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  1. Shane Sutton: Ex-British Cycling coach storms out of medical tribunal after 'doper' claim http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/50387501
  2. These fixtures took place on 9th November ‘85, just 6 months after the Heysel disaster. From memory, this was a time when hooliganism was rife and the deaths at the European Cup Final was the fiinal straw for a number of fans. Hence supporters stayed away in their droves to lower ever decreasing attendances even further. We played out a 1-1 draw at Vale against Stockport in front of a surprising 5,248 spectators. 85/6 season was a promotion one for us, so presumably we had had a decent start which resulted in a decent crowd. But those top league gates are surprising even taking the situation into consideration.
  3. Trying to put my serious head on, if O’Neill was to be appointed it would be an incredibly risky one. Woakesy above makes a good point about doing ok with average players who desperately want to do well for their country. But he would not command the same level of respect that he gets from fellow countrymen from a bunch of “show us your medals” foreign mercenaries. Then there’s the meteheads in the Boothen ! If O’Neill is appointed I think it automatically seals their fate Let’s hope so.
  4. A man in the pub ( not OVF’s man in the pub !) has been spouting off that his daughter has been at the council house today for a tour of the ground. She says that Pulis was there. He then rang the bookies and lumped some wedge on TP being the new old manager for a third time. Make of that what you will.
  5. I also was at both those games. The 2-0 to us was I think on a very rainy Monday night. The 4-4 was on a Saturday. In those days I would sell programmes and in that match I got “jumped” by Villa fans near to the bandstand who stole all the programmes I had ! Good days !
  6. Despite my criticism of Horton, I have consistently given him credit for the LDV success. Not particularly for his management skills, but because he consistently picked what he considered to be his best team throughout the competition. This decision alone contributed heavily to our success. Only a few years earlier Ferguson, quickly followed by Wenger, started playing reserve sides in cup competitions. Not wanting to feel left out, 3rd & 4th tier teams started doing a similar thing in the Football League Trophy. To his credit Horton didn’t. Why any manager would play a weakened side in the FL Trophy, a competition that any of the 48 participants can win, has always been a complete mystery to me. Now the same happens in the FA Cup. On Saturday we are playing away to a higher division side and Askey is talking about changing the team ! This is why cup competition in this country is now dead, because no one wants to watch reserve sides. And it’s a shame.
  7. Correct ! And where did their winning goal come from ? That was the only time in my 55 years watching Vale where I felt direct action was required. I went around to the main entrance after the game and sat beside Horton’s car so as I could question him face to face on his exit. I waited. And waited. And waited. Everyone including the club cat came out. Except Horton. After about 90 minutes I gave up and went home ! Horton ? Fantastic player for us, but as a manager he was a complete disaster area. On a different tack, but are we the only league club to be knocked out of two different 1st class cup competitions by the same non league club in the same season ? That season they beat us in the said FA Cup and also the LDV Trophy in the one year when conference sides were invited to take part. But Horton ? Grrrrrrrrr
  8. Reports now linking Steve Clarke with the Stoke job ! Clarke, who is probably the most boring man in football, fell to the bottom of the “most wanted manager” list and subsequently took the Scotland job. This just keeps getting better and better !
  9. Firstly Jacko, I take your point about Schumacher and Hill. I take It you refer to the last race of the season (Australian ?) when the German just needed to finish in front of Hill to take the title. Hill was in front so Schumacher appeared to take him out on a corner. Fair point. On your other points, Hamilton didn’t exactly get on with team mate Rosberg did he ? But team orders pretty much still apply, so the team leader is never going to be beat by the No. 2 driver because he isn’t allowed to do so. There was that famous race where Rosberg was all over Hamilton’s rear end, clearly making the point that he was faster than Hamilton but was not allowed to overtake him ! This was the friction between the beloved Hamilton & Rosberg, No one (not even me) doubts Hamilton’s talents. But he is undoubtedly in the best car. A few years ago when Vettel was in the best car, Hamilton couldn’t match him ! F1 needs to find a way of making it an even contest. Unfortunately, it won’t.
  10. The guy has talent of that there is no doubt. But Greatest Of All Time ? In my view, he isn’t even on the same lap as Schumacher or the sadly departed Senna to name but two from recent history alone. In the current climate, until someone comes up with a way to make every car on the starting grid genuinely equal, all this “who’s the best” debate will continue to be subjective. And in there lies the inherent problem of F1 - It is not a level playing field and whilst big hitter sponsors money continues to talk, never will be.
  11. My wife and I went to see the hoard in the Birmingham museum a few years ago. It really is quite stunning ! The amount of gold and jewels in the artifacts is remarkable considering that it was put into weaponry ! Whilst there, we also went to the then recently opened Birmingham Library, which is also quite stunning ! If anyone finds themselves in Birmingham with a few hours to spare, both venue’s are well worth a visit !
  12. Stoke really are the gift that keeps on giving ! Reports suggest that our charming neighbours are interested in appointing German Markus Weinzierl as their new manager ! The 44 year old sowed the seeds of Stuggart’s Bundesliga relegation before being shown the door after a fine Stokesque record of 4 wins in 23 games ! They couldn’t pull another agent out of the hat could they ?
  13. Union win yesterday’s first derby of the season as a late penalty earns the East Berlin side a 1-0 win over Hertha. Neither side tearing up any tree’s in the Bundesliga though as a single point separates the two sides. Union (14th) and Hertha (11th) trail surprising pacesetters Borussia Monchengladbach by more than 10 points after 10 games. Ex Celtic player Dedryck Boyata and Chelsea’s Salomon Kailua featured for Hertha.
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