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  1. 2 main areas of concern 1, We aren’t stopping the crosses coming in. 2, We have no presence in the middle of defence. We need to sort it, we cannot wait for Legge back. As Sproson said Promotion is built on clean sheets.
  2. Thoroughly deserved by DC and team. Onwards n upwards
  3. Been unable to get to Vale, till today, this was a roll back the years match, thoroughly enjoyable, feared the worse when we went behind, we let them control everything up to then. Disagree with previous comment made about Covolan, thought he was commanding, and his distribution was excellent. We do seem to setup a little negatively, you can see how it suits us away. Hopefully Politic is a real find. Keep it going Vale.
  4. If you look at the current league table, doesn’t that vindicate Clarke’s actions
  5. What a player, not very good art predicting Vales results, but what a class act, and a Gentleman
  6. Be quiet Ray. Sour grapes, leave the complaining to the other few idiots
  7. So do I. Why don’t we just give the lad a chance, well done Management team, go for it George
  8. Chicken Piri Piri, washed down with Superbock beer.
  9. What a great day. Tremendous result at FGR. The Lard and Crewe get stuffed in the Smoke. Plus the cricket result. Those Sherbets will taste sweet on the Algarve tonight.
  10. Hallelujah. This is unknown territory for us. Can we see it out?
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