loads of different scorers for Vale it shows there a team . I'd like see Jones score I'd let him have a hit outside the box from a dead ball situation. Very encouraging so far early days though keep it going Vale
  12. COVALAN RULES ,he made one mistake it's how he reacted after his mistake what counts well apart from one miss kick into the railway part of ground no other mistakes v Barrow ,we won deservedly so leave the lad alone he is our Brazilian magic man UTV
  13. Hope we take a fair few tomorrow I reckon we will . As for the game just do what we have been doing ,be brave play your football and go for it . I believe they have injuries shame that as I'd like us play them at full-strength so there fans who obviously loved there 4 -0 win which should have been 5 and there 3 -0 win which should have been probably 7 or 8 such were those performances last season in those 2 particular games so I want us go there and put in our best performance of the season and not only get the 3 points but absolutely hammer them . Team this is injury permitting ,we have such a good squad of players so here's my team . Covalan Smith Martin Jones Gibbons Benning Walker Pett Garrity Worrall Wilson Obviously if Proctor makes it he goes in ,need to deal better with the lad who was at Crewe if he still plays for Mansfield than what we did last season so that's why Martin in before anyone asks ,johnsons not ready yet it seems but I do not think the team I've chosen weakens us in fact I feel it strengthens us especially away where your going come under some pressure almost clubs home support demand that you give everything and have a go I expect Mansfields be no different. Subs Stone Amoo Politic Conlon Taylor Bailey Rodney Good luck the Vale I'm sure Dcs team will be different than mine but like I say he could choose about 9 of our squad replace first teamers and it would not weaken us UTV
  14. Politics goal changed the course of that game it was brilliant . Dc was brought up on a Mansfield housing estate ,no let up on Tuesday Vale you go for the 3 points they didn't feel sorry for us when they were battering us both games 7-0 on aggregate let's beat them and well tues . I think Proctor will be out so id start with Walker in his place and push conlon up front with Wilson
  15. Dc will have us set up right and I'll leave the team to him . Politic Benning have both made good cases to start after yesterday's impressive turnaround. It's a squad game now and he is right keep everyone hungry and we usually play better if we have just the one game a week in fact we play very very well . Would he consider Hurst Walker Rodney and players like Amoo for this game who knows maybe he will I doubt it though but if he can have a squad of 24 and 20 of them be worthy of the shirt at certain points during the campaign that can only be a good thing course it keeps them all fresh and hungry . UTV
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