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  1. One of his stretch goals has to be to complete a full 90 soon.
  2. They’ll be dropping a cow off a bridge on to him next
  3. I think our game management under Clark has been good when we’ve had a lead to defend. I don’t remember us ever hanging on to a lead for grim life desperate for the final whistle.
  4. Second half was far from terrible. We hardly had to grind it out today, but nobody would have to apologise to me even if we had. What we did have to do is weather a storm early on against a very physical side looking to unsettle us at every opportunity. We not only stood up to it but we kept our heads.
  5. I think DC was maybe a little harsh / downplaying aspects of the win afterwards but that’s understandable as I imagine he’s trying to keep feet on the ground. Second half I thought we managed the game well enough. Maybe we could have got more but it would have been a bit greedy. We were never in any danger and the game petered out harmlessly which is fine if you’re two goals to the good.
  6. Should be back in time for Rochdale in the trophy. He can look forward to plenty of minutes in that one.
  7. On the front page of the mobile site the image gets cropped a bit so the first S is missing. Bit unfortunate 😬
  8. Wilf Kirkham (record goalscorer) and Tom Holford (oldest ever player) were said to be cousins.
  9. Basil Hayward’s older brother played for Vale as well for a bit didn’t he?
  10. We got the 19/20 away kit out of the lost property cupboard.
  11. Last season the amount of Crewe talk when I turned ifollow on at 2.45 ish was daft. The pair of them just seemed to drone on and on forever. I was half expecting the Alex players to run out of the tunnel.
  12. Disappointed to read posts on here giving personal abuse to my good friend Rory.
  13. Delighted to have jinxed the jinx by talking up a defeat all week.
  14. I'm not sure why we signed a winger given the system that DC favours. We might as well have signed a scrum half or a tight end.
  15. Ian King from the two hundred per cent blog is now a writer for Football 365. The Oldham Athletic crisis is another failure of English football governance WWW.FOOTBALL365.COM
  16. In a perverse way I’d be quite proud if Reach don’t think we’re Clickbait-y enough to put our coverage online.
  17. Outside the ground a lot of these security people we employ sound like they've come up from the Midlands and look like would probably work nightclub doors later on in the evening.
  18. I know football is constantly changing but there will still be plenty of days when League Two is more about winning key battles all over the pitch, getting in your tackles, winning your aerial duels, than it is a chess match. Sometimes you have to throw any thoughts about systems out of the window and just go toe to toe with the opposition.
  19. Chris Cornes scored the winner the last time we won there after a mistake by a young Tom Heaton in goal
  20. This was the first time we ever wore that blue kit
  21. It's a proper bogey ground. In over 30 years of supporting the Vale I can only think of maybe four times we've won there, and we've probably been in the same division as them more than any other team during the last few decades.
  22. For that much you'd expect Kylie to be turning up in the encore
  23. In the Railway Stand the minute's silence was tempered somewhat by a couple of people talking loudly in the gents about whether or not the minute's silence had started and then using the hand driers.
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