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  1. Closing Parliament occurs on a majority vote by all MPs, not on the wishes of the PM alone. The Court decision was unequivocal. Johnson misled the Queen and was trying to shut down debate. That's clearly unlawful and unconstitutional and he should resign. When has a PM ever been called to task like this before? Never.
  2. From my limited knowledge of events I'd probably say that Abbott has been promoted above her station but so too have half the current Cabinet. The difference is, of course, that if she makes a mistake or does something wrong or says something off the cuff it's immediately on the front page of the Mail and Express and shouted from the rooftops by every right wing commentator alive, so she's never out of the spotlight and never shown in a good light. This is to do with her colour and her sex but also because the Establishment hate her because she's left wing. But there is clearly more to her than meets the eye. She was the first ever female black MP and her constituents greatly value her. Her majority went up by 11,000 votes last time out and over 76% of her voters voted for her. So perhaps a measure of balance should be called for. I'm not holding my breath.
  3. The problem chiefly is midfield. Joyce does his best but is no Grant or Griffith and we lack a real physical presence in front of the back four. And I know they do their best and give 100% effort but Lloyd and Taylor look short on quality and physicality. All our injuries caught up with us today and in the circumstances it was a good point. We had no outlet. No fast winger. No Browne. No Amoo. No Monty. Add to that, no Oyeleke or Conlon and we're down to the bare bones. I've seen all the back four play better so it was a real effort today to get a point against a time wasting and very professional outfit. We need our injured players back. It's pointless criticising the strikers because they had no service except aimless long balls. The midfield is lightweight and non-existent. Pope did ok for me and created the first goal despite appalling service. Let's except the hard-won point and move on.
  4. We've been unlucky with injuries. I can't ever remember us having to make 3 subs in the first 35 minutes of a game. However, I've said numerous times that I thought we lacked a midfield player or two and have overloaded the squad with strikers and wingers. I can't understand why we've done it as most games we play we've got 2-3 decent strikers on the bench yet no proper replacement for Oyeleke or a natural scoring number ten. That said, it's just been bad luck that Gibbons and his replacement were injured at the same time, although we do seem to pick up hamstring problems that can be long term. The other problem is that if you don't play a reserve game weekly then players struggle to get up to speed if they've been on the bench for weeks on end, not playing. I guess these are the problems facing all league one clubs but we've been hit particularly hard in the past fortnight. Let's hope a few of them are back today.
  5. Can't wait. I attended 4-5 games at the last World Cup and it was a wonderful tournament and atmosphere. The skills of the Blacks left me in awe and I suspect they'll find a way of winning again, though don't some pundits have a sneaking regard for the Boks? England ought to do well. This is the first time in years since we've had a more or less fully fit squad and on paper our strength in depth is impressive. Whether we've got enough fluency behind the scrum and a good enough 9 is debatable and we often give away too many penalties. Should be good fun to watch. As I write, the French are throwing the ball around. Great to see. Bring it on!
  6. With the injuries we're having I think it's clear that we needed an extra proven midfield player rather than all these wingers/forwards. Oyeleke's absence can't be covered adequately and when he's out we are much worse in midfield. And yet we've often got 2-3 forwards sitting on the bench, plus the three we start with. There's an imbalance. But it's too late to remedy it now. One of the reasons why we don't play two strikers at home is because the two central midfield men, plus two wingers, are not collectively good enough when we don't have the ball. So we look stuck playing with a lone striker at present which goes some way to explaining why we don't often score more than a solitary goal. From memory, in the late sixties, I think we once scored 4 goals in 4 successive home games. Wouldn't that be nice?!
  7. My worry with Bennett as the focal point for our attack is that he doesn't hold up the ball as efficiently as Pope and we don't retain possession as well. The ball comes back too often. He needs to be stronger and more physical. I quite like Bennett and recognise his contribution to the team but we do need a target man who can retain the ball and is very physical. I'm yet to be convinced that Bennett can do this. It might be interesting to ponder playing both together (no, I know it won't happen). If we could get crosses into the box with those two on the end of them then we'd have a real aerial threat. It's odd how most of us assumed that Pope would start every game along with Cullen who looked better than Bennett in pre-season, yet neither of them can get in at the moment.
