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  1. tommytunstall


    Not seen much of Billy Liar as well. Wonder why, today another 155 deaths. Kicking the true Covid deaths to around 60k. But of course it's all the fault of the Care homes. Still no Track and Trace, what a shambles this Tory Government really is.
  2. Dunna think there will be any meltdown. In Askey we trust, whoever it is welcome onboard youth.
  3. tommytunstall


    Doha. You have answered my intended question, how does Trump get elected. What a load of loons.
  4. Oh well it was good while it lasted. Seriously it is criminal with the squad they ave got they are in trouble.
  5. tommytunstall


    Crikey. You have obviously been in the pubs already
  6. tommytunstall


    Care home owners could well have done more. But there is only one person to Blame Howj, no not Corbyn, or Starmer, or BLM, or Labour council leaders. No if you are not sure he has straggly blonde hair, stutters and bluffs a lot, oh and it's fair to say he is normally a stranger to the truth.
  7. tommytunstall


    Well it only a two horse race so who is your winner? You are not seriously saying Bluffer Johnson!!
  8. tommytunstall


    I have concerns still that Starmer can control the Left, but as for everything else he is doing a good job, he has Billy Liar on the ropes daily at PMQs. Don't try to deflect by blaming the opposition, let's concentrate on the shambolic job the Bluffer is doing.
  9. tommytunstall


    Do you guys not realise the Tories have been in power for nearly 12 years" Why do you Howj etc have this obsession with HM Opposition etc, it's beyond me. I hate to think of the mess we would be in if Corbyn was in charge. What I do know is what a mess we are in with this lot. Right at the very beginning of the Pandemic I wrote that this would be a disaster for Johnson, because he bluffed and lied his way through Brexit and the election, but you cannot Bluff and lie your way through a Pandemic. Oh how true.
  10. tommytunstall


    Spot on. You couldn't make it up. Mistake after mistake, death after death. Absolutely shambolic how can you still support this excuse for a Government
  11. tommytunstall


    No I don't agree. We have more deaths because of an inept Government and a useless ditherer of a leader.
  12. tommytunstall


    Breaking news. Dominic Raab orders closure of all beaches in Bournemouth, Swindon, Derby and Leeds.
  13. Swift action by Starmer sacking RLB. When will no balls Boris eventually sack Jenrick?
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