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  1. Don't think he'll be missed to be honest,just put Amoo in his place !!
  2. Will the Tinkerman tinker again that is the question??
  3. Well done the Vale !!.....and well done the Manager !!
  4. Get shut of the spin masters... Utter garbage Clarke and Flitcroft!!
  5. Clarkes definitely not the answer that's for sure!!
  6. Spot on Ray, get yourself back up there!!
  7. Lol..... 3 goals in 42 games!! Bring back Popey all is forgiven!!
  8. Wonder whose going to be the scapegoat this season and how long will it take to identify him ??[emoji23]
  9. Way to Chavvy and Blingy is that, they'll look like a rate bunch of tarts running around in that kit !![emoji23]
  10. Have we signed anybody yet ??[emoji848]
  11. Not many I'd retain out of this pile of <ovf censored>, bloody shocking !!
  12. Has Pope been eating too many Wright's pies ??[emoji848]
  13. What next, lady footballer's forceing there way into Vale's starting eleven !!
  14. A Vale Fan !!...[emoji849][emoji849][emoji849]
  15. Can't score can't win !!.....0 - 0 !! [emoji849]
  16. Walsall...0....Barrow...1.[emoji848]
  17. Bloody Hell Ryan Burge is going to have a field day !! [emoji23]
  18. Davo666

    Amon Duul.

    Something different while I smoke some wakky Bakky.....lol.[emoji23]
  19. Granted this squad of players are <ovf censored> but this manager ain't much better in my opinion!!
  20. He's lost the dressing room already !![emoji23]
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