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  1. Aye but it's 10.00pm here Sage....I'm a few deep as it is and then this! It just shows the feelings for the Club from inside the Club for me. I'd love promotion next year but I just feel we are a football club with our heart and soul back!
  2. UNBELIEVABLY good news.....brilliant Smiffy! Another bottle of red wifey....!
  3. AND.....had a cheeky little £5 on the Boro...fancied Warnock to stir em up first game.....£17.50? Don't mind if I do......"Going down, going down...going down"....Happy Days!
  4. First time I haven't looked peeking through my fingers.....good base I think! Agree with you Andy Proctor I thought they'd keep Maddison but I wonder if they've got someone else lined up?
  5. Can't believe it.........like Geo said I don't think I knew him, I may have stood by him on the Paddock pre internet days, who knows. But I did know him from this website and it has hit me harder than it should have....RIP Mike
  6. Owd, I don't pray but I'm sending you best wishes and positive thoughts, Mate! Kick it's arse there's Vale to be watched in the future!
  7. No....I'm not .....you are......is someone peeling onions? (And I'm 62 years frigging old and should know better!) I don't have any more words from what has already been said..... Kevin and Carol.....a simple thank you is not enough BUT it is the least I can offer on here....Thank you!
  8. It was Quiz Ball on TV wasn't it? I loved it....wasn't Phil Sherwin the team captain and they did really well? Or is my aged brain finally giving out.....don't answer!
  9. Absolutely one of my memories as well Sage, that Plymouth game....3 sent off, Sunday game during the power cut era of the 70's. I think originally there was hell up about playing on Sundays or even opening shops etc on the Sabbath...what happened there? Remember me Dad saying..."Bloody hell, poor buggers...it's a long way home after a performance like this" That game v Wigan at the Springfield Park...got in the the ground about 2.15...heavens opened, pitch waterlogged completely...game postponed and at 3.20 driving back down the M6 in bright sunshine. The players came out and "Klinsmanned" through the massive puddles, can't remember who it was but it might have been Andy Jones?
  10. Goosebumps...brilliant...loved Boge's smile at the end! Well done to everyone concerned....."that's the wonder, the wonder of you"....be singing it all day now!
  11. Brilliant from the Club......keep Popey away from phons/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and the rest.....
  12. Same film "Zulu's Sir......farsands of 'em"
  13. That's probably why I was never a big fan......I liked Keith Ball and was disappointed when Stuart played. He went to the PE Dept at Cauldon College I think. I was there using the weights room as a young rugby player and he came in....I was a bit star struck as I was a Vale fan. Now you mention a leg injury I vaguely remember it.......
  14. For th'owd uns....I was never a big fan of Stuart Sharrat but can't remember who the options were?
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