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  1. The camera didn’t pan down far enough
  2. Early days innit. That said, Crewe seem to be back at the start of their cycle having sold a load of players so it could be a long winter while the next batch of young players gain experience
  3. Yeah. We kicked off today and against Orient. We’ve had a bad run of being turned around this season. 4 out of 6 league games I make it.
  4. After the third goal when they were lining up to kick off, one of their players was talking to the ref and tapping at an imaginary watch on his wrist.
  5. From what I saw of him I could never work out what sort of midfielder he was supposed to be - creative, box to box, defensive, attacking… I couldn’t make out his strengths and weaknesses. Askey obviously knew and rated him.
  6. Their training ground is in Manchester I believe.
  7. I imagine for quite a few of their players this will be more of a home game than if they were playing at Holker Street.
  8. I can probably tell you what the first two subs will be against Barrow next week. Do we struggle in the middle bit of games because we can’t change things tactically as we’d like (or respond to other teams’ tactical changes) because we know we’ve got to take off players who can’t manage a full 90?
  9. Their keeper must have a fair sprint in him to pop up out of nowhere and start goading us. After Smith and Vigoroux had a go at us during the game last week, we must be living rent free in quite a few League Two players’ heads.
  10. This is where questions will start to be asked about Wilson. If we can’t get anything close to a full 90 minutes out of him then he needs to be doing more conditioning work.
  11. The ref stopped play and didn’t give anything at all. He just froze. After a few seconds when all the Sutton players were making their way back towards their own goal he got his card out to book Lloyd and the Sutton players started moving back up the pitch for the set piece. So even they didn’t think he’d given them the free.
  12. Too many times when we’ve played our best football this season it’s only been in spells and it’s not been enough to kill the opposition off. We also look vulnerable to a big target man.
  13. I once chatted to Viggers on a train to Manchester after a midweek home game against Swindon. He was on his way back up north because he had a meeting with his parent club the next day. He seems a nice enough lad when he isn’t cupping his ears at the crowd or trying to pay fines in pound coins.
  14. You’d hope the scoreboard itself would be just a display. You could probably run it off something like a Raspberry Pi.
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