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  1. Didn't Delgado make his debut for us one Boxing Day at Barnsley? And we conceded 6 or 7 didn't we? Calvin McIntosh wasn't great either.
  2. The most impressive thing from those days under Sir John was the wonderful carpet football we played. Rudgie had an eye for a skilful player and we used to knock the ball around really well. Very enjoyable.
  3. You forget how many good players we had at that time. Slavin was indeed excellent. Foyle, Taylor, Van der Laan, et al - were all superb. Stockport were a long ball team and relied hugely on Francis.
  4. TheSage


    Gove is a pompous ass. He's got an arrogant po-faced demeanour of someone you just want to punch in the face.
  5. Good stuff. Thanks for all this. Just make sure you don't the tapes mixed up from the following weekend - possibly the worst moment in my time watching the Vale!
  6. Nice one, RR. I remember that. From memory I think I had Eddie Waring commenting on it. Didn't he say something like, "The poor lad has missed it" or some such words? Who would have been in Fox's shoes. He usually kicked those in his sleep but the weather was so terrible and the ball so wet.....
  7. Blimey, I think I need a memory test. I assumed (wrongly) that I knew them all. 23 only. The shame.
  8. I'll miss the Masters as well, Paul. It's time that Green Jacket came back over the pond, but what a fabulous tournament it was last year. It's a beautiful golf course. What I miss most about Saturday afternoons is the usual adrenaline rush, the anticipation, the excitement that surges through your veins as you desperately hope the team can win. I suppose only football fans know what I mean. Bill Shankly certainly did. I miss chatting to friends of course but no matter where I am in the world between 3-4.45 on Saturday afternoons my heart is with Port Vale and I'm desperate to either attend the game or get on my phone to check the score. It's crazy isn't it? But it is like a drug.
  9. TheSage


    Mortality statistics have always been "best estimates" for hundreds of years. For the reasons we've discussed above. Sadly folk can die for a variety of interconnected reasons and many outside hospitals. It ultimately boils down to the doctor on the spot and his judgement but because there is no absolute we have always given best estimates as accurately as we can.
  10. I agree, lovely stuff. Has Stephen McPhee had plastic surgery? Ian Bogie is a better singer than a footballer. (only joking, Ian). It's nice to see some of those great players from the past - as well as Swanny's dog!
  11. TheSage


    I think it's more like 80%. From what I can gather, in the final reckoning, their figures might well look closer to everyone else's but we'll have to wait and see. At present they have done a brilliant job for a whole variety of reasons. There's a good article here in Time magazine. https://time.com/5812555/germany-coronavirus-deaths/
  12. TheSage


    The good news is that lately several scientists have apparently come up with new testing kits that can be used quickly and simply. One is from Oxford, Bosch have one in Germany and Abbot I think in the US have also developed a kit. There are surely others. Let's hope this can allow us to increase testing and break the chain that is so deadly. I tip my hat to these people. I'm still at a loss as to how an aeroplane gets off the tarmac!
  13. TheSage


    The average figure for flu deaths between 2014 and 2019 is 17,000. It was a lot lower last year but as high as 28,000 in 2014. A lot depends on the severity of the winter and how many have the free flu jab that is routinely offered to everyone over 65 and all others in a high risk group. But as Wrex says, it is a killer disease.
  14. TheSage


    That's one of my criticisms too, Toyah. I think everyone has now recognised the severity of the problem across the world but it's taken a long time for most countries to wake up and start belatedly to address the issue. Around the time northern Italy was in lock-down we were encouraging the go ahead for all sporting fixtures, concerts, theatres and pubs, and schools were all open. Apart form the shocking fact that we were letting people walk straight in here from Italy and China without being stopped and checked. Flights are still arriving from New York. I just don't get it. It's looking like we need to test and trace a lot more people (goodness knows why we are not doing that either), ensure that everyone in the NHS has the right equipment, all of us stay at home, and hope that this buys us time to find a vaccine. But it isn't going to be easy or pleasant. Flu I think still kills 17,000 a year in the UK - and we know all about that and have a jab for it! This is far worse. There are some brilliant scientists out there all over the world and hopefully someone, somewhere can come up with a vaccine before the year is out.
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