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  1. I really hope this isn’t true. I don’t wish to be patronised, especially by some club who are only enjoying their current success because of monies ploughed into their club by owners who treat money like confetti. Take what we are entitled to and leave it at that.
  2. This is a real bug bare of mine, but why does anyone take any notice of what players have to say ? They basically love the plaudits and have no response to those favourable comments, yet if fans dare to justifiably criticise them all hell lets lose. We have all been young once (even me) when you want to absorb everything to do with Vale. But players media comments are generally so benal that I see little point in interviewing them, let alone printing their comments. A friend of my mine has a saying that “he loves football, but not necessarily footballers” Too true.
  3. Just come across this clip on You Tube. WOW !
  4. If so, he could be a Burrfect fit ! I’ll get my coat.
  5. Another fine win for Blades last night ! Out of interest, I looked at their starting XI. All highly experienced players but, until this season very, very few appearances between them at the highest level. It really just goes to show that football is not rocket science. Or is it just that the Greed Is Good League is actually not as good as the media try and make out ? But that said, what a job Chris Wilder (who cut his managerial teeth in Sunday morning football) is doing and should be named manager of the year right now !
  6. Surprised no one has mentioned our 2-2 League Cup draw at Anfield in the early 90’s. This was a time when the competition was taken seriously and Liverpool pretty much fielded their first team. A huge Vale following saw goals from a Van Der Laan header in front of The Kip and Foyle’s second half equaliser. But that said, our defeat of the Blue half of Liverpool in ‘96 is the best I have ever seen Vale play considering the standard of the opposition.
  7. Man Of The Match Foden undoubtedly had a decent game, but for me the outstanding player on the pitch was David Silva. He never seems to give the ball away and has a sublime touch. Marvellous player. But all credit to Vale for a spirited and disciplined performance. And we scored the best goal of the game ! Many, many congratulations to all involved in a wonderful performance both on and off the pitch.
  8. Daryl McMahon becomes the latest through the managerial revolving door at Macc’ as he tenders his resignation. Can Macc finish the season ?
  9. Looking at Citeh’s team against Everton this tea time, it seems that Guardiola is resting his big names for Saturday’s bigger Cup tie !
  10. Fine player who became British football’s first £200,000 transfer when moving from West Ham to Spurs. Yet another World Cup winner sadly no longer with us. Thanks for the memories Martin.
  11. The main problem as I see it at Stoke (and football in general) is that there are too many people behind the scenes making a luxurious living off the football gravy train whilst having little knowledge about what they are actually doing. Whether you like Pulis or not, I find it difficult to see how he we would allow a player to be signed without his permission. Point in case Berahino. Yet this is now the norm in our national game. Money is awash in the higher echelons of our national game and this attracts endless “hangers on” who, when the going gets tough, hide behind the ”it’s the managers job to coach these players” cop out to cover up their own failings.. We need to get back to the old days where managers are responsible for player signings. At the higher levels, I don’t see this happening any time soon.
  12. If we’re talking purely performances on the pitch as opposed to activities off it, Gary Roberts has to make this XI. He’s one of the most talented players we’ve had, but obviously the drink got the better of what otherwise would have been a sparkling career.
  13. The charming Graham Westley is back in Football League employment, following his re-appointment at Stevenage. So expect an abundance of surprising “injuries”, gamesmanship galore and a 90 minute match with less than half of that in actual in play action. Probably more nauseating than Steve Evans, it’s a wonder to me how he has ever made a living in the game. Not that I dislike him of course !
  14. Russia has been banned from all major sporting events by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). The Russian football team will be banned from competing at the 2026 World Cup, but bizarrely will be allowed to continue at next year’s European Championships as organisers UEFA are not regarded as a “major event organisation” Any Russian athlete who can prove they are innocent will still be allowed to compete at next years Olympics, but under an independent flag ! What’s that all about ?
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