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  1. The times I have been to Northampton I have been impressed with the club and particularly the community teams it operates at a several age groups. I think they went through an ownership problem, but seem to be back on a level footing now. I think this is a good test first game and since home games v Carlisle and Tranmere follow that are not easy we need to get some points on the board hopefully.
  2. Think Martin Foyle is back at Northampton as Head of Recruitment.
  3. I think a way out of League 2 is to be at a higher professional level as a club. May not necessarily have much better players or even better players at all. But if they are better organised, fit together as a team and squad and have a slight edge on fitness and physicality it can go a long way. Our backroom looks wholly more professional than the start of last season. There are more of them, they clearly bring a lot of knowledge and experience from higher levels / done it before and they look like a joined up management team etc. So I really am pretty hopeful. I think Port Vale is a big club in League 2. Maybe some are equal - Tranmere - or slightly bigger - Swindon - but we should be punching our weight and expect us to do so.
  4. I can walk to Tranmere. Everywhere else requires public transport.
  5. It's a measurement issue. Are we better off after recruitment so far? Answer seems to be yes based on comparing careers to date. But there is no value added in lamenting the past and wishing players hadn't left because they have.
  6. Two legitimate questions are: have our new strikers scored more goals on average per season than TP and have they played at higher levels? Otherwise TP has left and should be remembered for his time which is now over.
  7. I am impressed with the signings made to date and can see the logic individually and collectively. We do look a wholly more professional club on the playing side. That doesn't guarantee success; key players get injured etc. But the greater risk taken in releasing so many players and going for a fundamental overhaul is being well managed. I think. As a supporter. With a supporter's level of knowledge.
  8. Wilf Kirkham went on to have a successful career in teaching after football. So coming towards the end of career I hope Tom Pope can transition in his work and professional life as well. I think football like all sport is a ruthless profession to follow and the end always comes early. Good luck. Best wishes. Thanks for entertaining and trying best.
  9. Happy with Hartlepool coming up. Would have been happy with any of the equivalent clubs with a history in the league and who fell into despair. Stockport would have created a regional derby. Better luck next year to them.
  10. Bought the home shirt and the goalie shirt. I can see logic in the design as its capable of being worn as smart casual wear. Bought some other stuff as well. Remarkable service. Ordered on Sunday and postman tossed my package over the gate on Tuesday whilst I was eating lunch at the back of the house. No damage to a well wrapped parcel by the Port Vale shop.
  11. I perceive good analysis behind the signings to date. It looks to me like we have strengthened so far. But as always the moment of truth comes with kick off.
  12. He did well for Port Vale after finding his best position. Will be well remembered as time passes and old videos and photos come out of a time when the club had success.
  13. There is a need to find players to fit round this core. So ideally Smith needs to play with a bigger partner and Conlon needs midfielders who play - out wide, holding, box to box. As always we have to hope who the side is built around doesn't get clogged and disappear for the months.
  14. JA is over. Released players are over. I wish them well in what they may do next. We clearly need to fundamentally change to progress from being a struggling League 2 club which is under performing relative to the size of the fanbase and commercial potential.
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