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  1. One from the legendary “Hold Your Plums” show on Radio Merseyside. If you’re a scouser, you might want to look away now !
  2. A special message to the younger fans. I realise that Bob Delgado will mean jack sh*t to you, but I implore thee to make him at least one of your selections. It will be an absolute travesty if he does not make this team. Never before has someone been more deserving of this accolade. You only have to vote for him. Us old duffers had to pay to watch the useless tw*t. And he looked like the Yorkshire Ripper.
  3. The two outstanding candidates, ie Delgado & Pollard have already been mentioned. Outside of those two, I would go for Gary West. He was a panic Rudge buy when both Sproson & Hazel we’re out injured in the New Year of our 88/9 promotion season. A 3-0 defeat at Cardiff (where Robbie Earle played centre half) meant Rudge had to do something and he paid around £70,000 for his services. He was slow, couldn’t head and couldn’t tackle. Everything you want from a centre half eh ? But spare a thought for local lad Billy Leese. He played one first team game. We lost 5-1 at York in our classic 79/80 season. That day I lost the will to live.
  4. RailwayRowdy


    https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200323-coronavirus-will-hot-weather-kill-covid-19 An interesting article on whether the summer heat will be our saviour in this crisis - or not.
  5. Obviously this match was the first of our three Wembley appearances to date. But after going 2-0 up in the Stockport game we conceded NINE consecutive goals without reply across the three games ie one in this game, three a week later against the Bagheads and then five in the first half against Genoa before Foyle scored our next goal in a Wembley final. As unenviable as it is, I wonder if this is some sort of Wembley record ?
  6. Whilst this may in fact be true, does anyone really think that was the first thought to go through a Premier League player’s mind ? Or indeed any professional footballer for that matter ? In my opinion, it was wrong of Hancock to ask players to “play their part” and take a pay cut, although it would have been heart warming if they had. But they haven’t and indeed in all probability they won’t. The real snakes are the Levy’s, Ashley’s and now Fenway’s of this world who are taking tax payers money to pay his own staff which amounts to peanuts in the unpalatable world of Premier League football. Shame on the PFA for even daring to come out with this lame and embarrassing excuse. I realise that they are a union and are looking after their members, but really ? Unions were introduced to protect the downtrodden employee from unscrupulous employers, not to give multi millionaires even more oodles of cash.
  7. Often heard talk of the Australian Rugby League team of the 80's/90's being the greatest sporting team in any sport of that era. Mal Meninga ! What a player he was ! That Australian team team that toured here at that time took RL to a whole new level. Supremely fit, strong and wonderful handling skills at tremendous pace. You’re right Paul league is a much better game than Union and in Meninga you have probably the best exponent of all facets of the game. Now that’s what I miss in sport !
  8. The beauty of sport is that uncertainty. You never know where it is going to take you. You think you know, but then things take a surprising turn. Cue Don Fox. One for people of a certain age, but who could have predicted the finish to the 1968 Rugby League “watersplash final” That’s why I love sport !
  9. Brilliant ! But remind me never to upset her !
  10. I agree. Sadly Talbot had little, if any, discipline which ultimately cost him any chance of a meaningful career at Vale. Didn’t he get sent off in his first game back after a suspension for a previous dismissal ?
  11. Great effort from all concerned. Yet another sign (if any were needed) of the community spirit embraced by the new ownership.
  12. RailwayRowdy


    An interesting article on the BBC website today looking at coronavirus figures in more detail. Coronavirus: How to understand the death toll https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51979654
  13. You wouldn’t confuse him with Laurence Olivier would you !
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