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  1. I am not one of Tom Pope knockers in fact what he has done for the vale over the seasons is amazing by leading the line and scoring the goals he has been brilliant for our club.But nowadays he needs help upfront like he has admitted he has never been blessed with pace,which means he cannot run the channels when he plays on his own its very static defenders know that he cannot hurt them by running past them which makes us a long ball team.He needs a player like Bennett or Archer to work with to run the channels and put the vale on the front foot especially at home.Over the last six months we have added pace to the team let us play to our strengths and put teams under pressure come on the vale.
  2. Yes he was came over from New Zealand and rode for Newcastle Diamonds against the potters before he came world champion.My all time favorite speedway rider was Peter Craven of Belle vue who also became world champion but was tragically killed at Edinburgh Monarchs speedway track when he hit the wall that surrounded their track a great loss to british speedway at the time.
  3. Very sad to see it closing down takes me back to my younger days when i used to go every saturday to sun street shelton to see Harris,Adams,Jarman ,and Colin Pratt riding for the potters against Ivan Mauger and the likes of Barry Briggs good times long gone.
  4. Surely Jimmy O'Neil must come into one of the best veteran goalkeepers we have signed .
  5. What a shambles of batting at test match level England are the truth is we have one day cricketers who cannot play a test match innings.The amount of wide balls they should leave is unbelievable what on earth was Stokes doing trying to hit that he would have needed a fishing rod to hit that in the middle.To many one day cricketers in the England side not enough what i call proper batsmen if the ball is wide of your off stump let the thing go when you first get in.I was always taught make the bowler work for his wickets do not give it away we have lost the art of batting end of.
  6. That cannot be right feel sorry for any Huddersfield fans seen in public wearing that abomination always thought stoke sold their soul but this will take some beating.
  7. At last a winger who just might get you out of your seat arrives at vale park again hopefully we are on the right track again.We just need a strong right back a physically strong centre back and another ball winner in midfield then i think it will be onwards and upwards at the vale at last.
  8. Sad news about Graham Barnett a very good goal scoring inside forward for the vale saw most of his goals he scored.One year he grew a beard and refused to shave it off till we were out of the cup R.I.P Valiant.
  9. We have had more duffers than good players over all the years that is why we have spent nearly all the time in the lower leagues Jed Stenson type comes to mind,but i suppose money has always dictated our fate.
  10. Watching John Stones play centre back reminds me of Bob Delgado and Jermaine Holwyn trying to be defenders at the vale.Tommy Cheadle and Roy Sproson would walk in this England team instead of that clown Stones.
  11. I'm still a better centre half than John Stones although i am nearly 70 years old for god sake he should never play for england again he is a total liability on a football pitch.
  12. Just the job then for the Sneyd arms.
  13. If we were signing ex vale players would pick Ryan Lloyd or Mark Marshall to play on the wing.
  14. When i look back and think off the wide open spaces of vale park i think of some of the wingers that have seen in my years of supporting my club just a few to be going with. Cunliffe,Askey,Jackson,Fidler,Oscroft,Bingham,Portwood,Rowland,Ron Smith,Fox,Ainsworth,Guppy, Mcarthy,and Chamberlain.Then i think to myself this season we have had Montano and Hannant as wide players says it all really,but i will keep the faith i will see the likes above once more.
  15. As my name says i always stood on the hamil with programme in hand waiting for the half time scores been put on the ABC letter boards on the running track in front of the lorne street Then we went posh and put a metal structure in the corner off hamil.Those were the days where my love of this club started and will never ever fade.
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