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  1. We have certainly seen some dire football in the two seasons we tried to go out of the league. Lack of skill etc. But with womens football there are more serious deficiencies, like not being strong enough to get corners across, less shots from out of the box because they can't reach, goalkeepers - oh heck. It is a drone like game and the talent pool is smaller. Doesn't transcend from sport to entertainment for me. Much better opportunity in a game like darts. Massive advantage there because bound to be fitter and have better concentration.
  2. I am not opposed to women commentators and pundits. I am contemplating if it is credible for a woman player to be appearing as an ex player. A woman would get snapped in half in a men's game. But to be fair they do generally say some sensible things from a coaching / technical perspective.
  3. Always happy to see Bianca Westward.
  4. I am OK with women commentating if they says sensible stuff. I think they do. No bad ones I've seen. Where I have a big problem is women's football / sport. I went to the international at Port Vale between England and Italy. My opinion after watching this is its rubbish. Highlight was the half time pie. Put it on a completely separate channel and not attempt to insert in men's sport. For example, I'm trying to watch the heavyweight championship in boxing which I have paid for and this women's contest is inserted in the middle to force people to watch it. Really annoying. There is a reason why Liverpool men's team plays at Anfield and Liverpool women's team plays at Chester City up the back end of an industrial estate. Women's football doesn't transcend from sport to entertainment and deserves to be banished there.
  5. Leeds were a vile club in the 1970s and 1980s. Supporters constantly causing trouble etc. I can't forgive that and wish them no success at all. But they have put Stoke back on the cliff edge. I guess, watching the game, Stoke put themselves on the cliff edge. They really are a poor side at Championship level and its seems with poor attitude as well. That is a potentially fatal recipe. Other battlers down there are likely to be together in their fight to avoid the drop.
  6. Welcome to the club. Three years is a really good secure span to get established and work on improving. I was thinking, players who come in on one year contracts are under immense pressure. Get on the bench for some games and have 15 minutes to prove they are good enough or they are back on the bench or out of the match day squad. Then the year is up. So three years is a proper career - by league 2 standards - and an opportunity to make something of it.
  7. Football at lower levels is a horrible place for players. Port Vale is now run by sensible people and its in a good phase potentially. I think he has made a good decision and he is a player that has striven to improve. Very visible last season. So extremely pleasing signing. Can he beat Roy S and get a statue!
  8. Dior Angus should have been given more of a chance. In the one game I saw of him he scored as a sub from 1 yard out. Now I am being a bit silly here I suppose, but some strikers down't understand its is a good idea play close to goal and between the posts. And it seemed he did and by doing so was likely to tot a good total over a season. Ted MacDougall comes to mind.
  9. Done. The transport questions could have included multiple means; in my case bus and train. So with one choice only I said train, which is the majority of the journey.
  10. I don't think Angus got his chance. Quigley did and his misses nearly got us relegated out of the league. I would have persisted with Turner but not as a primary striker. I think he had the potential to be a successful advanced midfield player. But too late now, life has moved on.
  11. Warren


    Well lets get to the point. Boris, in difficult circumstances, is doing a great job. The number of things that have gone wrong with all those difficulties is minimised. The alternative, Labour, well that is the only thing worse than Trump in the entire world. Sorry, I forgot North Korea. Second worse.
  12. If they get relegated they'll be able to go to Northampton. That is my favourite away ground which I will miss next season and I don't want to see Stoke fans smash it up either.
  13. He could definitely replace Mane based on Thursday. Origi off the bench; nope Pope could do that better as well. Actually, I can't believe how bad Liverpool were in both boxes. And that was the difference. The effort was there. I think Pope could replace Gomez at centre half as well!
  14. Warren


    Boris isn't responsible for his dad and can't control him. "Them" don't exist.
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