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  1. Wanted- One Russian Linesman who has already been to Specsavers.
  2. I’d prefer Cheltenham but as regards travelling Valiants better if it’s Swindon,ticket wise.
  3. Best priced Overall Tory Majority 4/7. Best priced Overall Liebour Majority 40/1.
  4. Farage says Brexit Party will not contest the 317 seats won by Conservatives at the last election.They will go up against Liebour and Lib Dems .
  5. Public voters have voted for the last 3 Tory governments irrespective of the PM.The fourth will be on Dec 12th.
  6. He was visiting the now closed Maze prison where he paid a poignant tribute to Bobby Sands by licking the walls of his cell.
  7. Home tie against anyone,IC.May I also say ,out the first round winnings ,Carol and Kev should treat themselves to a bottle or two of Dom Perignon.
  8. I had a chat with an ex Vale player two weeks ago.He lives in Barnsley,has coached at the football club,and goes regularly to matches.Quote “Put every spare pound you’ve got on Barnsley going down,the best players have gone and won’t be replaced”.
  9. Well done Agent O’Neil.It’s the hope that kills.
  10. Looks like everybodys’ heads have gone except the one with an empty one.
  11. He hasn’t trained a great deal this week due to illness,matt.
  12. We’ll need his help if they get in.McCluskey sorry Corbyn for PM.
  13. 40 years Anniversary for the Winter of Discontent.Rail strikes,Queues for limited amount of petrol,Power cuts,Working in candlelight with an overcoat on etc.This week we have had talk about Royal Mail workers and Railway workers having December off.Unions run the Labour Party.Those who think otherwise should give their heads a wobble.Strikes and Economic irresponsibility are Labour Party trademarks.The crash was not all Labour’s fault but their fault was they had put us in a position that was damn difficult to recover from due to their reckless spending.Those who missed the seventies under Labour ,missed a treat.Since that time,if Labour were the only party to vote for I’d stop at home on GE day.
  14. Because he hates Corbyn. Ian Austin (Labour) “ Vote Tory,Stop Corbyn”.Johnson is getting his campaign done for him.
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