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Your favourite Female vocalist...

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I know I'm showing my age now but it's a pity this young lady isn't still around. What a voice.  

Above all else, there's one quality to Karen Carpenter's voice that no-one else has. I could have the worse day possible at work, followed by the worse drive home; stressed up to my eyeballs. But, if

And an excellent musician too. What a sad waste so early in life.

I have to say Stevie Nicks.

God i could listen to her sing all day. I was listening to "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac the other day. What an incredible voice. So unique. She is fantastic.


Who gets your vote? It could be one song that does it for you ( think, Shara Nelson on Massive Attack for me)


I could pick others, but she is the best for me.


Stevie Nicks for me too.Rhiannon live.extraordinary.

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So many here I agree with:

Stevie Nicks - bought my first album, Rumours, after I heard her singing Dreams

Karen Carpenter - I know it's old stuff but she had an amazing voice and naff to admit but the tunes were/are good

Sarah Cracknell - amazing voice but never thought the band lived up to it

Helen Marnie - band as good as her voice!

Tanya Donnelly - yes

Jenny Lewis


Some others not mentioned

Harriet Wheeler - The Sundays, my favourite so far

Nina Persson - The Cardigans

Julianna Hatfield - some of her songs are really rubbish mind

Sally Ellyson - Hem, very American sounding band, oldies give it a go please

Hope Sandoval - Mazzy Star

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There are so many and it's difficult to choose an out and out favourite:



Amy Belle

Beth Rowley

Diana Krall

Diane Birch

Jenny Lewis

Joan Osborne

Kate Rusby

Kimya Dawson

Kirsty MacColl

Laura Mrling

Lisa Mitchell

Melody Gardot

Missy Higgins

Paloma Faith

Priscilla Ahn

Sam Brown

Thea Gilmore

Victoria Hart


Many different styles and genres, depends on my mood.

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Karen Carpenter by an absoulute mile!

A complete waste of a life if ever there was one!

I'm a big fan of the Carpenters. Goodbye to Love is one of my favourite songs.


Modern wise, I'm not particularly taken with everything she sings but Katie Melua has a very nice voice.


Top 3 from For us all is a good shout imo!

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