  8. And that's the most sensible sentence I've read on this thread in several hundred pages. Farage needed challenging and calling out for what he is. But instead we end up letting the genie out of the bottle and now it won't go back. Like you, I can see this hare running for many years into the future and that saddens me. Whatever happens in the next few weeks it won't be the end of things but the beginning of the end. It won't disappear. Something that was not a major concern to anyone apart from a few Ukippers and Bill Cash has now morphed into a monster. As you say, goodness knows where we'll end up. If we don't leave many will feel betrayed and annoyed. If we leave and it goes badly then just as many will feel sold down the river. And if we leave at all half the population will be annoyed. Most younger voters want to remain and I expect us one way or another to be back in the EU in the not too distant future. If we leave it has to work well. On top of ten years of austerity, if it goes wrong and the economy gets a big hit....then I would not want to be in Johnson's shoes. Conclusion? It's a complete mess.
  9. It was an enjoyable game. In the first 45 I thought they were better than us without creating much.They overloaded our right hand side and their movement was very good. At times Mayor and Moore and the rest were too sharp and quick for our defenders and they looked a decent outfit. I was just grateful to go in level. Everyone then said that a point would be a good result, especially since we'd made 3 subs within half an hour. When has that ever happened before? Very unusual but strangely I thought we played better after the subs came on. Taylor did well and Browne looked good. For me, Pope holds up the ball better than Bennett but Bennett did well again and kept going for 90 minutes. Monty came alive after half time and the back four all played really well. Considering we were up against what for me was a very good team [with a lot of league one players on their team-sheet] and in view of the fact that we had to make 3 subs within half an hour I thought it was a tremendous, gritty effort, and in the second half we thoroughly deserved to win the game with that great 15 minute purple patch. I was very pleased with the performance. Gibbons and Legge were excellent but they all played well. It might prove a blessing in disguise that the hapless Conlon went off because a fit Oyleke will benefit us and Taylor looks decent to me. I still think Plymouth will be up there next May so this was an excellent result for us and a game we would probably have lost 12 months ago. A very good second half display from everyone, putting them under pressure and making them look ordinary. Well done the manager for getting them going in the second 45 with no subs left to make. Isn't it nice to see players like Monty, Amoo and Browne, showing no little skill and pace? All good to watch.
  10. It's a complete mess and thanks to Cameron we'll be arguing the toss about this for years to come when in realty it is and was no big deal and was never in the voters' top 4-5 concerns at every election up to 2015. Nor was it much mentioned by politicians, Farage apart. I still say it hasn't been remotely worth the trouble and discord it's caused. There is no compelling reason that trumps the nonsense and upheaval we've gone through and will go through now in the next 5-10 years into the distant future. The Tories have created a Frankenstein monster and now it's out of the box we can't get it back in again. They've have gone so far the right that we might as well call them the Tory UKIP party. The days of Macmillan's one nation Toryism have gone and now we're left with a bunch of far right loonies intent on taking us over a cliff, lying every time they open their mouths, and sacking over 20 of the best MPs they'll ever have. Even Johnson's brother has had enough. Truly amazing. Any yet we've still got people on here who think they're trustworthy, honest and doing a good job!
  11. They certainly attract the rich. Audrey Hepburn and Roger Moore had homes there. Good efficient railway system too and chocolate! And they are not silly enough to cut off their noses to spite their face (as we seem to be doing) as they pay money to the EU to access their huge market.
  12. Doesn't Switzerland belong to Schengen and has some sort of freedom of movement? It was part of the deal they signed to join the EU's free trade area. It can do its own trade deals but I think from memory it has accepted freedom of movement in part in order to access the market. We could have that but we'd have to have freedom of movement. We could do trade deals then if we wished but they pay money to the EU for the privilege of access to their 600 million customers and have no seat at the top table of the EU as we do. I don't think No Dealers would accept that. It's the kind of compromise that might be attractive for those who want to compromise but No Dealers would say it gives away too much to the EU and remainers would say we already have a better deal by staying in because we do have a seat at the top table and help shape decisions and policies. I may have got some of that awry because the Swiss-EU relationship is complicated, very. I think there are over 200 treaties between them.
  13. Talking of garbage, there's plenty of rubbish in that false statement. Pray tell us how the EU is a tyranny? What factual evidence do you have?
  14. An election has been on the cards for weeks. Johnson has found a magic money tree and has been promising the moon and stars to everyone. Money for this, that and the other has been thrown around like confetti with gay abandon, totally un-costed, so we know what an honest, generous, principled, caring man he is!! But an election is not going to heal the wounds. It's not a party issue but a national one and one in which the only sensible outcome has to be a soft Brexit or a confirmatory vote. Pushing for an extreme No deal or alternatively standing on a No Brexit platform isn't, in my view, feasible or workable. It would not heal the divide but widen it. But what's in the best interests of the country isn't the same as what's in the best interests of BJ and the Cabinet.
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