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  1. If going by train there is replacement bus service between Doncaster and Scunthorpe.
  2. A very good performance handling a well coached physical team well in hot conditions. We look a good side but caveat this is very strong League 2 for whatever reason. So we need to be.
  3. I don't live local and so I don't really know who does what. But the editor controlling commentary who went away from the kick off at Harrogate last season for some stupid commentary elsewhere ruined an historic moment for me with the first female referee. All credibility lost. But coming back to games at Vale Park, the commentary position is about the worst place to be in the stadium. They are faced with driving a car with steamed up windows at night on an unlit road. Pretty hopeless situation, and of course the club are partly to blame for that, maybe wholly to blame.
  4. Come back and score some goals.
  5. Who was he referring to? Do we know? I don't think that anybody who has played notable minutes aside from Covolan has been unfairly and persistently targeted for OTT criticism. Rodney was dire against Rochdale and hasn't been great in most games. Benning has been poor. Both should rightly expect to be criticised. But scapegoats? I honestly don't think either can say that they have been unfairly treated? When I criticised Rodney after Rochdale I described specifically what he failed at. And I felt others did as well. But Rodney is far from a hopeless case, I think he has improved with coaching. With Benning I haven't seen him play enough except to make general criticism of the type the manager made himself after the Rochdale game in describing the defending as shocking.
  6. Excellent result and now need to consolidate by beating Harrogate. I was sort of alarmed when I saw the team sheet thinking that the defence was vulnerable in the air. But they got the job done and actually the defence if you take the back five can play decent football as a unit when in possession. Especially when the goalie joins in. I would like to see them do that in this game because I thought we failed to exploit the forward marking our goalie when kicking v Rochdale. Aside from knocking him out of course!
  7. Time for our man Proctor to overtake Armstrong in a 2-0 win. League Two Top Scorers - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  8. One in six of the population over 80 have dementia. I get the football issue, but it is also a natural way to die when you get old. I say this from the perspective of a working for a major pension scheme where the contact centre has to be trained and aware of this issue in particular because the members of the scheme are vulnerable. Anyway, back to Mueller and he left a great legacy.
  9. The first 20 minutes v Rochdale showed we can play at a higher level than League 2 going forward. But then when things are going less well, the defensive side must be there to soak up pressure. And it wasn't. I don't think Rochdale had many chances, but they took them a mix of good build up play and crossing but our defending was woeful and in my opinion Brown would have stopped one, maybe two of their goals. So we have a keeper issue as well. He needs to be an actually good keeper as well as good with distribution. So the improvement for Swindon is obvious. But we are in big trouble if Martin isn't good in the air and he was lamentable against Rochdale. I expect Smith to get beaten in the air quite a lot but he offers other defensive aspects which make it tolerable. But Martin is replacing Legge as the main dude heading stuff out and he absolutely must be dominant over the centre forward and in front of goal.
  10. I have only seen him live in one game, so you are right. I felt yesterday we were dominated in the air and I was looking to him to be the guy who headed everything away. So I feel disappointed he didn't or someone didn't. The best defensive header of the game was Worrall at the back stick and I think he was limping by then.
  11. Yes, I think that is my problem here. I'm used to Brown in recent years who was a significantly better keeper. Its not his fault, but he's coming up from non league whereas Brown was probably at least strong League 1 level. However, Brown had aged and was going downhill. With the third goal, I accept he was stuffed by his own defence, but has to do more than stand there. I'm looking for a Schmeichal star charge.
  12. We may be an away team! But honestly, I am not making comments with hostility. I think we have a good squad and capable management / backroom staff. But we lost a game yesterday in ways that definitely could have been avoided.
  13. Proctor looked a good replacement for Pope yesterday. I should apologise to Devante for giving him grief for a left foot scuffed shot when the man I am now praising made an awful miss. That's football I guess, but Proctor did have a Pope like presence all afternoon. Wilson seemed unable to be particularly effective, but Rodney came on and was ineffective as well. They both got dealt with defensively, but Proctor remained a handful.
  14. Yes, that is a fair enough comment. If try to put some logic on the Premier League has become the top league in Europe again and that can reflect in players being displaced and pushed down the leagues. Also, clubs higher in the structure hit very hard by COVID-19 have released players and cut wage bills; so again the impact will be to push quality deeper. I just genuinely think that Rochdale were a good side yesterday. So too Tranmere - who have taken steps to resolve their striker problem since they played us. In our case we looked massively vulnerable at the back yesterday and we are going nowhere with that defence.
  15. Brown is clearly a better keeper than Covolan based on what I have seen. But Brown was rusting up with age. Pope had become an impact player; maybe unfairly. The rest, well I need to see more games before I decide if we are better or worse.
  16. I think this is a strong division and Rochdale yesterday were a strong team. I think there were reasons why they got relegated last season, but I thought they looked like a good quality League 1 team once they got into the game. Once they came into the game, the disappointing thing for me was we couldn't just be solid, keep them out and play counter attack. We looked constantly vulnerable in defence and particularly in not stopping crosses, in the air on crosses and goalkeeper not dominating the six yard box. I also accuse the goalie yesterday of just not being in goal. On their third goal he just has to do something more than stand there; rush out, anything! The tactical changes didn't work and we equalised with a well taken goal that to me came as a surprise. Rodney was ineffective, but to me that was because he kept getting tackled by players from a higher level of football than he has played at. So he has to learn from that. He did frustrate with a scuffed left foot shot in a really good position when he has to blast it properly or pass to a well place colleague. Going back to the goalie, it is a compliment they stopped his on the ground distribution throughout the game. But he nonetheless carried on kicking from hand - which is basically lumping it. We surely must play out from the back more in that situation and exploit the fact they have temporarily reduced their outfield players to nine by them marking the keeper. I still think we have a good squad. I am ok with the manager. But the reality maybe that this is a very strong League 2; is that a consequence of COVID-19 and its post pandemic impact?
  17. Defence. Needed to keep them out and didn't. Failure to stop a side that cross effectively. Failure in the air at the back. Keeper saved nothing and caught nothing.
  18. Tomorrow involves two buses and four trains. Vale Park itself is relatively safe. I guess I am accepting some risk but I see it as much lower than say smoking or riding a motorbike.
  19. Could have done with Banks in goal in the QF 1970. But his scoring record of goals in season was only broken by Messi in 2012 and he is one of the greatest players of all time. Goes unnoticed because it was a long time ago now, but the stats are there to see.
  20. We have seem to have assembled a good squad with competition for places and interchangeability. The team that won at Forrest Green has the right to start? Unless they have a 7 foot 8 centre forward or a winger that does 100m in 7 seconds etc. when tactical adjustment may be justified.
  21. Back to theme. That was an essential result to win at FG even this early in the season. If we can be defensively solid and score enough goals we will succeed in the promotion bid.
  22. They need their ground fixing. It has suffered the decline the club has. Personally I would love to get Stockport and Wrexham and Chesterfield back in the league. What a bonus to get Barrow and Hartlepool back recently. And showing my prejudice I don't want Boring Wood et al. Though respect to Sutton Utd.
  23. Must have a priority which is get promoted to League 1 by taking an automatic position. Players need games in the squad to be match fit so some risk has to be taken to play a good team in this game.
  24. The top two will stretch away and be beyond us catching up. So we need to win at FG next week. It's time to turn robust defence and good chance creation into a significant result.
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