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  1. Have to see who we sign this week before naming starting xl but we need to take our chances last home game the scoreline was unjust so I am hoping we have more luck in final third however they say you make your own luck and I think the non performance v Swindon contributed yo the bad luck v Salford ,Leyton Orient away looked a non event to me by how the game panned out and you would have to ask if bringing a player of Husseys excellence in why ain't anyone getting on the end of his balls in is it because they are not up to speed or do they lack the desire to get on anything because you would think in the case of James Wilson he as being at a prem league club is movement should be way above league 2 level at times he as shown it but I can see why he is at a league 2 club he consistently does not do it . I'd like be proven wrong but at present not enough about the Vale for the club be successful and get in top 7 on present form we are a 16 th placed team in terms of performance ,application etc we need to improve ten fold if we are to get in the top 7 . I want see 23 at it performances now and see where we end up .
  2. That's 361 more than they brought to us not bad sales for a team who have nothing in the final third at present lets hope by that game some players have started firing again two massive home games in context of season coming up . Will Vale sell out no I do do not think they will unless there's 2 wins coming up big challenge but if serious about promotion anything less than 6 points out of next two home games there's not a chance that top 7 will be achieved as we need build momentum now I want see us more on the front foot . Our away followings are great though so I'd expect 800 plus go UTV
  3. No idea when my first trip all i remember was Russell Bromage playing Sproson and I think Neville Chamberlain I couldn't even tell you the score just that we were on the right side of bycars it was all terracing and there wasn't many there . UTV
  4. Big week this feel we need a bit more desire in the final third a player who is always on the end of crosses a must I feel as at present we are as threatening as a circumcised cucumber. Get it sorted big week this week off the pitch let's hope by end of it we go into the game v Scunthorpe with renewed optimism UTV
  5. I'll be honest I do not know what the players think but for some players it's like doing the okey cokey there in there out there rested there injured . Martin for example he is in the team then he as a poor game he is out . I thought tues first half we were generally good so why have Wilson and Amoo being selected up front when Wilson in the games I have seen as offered nothing at all not even a goal attempt in what is it until he went off v Brentford ,45 mins v Swindon the whatever amount of minutes he was on v Salford and today for what was it 75 mins and he is supposed be a class act it's about time he started show it the desire just is not there at present . As for Amoo I haven't being overly impressed with him either Garrity has put him in today why hasn't he flew past the defender and driven home instead he has shot and it didn't even go on target it was the effort of a player going through the motions . So the wrong two selected there he should have gone with Harratt and Bailey the lad from the youth team (you know sometimes the unknown comes up trumps ). It's no good having the ball if your forwards are like statues need to sort the front line out too many games are going by with no impact from players who should well make one UTV
  6. Closed the door at the back so I will take the point . Seriously though going forwards doesn't look like a team to me who has any quality . Stops the losing run that's about it . Seems like Martin and Hall Smith did there jobs well well played them . Good sides have something going forwards though at present we are toothless ,blunt as I thought bringing the two young lads on would help us but they didn't manage one goal attempt between them Give Eden Bailey a go and please let J Proctor hit the ground running . Away though a points good especially against a talented side like Orient . We need to improve ten fold to reach top 7 . That's 180 mins no goals quite frankly are we good enough at present form No we are not
  7. So Worrall has being playing through a injury . Team well we will see well I won't as only got sporting live scores keep me updated . Let's hope Wilson get his game going . Amoo likes a goalv Leyton Orient and for sheer effort alone you wouldn't begrudge Garrity a goal every game . Let's hope the back players do there jobs that's my only concern . Smith and Martin had no questions of them asked defensively the other night yet we managed lose today they will be asked questions Let's hope they are solid they were at Forest Green and they are better than everyone theres no reason why they cannot be today . UTV
  8. Have a great day travelling Vale fans should be a decent amount of you lets hope you see a full tilt performance from all the players if you do I expect a very good result if so . UTV
  9. Matt Lund signing allegedly I'm sure he is a really good player . At the moment I'd be looking for a impact sub a player who goes past players like they ain't there or run straight through them wheres Gareth Ainsworth these days could do with someone with his amazing qualities UTV
  10. I think I agree with you need a Pope type Proctor is the only one who fits the bill looking forwards to see him on end of husseys balls in but for now let's hope Connor hall fits the bill
