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  1. I've seen Ben Toner referee a few of our games before now but I've never known him be so fussy. It felt like he was piping up every few seconds. He was the assistant referee who overruled the ref to give a penalty against us at Fleetwood a few years ago, even though he was a teacher at the local high school there.
  2. Agree about the ref, he loved the sound of his whistle. He was like a PE teacher.
  3. A bit of a grubby game, but not too long ago the sort of game we'd have lost. To be fair, first half I thought Harrogate were excellent, big and ugly and they did their homework. They caused a few problems that we didn't have any answers to. All over the pitch it felt like we couldn't get any change out of them. That and poor decision making meant we didn't have enough to break them down. Not a bad point all in all but plenty of food for thought for JA who needs to devise some sort of Plan B for these situations.
  4. I reckon this will be the key battle. Fallowfield the right back is excellent going forward but I'd like to see him go one on one against Dave.
  5. It's 19. The last game of the 68/69 season and the first 18 games of the 69/70 promotion season.
  6. I imagine you will have to stand around and wait your turn before being allowed out of the ground, a bit like the end of break at primary school.
  7. I had a good look at Harrogate for the first and only time when they played Notts County at Wembley and they really impressed me. They like to get the ball down, use the wings and their overlapping full backs and put clever balls down the channels. I can see the game being a bit of a tactical battle. I don't think their win against Southend is too much of a barometer, (except that you have to put those teams away and they did) but the draw against Walsall I think is a very decent result for them.
  8. Santa


    I imagine that the severity of any lockdown will depend on the number of ICU admissions in the next few weeks. While I agree a lot of the statistics have been modelled and extrapolated based on a small and not necessarily reliable data set, the one thing that can't be argued with is the number of excess deaths. There is a contagious virus out there and people have been dying in significant numbers. We locked down and it reduced. Then we opened up again and it crept up. That we know. Is this all a con? No, I don't think so. The conspiracy theories aligned to the likes of Qanon on Face
  9. If we get locked down again next week then we should get promoted with 138 points.
  10. Was it a foul by Conlon before the second goal? I felt it was six of one, half a dozen of the other. Tom was being fouled at first and did a bit of fouling back. A couple of little pieces of sharpness in midfield made the difference, Manny getting wrong side of their man to win the free kick and Conlon getting past his man to send Dave away for the second goal.
  11. When the fixtures came out I had a feeling that one of our biggest games of the season had come round very early. Delighted to get three points at a place where we traditionally struggle. Their commentators were talking about us as genuine promotion contenders.
  12. The referee had a great view of it as well.
  13. I'm not a PC gamer so stuff like that goes a bit over my head. I'm looking forward to the new Hitman game in January, which is an Epic exclusive on PC.
  14. What's the Epic Games Store like? A lot of people have strong negative feelings towards it. Particularly Steam users.
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