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Clinton Boulton

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Thanks to Clinton's friend "Friday Boy" we have this lovely photo of Clint taken recently.

In case you missed their comment on our front page article it reads:

"Clint was a charming fella to the end. He loved his mates and his golf and was hugely popular, competitive and good natured in equal measure. It is my privilege to have played golf with him for years down here in beautiful Devon. He passed away with a great set of lads who did there very best for him and who are broken hearted. Love the stories from the Vale cafe. On the night of the Miracle at Medina Ryder Cup finale, in St Ives, Cornwall on the annual golf tour (3 days of beer more like) there is a great story. There was one pub with a Sky TV and one bloke in it. As the rowdy but peaceful mob arrived, we apologised for disturbing his evening. ‘No problem lads’ came the reply in a Potteries accent. Where are you from we asked and he acknowledged his upbringing in the Potteries. ‘Your lucky night. You are in the company of a Potteries legend’. The guy was a Valiant and recognised Clint. ‘Vale only had to pay Torquay £10k to get rid of him’ we teased. ‘Best marauding full back I ever saw’ he said. Clint was a lovely bloke to the end. We’ll miss him terribly down here."



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What a lovely find that is, Rob.

Thanks for this thread. It's brought back some wonderful memories for me.  I always had a soft spot for Clinton Boulton and if I close my eyes I can see him now striding down the right wing in that all white kit.


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Lovely photograph. Thankyou. Remembering lionhearted Clinton and reading these posts, instantaneously spirit many of us to a wonderful faraway place and  different age, and yet the pictures in our minds remain crystal clear. Standing on the Bycars as a 7 year old with my 3 aunt's Brenda, Margaret and Betty, all wrapped up in black and white, cheering on the Vale, and being spoilt with baked potatoes at halftime that aunt Betty bought along to evening games. Rest in peace Clinton and thanks for being part of my childhood memories, you're a big part of the reason why many of us fell in love with Port Vale 

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