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  1. Many of our friends on here have said it all above, Barry. I hope you manage to cope with this problem and that you can continue with your love affair with Port Vale from afar. Your contribution to this site is enormous, via the generosity of your competitions, poems, posts and anecdotes. Thank you for everything you do and try and keep your optimism and sunny outlook in these difficult moments. Up the Vale.
  2. Sadly, you are right. Another hugely talented and entertaining player unfortunately passes away. What a goal that was (above). A great player to watch and a real crowd pleaser. A lovely man too and always had time for the fans. I was so pleased when he finally got his England debut and who knows what might have happened if he hadn't failed a medical at Liverpool. RIP Frank.
  3. In most cases like that moneybags owners eventually become bored/withdraw their funds/sadly pass on and then the walls come tumbling down. But it's great for fans while it happens. More crucial than signing a "big" name player would be to invest/build an academy/training ground along the same lines as Crewe. It was the best investment they have made and unlike an odd individual player remains in place for years ahead, benefitting the Club long after the owner has gone.
  4. Another one bites the dust. Those of us lucky enough to watch football in the sixties and seventies will recall Lorimer and his fiercesome cannonball shooting. My word, he could hit a ball like a rocket. Few have ever matched that. Charlton perhaps. Very sad news.
  5. Outspoken maybe, but he was spot on. We've said it for 4-5 seasons now. We keep on prioritisng quantity over quality. Successful teams are build steadily window by window. Keep your best players, add 2-3 to the squad, then another odd one in January, and see how far it gets you. Don't sign players to sit in the stands. They need to make a difference. We could also work the loan system better and again get players here who will start games and make a difference not just as cover in case of injury.
  6. Thanks lads. The problems you had selecting a team said it all. Far too many injuries and sadly no chance at all yet of selecting our strongest line up. It was very interesting to hear what Brown said wasn't it? Just confirming what we've all thought for several seasons - quantity over quality.
  7. Nicholson was one. He bought his house off my parents when he joined the Club from Liverpool in the early sixties. Just off High Lane. I don't recall any of the others goiung in that sad fashion. Hunt?
  8. My biggest regret as a Vale fan of close on 60 years is the fact that I never saw the great 53-54 team. I'm very envious! Undoubtedly, most of them should figure in our deliberations but it's hard to make comparisons across the ages. Hancock I saw and he was a brilliant keeper. Albert Leake I met on several occasions and his scoring record in the Cup run was amazing. Wonderful fella too, a lovely man. The best midfielder for me is probably Ian Taylor. We've had a few but he stands out for me and (controversially perhaps) would edge out Walker or Earle. I don't recall
  9. I know some find Clarke a bit outspoken but he's spot on about the weaknesses in the squad. It is unbalanced. We've never had a midfield physical presence since Grant left and are soft centred. No real leader out there. Heads drop - in part because we've got a lot of young lads. Everyone knows we badly needed at least one defender in January but we didn't do owt about it (apart from the young boy on loan). Leaving the managerial appointment too late was another error. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And when confidence plummets it's tough to get it back. I think our b
  10. I found it interesting that Clarke has immediately identified our defensive frailties and realised that we needed a stronger left back against Wilkinson in addition to more height/strength in the team. Hence he brought on Legge for the new fella. Rome wasn't built in a day. Our strikers generally live off scraps as we don't often create many clear cut chances in most games. It's disappointing that Guthrie hasn't scored a goal yet but he puts in a shift for us and helps get us get up the pitch. Despite the critics on here we miss Tom Pope's presence in the squad. That's a valuabl
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