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  1. What a player, not very good art predicting Vales results, but what a class act, and a Gentleman
  2. Be quiet Ray. Sour grapes, leave the complaining to the other few idiots
  3. So do I. Why don’t we just give the lad a chance, well done Management team, go for it George
  4. Chicken Piri Piri, washed down with Superbock beer.
  5. What a great day. Tremendous result at FGR. The Lard and Crewe get stuffed in the Smoke. Plus the cricket result. Those Sherbets will taste sweet on the Algarve tonight.
  6. Hallelujah. This is unknown territory for us. Can we see it out?
  7. Have Accrington unearthed another nugget, just signed Josh Woods from Clay Brow who are in the Wigan League
  8. Don’t waste an opportunity to have a dig.
  9. Very strange where they place some clubs. But don’t think they will be far out with 10th place for us.
  10. So we have problems with Paddock drains, Bycars tannoy, and music to loud in the Paddock, what about the team?
  11. Thanks for souring the memory Tom. Totally uncalled for, at least all the time he was not playing he was picking up an healthy salary, unlike some people this last 18 months. Forget the testimonial!
  12. Wish we could make a signing, to much drivel on this thread
  13. As previously stated the white strip was not available
  14. Pert does look good. Defence needs to be tighter. Wilson needs to get involved
  15. What is this based on, Clarke’s record here last season? Or as a fan of another club do you wish the Vale to fail. Whichever way your constant sniping is baseless, and quite frankly boring.
  16. Sometimes cycling gets overlooked. But Cavendish deserves all the recognition. Just before the Tour he had no team, no contract, recovering from injury, in his own words not in a good place. To do what he has done in this tour up to now is phenomenal. Ok he obviously has a good team, but still he is a unbelievable athlete, today’s temperatures were in the high 30s, well done Sir Cav.
  17. Time to start believing!!
  18. Harry Kane is a luxury we cannot afford, hope I am wrong but again he is not in the game
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