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  1. Amongst all the plaudits being given out, quite rightly, the one player who just keeps doing it for me and must be an absolute nightmare to play against is Smudge. He is horrible, in a brilliant way for Vale......not flash and can make mistakes but if I was a forward I wouldn't want him behind me, going through, up or over me. He's tugging shirts, nibbling ankles, little pushes and pulls .....doing all the dirty work that goes unnoticed in keeping 2 clean sheets. He doesn't complain or fall over when he gets it and I wouldn't want to give him a little dig first because it is coming back in spa
  2. This.....it was obvious and embarrassing during commentary.....both FB's had their ropey moments but I've liked what I've seen so far especially as regards building a promotion winning squad, which is what JS is doing.
  3. I did have to smile when Sproey was talking about Rodney's potential.....especially when he's facing the right way! 😂 he's going to have some defenders bricking themselves cos I'm not sure he knows what he's going to do next so how will they......absolute raw talent who could go far. Good solid 3 points for me today....the type of game that you need a W and a clean sheet from.
  4. Think someone on SuperValeAbroad may already have asked this BUT...is there any way us exiled Valiants can get hold of a copy of the programme? It would be brilliant having a read before sitting in front of iFollow with the game.
  5. I've got Radio Humberside commentary on with iFollow....sssh, don't ask.....Jesus, come back Radio Stokeall is forgiven. I've never heard such one eyed karp in all my days......"Smith...the weaker of the centre halves(???)"....Conlon...."looks a bit of a whinger"....."no threat from Vale for all their experience"....."goal totally against the run of play Vale don't deserve it'.....unbelievable rubbish....just one eyed!
  6. I'd be in Rob.....it's good fun if a little frustrating at times........when teams don't behave!
  7. Oh Joe.....dunner jinx it.....😂
  8. Aye but it's 10.00pm here Sage....I'm a few deep as it is and then this! It just shows the feelings for the Club from inside the Club for me. I'd love promotion next year but I just feel we are a football club with our heart and soul back!
  9. UNBELIEVABLY good news.....brilliant Smiffy! Another bottle of red wifey....!
  10. AND.....had a cheeky little £5 on the Boro...fancied Warnock to stir em up first game.....£17.50? Don't mind if I do......"Going down, going down...going down"....Happy Days!
  11. First time I haven't looked peeking through my fingers.....good base I think! Agree with you Andy Proctor I thought they'd keep Maddison but I wonder if they've got someone else lined up?
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