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  1. Let's hope Labour get back on track soon, anyone other than RLB the Continuity Corbin will do, we need an effective opposition, as cracks are already appearing and resignations in Prime Minister Cummings cabinet.
  2. Happy Brexit day. Its just like Christmas Day. But if Santa came down the chimney, took all your belongings, pissed in your stocking, shat on your bed, set fire to your dog and with it your living room. then gave you a commemorative 50p, and told you to stop moaning.
  3. Of course he is confident, he is Right Wing, and has stumped up loads of cash to the Tories. He is probably looking forward to workers losing their rights and paying lower wages.
  4. She means we have been led like sheep into the unknown. We have been fed false information all along by the Leave campaign. Who in their right mind would follow Johnson, Rees Mogg, Farage, Cash yet we have blindly. Today we can add Norton Motorcycles to the list of Companies going to the wall down to Brexit fears, they unfortunately will not be the last. So what shall we do have fireworks, a new coin, and attempt to strike Big Ben.
  5. Why underwhelming. Who were you expecting? Will be a solid addition, we are moving in the right direction on all fronts.
  6. Rule Brittania you are either Far right or not a full shilling.
  7. You are in Cuckoo land, 1st No other countries are leaving fact. 2nd Trade deals take years and at the moment other than Isle of Man Kippers we ain't got one. Problem with Rule Brittania and yourself is you think we are back in the Empire days, we ain't and with lying Bozzer unfortunately all our chickens are coming home to roost
  8. Spot on post. We are going to be drip fed by this government. Leaving to an inevitable No Deal, because it will be the fault of the EU. But still we are going to illuminate and chime Big Ben,
  9. And you will be the Opposition party for many years to come. What use is that to all the electorate who want to come back to Labour, but not if the current set up exists.
  10. Very good advert for League 2 football. Cheltenham were a good footballing side despite having 3 star players out. Thought a draw was a fair result, but if only we were more clinical in front of goal we could have won it. Still the Vale are now in a good place.
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