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  1. Boris also said we'd leave the EU on October 31st. I've just checked and we are still in the EU and it's now 11th November.
  2. Thats my point- he isn't giving voters an option to vote for him. He's a self appointed leader who cannot be removed by members. All politicians seek that, but those who are in postions of responsibility can be held accountable for when things go wrong. They have one policy but have no way of delivering it. Before the Brexit party it was UKIP who were just the anti immagration party. There will always be a fascist pressure group of some sort whilst the likes are Farage are about.
  3. Nigel Farage says he's all about democracy, yet cannot be voted for as an MP by the british public in this election and cannot be removed as party leader, yet wants to have all the influence and power with minimal responsibility. He's a coward.
  4. colin

    Brexit again...

    The tories have spent 100 million on adverts saying get ready for leaving on 31st October and have now had to scrap them and melt all the brexit 50ps they made!
  5. I think that's the same for any party. Although do you start supporting Stoke or Crewe if you don't like the manager in charge of the Vale? Party loyalty is the same as club loyalty for some people.
  6. At least I don't base my vote on picking my favourite party logo colour like you do Phil.
  7. colin

    Brexit again...

    Their postion is a people's vote between remain and a renegotiated deal. It's fairly simple to understand their position even if you don't agree with it. The postion I'm most confused with is the Brexit Party. They have one policy and haven't even said how theyre going to leave the EU.
  8. colin

    Brexit again...

    You believe they will for nothing in return? What do you think of the health secretary not knowing what goes on in his own department?
  9. What a load of nonsense and a waste of a vote.
  10. colin

    Brexit again...

    Our health secretary Matt Hancock does not know what is happening in his own department. Several meetings going ahead between senior civil servants and US drug companies about the NHS unknown to him.
  11. The tories are untrustworthy and unelectable. And that's the opinion of Jacob Rees Mogg. The tory party is also finished. And that's the opinion of Mark Francois.
  12. colin

    Brexit again...

    https://www.itv.com/news/2019-10-28/government-pauses-100m-ad-campaign-for-october-31-brexit-preparations/ 100 million spent on advertising saying get ready for brexit on October 31st. And not to mention the Brexit 50ps which have been melted down. What a complete waste of resources which could have been used elsewhere. Boris knew full well that there was every chance parliament could block leaving before 31st October, yet he said there was no way we'd not leave. Another lie to his collection.
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