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  1. Not many I'd retain out of this pile of <ovf censored>, bloody shocking !!
  2. Has Pope been eating too many Wright's pies ??[emoji848]
  3. What next, lady footballer's forceing there way into Vale's starting eleven !!
  4. A Vale Fan !!...[emoji849][emoji849][emoji849]
  5. Can't score can't win !!.....0 - 0 !! [emoji849]
  6. Walsall...0....Barrow...1.[emoji848]
  7. Bloody Hell Ryan Burge is going to have a field day !! [emoji23]
  8. Davo666

    Amon Duul.

    Something different while I smoke some wakky Bakky.....lol.[emoji23]
  9. Granted this squad of players are <ovf censored> but this manager ain't much better in my opinion!!
  10. He's lost the dressing room already !![emoji23]
  11. One would like to see Jeff jogging on !!....good buy and goodnight !![emoji23]
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