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  1. Crooks is improving with the ball from fullback. But Montano obviously offers more going forward. However, I have him down as at fault on the first goal. He seemed to be trying to start as an attacking fullback when he should have seen the space he left behind himself. He was left standing in no mans land. After that he did well. He also seems to have tempered his desire to play too many ambitious passes. Growing in to the role and is more tough than I thought.
  2. I have to be mindful to give him a chance because I have have only seen him play once this season.
  3. Well done today. Catastrophic start well recovered. Team has a consistent shape and pattern of play and high level of mobility and fitness. The missing ingredient for promotion is a high scoring forward. For me Cullen has to come into the team. He could be the man.
  4. No. I been trained on Stevenage and Oldham and they are much more honest. It was a close game, we deserved the win, but they contributed to an entertaining game. There was a goon Port Vale fan stood near me. He had brought his young children. He missed the game spending the whole of it abusing Crewe fans including of course who he wants to burn on a bonfire etc. I thought any Crewe gamesmanship was trivial, perhaps because this fan was in my eye line all game.
  5. My friend probably needs reincarnation to see his Stoke team back in PL again.
  6. Well done today. Pope was exactly was needed at time. Bennett doesn't have those hold up skills but is mobile. I want to see Cullen in team - of type he is a Championship level player and will show that when fit.
  7. In the round he is doing well. He is trying to make the team more accomplished but sometimes like today it doesn't come off
  8. Mistake after mistake. Daft corners. But kept going. Not worth the win.
  9. I'll have to go to Specsavers - I just remember their player flailing.
  10. We are a much better team than last year and the development is obvious. To play 433 the forwards must be involved, effect and scoring. Can't find a combination that works presently. But we could have won 1-0 but Bennett made a big error not marking properly and then making one of the most blatant and obvious pull backs I can recall for their pen.
  11. I thought Bennett and Pope showed they could play together effectively today. An opportunity opens up.
  12. I thought we did well today to come back. Morecambe are a decent side and their limitation like quite a few teams is in the opposition box where they haven't got a goalscorer. Where as, at the moment we have. In the first half we struggled in midfield. That was because we haven't got enough tackling strength and Morecambe walked straight down the middle of the pitch, dinked around on the edge of our box and took time to place one in the top corner. No one snapping at heals etc. It was the same the previous game at home. I also felt throughout the game we struggled to get Amoo involved enough, or maybe he stood waiting around in position too much and should have gone searching to get on the ball. the sending off helped, but games are often won by other team's making mistakes. The fewer we make the higher in the league we will be. We should accept them and exploit them and we did. Good sub at half time; I feel bennett was unlucky to be out of the team, but Pope showed composure for both goals. Good functional result, team steady, can continue to improve.
  13. Cullen is a much better player than Miller who he has replaced. When Cullen, Worrall and Pope get playing together with Gibbo behind they can play some really good stuff. Cullen is not quite back to match fitness, but he is excellent in the box.
  14. Interesting. For me he is a potent threat in the box and he has good mobility outside the box. He can do tackling when he presses. But to me he needs to be in an around the box. I mean, if he has played a lot on the left wing then he sould have been brought on ahead of Lloyd to play in that position. As I say he didn't look natural there.
  15. Lloyd was awful. Was able to watch him close up second half. His passes were nearly all misplaced. He stands around in space and doesn't mark. Then he chases back with determination but gives away fouls in the danger zone near the box. He can run with the ball until he sees an opponent and gets tackled easily. He needs to improve at simply everything.
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