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  1. There are still one or two shaded areas that need a bit of extra ‘filling-in’ (look at the shadow of the Bycars roof when Worrall runs away after scoring), but considering the state that Sexman had allowed the floodlights to get into, it’s a massive improvement.
  2. Today was the first game I’ve been to at VP under the floodlights for a good while. They’re a huge improvement on last season.
  3. Theo will have to find another badge to kiss.
  4. Saturday’s referee is Martin Coy, who somehow managed to miss a Newport County defender playing volleyball in his own penalty area last year. I hope he’s a stronger prescription this year.
  5. I doubt Jones will be applying for anything until he sorts out his payoff. By the sound of him on the radio and judging by that lap of honour he broke into after they beat Fulham, he needs to book a holiday somewhere first and foremost.
  6. rogermoore.gif It feels like another gamble.
  7. Yeah it looked more like a Cremonese shirt.
  8. He should be restrained and forced to watch Stoke, Clockwork Orange style.
  9. I agree with that. Pointless. It passed me by as well. The Prize Bullies must be going for some sort of record, the highest number of football banning orders at games that didn’t even involve their first team. You have to say it’s a fantastic effort.
  10. I just assumed if you were sacking someone on a Friday then you'd have someone else lined up and ready to go.
  11. Quite often in front of a back three as well. There was a lot of redundancy in Aspin’s formation towards the end and it was no wonder we struggled to register many shots on target. I’m still not 100% on him, it’s more like 80% at the minute but I don’t dislike him that much which is something I suppose.
  12. 9 matches without a win for MK Dons if you don't count the trophy (which I don't). Obviously the new manager factor will play a part but it's not the terrible draw that we all instinctively felt it was.
  13. Is he allowed to attend matches? I thought his FA suspension still stood.
  14. I'll have a look down the garden centre this weekend but I reckon 20 quid could get buy you a nice one with a fishing rod.
  15. Is Jeff still trying to claim it for the witan of Mercia?
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