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  1. Extremely well educated Indian Punjabi dude has bagged the Chancellor job.
  2. Anneliese Dodds - Shadow Chancellor is very well qualified academically in relevant fields. Battled her way up to be a senior lecturer at Aston University and never had a job outside academia and politics. So massively out of her depth, even if there is the brain power.
  3. Yes I think we lucked out with Sunak. First class mind, / education, substantial financial / economic experience and own wealth understanding the nature of that etc. I had my first test this morning. Actually listen to Starmer or not as I just defaulted to switching off Labour led by Corbyn as a hopeless job. But in the end I did the same, I just don't have the time and patience.
  4. I still don't want to be called. I am really busy!
  5. Yes i think that is a very reasonable observation and morale boost.
  6. I admit I am a Tory Party member. But that aside the daily briefings are highly analytical and specific. There is no vagueness to them at all and they are subjecting themselves to the full scrutiny of the media and some very knowledgeable and capable journalists. The response has been far from incompetent albeit difficult. Even the greatest difficulty, a starting point of no major testing labs in the UK, has been addressed with the best possible response and scaling up is going as fast as it can. Starmer is a career long human rights lawyer who was given the opportunity to head the CPS and got his knighthood the way of all holders of such high office are unfortunately given this bonus. You think he is minded to take a tough stance against the individual or society on anything? Starmer needs to be given a chance. Maybe he can produce something even with the millstone of the left wing membership and unions around his neck. I struggle to see how Rayner will work. I respect her background, but in high office you need a first rate mind to cope with the workload and the complex issues. She simply hasn't got it. Starmer may manage a comeback, but at the moment I think the Labour has probably reached a position where it will survive but not be in a position to take office as a majority government ever again. Meanwhile in Scotland it may be that the demise of President Sturgeon is being quietly penned by the acquitted former comrade right now. Her attempt to assassinate him has failed.
  7. You can only finish last in the Euro Vision Song Contest if you are selected to compete!
  8. Warren


    I know someone who has died of this at Arrowe Park in the last few days. A person who was stupendously helpful and compassionate throughout the time I knew him. In life you think some people are permanent fixtures as great examples in one thing or another. But everything is impermanent. On the hopeful side that means corona virus is also impermanent, but we could do with it becoming impermanent much more quickly than seems likely presently.
  9. Time to be sexist. Women's football doesn't transcend from sport to entertainment. I absolutely never want to watch it again.
  10. I would say that Boot got a regular place in a team scrapping to stay in the league. He was really poor and very nearly cost us our league place. I was stressed by every situation from his poor clearing to his being weak on crosses to his letting in routine shots in the middle of the goal. He wasn't just prone to blunders, he was not good at anything.
  11. Evaluating. I never took to Anyon and thought he somehow achieved overrating for a few seasons that kept him in the team. Boot was bad, a green shirt in goal that never made saves. Chelsea have got a really expensive Boot presently. Sam Johnson was stunningly annoying, major attitude and application problems. Chris Martin started promisingly and was a decent goalkeeper but then went backwards. He will be remembered for the air kick goal, but it did hit a bobble. I wanted him to succeed but he went off and did something else in life. Maybe he had a weight problem, and sometimes that is inherent and not through lack of training. Lainton was a good goalkeeper technically, but like Wilson we signed an injured / inherently unfit player and he broke down again.
  12. Still thought Wilson was poor because like a lot of signings at that time he came with a problem which in his case was injury not recovered from and never likely to be recovered from. Still that doesn't alter the facts on the pitch I guess.
  13. Please don't ring me. Kind thought though it is.
  14. Warren


    Problem one is what gets written on the death certificate. For example it may say pneumonia.
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