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  1. Yikes....presumed the deafening silence was leading up to something like this! Unfortunately, it lacks any kind of class at all. He would have been better not saying owt rather than this. As has been pointed out by a few he wasn't exactly pulling up any trees over the last two seasons. A sad ending.
  2. RIP Ernie......I follow his daughter on Twitter and he has been struggling a while with dementia. I loved him and Newt up front....it was that period when you really felt the opposition defence was frightened to death of our forwards. Another sad loss of an ex Valiant.
  3. Saw the heading and my heart sank......RIP Paul...class act!
  4. Aah wished I'd read your last post before paying....sorry!
  5. Apologies for the delay Rob......I have an ongoing problem with PayPal......but have managed to pay as a guest! I'll seriously go along with the majority wishes although Mad Jack the keeper is a good bet!
  6. Philosopher's Song...."Emmanuel Kant was a real pi$$ant who'd drink you under the table....." Beat me to it Yewth!😂
  7. Oh yes...that was a proper kit....especially when it was covered in reddish/brown sludge off the pitch.....😂😂.....usually all over Jess James's kit......Johnny Green was spotless!
  8. Just an awesome bloke....I commented on his twitter post about joining Exeter, wishing him well and thanking him for his time at Vale. The bloke sent me a personal message back to thank me and say it was an offer he couldn't refuse and he hoped me and my family were all well!!! Not something I expected but just a mark of the man. Think the decision to let go was correct but I'm a little surprised he wasn't offered something as the keeper coach here. Mind you, as we all know, we know nowt about what happens behind closed doors and at long last we've got them at VP.
  9. Yep for me......if a bloke like him commits to us it tells you what is going on behind the scenes otherwise he wouldn't have bothered. Great news and a belting signing in my humble opinion.
  10. Wonderful work Rob......thank you PS Do you ever get out much? 😂
  11. Oh yes....I'm 63 and still get occasional flashbacks to that.......the stunned silence for about 3 seconds before the outpouring of grief and anger still lingers! Sad int it really.....should know better.
  12. Ah, Good old Eve Boswell......they called him Cinderella cos he kept missing the ball! He was good comedy value at times.....unfortunately he was our keeper...😂 gave me bloody nightmares every time he came for a cross, usually ones he shouldn't have. Those he should have come for he stayed where he was...
  13. Optimism.......... it is Vale don't forget Yewth! 😂😂😂
  14. Ouch....Cheers for that Rowd! Nurse....sedation needed again here.....
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