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  1. What a tremendous effort by Carol and her team ! I must say how pleasing it is to read and hear only positive things about our club. What enthusiasm the woman has ! Well done Carol for giving our club respectability, something that it has sadly lacked in recent times. That’s all down to you !
  2. I don’t think that it will have been lost on Smith (and more importantly his agent) that his birthday in April is a mere two months before contracts end in June/July time. So when he signed his last contract for x years, both people involved knew that if he stayed for the duration, when it expired Vale would be entitled to zilch. And that any money Vale may have got for him would ultimately end up in the players pocket. That’s the thanks Vale got. That I find unacceptable.
  3. The thing that sticks in my craw is not that he leaving, but leaving without Vale getting a fee for him. So Vale, who have nurtured him from a very early age, get financially zip for their efforts. The club he joins will still in effect pay a fee for his services, but this will no doubt go to the player himself as a signing on fee and increased salary. Strange that he chose to leave at just turned 24, the age at which the Bosman Ruling comes into effect.
  4. Only other Asian ref I can think of off the top of my head is Alf Buksh. Cannot help but say “from Dollis Hill” when someone mentions his name ! Wasn’t there also a black ref from that time who had a deformed arm ? Or have I eaten too much cheese ?
  5. As an aside, I come across this interesting article about match referee Gurnam Singh. Don’t remember this at all. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/1693969.stm
  6. Another win over Stoke. Just another day at the office !
  7. Senility creeping into Brian Moore ! How many errors can he make ?
  8. Game of few chances, but Vale clearly the better side.
  9. I can see Sandford, but where’s Huddy’s missus ?
  10. Yes, I’d definitely be up for it. I’m often told I live in the past so this suits me down to the ground ! Bring it on !
  11. Excellent interview ! As I have said many times before on these pages, Andy sometimes goes under the radar when Vale greats are mentioned. But he was like Aspin in that he ALWAYS played to a consistent 7 or 8 out of 10 game. That’s what separates the good from the ordinary - that ability to perform well on a consistent basis. Best wishes for the future Andy and a personal thank you for all your fine performances for the Vale.
  12. With all our wins there it’s easy to get confused Andy !
  13. Keith Hill will leave Bolton at the end of the season and be replaced by Barrow’s Ian Evatt. Elsewhere, Sol Campbell leaves Roots Hall by “mutual consent”. Shock, horror ! With the situations at both clubs in August, what was either manager expected to do ? I’m no particular fan of Campbell’s, but for him to cop the flack for a disastrous season at one of this years basket case clubs is ridiculous. Last summer Bolton didn’t know if they would exist come the opening day. Plus calling off matches for lack of players and then playing the youth team as the firs XI, it’s a wonder Hill managed to get any draws let alone wins during his short tenure. Hill will be in work come the start of the season (maybe Barrow ?) but Campbell’s future I would suggest is less clear. However, good luck to both of them.
  14. RailwayRowdy


    Spain & Italy were the two European countries who suffered the brunt of the COVID crisis before it bore its brunt on the UK. However, Italy have now been recording double figure deaths since the start of June (yesterday just 6 deaths) while Spain have been recording new infections of only around the 300 mark for the same period. Meanwhile, the UK is still recording three figure deaths and new infections around the 1,000 mark daily. So if as reported Spain & Italy’s woes were down to health systems being unable to cope, what excuse does the UK have seeing as we have coped admirably in this respect ? Is it due to government ineptitude or the general public’s lack of respect for the disease itself ? Both I suspect.
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