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  1. Bloody hell what a shambles we're starting to look really tinpot !!
  2. Never felt so confident that we will win our final two games now !!...UTV..!![emoji460][emoji460][emoji460][emoji460][emoji460]
  3. It's in our own hands what is there to worry about...just got to win two games of football !!..[emoji23]
  4. A very unlikely scenario though Owen, thank goodness !!
  5. To give us the best chance in the playoffs we need Exeter and The Gas to achieve automatic promotion !!
  6. Will we ever lay the Walsall bogey !!
  7. It's all over !!......Bottled it yet again !!
  8. Don't like how this is panning out, Cobblers on a right good run. Hope we don't do our usual bottling job, we need a win today !! [emoji848]
  9. Well done Jake Taylor !!....Top player.....UTV !!
  10. Should be 10,000 plus for this one !!....UTV.
  11. Bloody terrible this, big improvement needed in second half !!
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