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  1. It is very difficult to keep up currently 17 parties, Blackmail, Bullying, resignations the list goes on, how can you back this corrupt Government?
  2. Another question avoided. Mind you don’t know what else Can Boris lovers do?
  3. Another man overboard on the floundering good ship Boris. Bet he is currently putting his employee Sue Gray under some pressure. Why don’t the Tories put him out of his misery
  4. So what about lorry queues and endless paperwork? I have been in Europe for a couple of week’s, no shortage of anything.
  5. You have conveniently forgot the Hall and Hussey signings
  6. Proven guilty by his own colleague, think the truth is stacking up, just ask David Davis.
  7. No I am not, uselessBoris has enough problems, without trying to getVale winning
  8. Strange post this, especially after a string of defeats
  9. Let’s get realistic we ain’t going anywhere this season
  10. But Johnson did not know!! You could not make it up
  11. Only a Vale fan could, with a straight face, say that the automatic promotion places are beyond us, when winning our 2 games in hand alone would get us in there. Unbelievable stuff atm Realistically we have suffered from over a months inactivity plus a group of main players out injured for weeks, it will take weeks for these players to get back to where they were. As a consequence I do not think we will be in the mix at the end of the season. This aside I think progress has been made this season and do think that next season will be the one for us
  12. Don’t think so, Cummings doesn’t need to do owt, Johnson is shooting himself in the foot
  13. Can you please explain the benefits of leaving the EU, you keep spouting on about. Cos I ain’t seeing it
  14. Blame the BBC not Doris the serial liar
  15. His eyes are permanently fixed to the right
  16. You are surely not on about Gillis. He is only interested in getting his name in the press, a terrible MP
  17. I am criticising Doris for lying again, perhaps that is why you don’t get it.
  18. If the guy had the decency to own up to something he is obviously guilty of it may quieten down. The hundreds of people who lost relatives would be satisfied to a point, even rabid righties like RB would be satisfied, although I doubt it
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