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  1. You make your point, you are happy obviously with Corbyn/Momentum etc. Enjoy your time in opposition you will be there for a long time.
  2. We want a Labour Party that can get in power. That will never happen with Corbyn as leader. He is an embarrassment. You call Blair, Brown, and co traitors, but they and the Labour Party contained politicians, not protest leaders and ditherers. Get rid of Corbyn and co, and also rid the constituencys of Momentum, then we may get a party capable of challenging the Tories.
  3. When you are in a hole, stop digging. The posts are getting mor stupid even by your standards.
  4. He has had a Hamstring op. Manny really has it all to do, he should be shoehorn, but and is a big but, if he can prove his fitness.
  5. Plenty of comments on BBC football site that in both Europe and the FA cup City always get the easy draws. Who cares as long as City fans turn up to swell the gate money.
  6. It's great the Cup buzz is back. Seems ages since we waited for the 3rd Round draw. We have had 2 bad draws and we are still rolling.
  7. Give Bennett a run out, cos he ain't going to replace Popey on Saturday
  8. All clubs target our Left Back, it has been a few seasons now since we had a decent Left Back, we have to do something in January because it is costing us big time.
  9. Will somebody please listen, we need a LEFT BACK.
  10. I live close to the ground. And believe it or not the football ground was there when I purchased my property. This post is the latest in a long line of nonsensical posts,by this supposed fan.
  11. Nothing annoys me more when watching a match, than players trying to get other players sent off. RBs post is just the same, you give it out, accept it when it comes back at you.
  12. Notice Billy Liar is the only leader missing from tonight's leaders debate. And also he has not committed to the interview with Andrew Neill. Is he running scared. Remember what happened to Theresa May when she was to frightened to take part.
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