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  1. Since Montaño has been playing left back, we haven’t really seen the best of Worrall who has sacrificed his own game a bit to help protect him. A specialist left back would free up both to play to their strengths.
  2. Stockport have been taken over today as well.
  3. Does Dario need someone to delete his browsing history for him again?
  4. Managers often talk about making a signing or two to ‘freshen up’ a side. If ever there was a definition of a side that needed freshening up then it’s us.
  5. Another thing - did we choose this date for the rearranged fixture or were we forced to accept it?
  6. Can anyone let me know if the players will still be tired on Saturday so I can plan ahead.
  7. I can't really put two soft goals in the first ten minutes down to tiredness. We turned up, ponced about on the ball for about 70 minutes and got what we deserved. We can't keep playing the 'it's better than last season' / 'at least we've still got a club' card every time we turn in a poor performance.
  8. Why does it always feel like Scott Brown gets sent out to face the media whenever things go badly?
  9. I was tempted to join in with the Bennett one.
  10. I agree, they were woeful. Our failure to create very many clearcut chances from open play, particularly as the game wore on, is a bit of a concern.
  11. Have we ever won a league game here?
  12. Even Reserve Leagues don't schedule games around this time of year due to poor weather, likelihood of postponements, also clubs needing to use their squads during the busy Christmas/New Year peiod.
  13. I think we can count ourselves fortunate that Brown, Legge and Smith have been ever present in the league this season because we don’t have a lot of depth in those positions but it hasn’t been a problem (yet). Last night wasn’t exactly the sort of game where somebody could drop in and shine. It was all a very narrow midfield battle and Salford did their best to keep it scrappy with lots of niggly fouls that the ref should have been wise to. Our first eleven picks itself at the minute. Outside of that, the squad players are either not quite up to it, or like Cullen in a 4-1-4-1 they’re just square pegs.
  14. That's a nice example there Warren but, just to be add a little bit of context, the initial discussion was regarding a trope that contributed to the systematic persecution and genocide of millions of people. As opposed to an abbreviated form of your wife's christian name that she doesn't much care for.
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