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  1. Just renewed mine, living overseas it's a no brainer.
  2. Super proud Vale whatever happens now.
  3. I feel very positive for the second leg, Swindon were rattledduring that second half yesterday. I think we need to be in 4heir faces from the off and press high.
  4. Come on Vale you can do this. SVA Cyprus.
  5. Can we re open the family stand and give them that, they can park at the bottom end of the Synectics car park right next to the entrance gate?
  6. To be fair and realistic, we have played some real stinkers throughout the season as a whole, some very good games also where no one could touch us and more than a few mediocre performances, as someone has previously mentioned "it's the hope that kills us". Anything could happen on Saturday and probably will!
  7. No need to play any strikers on Saturday, just 8 defenders and 3 goalies should do the trick [emoji6]
  8. He should have claimed the ball instead of it going for a corner IMHO.
  9. With the exception Hall I think we need a complete new back line. Hussey and Benning were dreadful, Martin gives me palpitations, Smith is no good at RCB of a three and Stone surely needs to be onhis bike.
  10. Shocking first half, Hussey and Benning just ain't working, no creativity in the middle and bugger knows where Worral has gone.
  11. Gutless performance, where has all that quality gone we had to get us in the play offs? You could say at 11 of those players were awful today, as for the 3 subs they had zero 8mpact on the game. Ah well hopefully the play offs it is.
  12. Got to say thats been coming all game, what's our response going to be??
  13. Railway stand is also now sold out, could be a bumper crowd.
  14. Similarly myself have found IFollow to be fantastic over the years, albeit just as nerve wracking watching it on TV as it is live😀. I've retired now but am still living abroad but have flown back in this week and will be going to the game today, cant wait....................................................
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