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  1. Why god help us we will still support the club that we were born to support and no other valiant forever.
  2. We'll never walk alone those six premier clubs should be made too only the fans can save our football if nobody turned up to watch it or pay for sky they would not even think of it. Kick them out of english football and let us the fans of our football stand up and be counted it's now or never to make a stand to show these elitist set of clubs and owners what football means to us the FANS.
  3. We always stood 3/4 back on the hamil end same that night there was a surge because i ended up at the bottom by the wall that is why a lot of people that night ended up on the running track around the pitch.
  4. You are quite right about applauding the vale off the pitch at Anfield i was there although it was mostly they were applauding Ken Hancock. The replay though is a different matter me and my father were waiting at the turnstile to get in the hamil road end of the ground when all of a sudden a rope ladder was thrown over the wall the liverpool supporters were climbing over cars cars to get in then suddenly they broke through the double doors of the hamil end how many got in that way nobody will ever know how any body did not get hurt on the hamil that night is unbelivable.I was also at anfield
  5. I have carn't get coronation street on any of them.
  6. It might be my old eyes but when the ball goes out for a throw in every team seems to throw it back in at least ten yards from where it goes out.If you watch Montano i thought he was running down the wing to cross it still the first goal came from but if you watch any match now and nobody gets pulled up about what on earth is the linesman or ref doing to keep letting this happen.
  7. It is a bit like Brian Clough would say and he did not turn out to be a bad manager lets just roll with the Clarke bandwagon onwards and upwards.
  8. I am sorry if this post hurts the players that are mentioned in it but it is my opinion what must be done to get the club moving up the leagues.First of all like to thank them all for playing for the club that i have supported for many years now but there is no sentiment in football there cannot be if you want to be a successful club.For far to long we have accepted through finance that we will just manage and if every 1 in 10 years we could get success that will keep the 4 0r 5 thousand regulars happy but now with the new regime in charge hopefully the vale can start at last to make sustained
  9. Nowt wrong with Taylor he can improve more than can be said of Robinson, Whitehead, Montano, Guthrie and Cullen.
  10. Let's be honest a major overhaul is needed on the playing side next season for me we need 2 strong centre backs a left back. Clarke has said they need 2 defensive midfielders they also need a wide player and 2 strikers. Myself if the manager could get his head straight i would go after Mitch Clarke again something went radically wrong when he came back to us he was the best left back for us since Tankard then suddenly it went pear shaped i am sorry to say but Monty is not in Mitch's class as a full back he also can play left or right which is a big bonus.Now going on to Manny it's no coincide
  11. If he can get Robinson scoring it would be like the second coming again go on Darrell give us valiants something to shout about.
  12. Too simple for some of our players pass and move some have difficulty putting one foot in front of the other put a ball between their feet and they are completely lost.
  13. He will not take us down the bloody crap players will take us down if anyone does.Some of the signings who play for our club should not be anywhere near a football stadium never mind be paid to be a player for our football club.I have seen every match bar one this season and have seen gutless players playing for my football club match after match people like me and thousands of our supporters would run through a brick wall for our club some on that pitch today could not be bothered get a sweat on you can have all the systems on gods earth but if you have players who cannot control or pass a ba
  14. I watched the game and yes Guthrie did work hard but at the end of the day his sole job is to put the ball in the back of the net.This he has failed to do in the last 34 matches he has played that must be a record for anyone to be known as a striker.We have 5 strikers at this club there is only one on the books who come alive in the opposition box who time and time again busts his gut to get in the right place to score. I like rodney but last night he could have had 2 tap ins at the back post if he was alive in the box he looked way off it last night whether he felt ill i dont know he was slow
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