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  1. It will not be allowed happen I feel so its irrelevant even discussing it and how can it be a European super league with Arsenal and Tottenham Man Utd Man City Liverpool and Chelsea in it 12 clubs majority from uk none of these clubs deserve recognition of super league clubs . They ain't that super in the premier league and that's money obsessed . Football is for the poor stolen by the rich how trues that ,when i was lad we put down jumpers as goal posts we played non stop till dusk we pretended be the best players but we in all our innocence we never realisedthat those who we prete
  2. I think you have to be careful aswell as theres a lot of free loaders amongst many fanbases like for example a lad buying the game for tonight and broadcasting it free to 300 freeloaders who have given Vale this season (not all but some ) diddly squat is not good for the club we do not have enough money coming in the club to allow folk watch all games for free so then I think there should be no broadcasting as these people should surely be able have 10 pounds to give the Vale . So great for a follower like me but abused by others and that's not on eventhough the lad who's doing it has a h
  3. My thoughts are that after spending a good 290 to 300 this season on ifollow games ,as long as purchasing a ten game ticket for me and my lad before season that it has being after a dodgy start (that's ifollow not me )that the service has being on the whole fantastic ,because otherwise I wouldnt have being able to assess the performances and give my thoughts on the games I've watched which is majority as i do not agree with commentary at times (its like they are watching a different game ). I'd like this service remain forever because when we are out of lockdown I have a wonderful woman
  4. I'm a ten matcher myself,great what Carol his doing for season ticket holders ,I was always brought up something is better that nothing and whatever you get be thankful for . I am not deserving of anything nor do I want anything . Supporting a football club is money you hand over to them ,there are no guarantees what you going watch is remotely good but that's not the reason folk go ,folk go as i always have to get behind the team and no amount of money beats a tremendous atmosphere with the away end filling up etc and a few pre match beverages in and around the town and that feelin
  5. I hope Montano not out if he is I'd switch to 4 at back get more legs in midfield and take the game to them and go for it . Cullen is a decent player I feel but for some unknown reason has not scored since opening game of season I believe (league anyway ),I find that astonishing when you look at how prolific he was at Bpool not so many years back and how good he was especially in home games when selected last season. Shame that is season up to to yet has being injury plagued as he defo in the right team set up scores goals . Popey was only on ten seconds and from that last goal
  6. Looking forwards to this encounter . Going be honest and say out of all that have visited Vale park this season these were the most organised and thoroughly deserved there victory over a very inept us at the time . These are going stay up and its totally deserved I mean in the last so many weeks they have won at Cheltenham and at home v Exeter . Tough test this keep unbeaten run going . Team well DC has admitted there's going be changes and lets be honest it needs freshening up especially midfield and forward line just hope they play with the same defensive discipline as th
  7. If only we defended with the excellence v tranmere last 5 mins at home and Walsall away etc like we are doing now and why is that . Step forward Shaun Brisley alongside Leon Legge being absolutely superb and that has helped Nathan Smith to get his game back together again . The changing of system the main thing and that's down to the excellent in game management of DC and the team of folk he as brought in 8 games ago we were sinking as we couldn't score 19 out of 21 points later(6 wins and a draw ) and folks are happier again however going forwards we are not looking as threate
  8. I thought we played better than v Morecambe we certainly had a lot of aerial work deal with throughout the afternoon but we stood up to it very well and tackled and did the ugly side of the game tremendously . Brown 7 nowt do generally but what he did have do did it well . Smith 8 shame that excellent work from throw in didnt result in a goal,no nonsense at the back as well played yet again . Legge 9.1 is there anything this lad doesnt headvbrilliant pro great player was terrific all game as usual . Brisley 9.3 man of match like Legge but better shame he didnt score in fi
  9. Having watched all the game apart from a early scare with a shot which Brown has either saved or its grazed the post and a shot just wide from a second ball where Robinson was beaten to it flashing wide ,and a header high and wide I cannot think of any situation Carlisle have created where I thought we were remotely lucky at any time throughout the game . Brisley and Legge were superb ,I feel we handed the initiative to them first half with playing two right sided defenders ,we looked lopsided to me and created apart from a corner where the terrific Brisley has put over nothing to crow a
  10. Good luck to the Vale today . I think it's one of them where first goal major important so let's hope we turn up with our A game anything less and Carlisle will be doing the double over us . Be interesting see who has has being selected today hopefully Montano is back for sure for Gibbons ,then I'd be giving Oyelekes shirt to Burgess and I'd be going with Amoo instead of Worrall just see if he can produce we know Worrall can and I cannot remember the last game Amoo set one goal up and scored one yet last season he was on the whole tremendous so I'd like see how good he is now like a
  11. Is he no idea . You seem know him I do not claim know him ,I only put that cause someone else put it on months ago ,hearsay to me ,I am only bothered about the players who take to the field the ones who do not who are not selected are not selected for a reason mean the other week Popey was pictured on side of pitch , the squad prior Colchester game away since no sign of him ,has that injury finished him off or will he get chance show DC what he can do . Burgess the same I mean last season that kid was terrific,what's changed . Amoo too has he set up a goal for months ,score don
  12. He is not going be in the match squad DC already said he put him back in the squad try save his career and I hope that he does if he is as good as some folk make him out be he will have a good career elsewhere possibly at a club where is dislike of that club is not so apparent . I mean if true that is why would you sign for a team who your family loathes ,and you ain't that fond of them as you have already told Vale supporter allegedly that you would never play for us . To be honest that statement has come to be true and I have seen little evidence that suggests that's not the case.
  13. Fitzpatrick Release . Hurst Keep
  14. My list of who I'd keep based on all round seasons work up to yet ,still 5 games change my mind . Brown Keep Gibbons keep Mills release Crookes release Legge Keep undoubtedly Brisley keep undoubtedly Montano keep totally . Worrall keep forever Conlon keep but eventually get 15 million for not a penny less. Smith keep but eventually sell for a million Whitehead release Joyce release and thank for excellent service . Taylor got 3 years hope he improves neither keep or release undecided Burgess Keep he is young shoul
  15. I ,yes you and Darren are correct however we have just won 6 in a row with both playing prominent roles in the winning of the games. I am the now and present not the past like for example I do not want remember most of this season as we have lost way too many games . Its has become apparent that since the return of Oyeleke and Montano that the team spirit,the winning mentality has re emerged. Do you not agree that when Crookes and Taylor were playing we had a losing mentality . UTV
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