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  1. Drinking beer whilst working.I always thought I was in the wrong job..
  2. I’m pleased you noticed the party was in the garden,drinking wine and eating cheese.I take it you think beer and takeaways,indoors,is ok?Did Barry supply the takeaway, courtesy of Ms.Lee,for Starmer and his associates?
  3. I think he’s been forced into that Phil.
  4. Both driven and clever people with suitable experience.Sunak has been outstanding as chancellor.
  5. Boris will be gone soon enough.Do you think Covid Keir will be going for the self isolation record?I wonder why he keeps having to ?
  6. I think Smarmer should do the decent thing and resign.One rule for him ,one for the rest of us.(I’m actually sick and tired of hearing people saying that).
  7. Gardiner received 700k apparently.Agent Gardiner 700000.In line for the next movie?
  8. The name is Gardiner,Barry Gardiner 001.5.
  9. And speechless?I think he lacks a bit of confidence.😉😂
  10. Spot on ,those 2/3 turnstiles could take care of one block of the RS.
  11. My arse is still marked from a meeting with Fizzer’s cricket bat(Sandy)😂😂 Best signing for me has to be Ray Walker.
  12. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Rick Parry(EFL) says the criteria for teams expected to play is having 14 available players.
  13. I think,unfortunately,it may be taken out of the clubs’ hands.From what I can gather ,next week,increased data re the latest variant may force the issue.It will be one month since the first case.
  14. I’m not but if you google Tom Pope Twitter you can read his pathetic comments.You can also google ‘Tool’ and you will get to his account.Lewis is a pirck and Mason Greenwood has no end product.Really?
  15. But they still capable of forming a quiz team unlike the Labour Party.
  16. Not what Starmer said, he like most of the country are supporting the NHS not the rotten government. So he is voting with the government or he’s voting against it?Whatever suits his political agenda?Who’s the coward now?
  17. Some Labour MPs were invited to the ‘virtual ‘ quiz but they couldn’t find anyone with a brain cell in the party.BTW Starmer states Boris is not fit to be PM but will be voting with him on Tuesday.Gutless ,No Policies,Wet blanket springs to mind.Johnson is a tool but Starmer...🙄
  18. No member of the Labour Party attended a Christmas/Office party last year.Or at least didn’t get found out?- 5 times self isolated Sir Kneel says so.
  19. At least we won’t be having the moaning about not being able to get a ticket will we?Brentford are a damn good side,I hope they bring their first team.
  20. Could have been a lot worse like home to Leyton Orient.
  21. Chelsea at home.Sellout home game ,on the TV.Finish off the Lorne Street with the dosh for when we play United ,at home,also on TV,in Round 4.
  22. No new system has been set up yet so it should still be 1)Season Ticket Holders 2)10 Match Holders 3) General Sale. How many tickets per Season Ticket Holder should be judged on how many tickets are allocated.
  23. Walsall were crap,Vale were crapper.Listening to Talksport on the way home,a Walsall fan phoned in and said they were fantastic and are going places.What a season they must be having.
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