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  1. My thoughts exactly if the manager doesn't come in until June that doesn't leave long to start rebuilding a squad for next season To late if we are in the National league. Serious question we need a manager that is obvious, will he have enough time to turn it around?
  2. What advice would you give me FUA I have been waiting 60 plus years
  3. Top post worthy of a response from the club. What is happening??
  4. This is uncalled for. It is obvious that something is wrong at the Vale. How it’s sorted is not easy, but a good sorting it obviously needs
  5. Absolutely right. Carol needs to sort the situation out quickly, before we slip to the point of no return
  6. Would not disagree. The only problem is we are far from being safe.
  7. Like any workforce, the players need managing, therein lies the problem at VP.
  8. Correct we will not be challenging for promotion, but we are hurtling towards relegation.
  9. Interesting commentary today saying Walsall are closing us down, they certainly done their homework. As Sproson said we are not cutting crosses out. He made the point when Pejic was here he worked very hard on that, but what do our Coaches do they prepare us for the Twickenham Sevens
  10. We are in a very tricky situation, money is obviously tight, but if we are to stay in the league we need a root and branch clear out of players and coaches. Do not envy Carol but we have no one on the books capable of reversing it
  11. Brown has been struggling for weeks, if we had a manager with bottle he would have been dropped weeks ago, regardless how good he was last season
  12. Will be lucky if this is on. Extremely winterish here.
  13. Looks like Crewe have played the transfer system again, Ng plus 1 out, for decent fees, then two good Championship players to replace them. We have a long way to go to catch up.
  14. Regardless of what happened at the Vale, he has done an excellent job at County, and got them in an excellent position. So a surprise decision
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