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  1. Totally agree, it's the inconsistency..they bloody moan about VAR in the Premier.....come and watch the tosspots down at L2 level.
  2. It's not just him getting turned....he is so slow on the ball taht he either gets charged down, loses it or finds one of the opposition. My heart goes into my mouth every time he gets it!
  3. Can someone explain how that is NOT a penalty ? I hope the ref has to sit and watch that and then he should be asked to explain both penalty decisions before being fined his match fee.......utter, utter appalling reffing!
  4. Jeez that was dire...again. Did Amoo's shirt have anybody inside it? He was totally absent. I've hoped Crookes would improve as he got to grips with playing LB but dear me he needs a rest but we haven't got another LB, have we? We seemed devoid of ideas of how to break them down. Watching on iFollow I didn't see a replay of why the ref gave a penalty but the wrestle on Popey with about 10 minutes left was just unbelievable as to how that wasn't a penalty. We are in that horrible spiral of playing poorly at the moment and with Bratford on Tuesday I fear the worst.
  5. Unfathomable.....I just can't believe that performance. We got dragged down to their level and were simply not good enough to rise above it. We didn't deserve even a point in my eyes. the set up just looked wrong and midfield was none existent. A terrible performance that I hope was just a bad day at the office. It didn't resemble Vale's performances so far this season but it is difficult to put your finger on exactly what it was!
  6. Andy Hill......good call. He was impressive today and playing in midfield I think he will be even more influential? I posted at half time we had to inject some pace and get two up front....wasn't sure if Pope should have stayed on but JA knows better than me...... Bennet was the key that opened them up.
  7. I liked the look of Atkinson....calm and composed on the ball....driving forward, head up looking to pick a pass. I reckon he'll be good value in midfield alongside Joyce. 1st game of the season for him and looked pretty fit and tuned in.
  8. What a frustrating half that was!!! We have to keep the ball but we must increase the pace at which we are playing they will park the bus as they already have , but we need to get some pace into it. Amoo looks a bit out of it and I think Askey needs to change it.....2 up front with either someone supporting Popey or Popey off and Bennett and Archer on. Hopefully we will up the pace this half and eventually beat this lot. Great goal for them, have to say, but we need some urgency for God's sake!
  9. He doesn't hide does he and as a young lad learning his trade he will make mistakes.........he reminds me of a more cultured Colin Tarrt from the 70's!
  10. Amongst all the Lloyd bashing I really thought Legge/Brown got it wrong for their equaliser. A long deep punt, no call from Browny, Legge heads it clear with no-one within 5-10 metres of him and he's standing about 10 metres from goal....the lad picks it up, knocks in that cross and it's a point not 3. Why Browny didn't come and get it or Leggey let it run, I do not know. We were miles better than them first half and then as you would expect they came back at us second half and we struggled to get a foothold in the game. A brilliant finish by Taylor should have given us all 3 points but we continue to drop b******s instead of closing games out.
  11. Absolutely agree about formation......don't understand this clamour for 442 with the squad we've got. I love Popey but I'm not convinced he's what we need in certain games.
  12. That was pretty poor fare but we got a point.....suppose you have to take that. They were a horrible team to watch but probably deserved to just about win the game because we were so bad. We looked lethargic and not like the team that has played so far this season. I've hated this Lloyd bashing but he looked like a lad who had won a competition to play one game of pro football. The "pass" he gave Popey on a break was embarrassing. We looked lightweight in midfield playing 4 and the "snap" of the high press goes when Tom plays, I'm afraid. I realise the difference when the ball gets played up to him it usually sticks but he has to be an impact sub nowadays. (Having said that his <ovf censored> to the far post for Cullen's goal was sublime.) Unsure about Cullen, I have to admit, from what I saw today but we were overrun in midfield and it made for difficult watching. Still, I suppose with all the missing players to come back today's point might be a good un'
  13. That's the nature of the difference in the sports though surely? A crap footballing nation can go and "park the bus" and hope for a 0-0 draw. That's not going to happen in rugby because it is such a physical contact based sport and one team will eventually dominate. Yes it is based on player resources and history but how would the game ever grow if there was no incentive to improve? Christ, I would shudder at the thought of representing Uruguay and facing NZ but how will it expand if that doesn't happen? In the football world cup 50 years ago no way would El Salvador or Iran even contemplate getting to a World Cup but they've grown their game. The RWC is a showcase to grow the game....Japan v SA at the last one? The result as expected? I still maintain England do well because football is really our "national" game. Surely a World Cup is for the nations that play the sport It is actually played in 118 countries....I take the point about competitively but a World Cup grows the sport. At least it is more widely played than the "World Series" baseball. Every professional competitive sport should Have a World Cup if it wants to continue to grow. 1st football WC 13 countries...look at it now.
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