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  1. [emoji612] | We're sure you're counting down the minutes until kick-off just like we are, so we can all get right behind the lads! There's still time for you to grab your ticket to back the boys this evening at Vale Park, from our Ticket Office and online via bit.ly/PVFCTickets [emoji119] #PVFC | #UTV
  2. I am chilled leave Westbury Park at 18.30 ,up to mother Town after picking lad and nephew up from Silverdale and Talke respectively then quick pre match pint before heading into the hamil first time since legends game Port Vale 8 Stoke City 0 (not bad that lol ). Looking forwards to it we have enough talent in our side absolute thrash these however defensively people need to concentrate . Team is irrelevant pick players who believe they are going win do not pick players who are seeing out there contracts and play like they do not give 2 hoots because we do we care deeply I've hardly slept this week bet others the same stressed about if they going sell the tickets stressed about how they going perform well PERFORM . DC deserves this and our Carol the reason why 12 thousand are defo going be there tonight (hopefully 13/500)deserves this . Do not be nervous Vale fans (or whatever club you usually support )get behind the club sing make your feelings known throughout do not sit there quietly you not helping . WE ALL VALE aren't we
  3. I think Edmondson is the better all round team player the work he does his excellent Kian is a poacher but needs to be fed around the box as he will not link the play ,I think a great option have last 15 if winning 1-0 because JP if on top of his game will create for others with his unselfish teamwork play and kian may just be the lad who has that golden chance send us to Wembley in the 89th minute .
  4. Are we going put Jones on the bench where the hell is he . Is long throws work a treat versus these . He misses a golden chance v BR and not seen since when other defenders cock up virtually every game . Our best football was when him and Cass in the side but he constantly been overlooked . Use everything in your armoury Vale
  5. Hopefully those remaining tickets flying through door. No updates as usual but I should imagine be a good thousand buying today one hopes . Two days ago there was maximum 1800 left surely they be gone by kick off tonight UTV
  6. Great season If lose tonight ,I do not personally think so we only in play offs because we blew automatics, so if defeated tonight a lot of fans will be really naffed off . There should be more motivation than ever tonight the players owe the crowd a fantastic performance and WIN you have strike while the irons hot [emoji91] this could be our only opportunity get out of this league for many years to come . You take it now lets get behind the team but lets not pretend come 20 to 10 if there performance has not reached any level that we be delighted with the seasons work because to me that's a losers mentality . I expect us win and book our place at Wembley with a performance which befits the fact that our home support as once again dug deep pay come watch them so the least they can do is give a performance which has folk out there seats cheering like crazy like Rudgies teams did . UTV
  7. Matchday so sick of Vale not producing when more people come ,just been thinking on way home Sheffield Utd at home 0-3 great home support when relegated Bolton also fans turn out in numbers crap performance Bristol Rovers /Newport same I cannot remember the last time Vale as a club produced in front of a crowd ,not a average one you gotta produce when more than normal turn up . Oh well I had to get that off me chest so bring on Swindon and hopefully we see a performance full of all the things we took for granted in the early 90s . I think this group bar a few are very capable just hope the few who derail us usually step up tonight then who knows , there are a few who I'd drop ,luckily for them the manager loves them and there's no one who can replace them if there was Great but there isn't so we go with what we have got . Lets hope we carry no passengers tonight UTV
  8. Well when they ask for a ticket most stoke on Trent folk sound the same ,I do not see if it matters now just sell them to anyone even Swindon fans get the ground full ,no one would be the wiser and lets face it they are going get battered Swindon on the pitch,I just want there be more people there enjoy it or not if you are there support cause surely Vale cannot mess 3 home games in a row up (bad enough it's come to this ) Pack the park and lets finish this
  9. Correct however you can still buy them this evening online at the cheaper prices through the club shop,and if theres any Vale fans out there who cannot get there's then someone will get them for them surely as we want as much backing as possible . I'd let local people get them with no proof though what difference does it make well If 600 folk wake up tomoz and go I'm going go up the Vale ,not a fan of theres my team is whoever who cares then that's 600 more sales going into the club . UTV
  10. Mind you in Railway stand and paddock looks like they have changed ends (supporters )so maybe we looking at it wrongly .l Let's hope there's a surge not bothered who's sitting in them as long as they have a pulse UTV
  11. Well that's disappointing but not surprising . I'd have expected them all be gone by close of business today . For there be loads left that a bit crap . I appreciate the ones who go though not got any time for folk who can go but instead watch it online for free when it's a game of this magnitude . So if your Vale and you are not there unless your working /or poor theres no reason for you not not be there other than you live miles away UTV
  12. Great be good if say for example there's 400 left sell they tell folk or else there be a massive queue tomoz night and folk would be rightly fed up if not be able get a ticket get in when they have made a effort come etc . Be interesting see how sales have gone today I'd have expected this be the busiest day to buy online as price goes up tomoz
  13. Oh right no buzz today so I take it no activity today usually you have thought some ends be sold out UTV
  14. We miss a winger who goes at folk and gets brought down in the box . Not a penalty this season not a one . Love D Worrall but generally for all his effort never drives into the box . Tactically I think Garrity would be better than him in that position I just feel BenG and lets face he is as been doing it all season its usually BG who pops up in areas where he either assists or scores goals with his strong running and non stop commitment could he play there I think he could and then put Pett Charsley and Taylor as the 3 as you have Charsley excellent committed player Pett who wins ball and passes and Taylor as the final ball passer and you have our best player flying at them down the right non stop all 90 getting in there and creating and possibly winning a penalty . Cannot wait till tomoz hope we manage sell out but not bothered if we do . Let's make the atmosphere as hostile as possible maybe greet there coach with flares etc not Stones UTV
  15. I'd have thought at least two areas of home ends be full by now just had a slight gander seems a real lot of availability and hardly any zones gone white yet we sold 9500 tickets as I'm sure they have continued to sell . You sure our ground only holds about 13/500 thousand because with the availability I'm seeing I'd say it holds more . Seems more than 2 thousand odd tickets left although I ain't got all day count them . Get them ends packed out Vale . UTV
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