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  1. Lucas us lucas comes for the ball I like him his kicking is very precise I think he will be a massive asset as season progresses. Love Brazilian players they play to entertain .
  2. Joe the other week v Swindon nailed on 6-0 drubbing was not though was it . We playing better away than at home so we go there to win and as long as we are not complacent as we sometimes seem to believe we are better than we actually are then as long as all the players put a shift in no reason why that 3rd away win is not incoming . I feel Proctors due another goal the work he puts in he probably deserves a hat trick most weeks just for sheer hard work alone Wilsons head is up and he will be wanting build on his goal ,Garrity gets in there gamely and Worrall is well capable of netting and from the bench there's Amoo who should be very fresh ready to get on there and shoot whenever he can . Smith's due a goal and Conlon can strike a ball superbly . No reason why we shouldn't be going there and winning . Does that Loft still play for them and that winger Elsa if so special attention must be paid to them as loft dominated Smith both times last season and elsa or whatever is name is was superb also . UTV
  3. That goal on Saturday which was terrific will do him the world of good I feel he is getting better with every game he as a very good touch and his hold up play is excellent he will only excel with ball to feet though noticed Proctors the one who fights for all the ball in the air which he does very well mostly Let's hope that goal gives him the confidence to go to Scunthorpe and get another one I think it will .
  4. We can go there with confidence and play our football . Team well the same again you would probably go with however different teams have different strengths and weaknesses . Swindon was allegedly a bogey ground and we won there no reason why we cannot get a positive result there if we prepare properly and do not get over confident . UTV
  5. Covolan 7 nowt do Cass 8 passes it superbly Smith 8 had a very good game didn't look in any trouble against any of there forwards and if his header if it was on target first half was a goal but not to be Jones 8 he is quality no doubt about it Gibbons 6 quiet reintroduction but did nowt wrong as such Pett 8 everywhere works his preverbials off like him a lot always competing Conlon 6 very quiet hardly noticed he was playing not really stamping his ability on the game Garrity 7 another grafter like Pett maybe he should have scored in second half but put it over . Wilson 8 classy goal think he as abundance of quality that goal will do him the world of good . Proctor 7 like him puts himself about links play as terrific feet maybe should have scored with that volley near the end of game puts a tremendous shift in gamely . Worralll 9 what a goal looking back a minute later maybe could have had another but his overall game was smashing Subs Taylor 6 Benning 6 Lloyd 6 All in all a very good days work helped by player for them getting sent off but lets be honest we played better against there 11 than there 10 . A few alarms but only one real half chance for Harrogate
  6. Enjoyed many aspects of today's game . The two goals were smashing really excellent finishes from Worrall and Wilson yet I felt we never got out of second gear but we did pass the ball very well at times . On the whole after scoring early in second half I thought we would have moved up a gear I felt we never did so to win and be comfortable was really pleasing . Worrall was immense pleased for Wilson that's a brilliant goal ,Pett was everywhere didn't see much of Conlon ,everybody at the back was good apart from the odd lapse . Proctor does a lot of great team play really like him .
