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  1. Covolan has looked a good goalkeeper in the second half of the first half of the season. But then madness descended and that was a big loss to Swindon. I thought we got massacred first half but could have been miraculously level at half time when a regroup might have seen us win it. Stone looks very professional for me, but I have not seen him much to form a good opinion. I didn't object to his being between the sticks so far. The signing of Holy is bringing in a keeper who has played a lot of games at the higher League 1 level. He has surely been brought into play and not sit on the bench which is what he's been doing at Ipswich in 2021/22 after playing regularly in 2020/21. I am hoping he will significantly improve our defence in the air on free kicks and corners. Does this mean one of our keepers is moving on? With age rule its a precious place taken up to have three keepers?
  2. Politic has gone to a higher level league - Serie B with Cremonese. They have won their last 4 games, sit 5th in the table and are pushing for promotion. Our new signing Joel Cooper has to prove he can step out of NI football and play regularly at League 2 level creating chances and scoring goals.
  3. Holy looks small to me. In my MA award ceremony I sat next to a 7 foot 1 inch policeman who needed two seats really and got my award from a 7 foot 2 inch vice chancellor. But obviously I am expecting him to have a spiritual effect on crosses as well and to come for them with divine intervention.
  4. The next few games are obviously critical. Put a run together and we are up there challenging and with players coming back could sustain that. But a mixed set of results will cement us in mid table hoping to climb to 7th as the top 3 pull away. I thought we were doing well in the transfer window, but it seems to me Tranmere have significantly strengthened and with Forest Green well ahead the door is closing. Therefore Forest Green home and Tranmere away are critical games to get a result from. I feel we are a bit threadbare. It's not that the players we have aren't committed and good at this level, it's just that the injuries and mix available are restricting our approach to games. Saturday was a cancel the opposition game, which worked, except that we never looked like scoring. We must be able to rack up the type of shooting stats we did against Salford and take the chances. Please shoot. Please pass to the right person in the final third.
  5. That was ten years ago things are very different now. Do you think they would have signed for us for 6 months or a team in the national league on more money and an 18 month contract. Maybe the reason we haven't signed an experienced striker is because they are all going to the league below on twice as much money I am up for signing another experienced striker. I am also up for signing an experienced midfielder who can get on the ball and provide good distribution. But remembering Lee Hughes, he was a Premier League standard striker and I want someone of that nature and not another experienced lower league striker. Similarly in midfield. Otherwise I am quite happy with our two on loan strikers and think they have a lot of ability.
  6. We are still well placed. I thought the manager via the goalkeeper didn't press for a winner at Orient and I was disappointed with that. Given the players available it looks like he will play more direct. One of the problems I have with that is we don't have the right forwards available for that sort of game. I guess on the counter attack maybe, but the Orient game was two sides playing the same way and cancelling. Very low number of shots and none of seriousness. The two loan strikers, who I rate quite highly, look like they need space in behind or quality to feet near / in the box. Not something coming down from above the floodlights which seemed to be most of the game at Orient. By the way I took a new supporter to that game and she is unlikely to go to another football game because it was boring. The fox was the highlight. I can accept practicality for a while but to keep and attract supporters to games they need to transcend from sport to entertainment. This one didn't.
  7. Dug a good result out. Looked secure at the back. Played direct and not a pretty game. In the final third need better decision making and sometimes pass quality. Finally shoooooooooot!
  8. I did snap second half and screamed at Gibbo to look forward and go forward. Put the ball skillfully forward into an area that must be defended. No marks for going side to side or eternally backwards. This is a coaching problem!
  9. The players tried as hard as possible and the team is extremely unlucky to lose. Chances were not taken with Salford mounting great defence in their 6 yard box. I feel our wingback system is now understood and prepared for. Tonight we didn't pose sufficient forward threat down the middle of the pitch to cause space down the flanks. We also engaged in too much recycling side to side. Just push down the flanks when marked using short passing and work advances by a throw-in.
