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  1. Howjy04


    Thankyou for your positive input,again , Dr..bycarsrob.
  2. Howjy04


    I was a bit concerned when I saw the “Clap for healthcare workers “ headline .Haven’t they got enough to put up with?God bless them.
  3. Howjy04


    Finest country on earth,bar none,one step.Take care.
  4. Howjy04


    He gave people the option to use their brains.Mistake.Some of those brains are still brand new,TT.
  5. Howjy04


    STAY AT HOME,LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES,HELP THOSE WHO ARE HELPING US.I expect a total lockdown very soon.Those who went out and think they are immune let’s hope your selfishness hasn’t killed anyone.
  6. Howjy04


    My missus went shopping at 6am this morning to get my mum(88) ,who is housebound, just some basic stuff.She had to go to three places and still couldn’t get everything.Half the stuff the pigs are buying will be in bins next week.
  7. Howjy04


    Hope you and yours get well soon,toywah.Have you got a garden shed or a cellar or a loft?
  8. Howjy04


    Guaranteeing 80% of wages for people off work.Companies can pay the additional 20% if they wish
  9. The Bulgarian(?)I think,is an outstanding candidate.
  10. Howjy04

    Good news thread

    Did anyone else see,on tv,the little lad who was spending his pocket money on snacks and toilet rolls and was delivering them in a trolly to isolated old folk?.Good lad !!!!
  11. I agree Warren,would we not have to a virus free country for any sport to re-start?
  12. Howjy04


    Figures quoted this morning state that 40% of the population in Italy are basically taking little or no notice of what they have been told. There is a chance that people will be turned away from hospitals if it continues.Hopefully we have more sense in this country.China has declared no new cases but they are still in quarantine mode.
  13. Howjy04


    I know it’s difficult for some people but we need to do as we are told .There are too many would be medical experts out there.I’ll listen and take advice from the ones that have the knowledge.We need to look after ourselves and those close to us,for starters.
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