  7. Matchday are we up for this or not . Told by son stop moaning so I'm going sit up the other end for both halfs ,I mean going gooaarrrrnn when we have the ball is deemed as moaning ok I did have a bit of a whinge last 25 of first half as i didn't like the fact Rochdale were having the ball he said that everyone 7 rows in front was sick of hearing me lol so its best not to antagonise the locals . I'm passionate I want Vale win if I'm moaning its usually because they the team are giving me something moan about . So I vowed I will not moan today and hopefully I will have nothing moan about . I want see a stirring display nothing less if theres a ball to be won win it if theres a cross to be defended defend it and if theres a ball to be finished finish it . GOOOOARRRnNNN the Vale
  8. As always with administration you hope the players who will not be getting paid do there utmost like ours did in 2012/13 ,what a great bunch they were was so proud of them never to be forgotten . The problem with paying players too much is that eventually unless they gel and want to play together that you can have players on bench on silly money a week because you have to buy more players because the ones you got ain't doing themselves or the club justice . I mean they get decent gates always well supported Derby are I do not get it how they have mismanaged money thar much they are going into administration . Sad times for there supporters but all they can do is turn up and get behind them and I'm.sure if 30 thousand of them chip in a bit then there new owners could be a group of supporters eventually . I wish them well
  9. Got a really bad head cold but I'm.going sat we gotta get that first win at home how well I prefer if we play superbly but even if we do not but get the win I will take it . Conlon pen and a 2-1 win for me Worrall with the other. Going be anything but easy let's get behind them UTV
  10. Let's hope the folk who boo the knee remember that then a no reaction to the knee is better than a boo because you do not want to demotivate the very people you want win the game . Wonder if they boo it down Stoke as they have won 5 out of 5 home games . I cannot remember the last time we won at home it was so long ago let's make sure we do everything we can as supporters in terms of encouragement to make sure every player is wanting give there all for the cause . Team well I'd go with this team at home is different than away so I'd start with this team and a completely different formation than the one which has produced impressive away displays at Stevenage second half ,Forest Green ,and Swindon. Covolan Cass Smith Jones Gibbons Pett Conlon Rodney Garrity Worrall Proctor Something like that would give us strength on both flanks I'd like to see that 70 yard ball from Jones to Rodney in Worralls usual position I think he in that position has potential to wreck havoc . We will see bring on the game sat 15.00 UTV
  11. The second goal the lad Lloyd perseverance and non stop effort so ok failed mention it but he kept tge ball in there well done young man UTV
  12. Let's hope it's a cracker of a game . What a start Harrogate have had what a cracking football club and they work so hard for one another ,it's a great story . As for Vale I felt we have deserved better in our 4 home games played . Sunderland much the better side the refs had a stinker giving a pen what quite frankly was certainly not a pen ,we played well and maybe should have has a pen ourselves. Tranmere we made the better chances I'd say and yet again should have had a pen . Carlisle game put some amazing balls through yet haven't managed score yet on reflection of game I'd say a draw was right . Rochdale game should be over after 20 mins Vale were magnificent in that period and even though last 70 were average to slightly disappointing should have still won the game based on first 20. So let's see how we do sat let's hope there's a electric pent up atmosphere and the encouragement from the stands is loud and quite significantly clear and let's see if we can get our first home victory of the campaign. I believe we can UTV
  13. I agree in the home games I've been to I think generally they have played well and to be honest they have lost 2 and drawn 2 and to be fair to the performances it should have been on what I've seen from highlights of the two homes i havent been 2 three wins and 1 draw so I do not personally feel booing at the end of games is justified. Even if its warranted I still do not believe its beneficial its like a spoilt kid who wants his own way at say Scott's getting his own way all the time and if he doesn't he boos at his parents and then expects his parents to be nice to him afterwards knowing forewell that is actions have disappointed them greatly then doing it the week after again eventually you wear the parents and they give in just to appease the child who's bad behaviour as won yet tge parents are losing there strength to do there parenting . So booing the players will create a cannot be bothered attitude encourage do not allow it to happen
  14. I'll be there looking forwards to it,let's give the table toppers a tough wholehearted 90 mins . Team well who knows not me for sure . Encouragement is required from all UTV
  15. Anyone got the goals put on . Fair play to the lad who said he would eat dog food if Vale won he did he didn't have too but he did that took some guts. TO WIN THERE IS Special the noise the away following made was outstanding hats off to every single one of them. VALE WILL RISE CANNOT WAIT TILL NEXT SAT . UTV
  16. Wow knew they could do it and looks deserved to me . Ben Garrity 2 goals wonderful well done lad looking forwards to seeing them . Over the moon thats a supreme scoreline UTV
  17. Well played up to yet keep it going Vale heard the goal was a cracker no more than the lad Garrity deserves he is a excellent acquisition . 8 corners to there none shame Legge ain't playing get on the end of one Vale . Want see that lad eat dog food off wonder of Port Vale ,come on Vale get another.
