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  1. I still think it's crucial that we have a player like Taylor in the team - a midfielder who can get ten goals. Only our main striker ( Pope) got double figures this year, although Cullen can also score goals. Signing a centre forward would not be my main concern, but a good midfield player. You mention Crewe. Had the season finished they would probably have had four lads in double figures - and that's the difference between going up and staying down. We simply have to score more goals to have a chance of going up. Neither Worrall nor Amoo are prolific so we desperately need our two midfielders (Joyce apart) to get us more. I'm sure in my own mind that one goal-scoring, creative midfielder - to add what we've already got - could make the difference we need. Just that one player with a bit of magic in his boots.
  2. TheSage


    I suppose you could use a scarf or a snood. Masks, I think, cost very little and you can get ones that you can wash and re-use. I've had one for a month or two and I suppose about 1/3rd of folk I see in shops are wearing them so many people already have them and use them. You've got ten days to sort it! Your time starts now.
  3. The whole thing is an expensive farce. Project reality. £7 billion a year on extra red tape, 215 million new customs forms, Farage garages.... and more delays and more costs that will get passed on to the consumer. I thought it was an oven ready deal and the easiest one in history. And wait until you see the delays at the borders when you do get to the continent. We're a third country now. Utterly ridiculous. A complete waste of money.
  4. TheSage


    As I've pointed out before, we haven't wiped it out and we're seemingly trying to live with it now that infections and deaths are lower. But it's still out there in large numbers. Thousands of infections daily and hundreds of deaths a week. Just because there is no daily up-date and the government is encouraging us to ignore it doesn't mean it has gone away. Wearing masks was just a matter of time. 120 countries use them. It's around 5-6 weeks ago that the WHO said use them and we have again been behind the curve and dithering. Maybe Cummings has taken longer than usual to find someone he knows who can make face masks.
  5. It's a great achievement and could not happen to a nicer bloke than Ainsworth.
  6. Thanks, Rob. I don't recall ever seeing more than a few minutes of highlights from that match.
  7. I remember that free kick very well. He did have a great left foot. Cultured, like a lot of Rudge's players.
  8. I liked Jansson too. And yet another vital goal from Martin Foyle who must have scored in almost all these Monday night games!
  9. TheSage


    I encourage everyone to download the Neverspoons app and drink elsewhere. Visit an independent pub. Much nicer. Did Cummings pass his eyesight test? Does anyone know?
  10. TheSage


    Agreed. The government was told time and time again about conditions in clothing factories but rejected all proposals. Setting the minimum wage is central government's responsibility. https://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/environmental-audit-committee/news-parliament-2017/fixing-fashion-government-response-published-17-19/ In other news, Gove (another liar and a charlatan) tells everyone that masks should not be compulsory in shops but that we should use our common sense. Like Cummings and Jenrick! No wonder we are in this awful mess. There is no exit strategy, no clear message, and hundreds of deaths still each week that we are encouraged to ignore and brush under the carpet.
  11. TheSage


    148 deaths? Surely not on a Saturday. What on earth is going on? The UK figures are appalling and not coming down as we hoped. For the last fortnight or so we've often had more deaths every day than the rest of the EU put together. What exactly is our exit strategy apart from brushing it under the carpet and hoping that we all forget what's still going on?
  12. I know he was a very good player in Revie's Leeds, Leeds, Leeds team (a great footballing team), as well as a successful manager at Boro and with Eire, but he will be remembered by most of us for being our centre half in 1966 who helped us to win the World Cup. One of Sir Alf's boys. A moment that we'll never forget and I imagine it will be a very long time before we see the likes of them again.
  13. It is indeed excellent news and as others have said reflects tremendously well on the new owners who have given us a club to be proud of once more and in very quick time have got the feel good factor back. I can't recall a season where every player has re-signed. If we can just manage to add 2-3 good players to what we've got then we can all look forward to the new campaign with more optimism than for many a year. Most clubs appear to be in a state of limbo but somehow we've managed to stabilise the ship and sail into calmer waters. Brilliant work from everyone at Vale Park.
  14. I knew he'd been unwell for a while but it's very sad news for those among us who recall watching the 66 Final on a small b&w tv in the living room way back when. As others have said, he was a great player for Leeds United and did a fantastic job as manager of Ireland. The 'Boro too owe him a huge debt of gratitude for getting them up the ladder. Is he the only player from 66 who made it as a manger? A gentle nudge to us all that life moves on and none of us are getting any younger. He was a hard player who took no prisoners (and supposedly had a little black book!) but fantastic in the air and had a wonderful double act with Bobby Moore. Nice memories of one of the unsung heroes of my younger years.
  15. I'm on white but like you I'm tempted to open another bottle!
  16. Finished 5-0. 4 big games left now.
  17. Is this why black lives should matter? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/labour-dawn-butler-brent-central-constituency-office-willesden-a4492636.html
  18. It's disappointing but such is the way of the football world nowadays. Rodney apart, we are in no position to hand out 3-4 year contracts at our level and bigger clubs circle like sharks when contracts end and pick up some bargains. Crewe have just lost Jones to Lincoln. He was their next kid off the block a few years ago but they've got nowt for him now. I think Smith just reached the point in his career when he perhaps thought it was right to consider moving on and earn a bit more money. You can't blame him for that. The odds are now stacked in players' favour. He'll get a clap from me if he returns but we've replaced better players and centre halves are not the hardest positions to fill. Life moves on and Port Vale with it.
  19. It was indeed. Nice to hear some commons sense.
  20. Good to talk about possible signings and whet the appetite. I wonder if we are now looking at a target man, like Pope, rather than a quicker, nippier lad. We didn't have the tallest team last year and without Pope (and Bennett) we look short on height. I'm not a fan of Palmer and doubt he'd come here to be a squad player, unless someone like him starts and it's Pope on the bench more often.
  21. The latest dose of Brexit stupidity reality is that (1) there will be customs controls and a border in the Irish Sea. The UK government is doing it now. Lies flow from Johnson's mouth like leaves from a tree don't they? And (2) it seems that Ineos is now looking at a site in France and not going ahead with its Welsh site. It wants to be inside the single market. Unless we back track and cede to EU demands we'll be faced with a No Deal scenario and then Nissan will be off as well. Don't say you weren't warned. Project Reality.
  22. TheSage


    Should we not have made masks compulsory when we leave our homes? What do you think? Does everyone wear a mask in your neck of the woods, Geo? Is is something that Asians do as a matter of course or a government rule?
  23. TheSage


    With respect, facts have nothing to do with hindsight. They don't change. That's precisely why it's so scandalous. People were sent into care homes without all being tested. That's the whole point. Stay alert.
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