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  1. Thanks,normal speed -own goal,slow motion-Maradona.😂
  2. I’ve always maintained that ‘wonder’ goal was an own goal as well.Butcher? slid in and put it in the far corner.Maradona would needed to have a deformed foot to put that in.I went to Buenos Aires a few years ago and visited ‘The Republic of Boca’.As good as Messi is he will never be loved in the same way in Argentina as much as Maradona.His picture was everwhere.
  3. Manny has 8 different surnames.
  4. Slow motion second half last night and didn’t get the free code for the Newport game.Crap.
  5. You could advise him that he would need an arse ventilator,Conrad.Be interesting to hear his response.
  6. I think Pope being not available at the start forced JA’s hand to some degree.Robbo seemed to be a reasonable replacement.Rodney is slightly more versatile but erratic.Cullen started well ,then got injured,then has been a bit inconsistent.Cullen is the best footballer of the lot and I think will get the goals.At the end of this season i’d suggest only 2 of these players will still be with us.Cullen /Rodney at home,Robbo/Pope away to keep everyone fresh may be an alternative?
  7. I think we will see the best of this side when Joyce,Conlon and Manny are our midfield three,on a regular basis, with Manny getting forward more.Wozza murdered their right back in the first half but had to swop wings after the sending off.Their commentators remarked how dangerous we were on the break.That changed ,unfortunately.There has been too many changes up front.One striker,as is JA’s preference,should play every week.Cullen ,whose first touch is normally very good would be my preference.Robbo would get better with games.Rodney needs a bit more coaching and needs to calm down.Popey is ,n
  8. Yeah,we’ve been paying for it for the last ten years due to that lying **** and his pension thief /gold selling mate.
  9. Aswell as having a property portfolio worth £35m +.The original Champagne Socialist who took Maggie’s advice.
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