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  1. Looks like we'll be playing Crewe next season just hope Wrexham come up from the National league,...two good away day's to look forward to !!
  2. McKirdys fast, tricky, and gets penaltys!!...[emoji23]
  3. To right vale@rocks but you have to trust the process !!.....Was that a practice game I watched today ??....Utter garbage too many players stealing a wage ATM!!
  4. A true legend taken way to early....RIP Warney !!
  5. At least the 2nd half will appear to be better !!..[emoji23]
  6. Think I must have one to many when I posted this, however I feel a lot more positive now !! [emoji23]...UTV !!
  7. Good win Lads can't see us losing another game this season to be honest !! ..UTV !!
  8. Does the business again at the Bet 365 !!..[emoji23]
  9. In Search of Space.....Hawkwind.
  10. Going back a few decades lol, I lived opposite The Stoke Express...Les Jenkins, great guy !!
  11. At least we've got Shunters away to look forward to next season !!....[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Not another fkn draw !!......Jesus H Christ !!
  13. We're back !!.....lol[emoji23][emoji460][emoji23][emoji460]
  14. If you thought that was anything but garbage I'll have some of what you are smoking !!...[emoji23]
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