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  1. Some belters on there Nick........brilliant!
  2. Decent dissent? Well worth it then....if you're going, go big!
  3. I'm happy to chuck £50 in to get 5 kids ST's if/when it gets up and running. Someone publish it on here when it gets sorted?
  4. There was that horrible year when due to "financial irregularities" in 1968 we had to seek re-election. I was 10 and fearful that we might get kicked out.....still sends shivers....😳
  5. Having gone to bed last night with a really good, warm feeling......just the result, I promise, my reflections this morning are these. That was one of the best wins of this run. Bear with me; - short on class but so big on heart and grit and determination not to be pushed, shoved and intimidated by one of the worst alehouse performances I've seen all season and I've watched every game. That display last night was reminiscent of promotion winning teams......wouldn't take <ovf censored> from anybody and found a way to win comfortably. I was one of the people who thought it didn't
  6. You ever been Barrow, Jacko? That's entertainment up there....at the end of Britain's biggest cul-de-sac!
  7. What an utter shower of twots they were.....horrible, horrible "football" team. Well done Vale for totally bossing them and not lying down. I've given Scott Quigley a little reminder on twitter about his "classy" tweet after they won at VP. Christ, I'd liek to see us put 6 past that pub team next season at home.
  8. Same....if I was in the UK I'd be at VP and away games.......if the Mamsahib allowed it, of course! Interesting Toyahw, your thoughts are very similar to mine. In fact, I often say to the Missus...."Are they watching the same game as me? That was for a foul on Gibbo or whatever...." Anyrode......I'll be on it tonight...lets hope for 3 points although I wonder how these changes will affect the run! UTV
  9. I'm an exiled Valiant and I've had a season ticket with iFollow since its inception. The opening season it had no commentary and I quite liked it but it has grown and matured and I couldn't be without it. There is a form of checking if you are overseas or not based on ip addresses I think? If I have inadvertently left my VPN on I cannot access the game, (until this year, that is). when I think of the years I have lived abroad, 15, and following Vale on BBC text.....iFollow is a Godsend and I still feel like a proper supporter......especially when I come on here and can comment on what I'v
  10. Haven't been through the whole thread so dont know if this has been said but......that was a PROPER win. They were no mugs. We battled and grafted, kept our shape and that ball in for Smudgers goal from TC......Jeez, been a Brazilian doing that and everyone would have been in awe. I loved Clarkey's fist pump and yell at the end. Things are looking up Ladies and Gentlemen....are we ready for take off over the next few years? I hope so.....but it is Vale I support! Well done Lads brilliant!
  11. Wicket will be doing a bit after this delay.....get the heavy roller on it......oh wait a minute wrong game.....get on with it now FFS!
  12. Oh Jeez that's a bummer Barry....hope you're okay otherwise and keep your pecker up Pal. You are an incredible asset to this site. Good on yer!
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