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  1. Bon Voyage to all travelling Vale fans. Marching down the Hamil Road to see the Vale aces.
  2. Some fans complaining about number of tickets sold. 7619 at Northampton tonight
  3. Oh it’s all the fault of that naughty EU. It was not a unilateral agreement, believe it or not Johnson was present. So did he not understand or was he not telling the truth again. Remember 350million for NHS, Oven ready deal etc etc
  4. It was a tough watch but extremely well done. Andy Woodward is a lionhearted. The same cannot be said of Crewe Alexandra they knew all about it, they did nothing, they are still doing nothing. A obnoxious club from the Board to the fans, still in denial.
  5. Lies, Sleaze, Corruption,Sex scandals this Government has it all. And the usual fools will make excuses for them. Disgusting
  6. Floodlights on BBC 2 at 9. Think it’s all about Bennell. For those Crewe fans who do not believe it, you can run but you cannot hide.
  7. Me too. Let’s forget about the gate, how many will be there how many won’t, we know it will be a good un, get behind the Vale, on to Victory.
  8. A tremendous season, well done and his other ex Vale staff.
  9. Think 8000 plus home fans is pretty decent, we only have a core of 5 - 6k, so we have dragged in 3k floaters, times are difficult some people find it difficult to get there in the week, certainly by public transport. It’s also on Sky. However many are there let’s cheer the lads to Wembley
  10. Well done Stockport, and welcome back to the FL, where you belong.
  11. Is it me or are the crowd at the Final booing everything
  12. What park would we name after Johnson? Cocked up the NI agreement, then blames it on the EU. Refuses to apologise to Nazera Ratcliff, after another slip up cost her years in prison. Overseeing a multitude of booze ups under lockdown. I could name one but it’s to rude.
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