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  1. Well said. Whenever he's played at the Vale he's done well and he has all the attributes to be successful here. He's quick and strong and has often caused us untold problems in the past with his running power. Delighted to see him here. Great work from everyone at the Vale in the current circumstances.
  2. Did he say he was seeing the specialist today to see whether or not he needed an operation or maybe just a bit of whitewash, a sling and a rest? It depends on the nature of both injuries. Some broken bones are simple to reset and heal fast, others can be more awkward and take a lot longer. Ligaments the same. If it's bad it might mean surgery and several months, in which case he'll miss the season. If it's minor it should get better on its own in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed for him. Does Guthrie's signing mean he might be out for a while or was it planned before Po
  3. I'm with you 100%. We have a lightweight midfield and badly need someone with physicality and power. We must get the balance of the team right. If we're playing the likes of Hurst, Amoo, Burgess, Cullen, etc. we must have 1-2 lads with real bite and aggression, otherwise we get overrun too easily and lose lots of 50:50s. I'm sure it would make a big difference to the team if we had a Griffith or a Grant or a Porter in front of the back four. That's why Oyeleke makes a difference to us - even though I can't remember when he was last 100% match fit! He's such a loss to us.
  4. Yes. Dig out one of your old black and white videos from the nineties and watch Dean Glover!!
  5. Excellent news. It won't solve all our problems overnight but he's a good player and one for the future, with an eye for goal. Great work from everyone at the Club.
  6. It must be very difficult keeping everyone happy. We no longer have a reserve team so anyone not in the first XI or on the bench can go 2-3 weeks without playing a game. Years ago the reserves would play as many games as the first team, home and away. So players were always match fit, of sorts, and knew if they performed well that the manager might pick them for the first team. How you juggle 22 players and keep them all contented I really don't know. Reading between the lines this seems to have been a running sore for us in recent months. Askey wasn't a big fan of Pope. Robinso
  7. That's a very good point and one that I feel gets overlooked. We need to think outside the box and look at what happens in rugby union. Used properly - proactively - it could make a big difference. Maybe top Premiership teams do this now. But at our level I think it gets overlooked and in 90% of cases subs are only used when injuries occur and not in a tactical way.
  8. Firmino has scored 5 in 25 games this season as a centre forward for the best club side in the world. Should he be playing or should they ditch him? 😉
  9. You can't defend Brown's record (and I'm not) but I still think if we hadn't had all those crippling injuries to key players (what was it? 5-6 not just the odd one) we would have survived the year we went down. Players like Guy and Walker and Knops. But for one goal. Having to throw in lads like Reeves and Turner and Tanser didn't help. We also lost our best players at the end of January, a gamble that didn't pay off. I think the general point made about now we're working under new and different and better owners (who don't sign players) is a valid point. Owners are indeed crucial to
  10. You might as well pin a tail on a donkey blindfolded because it's impossible to guarantee success. Just cross everything and hope. Rudge, I think was reserve coach at Torquay before coming here. Can you imagine the uproar on here if we picked Torquay's reserve coach today? Bobby Charlton, arguably England's best player, was hopeless at management. Work that one out. He'd played against the world's best players and under great, great managers like Busby and Sir Alf Ramsay. But he couldn't square the circle. None of us know who will be best for Port Vale. It's in the lap of the g
  11. I think the ball is in our court. If we have the money and can meet his wage demands then I'm sure he'd like to come back here. But it's a bit awkward at the moment. We don't have a permanent manager in place and we don't know if the Club wants to spend money while we are in this state of limbo.
  12. Delighted with the win. Crucial for us and badly needed. All the players seemed to buy into Pugh's management style and put in a big shift. Good to see. Well done one and all. I still think we need a defender and a midfield destroyer. We really shouldn't be conceding possession to poor teams like that on our home patch. But after the past few weeks that was a great and important victory. By three clear goals too! We haven't done that very often. Delighted for Pugh and everyone at the Club. It was badly needed. Pope and Rodney will cause teams problems. Good to see Worr
  13. Assessing a manager by his personality as portrayed to us is wrong. We don't know what they are really like. Just because someone doesn't run up and down the touchline doesn't mean he isn't passionate and thoughtful. And with a coaching team behind him there is always room for the good cop-bad cop routine. Sir Alf Ramsay? I don't think the likes of Paisley and Busby were loud, bombastic, demonstrative people either but they got the job done. John Rudge too. Just trust the owners to do their due diligence.
  14. I'm not sure who is or is not available. I stand to be corrected. Is Crookes still isolating? Legge must be suspended for 2 games. Conlon should be back. And we had one positive Covid test in the week didn't we? It'll be interesting to see the team. Stick to 433 or try something different? Who plays in defence? It is cold here, below freezing tonight and barely above that by midday tomorrow. A bright sunny day is forecast but will the pitch be too hard to play on?
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