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  1. Ray Walker and Andy Jones for me with out a doubt.
  2. Hang your heads in shame Englands touring party i would not let them tour Cornwall never mind Australia.
  3. Just bring the duffers home it's bloody awful to watch.
  4. Do any of our so called batsmen know there are only 3 stumps behind them why do they play at a ball that would not hit 5 atrocious batting by so called test match batsmen.Get in the nets and start learning how to leave a ball that would not hit 5 stumps.This is not a one day international its a test series bat bloody properly or come home and work for a living you disgusted.
  5. 1 out of 3 is good enough for you then tell you what drop Smith and play Martin in the centre of the 3 tonight and see what happens.He did not fail at forest green because Smith took care of Jamille Matt
  6. this is the last word i'm saying on the Martin debate he is there to be the dominating figure in the back 3 system with his size and experience on saturday he failed against Rochdale at home he failed his only job he has to do is either head the ball out or at least challenge for the first goal neither happened for the Rochdale goals the same happened.
  7. you could not take the medication i'm on after watching the vale for that long but i leave you with a prediction if Martin is in the middle of the back 3 for a majority of matches left we will not get out of this league just hope Smith does not pick up a bad injury.
  8. I have seen every player who has played for the vale since 1954 thank you
  9. I am not daft or a lad i suggest you get your eyes tested before you go the next match.
  10. Not panicking every time the ball gets slung in its panic stations at the back Martin is a 6ft 5 experienced centre back who should dominate in the air.He plays like he has never played their in his life before.Without doubt he comes second to Bob Delgado has the worst centre back i have seen playing for the vale.The first objective is to challenge for every ball that comes in the box not just let someone stroll in and have a free header inside our six yard box. Hazell, Aspen, Sproson 2, Cheadle, Hayward, Nicholson, they were just a few who i have seen playing for the vale that would never let it happen basic defending is what its about i was told never make it easy for any opponent at the moment it is to easy can be fixed but i'm afraid not by Martin.
  11. When the players go out for training on monday the back 3 or 4 should be made to stand in front of the Sproson statue for 30 minutes to study how to head a ball when you are defending.I thought i would never see a worse centre back than Bob Delgardo playing for the vale again by how wrong can someone be.I have seen Martin against both Rochdale and Oldham and not seen him head a ball out of our box once for somebody 6' 5 he is one liability.We dominated Oldham for most of the match and got nothing for it how on earth Gibbons finished on the losing side is a travesty.Can someone explain why Politic gets only about 10 minutes on the pitch can someone explain to me how a pro footballer comes out for 15 minutes to go through the drills to warm up goes back in the dressing room for the last team talk then walks out then stops and changes his boots what is that about its like a batsmen who gets to the middle and forgets his bat.Now sort this out so we can get out of this awful division.
  12. After watching Sterling Kane and Shaw playing for England last night quite a few i would imagine.
  13. He has everything to make a striker to be feared size physic speed what he has not got is the desire to do it too get to the flick ons first to bully the centre halves he wants a bit of Bernie Wright in him or a Bob Newton until he gets that he will be a failure as a striker DESIRE Rodney and passion for the shirt.
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