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  1. Enoch Hood ,his 2 brothers and nephew, played for the Vale in the early days.One or two in the Railway Stand saw him make his debut.
  2. Correct,Toxic Tom has left the building.Pope would struggle to get on the Vale bench this season.It would only give him something else to bellyache about.We have moved on.Others are still in the recent dismal past.
  3. Devante is not the finished product.He needs work on decision making.The coaching staff should be on top of that.Get off his case.Booers stay at home.His goals,not Saint Tom’s,got us into mid table last season.
  4. Said the woman who went to the doctor with a lettuce hanging out of her knickers.
  5. Exactly.Hopefully the ‘Donkey’ years are now behind us.
  6. I gave up with The Sentinel online long ago.Two hours to read one page is not a useful use of time in my opinion.🙄
  7. Tripe match.Very little quality from either side.Result much better than the performance from Vale.
  8. Turnstiles 19 and 20 being open could help in reducing the Railway Stand queue.There is a lot of people who get to the ground via Scotia Road/Bycars Road.
  9. I should have explained better Darren.Regular 27/28000 in the Prem.That would include 3000 max away fans.
  10. 8000+ fans lost . Midweek attendance similar to us ?Cringe all you like.
  11. Nothing.Fetching your ticket also gave fans an opportunity to buy new kit etc. in the shop.Having seen Joke’s first 2 home attendances it looks like they need some advice on sales and marketing techniques.The bubble has well and truly burst at The Incinerator of Lard.
  12. That was an easy decision on Tuesday.If people 100 yards away ,in the Railway ,can see a goalkeeper has clearly palmed the ball away and not the player then surely a referee can see that from 20 yards.I’d also suggest that the liner on the Lorne Street side could have had a clear view of the incident.The disallowed goal beggared belief previous to that.I’m not saying we would have won but .......
  13. You reckon he would of missed that chance? He may not have been in that place to take the chance.We will never know.
  14. Agree,I initially thought it was a foul to us with their player sliding in like he did.He then got up and clearly dived.
  15. But of course he had nothing to do with our mid season slump which resulted in the manager getting sacked.No testimonial contribution from me.
  16. Loyalty = Roy Sproson.Pope is not fit to clean Roys’ boots.(on the statue).Disrespectful towards the club.Money for nothing these last 2 seasons.Jog on.
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