  18. Good post that's the worry I have seen it for years sloppy defending not willing put there self in front of a shot and goals going in what at play with your mates level would be regarded as poor . What I've seen in highlights and going games going forwards should Wilson not have at least 4 goals to his name Worrall 3 etc some of our play is most enterprising I'm enjoying seeing us going forwards theres a lot be excited about I think and that can only reap the rewards eventually . UTV
  19. I Agree hopefully he is now part of a squad what improves him no end ,they rate him and that all what counts.
  20. No idea if the lads up to the job or not hopefully he is and if he is more than he is not then thats a good signing . Let's hope we get see the lad at some point I've heard good things about him cannot understand why bring a player in to never get any game time yet the likes of Smith get game after game with never being dropped and he has being part of the decline throughout with only one season of hope the covid hit one the one where 8000 of us racked up at the etihad but yet he seems irreplaceable and loved by all the managers we have lost Bruno Aspin Brown Askey etc since and keeps getting the nod forever more . Give the new signings more minutes I say UTV
  21. Most of our support are just plain negative . They should look at the bigger picture we have a talented bunch of players and I'm reading we losing to nil . We will score ,I hope they are silenced tomorrow ,we beat ourselves last week with our sloppiness I expect a much better defensive performance tomorrow and to be honest if we play to win there's no reason why we cannot ,go forwards Vale and do what you being doing in games but not getting rewarded for . Couldn't care less about this bogey side nonsense let's not hide behind excuses let's go there to win UTV
  22. Looking forwards to this . After just listening to Dcs press conference I believe him that's how I feel watching this new team only matter of time before the wins start coming regularly in my opinion . Enjoy the game travelling Valiants . Team well who knows wish I knew it but lets hope Worrall makes it and if he doesn't then with that marvellous switch of ball we do maybe his replacement can obtain the shirt for a while if he impresses whoever it may be DCs knows the rest of us will have to wait and see till 14.00 tomoz
  23. Booing is a very negative thing do didn't agree with any phase at any time of the booing wonder what Jamie Proctor thought as he was tremendous I clapped them off you cannot just applaud when you win if you can see the positives in a game you should encourage non stop and get behind every player . Unfortunately I've being told I cannot keep shouting as eventually my over passion going lead to something fatal (my lads telling I'm 50 not 16)So I'm trying to curb my constantly encouraging loudly but there's nothing good about booing and shows the younger ones especially if at the end of games your a bad loser but in life at times you lose so get over it . In future how is booing the knee going benefit Port Vale it isn't so do not do it in my opinion ,yes its politics being brought into sport but to me by doing it booing that is you are disrespecting our coloured players and how's that going motivate them to want do a fantastic job for the Vale it isn't have a bit of respect . UTV
  24. I'd rather be entertained myself and looking back at the two home games I have been too I enjoyed them both yet we lost both (Sunderland league Cup and Rochdale last sat also the home game v Carlisle watched on ifollow paid a extra tenner while lad used me season ticket as I was due in work that night . I know winning football is what we all want see but like the first post says we are league two for a reason but I've seen very promising signs in the games I've seen we have players who can pass the ball so well and some of the balls through to Worrall long range ones have being majestic there's no reason why we cannot win a good percentage of games in a row once we click I've seen signs already that we could well do at some point very soon . ON Saturday v Swindon away why not there 4th and v Harrogate next Sat there top yet I feel we could beat both but even if they do not it will not be long till we are reeling off win after win in my opinion . Think the entertainment value will increase even more so when we gel futhermore . The Vale are a very good team in my opinion and will get better as the season progresses (that's it I've put my head on the line with that statement ). Good post Birches Head Fred UTV
  25. So for this VPN thing or IPTV thing do you have to download it like a app. Only really want it watch the away games it's a load of chonnocks the Vale could be making a fortune why not have someone at side of pitch recording it and you have.pay to watch while Rudgie or one of the subs records it 🤔😉 UTV
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