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  1. Spot on got the draw at Roker park then beat them quite easily at vale park with colin on the left wing another great cup night for the vale brilliant memories while following the vale.
  2. Kenny Todd and Jed Stenson and Exodus that midfield would give me nightmares that i would never recover from.
  3. I suppose everyone has a opinion but in regards to Darren Hughes that one completely baffles me but there you go.
  4. Did you go the fa cup replay at derby look at the ball he delivered for a goal
  5. Crystal Palace in a mess then there manager will be banned.
  6. Most probably the same idiot who attacked the vale goalkeeper at crewe bring as many as you can look forward seeing you going back a beaten side and listening to Artell making his excuses for a defeat.
  7. He beat many a good full back enjoyed watching him play in the black and gold striped shirts they had them days.
  8. Sad to hear the passing away of Brian Jackson another player i loved watching in a vale shirt as a young vale fan.
  9. He should have disappeared down the tunnel when he kicked out at one of our players.
  10. If you do not get it don't contribute any monies then nobody will beg you to but stop knocking people who are prepared to help our club out.
  11. Just start the ball rolling and see where everyone working together can take us carol and kevin have done there bit they need our fanbase to show we are right behind them.
  12. Well i'm with Carol and Kevin all the way they have paid well over the top to run our beloved club and i will be ever grateful to them for seeing the back of Smurthwaite. This season has seen a 100% improvement in the team and given our supporters something that we can be proud to follow again.Having been a fan for many years i for one am totally fed up of seeing a half finished lorne street stand for all these years.I think the supporters club and the fans ought to get together and set up a fund to help carol and kev to finally finish what was started all those years ago.Remember when we pulled together and bought Beckford i.m sure there is a lot of people out there who would gladly donate to help put an end to the eyesore of a unfinished stand come on you VALE fans help carol and kevin out let us work together and get this club where we all want be a successful family run football club that stoke-on-trent can be proud off.
  13. Neil Franklyn was not even 6 ft but Billy Wright would not have got a cap for England if he had not gone to Bagota.
  14. He would have to improve a vast amount to even be anywhere near as good as Roy Sproson was i think a bit of reality needed.
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