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  1. Can I add my warmest wishes, thoughts and prayers for you and your family? That's a lovely article about him. Sad as it is, try to celebrate his wonderful life. You have lots of proud memories to share.
  2. I tend to agree with a lot of these comments. He is a clever player with a very good first touch and an awareness of space. The issue at the moment is that he struggles to complete 90 minutes and seems to have lost some of his pace (which was electric in his younger days). He does work hard for the team and it's nice to see both players and fans supporting him to the hilt so hopefully a long run of games will help him improve his fitness. The partnership between him and Proctor is developing nicely.
  3. That's saddened me. Greaves was one of the greatest goalscorers I've had the privilege of watching live. Spurs fans will be heartbroken. One of England's greats and a nice fella to boot. He'd been unwell for some time but it's still a shock. I doubt I'll see a better English striker in my lifetime. A truly brilliant player who came alive in the box, was two footed, and electric over a few yards. Wonderful memories. RIP Jimmy.
  4. All good stuff and nice publicity for us, thanks to the kindness of Master Shanahan. Thanks for posting.
  5. My memory isn't what it should be but I have warm memories of Boulton and Wilson as our full back pairing in the late sixties. I'm sure Ron Wilson scored a goal from about 40 yards in one game but maybe my memory ia adding a few yards with every passing year! Great times with the 69-70 Promotioon team, of which Ron was a major part, alongside Clinton, Johnny King and Roy Sproson in the back four that year that went 19 games unbeaten at the start of the season. Nice to see Ron looking so well. A combative and hard working left back. Always gave us 100%. A fans' favourite.
  6. Blmey O'Reilly. I must have a memory like a sieve. A shameful 2/10.
  7. Many of our friends on here have said it all above, Barry. I hope you manage to cope with this problem and that you can continue with your love affair with Port Vale from afar. Your contribution to this site is enormous, via the generosity of your competitions, poems, posts and anecdotes. Thank you for everything you do and try and keep your optimism and sunny outlook in these difficult moments. Up the Vale.
  8. Sadly, you are right. Another hugely talented and entertaining player unfortunately passes away. What a goal that was (above). A great player to watch and a real crowd pleaser. A lovely man too and always had time for the fans. I was so pleased when he finally got his England debut and who knows what might have happened if he hadn't failed a medical at Liverpool. RIP Frank.
  9. Thanks lads. The problems you had selecting a team said it all. Far too many injuries and sadly no chance at all yet of selecting our strongest line up. It was very interesting to hear what Brown said wasn't it? Just confirming what we've all thought for several seasons - quantity over quality.
  10. I know some find Clarke a bit outspoken but he's spot on about the weaknesses in the squad. It is unbalanced. We've never had a midfield physical presence since Grant left and are soft centred. No real leader out there. Heads drop - in part because we've got a lot of young lads. Everyone knows we badly needed at least one defender in January but we didn't do owt about it (apart from the young boy on loan). Leaving the managerial appointment too late was another error. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And when confidence plummets it's tough to get it back. I think our best (only) chance of winning games lies in us getting a tune out of the likes of Pope, Amoo, Oyleke and Worrall. Their experience, trickery and physicality might give us a bit extra and get us across the line. But it's a poor squad. The spine is badly creaking compared to last year, Askey's signings were appalling generally, and we've got far too many crocks in the squad (at least 4 of them). None of these things are Clarke's fault. I'll judge him after a couple of windows and a pre-season but it's going to be a nail biting finish. We've been far too complacent since last October.
  11. I doubt you'll shift the front 3 of Sterling, Kane and Rashford, if they're all fit.
  12. Fair points. Liverpool have a fantastic first XI when everyone is fit and playing to form. No doubt about that. But they don't have a huge pool of talent if they get a few injuries. City of course has more money and a bigger squad. Their bench is frightening when everyone is fit and they have tended to bring in 1-2 and freshen up the squad over the years. United have done the same. The Liverpool lads look tired and a bit weary, as you say. They also rely on the high press and playing at fast pace - and with so many matches in such a short space of time due to Covid I think it's impacted on their ability to keep it up game after game after game. A bit like the Vale. 😉
  13. Just as an aside, I think we've been mentally quite weak for ages and lack a real leader on the pitch. We do drift through parts of games rudderless and it often takes half time to put us back on track, by which time it's too late and we are chasing games.
  14. I'd need a couple of hard drives to list all the dross I've seen wearing a Vale shirt since the early sixties! Andy Jones was a phenomenal player for us - so strong, powerful and direct. But I always thought his career dipped after he left us. Well, I'm sure it did. I think it's difficult to play 433 at our level. For a time we did ok under Askey but we hardly ever created loads of chances and hardly ever won games by more than an odd single goal. I can't recall many occasions when we scored 3,4 or 5 but an awful lot of times when we were hanging on grimly at 90 minutes. The problem chiefly is that the lone striker gets isolated. Unless, as said above, both wingers get close to him sometimes and/or we have a couple of lads able to support him from midfield. Fingers crossed that Taylor can do that. Otherwise it becomes a thankless task and the centre forward is isolated and battling on his own against two centre backs. It happens a lot with us when the gap between him and our midfield is too wide. We never get enough players in the box. I much prefer two up there and I felt sure that Pope-Rodney would have worked a treat. it's a shame that hasn't happened but maybe Guthrie can step up.
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