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  1. One memory about JJ was against Stoke in the FA Cup at VP.I still can’t believe that didn’t go in.Great entertainer,RIP JJ.
  2. I would hope his contacts included Nicky Butt.Some great kids coming through at MU.Danny started his career there.
  3. Pope 20/21 -18 appearances 3 goals 1 assist. Rodney 20/21 25 appearances 7 goals 3 assists. Conlon 20/21 25 appearances 4 goals 3 assists Worrall 20/21 23 appearances 2 goals 10 assists. Monty 20/21 19 appearances 4 goals 1 assist Leon Legge 22 appearances 3 goals 0 assists. Theo Robinson 22 appearances 4 goals 0 assists Cullen 20/21 12 appearances 3 goals 0 assists.
  4. Why can’t people have an opinion about a player? Haven’t you?Sorry for Popey and hope he recovers but when he says he’d have scored 20 goals last season is Fantasy Island stuff.He has done that in ONE season in his career.
  5. Who knows? Let’s hope nobody else has to.Did Pope know he’d broken his?He said he carried on because the game was so important financially to the club.Im not sure that was the best choice to make.What if he had fell on it again?Career finishing injury?
  6. Pope ,after doing ‘some digging ‘,said that Carol didn’t instruct JA to take the captaincy off him.It was Askey who made the decision.It was the lowest point in his career and when he was bo11ocked by Carol over twittergate he said he basically couldn’t have cared less due his mental state.There was no rift between him and JA .🙄🙄He also hinted that Bennet was crap and he should have been playing instead and would have got 20 goals last season( like he’s done in every season in his career).He said he hadn’t done anything wrong to warrant the way he’d been treated.Danny Pugh should be the next m
  7. During the interview on RS,Popey said it was a 17 year old who nutted him and he did his arm and shoulder when he fell.
  8. One thing that may have been overlooked is the amount of other coaching staff now at the club.I presume they would have to be paid off if a new manager is brought in,that’s if he doesn’t want them.
  9. Apart from the defending for their first goal the defence did ok.A bit better after Monty came on and later on Taylor and Cullen.In hindsight maybe those three should have started,just to add more energy.An average Sunderland team which we made look good.The jury is out on Danny.
  10. Leaving an appointment too long may mean some potential managers lose interest or get other jobs.How long should we wait,do you think?One or two months?Until the end of the season?Why advertise the job if Danny is the chosen one?What if we lose the next ten games?What about player contracts?JA got the sack because we were ***t and players weren’t trying apparently.Wasnt Danny Pugh part of the first team coaching staff?
  11. Now now Walter,don’t you know it was JA’s fault for questioning some of the players’ lifestyles that led to all the problems.Didnt you see Saturday’s game,Butchers Dogs springs to mind compared with the Mansfield game.( Pope actually ran a few times).I hope we get a right hard nosed ba5tard as manager to sort some of this lot out and ship them out.
  12. Maybe you could have a socially distanced chat to remind him of that ,Jean.
  13. I don’t think you need to read between the lines.Whatever a coincidence JA has gone ,players are returning and Pope wants to play and score goals for Danny Pugh.****house(s).
  14. 1)One of the top 6 in the betting will be the next manager.I will be surprised if it isn’t. 2) Correct but that also depends who it is. Joe,what you also need to take into account is the leaks that continually come out of VP.
  15. I think Danny will probably get a chance at management one day but as first team coach at the Vale has he yet produced the goods to warrant an upgrade?With regard to any new players coming in ,I think they have probably been identified already and agreements reached.I also think the club had someone in mind before releasing JA.As was pointed out to me yesterday by one of our former greats”That’s the way it works in football “.
  16. Good luck to any club who think the current Pope can boost them.By the time next season starts Tom will be a 36 year old in the body of a 46 year old.We need to be looking to the future not the stale present or past.Young and eager to learn is my idea of that.
  17. Back to Alehouse stuff do you mean?No thanks.
  18. I think your dad may point you in other directions when mental celebrations were in order,Joe.
  19. High standards command high wages Joe.Big decision,one I wasn’t expecting not so long after Bolton 3-6 Vale.The club can’t keep changing managers the way it does.While the club is in releasing mode,get rid of some the ******* wasters who are impersonating as footballers,just to add a bit of balance.
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