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  1. Good post that Steve. Didnt watch today as becomes expensive at 10 pounds a game but all in all a fine result and character shown which is essential and what will make the Vale the club as a whole stronger . Some glowing remarks on Guthrie on facebook site so pleased he came on and gave a good account of himself . Rodney is scoring all kinds of goals I ain't seen his today but 25 yards and flew in he is going be some player that lad . Sorry hear that Oyelekes wife got covid hope she makes a full recovery along with Montano, he as it aswell I believe . Well done Vale a
  2. Shame for the lad it just didnt work out . I cannot understand why Pugh picked him v Sunderland if they and probably the player knew that the club were going to de register him . Good luck to the lad I'm sure he will not be short of offers
  3. That's him kurtis gooooarrrmnnn lad deliver like I used do when I was a milkman UTV
  4. What's his first name I'm sure its Danny lmao ,hurst is amazing ok Guthrie not danny lmao ,Danny Guthrie I do not care maybe it's his brother hat trick for the lad and me somersaulting around Trentham lakes . UTV
  5. Attack is Port Vales best form of defence I'd like see Hurst put 3 crosses in all buried by Danny Guthrie ,freedom of the city till next game. GOOAAAARRRRRRRNNNNN
  6. To be honest with you you defend in there half so a 2-6-2 formation may be a possibility in the future lol anything keep the ball away from our goal UTV
  7. No not for me but a very good player when at it but we do not need a floating number 10 tomorrow we need everyone at it all game . I believe eventually Conlon will be worth 15 million if go by his performances for 60 mins out of 90 ,but increasingly do not like the fact he becomes less and less involved after the 60th odd minute . A good player bring on though and in home games first on my team sheet away not for me
  8. It's a tough one that but heres my team for tomorrow . Brown Mills Smith Brisley Montano Hurst Joyce Taylor Worrall Rodney Guthrie It's a 4 -4 -2 with emphasis on pressing from the front ,defensive work and getting hold of that ball . Felt on tues too many players hiding Smith was not sprinting ,leisurely running back especially on there first goal, Conlon was not in the game at all not effecting it whatsoever and Amoo and Robinson apart from goal kicks from Visser which were too to be headed on to isolated Robinson who was crowded out it
  9. Welcome Kurtis a new start for you with the right attributes, hunger ,desire and want to do well and be the best , I hope your 6 month deal is a memorable one . You leave everything on the pitch and help propel Vale up the league whether thats assisting or scoring ,good luck to you UTV
  10. One thing I've noticed is that in the 180 mins Pugh and Sinclair have being in charge that only when we played 4-4-2 (first half sat and last 15 yesterday ) have we looked a good side ,and personally feel moving forwards that with the players we have 3-5-2 would make us a even better side I feel eventually if we can move players on and replace with defenders who can play that system then we will be on to a winner . Hard game this in my opinion we deserved win the home fixture v these ,team well you gotta include Jake Taylor so it be for me. Brown Mills Smith Brisle
  11. Well here are my thoughts on the game first 45 Sunderland passed it well moved well scored one maybe should have scored more and were a delight to watch if your a Sunderland fan . Vale were poor to watch not getting close enough to them and giving them the freedom of the stadium of light . Second half in terms of application I thought we did a lot better we were putting a challenge in and got in some ok positions especially when Pope Cullenband the other sub come on in fact Cullen slipped it to Montano and he drilled it across goal it was the only moment in the match that Vale manage
  12. Let's see how they do everything to gain ,nothing to lose . Come on Vale
  13. Like the lad welcome back Jake Taylor hope you develop into a diamond for the Vale . As for the owners that's terrific stuff signing the lad on a 3 and half year deal ,a good few days for the Vale fans his goalv Leyton Orient away and the strike at home v Swindon a beautiful strike as I was at that game and they went on be promoted tells you all you need know about how talented this lad is . Looking forwards to seeing the lad in action on ifollow very soon UTV
  14. These are the games you want to play in at a fantastic stadium like stadium of light so whoever's chosen it should be a honour to play for the Vale on that stage . Team well you go strong if you could do with going further in the competition but on the other hand you do not want pick up unnecessary injuries so it's a tough one call as we ain't going win the league or possibly going reach top seven realistically if we are all honest so should we not be trying our damnest win this competition. So go for it
  15. I didnt see the first 13 mins so missed the first goal but then tuned in and saw a fantastic team goal second finished by Rodney superbly then we defended ok and after a mistake at the back Rodney put wide when maybe he should have at least got it on target , Smith headed just past the post and we finished the half brightly . Second half we didnt get going at all but held our shape and closed down the gaps then scored a undeserved third after defence splitting pass from Burgess sent Worrall through and his ball in was so good there defender couldn't put it anywhere than in his own ne
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