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  1. Southend and Grimsby both 2 down, looks like it’s done n dusted, two lengthy trips out next season
  2. Looking through the papers this morning to see if anyone supports this venture, no one at all. The ESL will not happen as teams will realise that they have alienated their fans. Top clubs should be helping the likes of Rushall Olympic, Runcorn etc, not lining the pockets of agents and so called super stars
  3. Cannot argue with the decision to let Manny go. But I do worry for Saturday because he was our best midfielder, when he was fit.
  4. Realistically I think a pay as you play type of contract, what else can we do with his track record. So if Chesterfield offered him a 2 year contract, mid season, he would be gone anyway. Onwards n upwards, in DC we trust
  5. As I said in an earlier post, I don’t have much time for the royal family, but he has passed away, as a consequence let’s show some respect.
  6. I am not a Royalist. But I respect Prince Philip for his contribution to the Armed Service, his family, and his dedication to the office. Pity some of the younger members have not followed suit
  7. Barry that is sad news. Good luck for the future, and many thanks for what you do on OVF.
  8. We have gone 5 straight wins and some people still want a major clear out, Clarke obviously has the knack of getting the best out of players. This was not the case with the previous management. There was obviously a major problem within the squad/management last year, looks like we are over that. With how the squad is performing now there does not need to be to big a turnover of players. Let’s leave it to the “Tinkerman” to sort out.
  9. Not concerned at all now. We have more than enough points, what a difference a month makes. Cannot see the bottom two getting out of it.
  10. That is correct. Would have said around the turn of the year we need a massive clear out, now don’t think so, there was obviously a big problem under Askeys watch, now they are playing for the manager, in DC we trust
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