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  1. Foyle was significantly better player than Pope and spent his whole career at a higher level. I don't say that to disparage Tom Pope who I have enjoyed watching many times but it is a fact.
  2. Yes, I agree that is an issue regularly with this sort of thing. Surely someone directly affected by a statement should need to complain or if they are in the media where the level of referencing of them is too much to review they should have stated publicly what their own parameters for being offended are. So, for example, my wife is called Rosemary and that is known to everyone as the name she wants to be called. If some person then consistently calls her Rosie, it is clear that person is being deliberately offensive.
  3. I think Twitter is an inherently negative place with little to offer except finding out what the team sheet is going to be. It seems to bring negativity out of everyone and it has an addictive quality. I haven't studied this closely, but another interpretation is that the Rothschild family have been high achieving in finance and in an exaggerated world of tweeting saying they might take over the banking world is a compliment. It only appears racist to me if one starts from a preconception founded on some past event or commentary or bias. It doesn't seem that Pope should be expected to know about that nor expected to explore in depth what he is saying in a lighthearted twitter session. I mean he is several galaxies away in offending from Trump, although I understand Trump should not be any sort of baseline to measure from.
  4. The main problem we could not overcome was the pressing and following that their ball retention. Like Liverpool. The one time we broke the press we scored.
  5. There certainly is a noticeably quieter atmosphere in the Ethiad compared to Anfield. But the club were very welcoming and it was a good day.
  6. Team were magnificent today. Really proud of them.
  7. Hughes was a Premier League standard player. He may have been right at the end of his career when at Vale Park, but he was an immaculate finisher. So Pope took the weight up front from him keeping the defenders occupied. I hope that if Pope was partnered with Cullen that is what would happen.
  8. Thank you for the opening analysis. It is really helpful to start debate from there. What I take is there are three players that have advantages and disadvantages in certain types of game and against certain opponents. I do watch top level football live a few times a season; so this year I have seen Liverpool twice in the Champions League and Barcelona in La Liga. It gives me some sort of basis to measure and possibly also so does having watched Port Vale for 42 years when I can remember our players at higher levels and particularly Championship level. So technically I see Cullen as a Championship level player potentially. Pope is harder to judge, but technically a League 1 level player, needs to adapt to end of career circumstances and more vulnerability to injury. Bennett is a League 2 / National League level player. In our squad Worrall is also a Championship level player technically. Brown is a Championship level goalkeeper. Smith is improving, could play higher soon. Joyce could play at League 1, but he will be exposed when asked to play at a higher tempo. Taylor is improving and has a goal scoring threat which makes him really valuable and should see him at Championship level eventually. Everyone else I see as in the right place - League 2. Going back to strikers, to push for the top we need to get Cullen in the side. There must be a reason why this isn't happening. Pope is really useful and we should extend his career as far as possible - we won't be able to sign anyone as good with his attributes easily at our level. Bennett is useful when we want a mobile attack but still with some physical presence. He does a lot well, but he doesn't have a big technical playbook, especially he could be better back to goal and shooting on target. But all these guys try hard and want to play for Port Vale; and that counts for a lot.
  9. Good observation. I spouted on about benefits of PL but....
  10. That said provided a benefactor buys them out ultimately after bankruptcy they only suffer points that will delay a return upwards.
  11. Business people will focus on the bottom line eventually. Bet365 would only suffer a customer retaliation in Stoke
  12. Tremendously sad. So is Morecambe bottom of League and Stockport and Wrexham and Chesterfield and York et al.
  13. They clearly have serious problems with a highly paid squad that are way off performance expectations and really could go down. I'm not a Stoke hater, and it was common to watch Vale and Stoke back in 70s / 80s when you had to go to games to see top teams. It is two decades since I watched Stoke now and I have to say the incidents at Vale Park in the last Derby have destroyed my equinimity towards them. That was big time out of order by a large number of their fans. Especially jumping on the innocent woman's car in Burslem. So I don't care anymore.
  14. In a big crowd say 40-80k being pissed creates a major safety concern and people in that state won't be let in the ground.
  15. I hope not. I have to tell you that doing that is big time unacceptable in Premier League grounds and there are stewards and police to sort it out
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