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  1. I think we need to get through the next few games on a reasonably level of results. The side gains confidence and establishes a pattern of play. Then we could push on . Another way to be near the top is to not let many in. Lots of 1-0s.
  2. Warren

    Brexit again...

    Yes interesting point. We have had a lot of problems in this negotiation process with the political level v public servant level. So it is a complete waste of time to keep arguing with the EU Commission to change position. Michel Barnier can't move outside brief given to him by the Council of Ministers. The Maybot seemed unable to grasp this and have the political skills to negotiate directly with the key Council members. So in that sense you may be right that the letter to the Council has to come from the PM in political office.
  3. Starting to get a settled team with established attacking and defensive drills. The team yesterday had more resilience than I expected. To go up we need to find a Norwood. Goals win matches.
  4. Warren

    Brexit again...

    The Act passed by Parliament is likely to go to judicial review. It may be unconstitutional and / or ultra virus and / or have other defects. So let's assume Boris gets no deal on 17th or Parliament rejects a deal. He will then refuse to sign the letter, a judicial review will arise. Acts of Parliament always require a public servant or person / entity in society to do or refrain from doing something. It may establish another politically led body. But they never direct legislation at an opposing politician directly. Boris is PM is in political office is opposed to what the Parliamentary majority want. So their legislation is actually a political action with political intentions including personal humiliation and entrapment. But I think they have made a fundamental mistake because it should have been directed at the Head of the Civil Service to take action with them effectively taking over the government role. There are many other bases of challenge. I think the remainers act will fall at judicial review.
  5. I was concerned about Cambridge subs because they countered our wide players by having fresh legs in midfield. They weren't good enough round the edge of the box or we would have been in more trouble. I think Askey made the right sub, and we took the initiative again. But you know this was a difficult one and can see other peoples' views about up front.
  6. I thought the team looked well drilled and fit. Showed some good attacking moves particularly down the left flank first half. In the second half before Taylor came on Cambridge seemed to cancel out our wide players Amoo and Monty. We looked vulnerable when they become ineffective in attack and don't offer much out wide defensively. Taylor came on and upped our midfield significantly defensively and attacking wise. Amoo became effective and the goal came from him. I don't want sound critical of Monty or Amoo but it looks like we should play 451 at Newport with Taylor in for one of them. But let me end positively. They did very well in a game fragmented with odd refereeing contributing to that.
  7. I thought the right choice today was to bring in Pope or if fully fit maybe Cullen. Bennett could move to the left with Pope. I could accept a Lloyd type player if the aim is to be defensive and counter, but 433 isn't a formation that does that. However, maybe the real problem here is a recurring one at Port Vale. Can't play 2 games a week, and the legs have gone second half.
  8. At this level he is a good holding midfield player. At a higher level he would quickly disintegrate because he can't play at a quicker pace. At Premier League level these players will use two touches control pass.
  9. I think there is a fault line running across England. It encompasses Crawley, Stevenage, Swindon and Forest Green. The water bottle kings and all trained to fake injury.
  10. Montano played well. Hope the injury is quickly overcome.
  11. If I have a concern it is that our bench looks like unproven, overcoming injury plus Popey. Will it be there to come in to the team as injuries and suspensions grow?
  12. Very good performance. Defended well. Attacked well. High level of fitness. Coped well with adverse decisions and play acting opponents. Could have won by more. Brave decision to give Bennett the nod and he played well.
  13. I thought both sides improved as the game went on and it was an entertaining encounter. Both created a lot of chances, but in our case we were guilty of not shooting and taking an extra touch or any extra pass in the box. Their goal seemed to come from a corner kick that shouldn't have been awarded? In midfield we started on skying the ball. Then we were guilty of too many touches. Then we were guilty of pump it forward instead of bringing it under control and passing. Seemed to make a lot of wrong decisions, but in the second half that too improved. Overall I thought there was a lot of promise on show, we have a decent team, but we need to go and win a game. Crewe lost at home last week, but because they won away this week they are above us in the league. Winning games makes a big difference to the points tally.
  14. Take a big city centre - in my case Liverpool where I spend a lot of time - it is rare anyone uses cash at lunchtime to buy food. In fact its sort of annoying when someone does. I can go weeks without paying in cash for anything except at Port Vale! Cash is very much on the way out.
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