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  1. Craig James looked decent until we went 3-0 up against Swindon in his second game, but it was all downhill from there. I remember Jules getting hooked after something like 46 or 47 minutes the last time he played - I don't know what must have gone on there, in the two minutes or so after half time. Foyle ended up having a bit of beef with Colin Miles, he was named in the team away at Chesterfield but injured himself in the warm up. Foyle came on the radio after saying he thought he did he sock ties too tight and it was damaging his circulation. Most of the bad ones have been covered off. Ryan Brown struggled but got thrown in at the deep end. Rae Ingram maybe deserves a mention.
  2. I thought it was quite funny actually. Yet again the snowflakes are desperate to be offended by something.
  3. All three of them, which was rumoured to be how he was transporting himself into town.
  4. I feel that Justin Miller deserves a mention, signed on a 2 for 1 deal from Orient with Shane Tudor. The same summer that Oldham did us a similar deal for Craig Rocastle and Paul ‘Heather’ Edwards.
  5. Santa


    I'm not a scientist but from what I can gather mutation is pretty normal with a lot of viruses and not necessarily a cause for alarm.
  6. He can hardly send the bailiffs round.
  7. Santa


    One of the most pernicious falsehoods Trump has said about the virus was to say that Chloroquine had already been approved by the FDA. https://www.abc15.com/news/state/valley-man-dies-wife-hospitalized-after-taking-chemicals-to-protect-from-coronavirus
  8. Outside of the obvious stuff, one that I always found amusing was when the barcode scanners failed at a home game (I think it was Yeovil in 14/15) and everybody with a season card was just being waved through and given an old paper ticket for some reason. After the game I think he blamed it on an issue with the "wifi cables".
  9. Santa


    I don’t think his brand of after dinner speaking really lends itself to crisis leadership. As the leader of The Times put it today "The prime minister who dreamt of being Churchill may find himself cast as Neville Chamberlain."
  10. Santa


    Johnson’s advisers and the botched idea of herd immunity have cost us valuable time.
  11. Santa


    Any new cases being reported now were most likely infected a week or more ago and a lot of the metrics are lagging. I've been told that they have predicted a big spike in demand for ventilators/ICU beds at some point in the next 10 days and it may not peak until maybe 12 weeks' time. Everybody is hoping it's wrong but that's the scenario being planned for.
  12. That was ridiculous. I watched that back several times when it happened and I still couldn't get my head around it. The ball took an age to trickle into the area and when it finally did, he put his hands to it, slipped and in doing so managed to shovel the ball over his own head to give Hughes a tap in.
  13. The Maradona film is on Channel 4 tomorrow night
  14. Fun things to watch on iplayer: Inspector Montalbano. Italian detective drama with subtitles. I got my dad into it and he's binge watching on my bbc account. The Goes Wrong Show. Silly comedy with one off stories put on by an inept theatre company. A good way to kill half an hour.
  15. I feel it's a bit harsh to have a keepers who were very young and/or thrown in at the deep end. Pilkington was disappointing considering his pedigree from Man Utd, with Anyon there seemed to be a big gap between how good he was and how good he thought he was. Mehmet was just poor full stop. I'd be tempted to vote for him.
  16. I loved The Thick Of It, the standard of swearing is first rate. I’ve been a big fan of Armando and that school of comedy for years. I’ve never watched Veep because I don’t watch Sky but I gather it’s an American political comedy along a similar vein. And he’s just done something on Sky called Avenue 5 with Hugh Laurie.
  17. It would be hard enough if you only had to pick the worst goalkeeper who played for us in 2017.
  18. Santa

    the insurance man

    Are you alright Geoff? How long have you been isolating for?
  19. Santa


    Waving a flag at the virus won't do much good. It isn't really arsed about borders, sovereign states or its populist leaders. The failure to coordinate an international response will compound the crisis even further.
  20. Is that even him any more or just some weirdo? Hard to tell.
  21. There are very few ‘bad’ areas on Greater Manchester these days, particularly compared to Stoke. Stockport has some decent bits, it’s getting a bit of investment in the old town and it’s even got one of them food markets like what they have in Altrincham.
  22. One option is changing the season start and end dates so that the 2022 World Cup ends up being played during a close season.
  23. Santa


    Castle at home tomorrow. Leek at home on Tuesday night. There’s some football still.
  24. Santa


    The question is will we be any better off in 3 weeks time? Possibly only if you’ve had it and got better.
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