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  1. The knee protesting is a political protest. I disagree with the FA and Premier League et al. Black Lives Matters is a mono cultural USA based political movement. That is what it says on the website. So fans buy tickets to watch football games. Taking the knee is a service they have not paid for. Like many other fans I don't want to see this protest and I don't want to be expected to support it. I will support the Kick it Out movement because that is multi cultural and politically non partisan. The players are employees of a football club. Therefore if the players are permitted or encourag
  2. He did a good job at Port Vale. We were holding our own one division higher.
  3. More shots on target leads to more goals leads to winning more games leads to higher league position. Opponents have worked out that we can play good neat and tidy football but pose little or no threat in open play. That is what needs to change rather than the players we have got.
  4. The injury seemed to come from twisting limb in turf and nothing ridiculous or particularly unusual about challenge.
  5. I am going to come to the defence of Whitehead - having massacred him last week. I think he was steady. He seemed to make sensible if conservative decisions on the ball. But he needs thinking time and that's his main limitation. Would need a 50-75% reduction in that to play at a higher level. So its a curious game. I thought Montano was typically over ambitious in everything he did and their defender had him on toast all afternoon, but then he scored!
  6. I think Rodney needs to be allowed to wander. His strength and pace is then really useful in mobile situations. But in a Pope like role he isn't as good. Maybe he will improve at that.
  7. We got a result through hard work, good defending and finally taking a chance. Montano lost his personal battle all afternoon and I was surprised he was still on. He deserves massive credit for keeping going and taking the chance. Worrall on springs at the back post for the knock down. Whitehead much better this week. Brown 10 out 10 in goal, and he obviously has supernatural powers when strikers have open goals.
  8. I think it needed to be blasted into the roof of the net and not tapped in. I think the rebound was as a good a chance as the penalty itself.
  9. Burgess needs to be in a team that supports his assets which are in the final third attacking and scoring goals. Today he has been given the wrong role. Then on top of that Whitehead has come in for Joyce and has a fraction of his ability to pass the ball reliably around and cover in front of the central defence. Then on top of that, having these mistakes Askey hasn't even responded to being outnumbered in central midfield as well. Surely, right in front of the pitch he can see that!!!!! Maybe Whitehead is better than I am seeing; he has done ok as a sub.
  10. I didn't think Pope's penalty was that bad by the way; the keeper has made a good save.
  11. I think Carlisle were a good side. But the team selection by Askey and then his management of tactics during the game today were very poor. 6 changes????????? Completely overrun in central midfield because he has weakened the side with his selections. Then on top of that he has not adjusted the tactics to address us being outnumbered there. Last week at Morecambe, who parked the bus and aren't a good technical team, he also made the wrong choices when he needed to improve us in the final third. I am really annoyed. I think personally has cost us at least 4 points and possibly all 6. I know we
  12. A player with his background should extend knowledge and contacts. Aside from being a good coach that is valuable.
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