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  1. Coming from Baldwins Gate at about 3.30pm.Can’t be too careful.
  2. Our shameful discipline,elbowing and outright dirty play has produced ONE more yellow card than Swindon,this season.Sendings off is 4-4.Like their fans ,deluded.
  3. It would be pleasing if the T.O. announced how many left for sale tomorrow.Not difficult I’d imagine.
  4. I reckon we are close to 12000 sold ,both Vale and Swindon.
  5. There’s 300 available in one section of the RS 200 in one section of the RP (only3 in another)and 130 in one section of the LS. I wonder if these sections aren’t available even though they appear to be online?
  6. Shouldn’t be a problem getting their tickets ,they are all related.
  7. Does the 13500 include 3700 in the Bycars?I thought we were giving ourselves an extra 800 by moving to the Hamil.That would make 9800 home seats available.Add the 2200 Swindon tickets which would make Thursday’s capacity is 12000. 11300 sold 700 left
  8. For what it’s worth.My earlier approx breakdown of availability.(this morning) Lorne Street 350 Railway Paddock 700 Railway Stand 1100 Feel free to check it now Those estimates didn’t include restricted view seats.
  9. I think it will be 50/50 which goes grey first,Hamil or Lorne Street.
  10. There has been quite a few sold since my earlier count and as you say it’s unlikely they are advertising to Swindon fans to come and get one.
  11. Considering there was 2000 in the Bycars which have been replaced by Swindon and 3000 are now in the Hamil 8000 Vale looks about right.Should be a gate of 11000.
  12. The Paddock/Stand weren't anywhere near that full. It looks about right to me. I agree with that.Ive just had a very quick count and very approximately there’s just over 2000 available in the Lorne,RP and RS combined.
  13. There will be circa 8000 at York on Saturday.National league North Playoff Final v Boston.John Askey,Kingsley James and Mark Goodlad are the management/coaching team at York.
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