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  1. The way this last week has gone and the crap I (and no doubt all of us) have received from the poorer half of the city, I wonder how much you all hate the Prize Bully's. I hate them that much that I would stop putting gravy on my chips. Over to you.
  2. However it turns out, it can't be worse than the Ted Bates statue at Southampton!
  3. Blackpool, Reading, Barnsley, Huddersfield, Brentford?
  4. Only just seen about Gordon's passing. In '72, as a 13 yr old me and my dad went to Fellows Park to witness our annual 2-0 defeat there. My dad died inside the ground during the game. (just before Horton missed that penalty!) About a week or so later, there was a knock on the door. My mother opened the door and standing there was Gordon Lee! I was in awe! He was ushered into the parlour (only usually used on Sunday's!) and the three of us talked. Gordon Lee saved my life! For him to seek me and my mother out in these terrible circumstances tells you what a man he was. I will never forget you Gordon. Thank you.
  5. As it's FA Cup weekend, this clipping I've come across on another site from 28/1/56 makes interesting reading to say the least! 22,000 at Bootham must have been interesting!
  6. Not posted on here for a while, so only just read about the terribly sad news of Tony's passing. Although a year or two younger than myself, Tony's formative years as a Vale fan would have been nothing but witnessing dismal performances. But did that stop him loving the Vale? Not on your nelly! That's what makes football fans special. It's irrelevant who you follow. It's not the winning, it's the fact that it's YOUR club and that stays with you for ever where ever you are. And Vale will be with Tony forever. Rest in peace Tony. You will be missed by all the Vale Family.
  7. Considering the standard of opposition, the replay was probably the best Vale performance I have seen in my near on 60 years of watching Vale. That night, Guppy and Naylor were unplayable. Without exaggeration a Vale four or five goal victory would not have been unkind to Everton. And what sometimes goes unmentioned is that Everton were in fact the cup holders! Super, super performance!
  8. First of all, sincere congratulations to England for the win. But surely we have to be more proactive in the latter stages. With the way the draw had panned out its a relatively simple route to the final. But please actually try to win the game, rather hopeing not to lose in the first instance.
  9. Both goals came from getting the ball in wide positions. So why not try to do it more often?
  10. Good win, but why such a negative approach?
  11. An hour played and three efforts at goal. Southgate needs to be taken into account for his approach.
  12. He's not in the game because Southgate never tries to get the ball to him. What can he do if the ball is constantly passed sideways!
  13. Sweden must be the most boring team in history. They have one "tactic" tonight, which is to get everyman behind the ball and hope. Spain just need to up the pace a little and put Sweden more on the back foot and they will win comfortably. But Sweden, my God! At least have a go for heaven's sake!
  14. For me, it has to be Naylor's 2nd v Sunderland. If you watch the goal, check the sporting mackem behind the goal applauding his strike.
  15. OF, those days I used to have to work on Good Fridays so skipped work to go to the game. At 3-0 up I thought that the rollicking I was going to get at work was well worth it. After 90 mins, I wasn't so sure. Threatened with sack etc etc Thanks again Vale!!
  16. Going through some old stuff and came across this programme. The shivers are still running down my spine 44 years later! This is a topic for only people who were alive when Job was a lad, but how on earth did we lose the tie and ultimately our first "silverware"? Please put away any sharp implements now!
  17. He must be up there with Eddie's "love" of North East refs in the George Courtenay era then 😩😩😩
  18. As I was taken to the Vale by my father from a very early age, I cannot remember going to my first game. My father died very young so I never thought to ask which game it was. However, my mother said that I first went when I was three or four, so I would have got my first Vale fix in '62 or '63 - ish! So envious of people who know, and remember, their first match!
  19. Although I echo your points, no one admitted to supporting the formation of the Premier League in 1992. But it happened (and was allowed to happen) yet years later the egotistical amongst us claim that it is the best league in the world when previously despising its conception. Anyone who thinks that football and football owners care about its supporters (I will exclude Carol from this comment) really needs to look at themselves in the mirror. Owners at any level have never cared about fans and never will. Divide and conquer, yet again, is the order of the day. And, sadly, will continue to be the case.
  20. The word maverick could have been invented for Frank. A hugely talented player, he was a joy to watch, even in his early days at Huddersfield. He looked more like a biker than a footballer and his attraction for the opposite sex was well documented. Too many players today are sanitised at an early age to be media friendly. Fans want to relate to their hero's, not hear the now too often well rehearsed soundbites. Fans could relate to Frank. He lived in their world. The real world, unlike today's footballers parallel world. Goodbye Frank and thanks for the sparkling entertainment.
  21. I don't get the anti Salford deal. Yes, they spend more than they take in and are bankrolled by a rich owner. Tell me one club who doesn't and isn't.
  22. UK exports to the EU fall by 40% in January says ONS. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-56370690
  23. Most people will only know the Stereophonics version, but the original by the vastly underrated Chris Farlowe does justice to this Mike D'Abo number.
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