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  1. But of course he had nothing to do with our mid season slump which resulted in the manager getting sacked.No testimonial contribution from me.
  2. Loyalty = Roy Sproson.Pope is not fit to clean Roys’ boots.(on the statue).Disrespectful towards the club.Money for nothing these last 2 seasons.Jog on.
  3. Who got us to the World Cup Semi Final and has got us out of the Group with a game to spare.A very young team who can only improve.Have you seen the chances the World Champions have missed today?Pope would have had a hat trick if he had been French and in the team.
  4. Congratulations Captain Tom.£1m added to your transfer fee.
  5. Maybe a chat with Newcastle Town may prove fruitful-Roe Lane.
  6. Could be the best signing of the summer.Bing!!!!
  7. Has anyone heard that he may be going to Australia?
  8. BE,you do the man an injustice.He has very nearly lead us out of this league.v to the NL.
  9. Stones?Pope would score 40 if he played against him every week according to someone.
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