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  1. He must be up there with Eddie's "love" of North East refs in the George Courtenay era then 😩😩😩
  2. As I was taken to the Vale by my father from a very early age, I cannot remember going to my first game. My father died very young so I never thought to ask which game it was. However, my mother said that I first went when I was three or four, so I would have got my first Vale fix in '62 or '63 - ish! So envious of people who know, and remember, their first match!
  3. Although I echo your points, no one admitted to supporting the formation of the Premier League in 1992. But it happened (and was allowed to happen) yet years later the egotistical amongst us claim that it is the best league in the world when previously despising its conception. Anyone who thinks that football and football owners care about its supporters (I will exclude Carol from this comment) really needs to look at themselves in the mirror. Owners at any level have never cared about fans and never will. Divide and conquer, yet again, is the order of the day. And, sadly, will co
  4. Makes you wonder whether Vale bothered at all when signing Oyeleke. And Walsh. And Matthews. And....
  5. Superb performance, even with a depleted team as I remember. The Vale following was unbelievable, as was Van Der Laan's opener! Vale, not only playing at Annfield but actually taking the lead! Despite going 2-1 down I was so proud that we had given Liverpool a scare, but to equalise was out of this world. Outside the ground after the game, Bell scuttled past me clutching a few bottles of champagne (or maybe plonk) with a grin like a Cheshire cat! Happy, happy memories!!!
  6. His wife will be remembered for lots of things. He will be remembered for this ; http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39806145
  7. But after the game will we be saying "heaven knows I'm miserable now"?
  8. I hope she genuinely has a poor game because, as history on these pages shows, the ref is roundly lambasted irrespective of his performance. At least if she is poor, the ensuing criticism will be justified.
  9. The word maverick could have been invented for Frank. A hugely talented player, he was a joy to watch, even in his early days at Huddersfield. He looked more like a biker than a footballer and his attraction for the opposite sex was well documented. Too many players today are sanitised at an early age to be media friendly. Fans want to relate to their hero's, not hear the now too often well rehearsed soundbites. Fans could relate to Frank. He lived in their world. The real world, unlike today's footballers parallel world. Goodbye Frank and thanks for the sparkling enter
  10. Pre game I just hoped we could give them a game. But after 20 minutes it was game on! That gave the crowd and the team the lift that they needed and Spurs seemed intimidated by the situation and could settle into the game. A young Neil Ruddock had a nightmare of a game nearly scoring an own goal early on, but his goal after 70 odd minutes led to a tense and nervy finale. Never before had I been in such a terrific atmosphere and the Vale Park crowd definately dragged us over the line that day!
  11. I don't get the anti Salford deal. Yes, they spend more than they take in and are bankrolled by a rich owner. Tell me one club who doesn't and isn't.
  12. Looks a difficult day to pick winners with some big fields around this afternoon. Monkfish in the 1.55 looks a good nap, but at 1/3 theres no value. So I'm taking on the favourite in the opener with the Harry Cobden/Paul Nicholls combination of BRAVEMANSGAME at 4/1 and an each way punt on SCEAU ROYAL at 14/1 in the 3.05 hoping that the good to soft conditions are to his advantage. But the Bookie's need a good day after yesterday's mauling.
  13. Back early in the morning before odds get shortened by the days betting activity. Still not great odds, but usually better than the SP
  14. Appreciate It obliged, but what the hell was going on with Goshen? I think he must have seen someone in the car park he knew! Nice pounding for the Bookie's so far though!
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