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  1. Take the 0-0 and move on. Those games are easily lost but we didn't have enough quality in the final third. That's the type of game where we miss Pope.
  2. It was a terrible tackle. He knew what he was doing. Nasty.
  3. Slightly better but it wasn't hard to improve on the first half. You have to take the chance when it comes. Still very very scrappy.
  4. It's a disappointing game, although quite windy today which can make things tough at Vale Park. We're being dragged into a long ball game and with no target man it's not been effective at all. Let's hope the manager can gee them up and think hard about how we need to play in the second half. Somehow we need to get the ball down and try and play it on the deck but it's easier said than done in these conditions when your opponents are harrying and pressing you. Physically they are winning more than us.
  5. TheSage


    I've downloaded it. I'm far less suspicious of this Google-Apple one than I was of the previous one invented by Cummings' mates. We should have gone down this route several months ago. Anyone seen a report of that barber's shop in Tunstall where the owner reckons corona virus isn't real, it's all a hoax and he doesn't believe in wearing masks? Not much future for humanity with folk like him sharing the planet with us. Dogs make better friends. I'd like to come back as a dog. Far more loyal and caring than some of my fellow human racers.
  6. There are a few anomalies and I wonder if the government is treating all clubs in the same way ie. if the bigger teams with huge attendances are not allowed to play then no one plays. It doesn't seem right to me. Even if we take an example say of half our ticket holders attending every other game ie. 2,000 in a 20,000 seater stadium, or 10% capacity. I'm sure with careful planning that could be achieved as safely as walking round a shopping centre, spending an hour inside a big supermarket, several hours in a pub or on a plane. I'm not minimising the risks and the problems but a lot
  7. It's all rubbish, not just that one line. Comparing noncompliance with a few internal EU regulations about water quality and air pollution to our breaking of a key important international treaty is almost as ridiculous as claiming that the EU are annexing part of the UK and going to starve people in NI. You cannot in good faith break an international treaty that you eagerly signed. None of us can break a legal agreement we entered into in good faith. A mortgage. A HP commitment. If you freely sign it then you must meet your obligations. It's not ambiguous or open to interpretation.
  8. TheSage


    The confusion and perceived unfairness of what is happening continues. On a brighter note the long awaited app is now available to download (Sept. 24th). It's more of a Google-Apple one and from all accounts seems a better bet that the world beating one developed by Cummings' mates back in June. I wonder if enough people will download it to make it effective? Let's hope it works and helps us through the next few months.
  9. If you didn't like a border in the Irish Sea you'll love one in the River Thames. Absolutely farcical. Stupidity of the highest order. It's hard to believe what is happening to our country. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.
  10. TheSage


    You can only attempt to live with this virus if you reduce the number of cases daily to manageable levels and have a highly efficient T&T system in fully working order, to kill any spikes stone dead. It's very hard. We know that. Europe is having problems too. But we've not had either of those things. And we've had 6 months to plan our strategy. We lifted the barriers too soon with cases and deaths too high, cancelled the briefings and hid the statistics from the public, pretending that it had disappeared and we could all go back to work (or risk being sacked), pack the bars and
  11. TheSage


    I feel for you my friend. Very frustrating. A minority of the public are letting everyone else down and behaving in a selfish, immoral way. It's annoying because even if you get 90% playing ball and doing their utmost it only takes one isolated twerp of a super spreader to start the ball rolling. But I just don't know how you get to grips with these mavericks. That said, with the best will in the world, this thing will jump from person to person if it gets the slightest chance. However, let's be frank, the government has hardly covered itself in glory has it? I still think we locked
  12. I'll go with my first time of 28 mins please. I thought you were going to have your work cut out! I'll put the confusion down to my age. Thank you.
  13. You'll need a brain like a computer and time aplenty to correlate all this, Barry. Can I have 28, 75 & 78 minutes please, Many thanks, as ever.
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