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  1. Yes I know what I said about punishment of the club re crowd trouble / fan thugs is severe. I did it to pitch the level of seriousness of this issue at a high level. Its only a few weeks ago that away supporters needed escorting to the station with a police cordon. I actually think where this is going nationally will be requirement to give verified ID with photo to obtain tickets. Then the 1000s on the pitch etc. can be retrospectively prosecuted and banned. Re the assault on the fan(s) we came across, the Vale security were in attendance and able to inform the police. One hopes, given this was pretty much outside the club's main entrance in Lorne Street stand, CCTV caught it. Having had a fractured skull from a football playing accident, I know what I saw of the fan injured and unconscious could be very serious including ending up deceased and leading to a murder enquiry. There is no rationalisation of this. Port Vale has a major fan behaviour problem. I wouldn't put it as bad as 1970s / 1980s football but nonetheless bad.
  2. I don't see it this way. The club is not ready for crowds of that size and there were really serious issues last night. As we approached the Lorne Street stand just after the Swindon bus and before the statue we came across a Swindon supporter who was unconscious on the floor after having been beaten up by Port Vale thugs. Some of his friends were also covered in blood. My son who is a an A&E doctor attended to the victim and was satisfied he was responsive before handing him over to the ambulance staff. Obviously later at the end of the match 1000s of Port Vale supporters broke the law, entered the pitch, and some attacked the Swindon players. There was therefore at least two serious security incidents. I'm afraid as a club we are now clocking up incident after incident at games during the season where visiting supporters or in this case a team are set upon and attacked. So basically, I think severe punishment is needed such as being disqualified from the playoffs or thrown out of the league.
  3. Ball retention high, stop counter attacks, get crosses in the box and create chances that are on target and taken. Should be ok then.
  4. Isn't Swindon's ground in "a bit of a state" which might affect overall attendance and away attendance.
  5. I thought he was a really good player likely up to Championship level. But fitness is fitness.
  6. However, I'm ultimately please to be rid of Bristol. I think we have scars against them but not against our playoff opponents.
  7. If I was Northampton I would be deflated. They were cruising 3-0 at Barrow and let it get to 3-1. Then Bristol have gone up by thrashing Scunthorpe 7-0 to bring GD level. But Bristol have more goals scored presumably?
  8. I am not bitter and twisted. I'm tolerant of circumstances and renewed my season ticket. But I do want to make a point. The perspective is I live a long way from Burslem and I don't drive for medical reasons. So, being at work also, I can't just turn up at the ticket office and join a queue to buy tickets. The away games at Walsall and Exeter come to mind recently where I feel I was excluded from going. When there is strong demand for tickets the ticket office do not answer the phone. To be expected. There is no online purchasing facility for games like this where away support will be sold out. What I am saying is that Port Vale discriminates against supporters / season ticket holders who do not live in the area. The online capability should be significantly increased. From a green perspective as well. Unnecessary car journeys and CO2.
  9. We need what we have got to be more confident and effective. For example the strikers should get in the opposition box and be in positions to score!!!!!! I don't think we can change the fundamental shape of the team which has been drilled on three central defenders with wingbacks the whole season. Changing to 451 is a recipe for being 1-0 down after 5 minutes. We could do with not playing Exeter and having easier opposition. But given we are, I think playing away and being forced to defend and counter attack may be better than being at home and playing on the front foot.
  10. I think there may be deeper cultural issues in the whole club because staff / players should feel empowered to come forward straight away and challenge unlawful and immoral behaviour.
  11. I think this game just talks for itself. If we get a result and make the playoffs, then we deserve to be there. If we don't get a result and miss the playoffs then we deserve that as well. So called failure would signal decisions that need to be made to create the squad for next season. There is something in me that thinks we have got a squad that seem to get on great with each other - an aim - but consequently don't have the devil to handle a dirty physical team like Newport. Also, they may be nice souls that wilt under pressure. Prove me wrong at Exeter and in the playoffs please.
  12. I have bought a season ticket. We will likely get to play Crewe, Stockport and Wrexham. There are a few derbies / near derbies there if we don't go up.
  13. COVID-19 has doomed me to watching Vale live for the rest of my life and not being able to go to Liverpool a few games a season because the security measures have changed and I can't buy up a spare game now and again when someone can't attend. So we need to get better soon please because I am also getting old. At 23 you have circa 50 years for them to get it right, at 63 about 10 years, maybe 20 with luck.
  14. I thought Hussey did OK first half. He was up against some power down their right and won a fair share of headers. Going forward he is very left footed and so careful with the ball it all can go slow and become a cul-de-sac. But instead of shifting the ball quickly through midfield to the right we shifted it to midfield and backwards. Meanwhile we didn't get enough people in the box. I can't say about his second half because I am watching him from 70 yards away.
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