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  1. 1-1 is acceptable,the performance wasn’t.We made Mansfield(poor team) look good.
  2. First Half-Non event.Second half-proof of how decent the squad is.Different class than last season.Wilson was outstanding with both forward play and closing down.No team to fear in this league.We will have off days but top 3 is not beyond us on the evidence so far.
  3. What did he say? What did he say? Proctor ,slight injury.Refs need to do better.Didnt defend property.Siht happens.
  4. Clearly a Vale throw in which led to their second.
  5. Cracking game.The most important question though,did the players all go for a pint in Burslem last night?
  6. Excellent win.Everyone contributed.Jones was outstanding.Excellent knowledgable and unbiased commentary from the Scunthorpe guys.
  7. Cheers Rob,just mentioned him as he was my dad’s favourite player.😉
  8. 2 goals per game last season according to some.Probably an oversight he’s not in the top 5🤔😉
  9. Stewart Littlewood ?Goal a game in his first spell,scored 6 v Chesterfield.Still a club record.
  10. Get Pope to make another comment on Wilson’s shortcomings.
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