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  1. The Bloat paying glowing tributes to their warriors.
  2. I think and hope that Birmingham will turn up on Sunday.Manager on his way.Stoke will escape if they get 4 points.It will be touch and go.
  3. Howjy04


    Yet,he’s actually getting blasted by Dudds this morning.You couldn’t make it up.Sunak v Dudds is like Barcelona v Burscough.The shining light in the Tory Party.
  4. Howjy04


    Sir Simon Stevens is a former LABOUR councillor,so he must be a lying ****.Is that what you mean,Sage,
  5. Howjy04


    I appreciate everything you have indicated ,IC,but as you have indicated it was February 29 when we had 23 cases with 10,483 tests.A brave man would have put us into lockdown then.Since then,scientists have agreed that we should have gone into lockdown earlier.ONE WEEK has been the most prominent time scale.That would have been ONE WEEK after Liverpool and Cheltenham.I was the first on here asking why that game was played. The Care Home transfers were what I was trying to flag up.The NHS wouldn’t knowingly transfer someone to a care home with Covid was Sir Simon’s comments.He explained that we couldn’t get PPE because China weren’t releasing it and that was in January.The NHS and Care homes alike along with the rest of the world needed it but couldn’t get it.Having said that,PPE has been there when it was needed according to him.He admitted there were some last minute dashes but they got there.On to NHS Providers,June 2. They state the same thing along with the moving about of agency staff in care homes.PPE was getting shared with local hospitals and only people were sent to care homes if those homes could isolate them,if they became ill or showed symptoms.The main gripe I’ve heard from Care Home owners is”PPE too expensive “.”We work on fine margins as it is”.Add that some staff wouldn’t be paid sick pay if they went off sick.My sister in laws mother is in a private care home ,with Alzheimer’s,at the moment.She has contracted Covid along with 4 other inmates.I asked if they were isolated.Her daughter has told me “They can’t because of the Alzheimer’s “.Boris needs to keep quiet sometimes.Probably needs a new advisor.A massive overhaul is needed but the blame can be shared in this case.
  6. Howjy04


    I raised this issue weeks ago,IC.Its not the staff ,it’s the ******* greedy owners.H C 1 (Skye) as a prime example.Staff moved about,no sick pay etc.It is also a lie to say 25000 weren’t tested,see NHS Providers website.Please watch Sir Simon Stevens interview on Andrew Marr ,Sunday just gone or keep believing the Beano bullshine.
  7. My fond memory of Bernie was when he was flat on the floor,he crawled along the ground and managed to head one in.Apart from that,he was evil.
  8. Howjy04


    Sir Simon Stevens answering many questions re NHS,PPE,Care Homes etc.Putting things into perspective.Andrew Marr.
  9. Howjy04


    Well well well,looks like the Care Home owners may have something to answer to after all.Blame the Government or look further than your nose to pass on the blame.
  10. Win some lose some,Fosse.At least the owners wont have to fork out when the ground would have been trashed,again.
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