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  1. Just perusing tonight’s Europa League results and noticed that Motherwell won away against Northern Irish side Coleraine. Nothing surprising there you would think. The Ulster side had been 0-2 down, but managed to take the tie to extra time with a last minute Ben Doherty penalty which followed his earlier 49th minute strike, also from the spot. The tie then goes to penalties, and Coleraine lose the shoot out 0-3 ! How can you not score a single goal in a penalty shoot out, especially having converted two in the match itself ! What crazy way of losing a game do you remember ?
  2. Horton has had a decent career in football, of that there is no doubt. There is also no doubt that he was a top player, even at the highest national level. However, his management skills left a lot to be desired. He was the catalyst to our fall from relative grace, yet he still finds other reasons for our demise under his leadership. I might suggest that playing Liam Burns at centre forward (albeit late in the game) one Friday night near Xmas at Boundary Park and a similar move with Sagi Burton at Northampton may have had more to do with our fall. I loved the guy as a player for
  3. In the words of Mandy Rice Davies, “he would wouldn’t he” ?
  4. Although not relevant in Macc’s case, I often wonder what part administrators have in these clubs plights. After all, in an administration situation it is they who decides who can buy the club. Bob Young for example landed us with Bratt & Co and then followed that up with Smurfthwaite. What a double that was ! Also, his preferred buyer in Ryder never even came up with the cash ! Not the most inspired choices, but if it’s them or oblivion what do you do ? Devil or the deep blue sea ? But we simply cannot allow these asset strippers to continue to leave their trail of destr
  5. After today’s shocking news that Macc’ have been wound up, I wonder how do we stop unscrupulous people from getting their grubby hands on our football clubs ? Macc owner Amar Alkadhi is the latest vagabond to use one of our oldest clubs as a play thing or even, possibly, his own private blue & white piggy bank. How do we stop it ? Can we stop it ?
  6. PA, you stole my thunder ! But you are clearly correct !
  7. Also good to see that nepotism is still very much alive and kicking in Shepherds Bush in the form of Zoe Ball. Zoe is of course one of the very few BBC employee’s, past or present, who has even less talent than her odious father. But then again, there is always Claire Balding. Hmmm.
  8. Perhaps the most surprising entrant is the appalling Vanessa Feltz. Her reported 405,000 a year could be more understandable if it was in lira’s as opposed to pounds sterling. Terrible, talentless, irksome woman. Consequently, she fits in quite well at Aunty Beeb.
  9. No, you’re quite right. No one will, including myself. But I don’t see how tonight’s team selection is going to benefit a season which still have 45 out of 46 games still to play. However, it seriously impinged our chances of League Cup progression. That, to me, is the difference.
  10. During the league season the same scenario will apply. But you wouldn’t expect the same changes to happen then would you ?
  11. 10 changes for Vale, none from Fleetwood. I’ve not seen the game so cannot comment on the performance, but on the face of it it seems a decent performance. But what have we learnt from so many changes ? Oyeleke can play ? We know that. Montano can play ? We know that. Has anyone played their way into Saturday’s starting XI ? Following last weekend’s opening day win, unlikely. So all we’ve actually done is deny ourselves a better opportunity of progressing in this competition. Players have had a game who normally wouldn’t, but that seems to be the only reason for the wholesal
  12. Refs may or may not be incompetent, but they are not bias. Poor maybe, bias no.
  13. On a similar tack, wasn’t Johnny Nelson rumoured to be coming out of retirement ? Thankfully, nothing seems to have come of it. Whilst on the subject of Johnny Nelson, I have to say what an excellent show he and Adam Smith have on Sky. Top drawer stuff !
  14. I realise that I may be “old school”, but how can a one off tie be less important than only the 2nd game of a 46 match campaign ? Lose the cup match and you’re out of the competition. Lose at Exeter and there’s still 132 points to play for and the most we could possibly be behind top place would only be 3 points ! At this extremely early stage of the season, how can the league be more important ? I just don’t get that mentality.
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