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  1. Goodlad, Hill, Tankard, Aspin, Sproson (R), Guppy, Walker, Earle, Chamberlain (M), Jones, Naylor. No room for Horton (who was a top player by the way) Ainsworth, Gardner, Taylor who became regular top tier performers post Vale!
  2. Let's get one thing clear. Ref's should not behave in this manner. But by the same context players should not cheat, which is exactly what everyone of them on the field of play does at some stage during every game. In my opinion the managers are the ones ultimately to blame, because by not publicly condemning the appalling actions of their players, they are by definition indeed condoning them. But no, Lambert and many many others like him take the easy option of blaming the merry whistle blower. And now all we are talking about is the ref's ill advised actions and not th
  3. The death has been announced of the Welsh former snooker player Doug Mountjoy at the age of 78. A former miner, Doug did not turn pro until he was 34 and became Steve Davis' first World Championship victim when reaching the '81 final. In an era when snooker was not the attacking game it is today, Doug is unlikely to be remembered for his flamboyancy around the green baize. However, he did win 2 ranking titles and his 49 career centuries helped him to become one of only six men born West of Offa's Dyke to contest the world final. Another sporting legend sadly no longer wi
  4. Terrible news. As has been mentioned in other posts, his commitment was second to none and was certainly someone you would want with you in the trenches. Wasn't the match where he walked in the sea to ease his injured ankle Workington in the FA Cup? Also, bizarrely, wasn't it played on a Saturday evening? On a lighter note, Jesse was on the front of the Vale programme one season seen celebrating another of his Vale goals. As everything about Vale excited me those days, I told my mother that Jesse James was on the front cover. My mother, whose interest in football could b
  5. In the bleakest of bleak mid winters we could all do with a bit of sun. Even if it is only a paper one. Joss sticks at the ready!
  6. The Owls have announced that their former England Centre half Peter Swan has sadly passed away. Although representing his country on 19 occasions, he will forever be remembered as part of a game fixing scandal involving a 2-0 Wednesday defeat at Ipswich in 1962. Along with team mates Tony Kay and David Layne, he bet on Wednesday to lose the Division One fixture at Portman Road, which they duly did. This subsequently led to a four month prison sentence and a lifetime ban from the game, which was lifted on appeal in 1972. A terrible waste of talent and unfortunately his name will
  7. Yes, I was at that game too. My father had been taking me the Vale from the early 60's, but my mother never showed any real interest. Then, out of the blue, she said "if you can't beat them, join them" and she came that match with us. As you say Blackdog, there was loads of mither during the game. Trouble flared, fans ran and my mum got knocked to the ground. She never went again. The "good" old days eh? But on Bell, he just seemed to glide so effortlessly over what we're terrible pitches in those days. One part of the "Holy Trinity" which included Franny Lee and Mike Summerb
  8. One for the more mature OVF reader, but Man City have announced the passing of former star Colin Bell. Bell was an energetic box to box player with an eye for a goal whose workrate was something to behold. His 48 England caps coincided with a relatively poor national team in the early 70's where he would be one of the better players on show. Signed from nearby Bury in the mid 60's, Colin was a mainstay in what was a classy City side which won the old first division title on '68. Yet another of my childhood favourites taken far too soon.
  9. Also, a quick check on Clinton's stats at the Vale make interesting reading. In the current era when professional footballers cannot possibly play twice a week, our very own "Cafu" only missed 24 league games in his last five full seasons with us, including a league run of only six non appearances from August '68 to May' 71. Now that's a pro footballer.
  10. Clinton's Vale career was by and large (69/70 apart) in a struggling side where he would have been the stand out player until Horton's arrival. Comfortable on the ball, he was equally at home in an attacking sense as in a defensive one. Being a fans favourite, from a supporters point of view it was a perplexing move when he uprooted to Torquay, a team no greater than Vale. Sad, sad news. Yet another of my boyhood heroes taken to soon.
  11. Billy's biscuit tin and the strange claim by him of being handcuffed to a radiator during an alleged robbery at his home. Still, it was Bell wasn't it.
  12. In another sad day for Argentine football, the death of Alex Sabella has been announced. Alex arrived on these shores with the excitement of the 1978 Argentine World Cup in full swing. Despite his marvellous Latin skill, he failed to really hit the heights in his spells with Sheffield Utd & Leeds. His skill was something new to the English game at the time, but he perhaps failed to adapt to the greater needs of the team as opposed to his own individualism. Another sad loss from my teenage football mad days.
  13. People talk about legends. Here IS one ;
  14. In that 86 quarter final,for the non hand of god goal Fenwick wasn't even quick enough to kick him and he ran past Reid like he had cement in his boots. Mind you, I still say that it was an own goal by Butcher. But what a player and what a talent.
  15. Brook has not been the fighter he was for a few years now, mainly due to the injuries. But the night he beat undefeated Shawn Porter in Vegas was one of the finest displays I can remember from a Brit on the other side of the pond. Nothing was in his favour that night, apart from having a heart like a lion and a steely Sheffield determination to win. As mentioned above, the time is now probably right to hang up the gloves.
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