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  1. A lad I used go away games with can get you anywhere on the cheap ,Boltons no 1 is is is brother always cuts the journeys away into segments ,he may have a different user name now but BoltonsNo1 used be his user name and his name is Paul Williamson sound lad that's his brother Sean
  2. Not too Not too bad that how much for a match ticket ? I'd try get in as juvenile but I'm 50 with no hair so I think that's not going happen lol
  3. Neither might have my name and 50 on it eventually but no elses although Smith looks like he is spending all his career at Vale which is applaudauble so is name is worth putting on etc but anyone else's here today gone tomorrow so I'd stick to my own name thanks 😉
  4. Had the white shirt for me bday yesterday and it's very comfy ,and it looks good I suppose it's down to the individual I like it it's pretty good but looking at it online I wasn't so sure I'd like it but I do it's fantastic . SO I WILL GIVE A POSITIVE FEEDBACK . Good work Vale
  5. So 400 left out of 900 allocation in a must see game and people having dicky fits that they will not get a ticket . You will if not have a season ticket end up getting a ticket then they will probably still not sell out .. It's not Manchester City away a lot of people cannot afford 16 quid get in for a away game then you got get there and eat,have a few beers etc you looking at needing 80 quid minimum Those who want go will be able too UTV .
  6. No idea going off what someone said on Wonder of Port Vale site on Facebook. Enjoy the game well thats a thousand for a nothing game good effort that so fair play to themwho are attending ,working that night so be too much of rush for me and friendlies are generally naff just get fit exercise. Qpr beat Man utd 4-2 yesterday so I wouldn't be getting too excited if we win and certainly will not be too downbeat if we lose although i think losing breeds negativity . Although one season we won every pre season game then got relegated .
  7. 3800 tickets sold for this game Sheffield Wednesday sold 1800 pretty good that for a friendly UTV
  8. All the strips are modelled on the black kit away which sold like crazy l had that one and possibly getting the home one this weekend with being me birthday. So the gold one is on the same production line just different colour I'd have see it first and with no home games at Vale for a long time to watch in person I just have not been going up Burslem . So who knows may get it may not I usually buy the shirts and not wear them when go the matches as like dress casually especially if away as go for the day out not the trouble. Let's see how it sells the home one sold 3500 shirts which is incredible as over the years of being in the paddock most the lads do not wear the shirts at all in fact more who do not wear the shirt than those who do . 7000 Gates anyone lol UTV
  9. Wow only 700 pounds a week for kicking a bag of wind 2800 pounds a month it's a 1100 more a month than what I get and I work nights however I expect the lad be on more than that in footballing terms but if keeps improving then his wages will go up somewhat if he attracts bigger clubs who do and will pay silly money . That's the same for every player who will represent a lower league club ,if you are very good the sky's the limit if not you could just as soon as find yourself having take other employment but some moneys better than none so appreciate whatever money you receive . UTV
  10. Good luck to Popey at Congleton ,shame about the career ending injury sustained v Sunderland in nothing trophy,he owes us nothing being a great servant to the club. Back on track I feel we do not have enough goals in us hopefully theres a revolving door this week and 3 transfer listed players find new clubs to play for and the 3 replacements are coming in the door pronto .
  11. Being Northampton twice and if i recall we only sold max 250 tickets the first Time winning 2-0 Rigg and Richards then about 650 second time lost 2-0 John Mccombe sent off bit if I recall we were doing well that season in fact I think we got promoted that very season . So I think a small allocation at first say 600 then ask for more if demand is for more it's like the Chesterfield friendly only probably 200 will go why order thousands of tickets as Vale have pay for unsold ones ,it's about being sensible . Thinking if I manage get one a drive down 94 miles each way a hr and 43 journey there and back as working that night will be a tough ask but if the boys are going be fully committed as I expect them be it will be a worthwhile journey. UTV
  12. I still think you take Worrall out the team and take Legge out the leading role in the 3 at the back then its hardly surprising they lost . They are 2 very influential players we have a lot of work to do no goals in 2 games v Fleetwood and Notts Forest and 3 very poor goals conceded from a defensive point of view v the 2 of them . I guess we will have to grow into the season but thats better than starting like a house on fire so to speak then becoming a damp squib as season progresses .
  13. I'd have hated play in that heat today . Didn't watch it apart the last 5 mins so cannot judge and to be honest the higher level team who keeps the ball is always going be more at ease in hot weather than the plucky we will play for long throws team and try nick a goal team . 2-0 after 26 mins on a hiding to nothing and that was the case .
  14. That's two pre season defeats not that the results matter . Just a slight worry there ain't enough goals in us there will not be if emphasis is on defending . Hope the blueprint is not for example the Morecambe game at home where we somehow won I'd like it be something along the lines of the Oldham game at home where chances were unlimited and the best form of defence was attack .
  15. Welcome to the Vale Lewis be your time with us long and successful
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