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  1. I think that works in certain types of sport. In rugby the ref gives a running commentary but most the game consists of blokes in a huddle with the odd breakout. Even then they proceed to boot the ball into touch or make a few passes and go back into a huddle. I don't think it would work in football and a reason is the mobility required of the ref and assistant refs.
  2. Handled a difficult away game on a very poor pitch and windy conditions excellently. Very well done.
  3. Rachel Welch was excellent today. In fact the best referee I have seen at our level for a long time.
  4. She has not wanted to go further and given preference to her educational career. Good track record as an assistant referee in my opinion. Proved there are no fitness issues or issues with dealing with much bigger aggressive men etc.
  5. I think Amoo and Hurst can help the club go forward. McKirdy needs to show something to get into their category. I don't think he has had much chance, but you are right he hasn't made an impact in a side that was struggling.
  6. Really great. We need to widen the talent pool of referees and accessing 50% of the population does that. Positive target - Vale awarded first penalty given by a woman referee. To avoid - X of Port Vale first player sent off by a female referee.
  7. Need to keep going to reach safety in the next three games. Very good result today.
  8. Excellent result. I wasn't able to watch this. But aside from the team coming together as a unit I think the Newport game showed a significant improvement in fitness. The new manager and other backroom team have resolved what was a serious issue.
  9. We showed where we could have been in the League tonight. That said I think only with Clarke and team. Not Askey unfortunately. Good luck to him though.
  10. Very entertaining game. Lots of skill on display from Vale. But we also matched up physically and tactically. Excellent from everyone full stop. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  11. We don't get in the box. We don't win pens. We don't get free kicks on the edge of the box. OK that's a bit exaggerated. But that is what we have to a lot more.
  12. Broadside shortly. In posts trying to keep spirits up for sure. I actually think we had a version of the problem we have now all last season even when doing well. It is has been obvious to teams that if they do two things. Firstly park the bus and ask to break us down. Secondly mark Joyce who switches the ball. We struggle. That is what happened today. What has got worse is basically our strikers are not scoring when we do get near goal. In fact they almost seem to be scared to go near the opposition goal and keep trying unlikely shots from distance. They have to get in the box and cause the o
  13. I don't think we are actually far away from being an upper half of the table side. It is all about the last third and strikers. I think we are very capable of winning at Colchester next weekend and getting at least a point off Newport.
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