  10. Conlon looked like he was in a coma. If he is fit and ready to play then play him. But yesterday he was light years off the pace. Wilson too. Just because he played well earlier in the season doesn't mean he is ready to take the weight up front now. Aside from individual players struggling, we must look at the formation. Hussey at left back is much bigger player than Gibbo. So we can go 4 at the back without being vulnerable in the air. He is also confident on the ball and doesn't need an extra centre half to square to. Meanwhile that extra centre half left us overrun in midfield v Swindon; so either drop one out or play one that can really get on the ball and step into midfield. For me we need to go four at the back and get Worrall upfield. Harratt starts and I would give the other new player Edmondson a start. They have fantastic mobility and can press and run in behind. Even if Salford park the bus, Wilson isn't a full target man and so I think we need to move the ball quickly and try to get in behind down the flanks. Worrall and Gibbo down the right to do that - although I can accept Cass as well. If Amoo is ready he could come in as the fresh legs if needed. But actually I do think we need to win this. We have a series of difficult games coming up which could reverse our fortunes or see us off. So confidence building is essential on Tuesday.
  11. McKirdy is doing nothing wrong. A striker should get near the keeper in case he drops it. Goals on Sunday has several goals that result from exactly that error. So he doesn't need a Kung Foo kick; just keep the ball.
  12. We were monumentally outplayed first half. Manager needed to react during the first half. They have had 17 shots 7 on target and we've had 3 with 1 on target. We have been analysed and teams know how to play against our formation. That said surely the players can adjust and observe someone has to mark Williams. He was the dude running their game.
  13. Pleased they had McKirdy up front and not Jan Åge Fjørtoft
  14. The mobility of Harratt is the level the whole team needs to be at closing down.
  15. We were completely outplayed today. They could play at a higher pace than us, won all the second balls, most tackles and individually had a higher skill level. That's the third time this season our keeper has been sent off. They had 17 shots first half and it was obvious we needed to change tactics. Conlon didn't look fit? Maybe Wilson isn't fit?
  16. Harratt scored last week against a Premier League team. I wasn't there due to Covid-19, but aside from I have therefore never seen him play this fact means I would stick him on the pitch from the start.
  17. I think this squad is significantly stronger than our promotion team. But so is the top half of the division. Hence its not as greater an advantage as it might have been and we are in for a battle to get in the top three.
  18. I didn't see much to impress me with McKirdy; albeit that has never stopped very mediocre players returning and annoyingly scoring against us in the past. But the reason he left is because we could sign better players. If those better players perform in our competitive and now deep squad we should beat these. That all said I don't have any issues with him, he was just a journeyman player who didn't stick at the Vale. He seems to have had more success at Swindon and they have converted him into a goal scorer. But I think our defence should have him on toast?
  19. I think it shows how much stronger the squad is. He would not be a player to be released over the past few seasons of pitching up in mid table alongside a few dalliances with the relegation zone.
  20. VAT accounting is based on actual sales. You can say there were 100,000 there in the Sentinel but the accounts must reflect reality. I tried, for the sake of it because I take an interest in Scottish football as a Montrose supporter (I've been to one game and adopted them for life), to see how we fair attendance wise. We are about equal with Dundee (5000+) in attendances presently but a bit behind Dundee United (7000+). So that is middle of the Scottish Premiership. However, its sobering to reflect we above some famous Scottish clubs like Motherwell and St Mirren. The miracle club of the moment is Arbroath up there. Top of the Championship and got their attendances up to about 1300. Out performing famous clubs like Dunfermline, Kilmarnock and Partick.
  21. I watched Forest Green v Swindon on TV. I thought it was a bit of a nothing game but Swindon won. They are by definition a pretty good side if - like us - they can beat the league leaders away. But they aren't top of the league themselves and just in and amongst the candidates for 2nd-7th at the end of the season. So we need to show that with most of our players now back and strengthening in the window we are a better and higher level team. 2-0 is what I'm looking for.
  22. By signing defenders we free Worrall to play in midfield and attack. So Burgess could be allowed to leave and especially as he is 24 and taking up the space of an 'adult'. Since Taylor is injured are we still looking to bring in a new 'adult' with more experience than Burgess?
  23. I wish Leon good luck for next season.
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