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    Interesting. Might make you think twice. https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-10-28/a-room-a-bar-and-a-class-how-the-coronavirus-is-spread-through-the-air.html?fbclid=IwAR2ZWu_SqeXLkq-a2eKqtnQH6zVMZbYAvYF8mYgQB0yosmmWyYn4_NWcrEQ
  2. I'll go for 7 please, Barry. What does everyone do? Have the same time every week, like lottery numbers, or chop and change?
  3. Don't forget Wilson who won 4 elections! He and Blair are the only ones to get Labour entrenched in government since 1951. I've discussed this before with Mr H and others but history shows that the electorate will sometimes vote for a centre-left party but not an extreme left one. Labour got nowhere with Foot, a man of great principle, but not a PM in waiting. It was a shame John Smith did not live longer. The last election was really a Brexit election and that single factor dominated most of the debate. Once Farage and his extreme right wingers threw their hat into the ring with Johnson
  4. Doesn't make for good reading at all. Shameful and completely unacceptable. Let's hope that Starmer and his new broom can sweep clean and reset Labour's stance. I'm sure they are pleased that this news report has been overshadowed today to some extent by the terrible events in Nice.
  5. TheSage


    It's unbelievable. This is the most incompetent government we've had in living memory. They can't keep people safe and they've buggered up the economy (and Brexit too). It's amazing that they still have any supporters. Amazing. 200-300 deaths daily. Cases through the roof every day. It's absolutely disgraceful. Shocking. They don't know what they're doing.
  6. Better in the second half. We do give the ball away easily at times, Joyce notably, but it was a big effort from the likes of Burgess and Worrall, who both did really well and worked hard. Clark too showed tremendous energy. They're a good team. A really good three points.
  7. Oh, blimey. Sorry. Maybe someone else has a solution. It's half time now. We've had the odd opportunity (as far as I can tell) but they look composed and a threat from balls into the box. I'm quite pleased it's 0-0 still. Not much in it.
  8. Try clicking again on i-follow - next match. It then takes you to the game itself (I hope). I agree - a lower quality seems to give me access too. Thanks.
  9. Have you logged in with your card details and pasted your code in? Sorry, if you know all that already but it needs a card and the code before it takes you to the right page.
  10. We'll see that spinning circle in our dreams tonight! I've managed to watch about 2-3 minutes only out of the first 25. Seems like we're a touch fortunate and Brown has made 1-2 good saves already.
  11. If it's any consolation, I'm having trouble too - again!
  12. Expected team news, I agree. The issue with injured players is the simple fact that once they miss chunks of pre-season and get injured again it is very very hard to get your match fitness. The reserves play so few games that it's a long, hard struggle. It's a shame as they are two lads who can potentially give us something a bit different. But the subs bench is stronger now. Fingers crossed. A miserable, damp evening and a fair bit of rain in Burslem today.
  13. Yes, that's the one. He's deleted more idiotic tweets than I've had hot dinners. Another example of his genius was earlier on this year when he said "Corona virus isn't going to kill you....it's all alarmism, doom mongering and panic." The sad thing is he's given a platform by the tax haven Barclay brothers to air his views in the daily press and even gets invited onto the BBC at times, And you wonder how we got ourselves into this mess.
  14. TheSage


    Our 3 local MPs have collectively claimed around £130,000 in expenses in the last 12 months, enjoy big salaries, subsidised food and wine, free first class travel and are in line for a £3k pay increase. But they are happy to see the poorest kids in the country go hungry. They should hang their heads in shame.
  15. You are 100% correct Darren and I'm 100% wrong. My apologies. I should double check before I post! My memory is playing tricks on me. I was thinking of the Exeter game -another good, well organised team. Blimey. I wish I was twenty again and had a decent memory. 🤔
  16. I wouldn't argue with your preference. We eventually beat them easily last year by encouraging our wingers to go at their men, getting crosses in and bombarding their box in the second half. Bennett I think got a couple. They looked comfortable and well drilled until then and usually play three at the back so breaking them down won't be easy.
  17. Agreed. A much needed three points and overall well deserved. Delighted. Think I'll open a bottle.
  18. It's that bit of flair and guile that we currently lack in the final third. Most teams do at our level which is why players like Eagles, Dodds (in his prime), etc. are so well regarded. We miss Taylor. If we can get more out of our 2 attacking midfield players and wingers we'll do better because all our central strikers are proven scorers at this level (Cullen, Pope & Theo) but they can't score unless we give them the ball in the right areas and burst a blood vessel getting close to them and lending them some support instead of leaving them isolated and outnumbered. Theo has done ok of lat
  19. I think there are some games being shown on big screens - in grounds and in cinemas in the London area - but don't quote me on that. I'm not 100% sure but I think I've seen that being broadcast. Of course there have always been privileges for the ruling classes and so someone like Gullis - out of nowhere - regenerates into a massive Port Vale fan and gets in the ground while fans like me who have been supporting the Club for over 57 years can't get near the place. Others don't miss games home or away and are in the same boat. Another example of one rule for them and one for us. I'm sure
  20. TheSage


    It was quite busy at the testing centre on Trentham Lakes earlier. I hope that isn't an indication of what is to come. I'm sure we could begin to get on top of this if the idiots who don't conform to the rules showed a bit more common sense and intelligence. Unlike the woman in a queue at the supermarket today who, when she saw her friend across the other side of the shop, pulled down her mask and shouted across to her. There is no future for the human race.
  21. TheSage


    Signed, Jacko. Thanks. MPs enjoy high salaries, most have two homes, perks and privileges galore, subsidised food, free first class travel and a £3k pay rise - but our three local ones won't sanction FSMs for the most disadvantaged children over the winter. It's shameful but no real surprise. It's what they do. The Nasty Party. Our local MPs are frightened to death to show some moral fibre and do what is right. It's a tiny drop in the ocean. A matter of basic human decency. Thank goodness for Marcus Rashford and everyone who has given him their support. The Tories
  22. Games like these always worry me. How many times in recent seasons have we gone to teams struggling, like Morecambe and Macclesfield, and come away with nothing, having performed very poorly? It's the goals for column that is bothersome. Unless and until we start to score goals - and not just an odd one from a set piece - we're not going to find games like this easy. We need to look at our midfield and striking options and try and be more creative and threatening in the final third. We've done ok at the back generally and it's the lads up top who need to start to pull their we
  23. It always was the biggest act of self harm any government has undertaken in my lifetime. As some one said to me yesterday, when we turn back the clocks at the weekend it's a pity we can't put them back 5 years and re-set our political landscape and our moral compass. We've followed Trump to a tee and now live in a post truth populist, poisonous country where the PM is allowed to get way with blatant lying day after day, there is one rule for them and one for us, and only yesterday 322 Tory MPs voted against feeding hungry children over half term and Xmas. These are people who are highly
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