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  1. Excellent first half and finish to the second half.We played some really good stuff on the deck.De Bruyne would have been happy with the cross for Arnold’s goal.Looked more than 4000 there.UTV.
  2. Howjy04


    I’m quite warm blooded Doha.Or did you mean Henry?
  3. Howjy04


    And your pal Jobsworth can go and boil his head aswell.
  4. Howjy04


    Hi Doha,any cartoons or have you shut up moaning and attempting to be funny?
  5. Howjy04


    Just think back to when people were angry that we couldn’t compete with Bury over Popey’s wages.
  6. Long term results have to be the best option to take an overall view of the position,IC.We could have won our first 2 league games and be sitting top of the league then we would have the Going Up thread.Generally,football fans want things yesterday.I think we should have a look after 20 games.
  7. Just the four from the joke forward line,to start with,You never learn Tylerla.
  8. Decent performance overall but we lacked movement up front .Considering the swirling wind I think we should have kept the ball on the ground a bit more.Pope was occupying 2 defenders which should have created more space for others.Amoo is our potential matchwinner. Crossing 5/10,must do better.I think Gibbons will be targeted by opposition managers.UTV.
  9. Season tickets needed to be collected before today’s match.Salford tickets could have been put on sale after today ‘s game,starting this evening or Monday morning.Individuals have to sign onto tills to avoid the obvious.Those staff working in the shop probably don’t have access to ticket office tills.The object who abused the worker should be banned from getting another ticket.Moan,moan,,******* moan.New era?Are you sure?
  10. Which part of ‘suspended’ does Williamson not understand?
  11. Decent business by some clubs especially City,Spurs and United.Are Liverpool skint?
  12. It wasn’t their fault Tone.Self Pity City strikes again.
  13. Having worked with cash most of my working life,we had special pens to detect forgeries.A one second process.Fifties ,twenties and tenners were checked if they looked or felt dodgy. It seems contactless purchases are quite easy with a stolen card?
  14. Can you pay me back by cheque please,Wrex?
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