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  1. Goosebumps...brilliant...loved Boge's smile at the end! Well done to everyone concerned....."that's the wonder, the wonder of you"....be singing it all day now!
  2. Brilliant from the Club......keep Popey away from phons/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and the rest.....
  3. Same film "Zulu's Sir......farsands of 'em"
  4. That's probably why I was never a big fan......I liked Keith Ball and was disappointed when Stuart played. He went to the PE Dept at Cauldon College I think. I was there using the weights room as a young rugby player and he came in....I was a bit star struck as I was a Vale fan. Now you mention a leg injury I vaguely remember it.......
  5. For th'owd uns....I was never a big fan of Stuart Sharrat but can't remember who the options were?
  6. And you could pick a back pass up in them days.....
  7. John Connaughton was for a short time for me when he let that one dribble through his legs v Walsall at home in a cup replay. I remember the utter 5 second silence when everybody must have thought....no, that can't have just happened! I always liked Keith Ball but only being about 5ft 8 did not help him when the crosses came in. Bloke who used to stand around us on Railway Paddock called Boswell "Eve" and I never knew why until my Dad said there's an Opera singer called Eve Boswell....still makes me chuckle now!
  8. Big Eddy May and Arfon Griffiths were my "hate figures"......who was it who fanged hold of Griffiths in the tunnel and it all kicked off one year?
  9. Memories.........walking from Hamil to Bycars at half time.....getting on the same crash barrier every week if you could.....sitting on the wall around the side of the pitch......that team winning promotion......Gordon Lee going and felt my world had crashed in......RIP Mickey.
  10. Yeah it was on a Friday night......good player, steady Eddie, Mickey was.
  11. Think I'm right but didn't we beat Sjoke at the old Victoria Ground in a game to celebrate that promotion team....think we won 2-3 and Mickey Morris scored. (Also have this vague memories of us wearing blue shirts and white shorts???) i was in the Stoke End and in fear for my life as we had won and the Boothen End were streaming out before the end to "greet "us.......or is my memory playing tricks?
  12. First one iffy.....this one dead cert...couldn't believe when he didn't give it!
  13. 1981 Ashes series I had a tee shirt made for my brother which said..."I may be a Pommie bastard but at least I don't bowl underarm".....in honour of that act of sporting greatness enacyed by Greg Chappel against New Zealand. Got a few laughs at Old Trafford.
  14. Just read "Say Nothing; A true story of murder and memory in Northern Ireland" Very well written and researched about the Troubles. Also loved '7's Heaven" by Ben Ryan, the story of Fiji's Olympic 7 a side Rugby winning team. I'd also recommend "Churchill's Ungentlemanly War; the mavericks who plotted Hitler's downfall".....brilliant view of all the crazy, dirty tricks the Allies pulled.
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