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  1. I would have questioned the ambition of the club if the likes of Pope had been offered a deal.Time to move on.
  2. Tony Naylor ,header ,at Wolves.Walker and Guppy involved.1996.
  3. You know it my friend.
  4. Or we could be aiming to keep the ball on the floor,you know,the attractive passing game instead of Hoof/Popeball.
  5. They either downed tools or weren’t/aren’t good enough.Either way the correct decisions have been made by the management.Players get Managers the sack.Clarke and Flitcroft haven’t given them another opportunity.
  6. Adam Yates said, earlier, on RS,that Pope has been offered deals elsewhere.
  7. Did Martin Foyle have one?Joint ?
  8. Thanks for the confirmation Wrex.I think he said he’d be handing out fines after the fatness tests on Tuesday.
  9. I may be wrong but I tend to think there were issues with some players which led to the demise of JA.Others hinted at it at the time.I don’t think DC suffers tawts gladly.
  10. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
  11. We may well sell more when we see the retained list.Clarke’s mind is probably made up already.After this 5hit show I guarantee it has.
  12. John Askey and now,Darrell Clarke have realised that Pope is a back number.Our style of play has improved without him.I,along with others,am sick of seeing ale house football pandering to a player who scores very few,assists very few and is unable to play 2 games a week due to being grossly overweight and totally unfit.Thankyou Tom for 2012/13 but that was nearly a decade ago.Another season at the Vale would be an embarrassment to both club and player.Younger,fitter and less expensive please.People have been talking about a testimonial.I mentioned this at the time Bury came in for him as a wa
  13. Were this seasons STs distributed? I went to the T.O a couple of times ,in July 2020,and was told no decision.The club have sent me emails so have my details?
  14. I think anyone can get testing kits from chemists now,dd.
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