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  1. We will always disagree about this Owd.I am a Roy Sproson ‘legend’ person mate.One thing I’m sure we won’t disagree about.Popey just needs to behave.
  2. Unbelievable.When is the demonstration against the owners and manager?8 months into owning the club and the underrock inhabitants come crawling out to slate them.****ing unbelievable.!!!!
  3. The most over used word in the English language, used currently -Legend.
  4. Would you care to suggest when and where he does his tweeting?During a match?I know what he does in the community as do others from the club.Perhaps some of his comments towards members of the community keep him out of my my top 1000.Of course knowing everything about everything and everyone,such as yourself does,may have forced you to disagree with my comments.
  5. Maybe he should start to act like a ‘legend’ ,don’t you think George?Ive been going 60 years ,Pope is nowhere near the top ten on the pitch and not in the top 1000 off it.
  6. Didn’t take long did it,Mario?Vale have some of the best and worst fans going.I suppose it would be silly of me to request that they look at the League 2 table.How many points off automatic promotion are we?The manager not playing their system is always the classic.These people will never be satisfied.
  7. Three strikes and out.His presence is ,now ,not required at VP.
  8. Best centre half I’ve seen in League 2 this season.Apart from his excellent defending ,it’s also great to see him bring a ball out of defence and pass it.4 league goals,this season,is not too shabby compared to our strikers,aswell.
  9. So none from League 1 ,OS?We need to get a young striker in .In 2 years time Tom won’t be around and for sure he won’t be competing in League 1,even if he is.I think. the club and yourself need to look a bit further forward than Tom Pope.
  10. Always the club comes first IC but the unexpected windfall gives us a bit of room for manoeuvre.
  11. 4 in 20 is actually pathetic for the ‘best ‘striker in the lower leagues .3 in 4 in the cup is excellent.Problem with that.Is he glory hunting or do we only ‘feed the Pope’ in cup games?His goals tally should be at least twice what it is with the six yarder sitters he has missed.Or don’t misses come onto your calculations OS?Who would you drop to accommodate a second striker?Worrall or Amoo possibly?That would half the potential crosses coming from wingers.Play 3 at the back?Go 4-4-2 and get overrun in midfield?What about Wimbledon 80s football?Forget that ,we already do with Pope in the side.Who were these clubs that were sniffing round not so long ago that you mentioned on the radio.I must admit I do get the occasional ‘ thrill’ watching Tom play .The Man City goal,err .....the Man City goal.Apart from that, the Keystone Cops,Beasant/ Slavenesque chase after a lumbering centre half is quite amusing.Tom is a defensive midfielder waiting to happen.That would extend his career by 2 years.Seriously.He isn’t the player he was 6/7 years ago.All this talk ,he took us up,he saved us.Well add this to the list.We won’t make the playoffs relying on Popes’ goals.
  12. Pope has scored in 3 league games?Any money that was being allocated towards signing Taylor should now be used to buy a striker.
  13. We started playing when the subs were made.The ball was passed around and we nearly nicked a point.Until then we were garbage.Pope can’t play 2 games in the space of 4 days.Hopefully that will now sink in.
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