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  1. Who is capable indeed. Corbyn has been on the fence longer than Humpty Dumpty, just imagine him having to make a decision about the defence of the country. On the other hand you have Boris the compulsive liar. Where do we go with him, he is conning everyone by saying he wants a deal with theEU.
  2. It's pretty obvious there isn't, except in your na na land.
  3. Would not disagree. But the other problem is we don't score, seems like a reasonable performance today but as soon as we go 1 down we are goosed.
  4. What a shambles again and again! Do we have no batsmen who can play defensivel. Root looks washed out as a Captain and a batsman, we have to get a better mentality, we are constantly looking at lower order batsmen to get us out of the mire. And other than Smith this is a very ordinary Aussie side.
  5. You are correct the ERG did not play a part in the vote, but they have made up for it since, they are now pulling all the strings, and are certainly not interested in negotiating a deal.
  6. Hardly surprising in the referendum everything was blamed on the EU, immigration, not having your bins emptied etc. Having said that think a lot of people now realise that a no deal would be a disaster. How do we get an agreement with the EU is difficult, obviously they are not going to give ground.
  7. So who won, certainly not a No Deal exit, it was never mentioned.
  8. If anyone one had doubts about this Government, they have now been strengthened, shutting down Parliament to get a No deal through, totally undemocratic. Now we all know why Mogg and co have been quiet, this has always been the end game. Against the wishes of Parliament and the electorate. We are entering dangerous times.
  9. Contains them many untruths could have been written by the Cabinet office. No deal was never on the table, there is a massive difference between Deal and no deal. Tell the families in the Motor industry and the farming industry to name a couple that they will not be any worse off. We are on the edge of an abyss, if you would only just draw your Union Jack curtains back and have a look.
  10. My annoyance is Barmy Boris is deliberately leading us into a no deal, to satisfy his right wing colleagues, Mogg, Cash, Bone, etc. There is obviously the Carrot dangled about the fictional super deal withTrump,which is what it is fictional,they are deliberately shouting down any opposition just like Trump. This is not democratic because this country did not vote for a no deal, except the normal two protagonists on this forum.
  11. Yes it is so predictable as I posted last month the USA deal is a smokescree, to enable Billy Liar to satisfy his RW backers and obtain a No deal.
  12. Do you really expect any thing else from the Telegraph. They are in denial of the facts, just like yourself.
  13. Of course not, these two take lying to another level. And poor old Raab doesn't know where the North is.
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