  11. Cheer up son Darrell Clark loves N Smith so you will be able watch him tomoz hope he plays well and wins a few balls in the opposition box for once otherwise he should stay back as pointless him going up for corners etc . How many crosses have we converted aerially this season. How many corners have we had ? When hussey is putting them quality balls in I want our players on the end of them Smith is a fighter a battler but the amount of times he is a yard or two away from a incoming shot and he doesn't block it is alarming for a centre half . He needs to improve ten fold if we are to obtain the clean sheets required to get in the play offs . Nothing wrong with you loving him we all have our favourites . People think I do not like him as a player I do I just think Port Vale probably be better without him it was Legge and Brisley who were the rock solid ones when we had that terrific run back end of last season there solidness allowed Smith freedom to express himself which he did very well in fairness . Now he is our leader as he is one selected all the time Martins in and out like the okey cokey so he needs play above himself . UTV
  12. Dc if gets us in play offs with not being able splash the cash as such will be a tremendous achievement he as 23 games to do that . Do I think he can do it YES now prove me right UTV Let's not hide behind excuses of injuries ,covid let's get angry and take it out on the opposition in forthcoming games at losing 4 in a row . Show more heart and get on the end of crosses players that is lol not DC UTV
  13. Conlons being playing with an injury I admire his perseverance however surely after 20 v Swindon and they having lots of opportunities the manager would recognise as brave as he was playing and if we would have won the right decision but unfortunately by being on the pitch left us down to ten men then Covalan and his brain fog that was footballing suicide . I like Walker not a bad replacement at all he won all second balls on Tues and to be honest if he netted twice would have being deserved still cannot understand why he as volleyed it for a corner doing it just didnt make any sense at all . Lot of strange things happen against Vale wish other teams would give goals away like we do ,some are as bizarre as almost deliberate (I'm sure that's not the case ). One hopes not anyway UTV
  14. Never going be nailed on promotion certainties in my opinion for one you cannot let the opposition have 1 attempt on target and that go in shows a complete lack of desire to keep a clean sheet even though weeks ago we were very high in the league good teams see out games when 2-1 or 3-1 up in the case of Sutton game that's pure and simply diabolical We have much to do to reach the play offs too many other clubs are finding there form while we are relying on young lads from Huddersfield and Leeds to fire us into the top three other teams are having few injuries and are winning most of the time . Forest Green Exeter Tranmere Mansfield to name a few we need to get winning games again pronto cause if we keep going as we are we will be finishing our usual lower end of season garbageness . But we ain't going do that with kids and that's what we have being forced to go with unfortunately time is not given to managers these days DC is having a torrid time at present just hope he stumbles on a winning formula the hard work starts now its being as a Vale fan a absolute terrible start results wise to the new year but I see beyond the results I have seen some thing positive second half v Brentford and first half v Salford put it together for 90 mins thats all we ask then we be winning games and deservedly winning them but you cannot just play in spells of games you have to do it consistently over the 90 mins . We are a bit part team at present and it reflects in us sliding down the table . Come on Vale
  15. There's no reason whatsoever that Vale cannot go there and win sat they are probably going be as rusty as what we were v Swindon ,theres everything to gain and nothing to lose . I'd like know where Devante Rodney is . People on Facebook page saying mid Feb for Jamie Proctor . Big game too many self imposed defeats lately but it mirrors after new year last years results . Time to get some confidence back in the side at least on Tues the midfield were not being overrun think Walker seems a damn good player to me the amount of balls him and Garrity and Pett won especially first half where I was out of my seat that many times because we should have scored at least 3 times was very good . Just need a bit more for me when we have attacking situations a set piece or a corner there doesn't to me seem enough desire get on the end of anything the centre halfs just wander up but none of them have a effort on target and if they do I rarely see it at the games I go it all seems rather too nice nice and too easy for opposition see out our powderpuff threat Over the years we have had John Mccombe he wandered up and got Vital goals Peter Swan Gareth Griffiths etc I want see more desire get the ball in the oppositions net from our corners etc general play was good the other night from the two new lads but I never felt they had the desire or belief get on the end of Worralls work resulting in worralls second half display being very poor compared to his first half . So more desire all round please. UTV
  16. Smith's improved this season however he as being at the club years now be interesting see what his career stats are . How many clean sheets have we had over the seasons he as played . How often is he a threat in the opposition area from set pieces ,corners etc he wins ball after ball in a defensive way big lumps but I've very rarely seem him win the first phase of a set piece to be honest it's pointless him going up for corners he rarely scores from them . His passing is not sharp enough . He is a stopper nothing more he can fill in at right back but never fills me with confidence in his work I'd say he plays well one in every 5 games . I'm no football manager though and my view is not to be taken too seriously if he helps us gain promotion great but if I am honest with you I feel he is very over rated and only still at the club cause no one else wanted him so he signed a new deal with us but really probably wanted to go . I'd like see us without him for a few games myself see if other players selected can make a difference when we have a set piece corner etc. He is no leader no vocal enough ,not good enough . harsh but true .
