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  1. Bristol Rovers issued a statement yesterday. There’s a ropey bit in the middle that their local paper wouldn’t print for legal reasons. https://www.bristolrovers.co.uk/news/2021/july/joey-barton-statement-update/
  2. Yeah he might do well while he’s inside to reflect on some of his life choices.
  3. Just put the Prize Bullies on all frequencies and be done.
  4. He's either really, really unlucky to have all these unfounded allegations made about him, or he's got one or two issues he needs to resolve. His trial for the Daniel Stendel incident has been adjourned until November.
  5. I think Tom said something similar, but a lot briefer, on his Instagram account.
  6. I didn’t mention the Barton factor as it was so self evident it wasn’t worth mentioning but it obviously cuts both ways with him being, let’s say ‘complex’.
  7. 12, 18 and 20 are the numbers that Robinson, Whitehead and Burgess had last season. Maybe some sort of HR reason why we can’t give them to someone else, it might count towards constructive dismissal or something.
  8. Tickets for this match sneaked out at lunchtime today with about one hour's notice on social media.
  9. I have a feeling Bristol Rovers might find it a bit more difficult than some are predicting, particularly early on in the season. Not saying they won’t be decent, just that nothing is ever straightforward in this league, particularly for a team that’s just come down.
  10. Shirt is nice. Socks are nice. I’ve love a job as Errea’s shorts designer. Absolutely minimum effort put in.
  11. I never even knew we were allowed five subs until Askey left.
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