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  1. I’m not sure Jake Taylor should be playing wide midfield.Looked lost.Clark looks like he’s a bit of a tinkerman,only he won’t be winning the Premier anytime soon.Dogshit performance.
  2. Agreed.I also think young Mussy did well for an 18 yo making his league debut.He was quite willing to pass the ball instead of just lumping it.Good block from him,congratulated by Scotty, saved a goal.
  3. Apparently ,when you go for your Covid jab,people are now being asked if they want the Anti-Lard one as well.I have been reliably informed that there has been quite a large take up.Scientists are very worried that the Lardvirus 21 will spread to the capital,Burslem.
  4. My good friend is a Walsall ST holder.He says we are welcome to him.Good luck Darrell.
  5. Shooting in at the King Power.
  6. I would expect the appointment would be someone DF has probably had dealings with before.Adam Murray? Barnsley and Mansfield.
  7. I remember getting flung out there.😩
  8. Games in hand have never been points.
  9. I’d estimate after the next 4 games we will be the leading scorers,or very close,in League 2.We must be doing something right.As has been said many times the defence is the problem.There has never been a settled back line all season,working as a unit.Gibbo,Smith,Legge and Monty would be my 4.You could ,for a few games ,stick 2 DMs in front of them to build some confidence.Boring but safer.A few clean sheets should now be the aim.
  10. Brown kept the score down,Swann looked bright.Errrr....that’s it.
  11. Bratt did with Rudge?Bratt changed managers more than he changed his socks.Billy BELL,JRC.😉
  12. Klopp in! Keep up the good work laughing boy.
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