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  1. I can't remember one during the 90s. They arranged one for pre-season in 1995 but when the fixtures came out and the first derby was in August, it got cancelled.
  2. I might be overthinking things but maybe if I was a caretaker manager and I wanted the job full time, I'd probably take a respectable looking defeat against a higher division club over opening the game up and risking a good hiding. We go again.
  3. I can understand in the league wanting to keep it nice and tight, stay in the game for as long as possible, try and to nick something and not damage your goal difference too much. In a cup tie though, I dunno, it just feels a bit... what's the point? We might as well have given it a bit of a go.
  4. This wouldn't be too bad if it was a two-legged tie.
  5. Just checked and it's a 6pm kick off this one. So don't get caught out.
  6. I said the same a bit ago to my mate who supports County. He's just replied "wait until we're two goals down".
  7. Maybe Carol could have chosen her words it better (she came across a bit flustered) but certain individuals letting the side down isn't exactly news. I'm surprised they felt the need to apologise because I don't think they're genuinely that sorry.
  8. Ah right. Didn't think he was that young. Feels like he's been around forever.
  9. Clark will have been de-registered from the squad.
  10. Macc away I think. Although Askey very rarely played that formation in his time as manager.
  11. Interesting if true. I can see how we would have fitted into our second half formation yesterday but if we decide to play 4-4-2 again, who would you drop to accomodate him?
  12. Giving him more responsibility is probably the right thing if he wants to push on to the next level. That's his stretch goal now. It will hopefully turn him into a better player and a better leader.
  13. Great players don't necessarily make great managers. But if it is indeed an inverse relationship then Danny Pugh could turn out the greatest manager in our history. With Michael Tonge as his number 2.
  14. I think he's happy enough being Michael O'Neill's number 2
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