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  1. Would this be the same fan who was notorious on here a couple of years ago for his hot takes?
  2. It is doable by bus but if there’s two or three or more of you (or even if you’re on your own and can’t be bothered with faff) it’s a no brainer to get a taxi. If you do get the bus there are a few different numbers but the 97 and 98 seem to be the most common. They start off at Shudehill bus station but spend a good five or ten minutes buggering about round the roads near Victoria Station, the Arena and the cathedral. You’re better off picking up the bus from near the viaduct on Blackfriars Road. Basically go to the bottom of Market Street and keep walking past the big M&S, over the bridge and past the Travelodge.
  3. They’ve been scratching around for centre halves. Monthe got a long ban for something daft he said and another lad decided to go back to Scotland.
  4. The market dictates the going rate for proven players at this level. If you want to be competitive with other teams around you, you have to either pay it or hope that you’ve got players who can overdeliver relative to the salary they command.
  5. He wouldn’t be a frustrating player if he didn’t do bits like that every now and then.
  6. No great surprise. Can’t be too much longer before Bradford reappoint McCall again.
  7. I thought that out of possession our shape looked fairly decent and we were never really under any sustained pressure. From an attacking point of view there’s still work to do but we got a point, got a clean sheet and stopped the rot.
  8. Santa


    Ironically enough the old bill said the other day that one of the reasons for raiding the place was that it posed a serious fire risk. How did that work out for you lads?
  9. Santa


    Sad to hear there’s been a fire there this afternoon. I was told it had been broken into and used as a cannabis factory since it has been empty. On Tuesday night the pavement outside was bollarded / coned off so I assume that was when the Police raided the place and shut the electricity off. I also assume that the fire that’s happened today is the work of some wrong uns.
  10. There's been a rumour doing the rounds for a couple of days, no doubt helped by him not coming off the bench on Tuesday. Then again, I've heard a few names recently and none of them have come off so either we're missing out on players or they were dodgy rumours in the first place.
  11. Almost school dinners style. I'm surprised they haven't taken off elsewhere, I'm sure one would do a roaring trade in Stoke.
  12. Some Northern Quarter boozes and maybe a rice and three for dinner then taxis up Bury New Road past all the fake handbag shops.
  13. Phones will be in perfect working order. Whether or not anyone picks them up is another thing.
  14. The Class of 92 are probably too busy with one of their vanity projects to care.
  15. I went to a youth cup match earlier in the season and to be brutally honest with you, I wouldn’t have put Collinge on to the bench either. Could we have used a fourth sub as well last night if we’d wanted ? Concussion protocol and all that?
  16. I was level with it and it was onside. As was the other call later on. In fairness there was one where the player was in an offside position, but he never became active. A lot of people who sit near me are troubled by the laws of the game.
  17. As Politic is under 24 we would have to pay a fee in the summer. Cremonese are in a different country so they are exempt from all that. If Politic told Bolton he was definitely going abroad (and he could well have signed a pre-contract already for all we know) £50K would be a fire sale.
  18. You can’t do anything about a loan player who gets recalled by his parent club because they want to sell him. There isn’t much you can do either when a good player gets sold for money either. I would hope/assume that these things are factored into the process because they have been going on as long as I’ve been a Vale fan. It feels like a lot of variables outside our control are going against us recently. Bad luck with injuries, Covid postponements, league position, and things are beginning to run away from us and we can’t help it. We’re desperate for a win of any sort just to settle everyone down.
  19. Tomlinson’s red at Rotherham got rescinded on appeal. Neal’s red at Orient would now be a yellow since the law changed for double jeopardy. Neither were in the same league for daftness.
  20. He came charging out at Cheltenham in a 5-1 defeat but that ended up with a goal, not a red card.
  21. Think he was sent off in a reserve team match. He hobbled off most of the time.
  22. Trevor Wood never played again after his thing at Swansea.
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