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  1. He has everything to make a striker to be feared size physic speed what he has not got is the desire to do it too get to the flick ons first to bully the centre halves he wants a bit of Bernie Wright in him or a Bob Newton until he gets that he will be a failure as a striker DESIRE Rodney and passion for the shirt.
  2. it would help if he held the bat right the bat starts out pointing at the gully so when the bat comes down with his grip the bat is polnting to the leg side nearly every shot he plays is towards mid wicket.burns is the same just as the bowler is about to deliver he moves his head to the right he his out of line what the coaches are doing i will never know.Dont even get me on to Buttler and Bristow Ali and Hameed.
  3. Sibley a test match batsmen someone is having a laugh the selectors must take all the blame it'a a joke at my age i could still knock more than him with a stick of celery in my hand instead of a bat what a disgrace to call him a england test cricketer.
  4. Stop living in the past he is where he should be in his later years move on we had the best of him now is a new chapter for the vale sit back and support the lads if you want see pope again sod off congleton.
  5. Commentary if that clown keeps saying Adam Yates a vale legend the radio is going straight in the bin with all the other rubbish.
  6. Good old stafford rangers i wish them all the luck in getting another Ray Williams and Mick Cullerton to make them a viable non league team. i only hope we can play them in the fa cup this year if they qualify for it then we might see how easy it is here's hoping you and your mate will attend.
  7. That is what you get when you have a yes man in charge cause he fits the FA .This morning Grealish has said he would take a penalty Southgate ignored that where was Sterling he takes some pens for man city gutless by him hiding he should be one of the first to say its my job not a 19 year old sub . .
  8. What Tom Pope has done for the vale is in the record books and i thank him for his career to his home town club only wish that i could have had the opportunity to do the same as any football mad fan would be.But time waits for no man we have to move on the generations of vale fans will have different views on where he sits in the table of centre forwards who have worn the shirt of Port Vale football club. My own opinion would like i said before he would not get in the top 10 of strikers that i have seen wearing the shirt of the vale.I am sure in the coming years he will be honoured some how at the vale but for now lets look forward and give everything to the players and staff for this coming season get behind this team and stop wallowing in the past.
  9. Well it's about time he did give him a chance we keep giving you a chance to talk sense and that has not happened yet.
  10. I suppose you would like the Russian goalkeeper the other night he is a international the clown but in your team he would be ok.
  11. The best way i can put it is i thought i was watching Sweden in white shirts.
  12. It's a Clarke thing Walsall mean nowt to me like Scotland they are just a team to beat come on the Vale and England.
  13. That's the least of our worries we need batsmen who can hold the bat properly and play with a straight bat and for god sake a captain who shows guts and bats at number 3 instead of bottling it.Like all sport now money rules instead off pride the indian premiere league the big bash in australia played on pitches that makes the average of players hit sixes all over the place.The Aussies must be laughing their heads off to see what is coming to the ashes Sibley Crawley Bracey,Lawrence Moeen catch me at square leg Ali Bess who could not spin a top do me a favour stay in England it's a bloody horrible thought.
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