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  1. It's hard to know how it's come to this....after those 3 wins on the spin. Their heads' have gone completely. We haven't been good enough with the ball BUT we haven't had a good run of the ball/luck for a while now. It's woeful.....it's like no-one knows what to do....hit and hope something happens. Jittery at the back.....Jeez, it's hard work at the moment.
  2. Genuinely shocked at how bad we were tonight.....not sure where we go from here.
  3. Have they got more players on the pitch than us?
  4. First half...they have been streets ahead of us....we've been out thought/fought/and run.....skill level has been.....what skill level? Christ on a bike i'll take a point.
  5. It conner get any worse can it? That was diabolical......someone tell me again how McKirdy is going to be our saviour!
  6. As soon as it happened I though "Oh no watch them score from this".....how many times do goals come from that type of "mistake" or corners/fouls/throw ins that are given the wrong way? Felt really sick after yesterday's result because we genuinely didn't deserve that BUT it WILL change. We just needed a point from a fighting display like that to turn the corner. Having said that I was impressed by them and thought we would struggle first 15/20 minutes......their movement and crisp passing on a rugby pitch were pretty impressive and they worked 3/4 openings. Mind you, we should have scored
  7. Oh no.....classy player and like everyone has said possessed a rocket shot. RIP John.
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