  17. Garrity for me closely followed by J Proctor and J Gibbons . I look forwards to seeing them all on the team sheet soon
  18. It's safe to say we have missed Jones since his ban we have lost every game when he was having a sticky patch was he really we were hardly losing in he comes for sure . Stone Cass Hall Jones Gibbons Worrall Walker Pett Garrity Amoo Harratt Second half Amoo off Hussey on play Garrity off Harratt and if you have to bring Wilson on at some point . Think Hussey could play in a midfield role I'd always want push Garrity as high as possible a impact player on for Worrall aswell as he seems to lose his way in games we cannot afford him too he needs put same level of high performance both halfs mind you could say that about a lot of them . UTV
  19. I enjoyed last night's first half performance ,I'd like now how we managed give 17 shots to Swindon over one half ? Yes the marks are high as the final scoreline should have read Vale won handsomely
  20. My marks Stone 5 nothing do I'd have look at there goal surely he should be off his line Gibbons 7 I thought especially first half very good Smith 6 passes slowly I'd have replaced him with Cass for after the break Hall 7 Hussey 6 looks a good player but needs run forwards and be positive not backwards you do not create passing backwards Pett 7 is he injured and why we taking him off first half tremendous as most of them were . Garrity 8 star man than run in the first half was magnificent deserved a goal a excellent all round action man , see goals for him in coming games a terrific player . Walker 7 I thought he was very good he maybe should have scored twice would have got a higher mark but what's with the volley for a Salford corner but 62 per cent possession says midfield 3 did well . Harratt 7 very good link up play I enjoyed his efforts but it was him or Edmondson who should have scored with 2 free headers one where its glanced off his head blasted one over from first attack needs be getting over the ball and blasting it in . Edmondson 7 he linked the play well aswell I just think we looked more dangerous with 2 young lads on than when Wilson come on not sharp enough not wanting it enough Worrall 7 first half magnificent general play should have resulted in many a goal but will not if folk aint brave enough get there head on them or not sharp enough to react to where the balls going drop .
  21. Second half wasn't great I agree but come on do you really think we only had two chances score first half we created loads of situations score . Two penalties in dire second half aswell which on another day would have being given . Like I say I look at overall performance the first half performance repeated over next 23 games for the whole 90 mins will result in win after win .
  22. Spot on you would think Vale played really rubbish if you go by some of the comments on this site ,I've seen games where we have played far worse and won years ago under Bruno Ribiero think we won 1-0 v Charlton they missed four open goals in that game,think they had 20 shots , tonight's game reminded me of that we were excellent first half ok Hall going off didn't help second half efforts but come on we all know that if that game gets played and the ball runs for us we win 6-1 . UTV Performances bring rewards eventually I suggest we carry on rest of season with first half set up we will reel off Win after Win for sure if we take our chances which we will has the season goes on UTV
  23. Everyone booed around me I actually clapped it's not like Salford had 18 shots in one half is it I've seen a lot worse performances than that . How haven't we scored and why was Gibbons moved that's my only criticism along with there goal tonight . The bigger picture is somewhere along the line all that bad karma we have being dealt tonight will become good karma as season goes on . First half I really enjoyed. After listening to DC I believe everything he said we deserved win the fact we never even got a pozy point was galling . It's being a bad start to the year . Things can only get better one hopes Keep the faith UTV
  24. OK that was daylight robbery thought we did enough first half for the game be won even second half after there stupid goal (offside I think he was way off ). Few penalty shouts on another day you get them . Thought we deserved better . Always with me performance is first if we go in Port Vale 4 Salford 0 at half time like quite frankly it should have being as we played some tremendous stuff then the scoreline quite rightly different but not to be but moving forwards better than giving opposition shot after shot so apart from scoreline generally pleased with the performance not that the performance will help us get in play off but somewhere along the line we going absolutely thrashsomeone . UTV
  25. Loving the game we are playing so well the scoreline a joke should be 3 up 3 off the line . Keep it going Vale
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