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  1. In that 86 quarter final,for the non hand of god goal Fenwick wasn't even quick enough to kick him and he ran past Reid like he had cement in his boots. Mind you, I still say that it was an own goal by Butcher. But what a player and what a talent.
  2. Are we dealing with primary school children here? The fact that we are talking about MP's and politicians in general may suggest so, but "bullying"? Give me a break. We're talking about allegedl adults for God's Sake. This namby pamby state keeps ongoing from one level to yet another pitiful one. It's hardly surprising the country is in the state it's in if Patel's actions can be classed as bullying. Absolutely farcical. It's about time these overpaid publicly imbursed civil servants actually grew some. Even some of the female staff.
  3. Brook has not been the fighter he was for a few years now, mainly due to the injuries. But the night he beat undefeated Shawn Porter in Vegas was one of the finest displays I can remember from a Brit on the other side of the pond. Nothing was in his favour that night, apart from having a heart like a lion and a steely Sheffield determination to win. As mentioned above, the time is now probably right to hang up the gloves.
  4. Been back in Stoke for a few days, but "Mr Personality" Mark Drakeford (does he ever wear a shirt that fits) is not keen on me crossing his border. Well me and Wilko Johnson have a cunning plan ;
  5. Overall, I don't believe that ref's do indeed make game changing decisions. Players make far more mistakes in one game than a ref' makes in a season which may result in a different result. Players miss penalties, 'keepers drop crosses, someone misses an open goal etc etc. These types of mistake change the result of the match far more than any perceived indiscretion by the "merry whistle-blower" But are they themselves indicted? As I have said on numerous occasions, the referee is the only honest man on the pitch. More emphasis should be placed on players cheating (and I make
  6. We will obviously either win, lose, or possibly even draw, but whatever happens will not be because of the referee. Too much emphasise is placed on a referee's performance. Our result will depend on our own display, not that of the much maligned "man in black"
  7. I hear what both sides of the discussion say, ie his hold up play is good, or he has no pace etc etc. But very few people actually acknowledge that he is by far the best finisher we have had for quite a while. If he finds himself with a chance in the box, he invariably finishes it with either his head or foot. He's not just a heading machine. Sometimes there is too much talk from the inteligente about his attributes, or indeed lack of. Pope is a goalscorer. Realise that, as Adams did, and then you get the best out of him.
  8. Surely they have received furlough payment for employee's, including playing staff? The club as a separate entity may have received no financial help. That I don't know. But as the club's biggest expenditure has to be employee's salaries, it is difficult to so how the club have "received nothing" Granted the furlough support will have now been removed as they are effectively working, but in terms of overall financial support I don't know what more the government can do. The cry will no doubt be to let the paying public back into stadia, but can anyone honestly, with hand on h
  9. I take your point but, as I have stated on a previous thread, I don't believe that the PL need the EFL in any way, shape or form. Sheff. Utd. & Burnley may be exceptions, but I see very few players in the Greed Is Good League who have been signed from the lower leagues. All I see is foreigner after foreigner after foreigner filling their No.'s 1-50 shirts with little EFL talent in sight. So to say that the PL is only as strong as the pyramid below is, in my opinion, wrong as they rarely use the talent which is a available there anyway. Most PL recruitment (God I hate that e
  10. I see the point that Brown is making, but is football all that different from other industries? Would we share the same view as Brown if the subject wasn't the sport and club we love? As with Dyche's & Parrish's point, I doubt this would be an issue with supporters if indeed it was a restaurant or a Tesco store. Football as an industry has struggled like other businesses, but at least its relatively well paid (and in some cases extremely well paid) playing employee's even at L1 & L2 level should be in a better position to cope financially than your average Joe Public.
  11. Just in case any younger posters wondered what us OVF dinosaurs did for entertainment in the days of Gordo Lee, take a look at this - and cringe!
  12. But that is immaterial. Most of the established top tier teams will never finish in the bottom three ever again. Gone are the days of Man Utd, Spurs & Chelsea being relegated. All these clubs care about is dosh, dosh and possibly more dosh. Most non Premier League supporters are no longer interested in the top division and the big boys don't care who gets relegated anyway. So interest in who goes down is minimal. It went a long way to becoming a closed shop with the introduction of the Greed Is Good League in 1992 (Graham Kelly, bless his soul) and, as I see it, most incubants
  13. Only the gravy variety.
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