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  1. Think there’s only really Saggers that does contactless which is a shame. You have to plan in advance and make sure you have enough cash out before a day out in Burslem, which is a bit old school I suppose.
  2. Crap analogy but he’s right. I do remember that advert as well. I think it might have been for a telly.
  3. Askey said on the radio that Brisley has had no pre-season so it might still be a bit early to throw him in.
  4. Bit harsh on poor old Nath today. Big streaky deflection for the winning goal. I agree with the woman who rang up P&G today and wanted to see him given more time.
  5. After both teams conceded hatfuls in their last match I’m sort of expecting a very cagey, nip and tuck sort of affair, at least to begin with. Watch that prediction go out of the window in the opening five minutes...
  6. Cracking result that for Stoke tonight. Keeps Jones in a job for a bit longer and something something 1972.
  7. Santa


    Poor old Sexman buying another football club by accident? Who'd have thought it?
  8. 4-3-3 is a system not without its inherent weaknesses. You get the impression that anyone who scouts us and comes up with a plan to nullify us will do well because out of possession we look like we’re spread very thinly.
  9. True, the company that voted through the CVA on 18th of July I think was only incorporated a couple of days before. It wielded something like £7 million worth of voting rights at the CVA because it had bought the debt off one of Bury's creditors for 1p in the pound. I think it was the debt to the former owner and his investment fund.
  10. Smurthwaite's got what he wanted out of this, he's got his fizzog in the national press again and has had people talking about him as though he was a credible proposition. Hopefully his ego's been satisfied and he'll bugger off now he's run out of crisis clubs to stalk.
  11. Stoke look like they sign a lot of players by numbers. They’ve finally sacked their head of recruitment but only after all their summer transfer business was already done. You don’t see any ‘scruff of the neck’ players in that side so they just carry on playing their pretty diamond and conceding shots on goal very easily.
  12. One solution that could work for everybody would be for Smurthwaite to write off a good chunk of Port Vale's sale price, liberating us and him from any guarantees/securities and freeing him up to be Bury's knight in shining armour. Go on Norm. Think of all the good you'll be doing.
  13. Nobody wants to see anybody lose their job this early in the season. Fortunately Coates is a football man and Stoke aren't that sort of club, however Jones needs to calm down a bit and think about winning a game or two.
  14. Had a short spell with us didn't he? I think I remember him playing a half in a midweek game v Swindon.
  15. Santa


    The EFL should have enforced their laws properly in December last year when SD2 bought the club without approval. I'm not sure what jurisdiction they had to intervene when SD1 was in charge and his student accomodation ponzi scheme was bankrolling the club. I genuinely don't know if more could have been done. Funny how fans who ask awkward questions can be branded trouble makers, yet those that don't still get criticized if things go wrong.
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