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  1. This is well before my time, I spotted Richard Madeley at the very start of the clip but the only player I can put a name to is Barry Siddall. I only ever saw play live that time he turned up in goal for Preston at the end of his career. My first time at Burnley was the opening day of the promotion season in 93, I went to the abandoned match on Boxing Day when we were winning but my dad refused to go to the rearranged game because they charged away fans full price. This must have been not long before it went sour for Bond at Turf Moor, when their fans turn against a manager they don't do it by halves.
  2. My main concern about next season is that I don't quite see where a good quantity of the goals we need are going to come from.
  3. I think they're safe unfortunately. Too many idiots below them. Still, we had our fun and that's all that matters. This season has been like some sort of Mel Brooks comedy where a handful of Championship teams are desperate to get relegated to League One because of the huge losses they're making.
  4. Walsall unveiled their new Errea kit today. Red with green trim. Green socks.
  5. Yeah I thought it was quite well known. He was still employed by Northampton Town I think when he sacked Luton Town's management team.
  6. A friend in a Whatsapp group put it better than I could. At the very top of Vale's salary structure he could probably expect to earn £150k a year. At another club he could be looking at £500k or even £750k. That's a life changing sum of money for him.
  7. Just come off Facebook full stop.
  8. Michael O'Neill will be a very happy man tonight. But apart from the pubs reopening, he'll be happy with Stoke's result as well.
  9. Anyone sat below that lot in the table really must be bad.
  10. It would put that long haired steward out of a job.
  11. The cut off is only if you are already down or if you have enough points in the bag to take the hit this season.
  12. I think I saw Ronnie Jepson up to something or other. He never was the sharpest tool in the box.
  13. I thought I'd watch a fair bit of that just to see what all the fuss is about. They look like a bunch of individuals in complete disarray. Lots of poor body language and people who don't seem to know their jobs. Outside of possession they look dreadful, on the ball a lot better. Even though they were poor today they still managed to create two or three big chances that they couldn't convert. Powell could easily have had two red cards in that minute or so when he lost his head. He looked desperate to get himself sent off, maybe they have to wait their turn to get in the showers since social distancing came in.
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