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  1. Okay then turning the telly off.....I'm getting old.
  2. I think it was just the fact that we'd started well and maybe expected more but we were terrible in the home game against them and just never got going. They snuffed us out relatively easily. The thing that I remember most was coming out of the ground incredibly frustrated as we put in such a half arsed performance.
  3. But we didn't play well against them at home. They were more than a match for us and the game itself was terrible as I recall.
  4. The club shop shop be cashing in with an 80's style, Flickers says, trust the pruhcess, t-shirts I'd hope not they've still got loads of 'Want Need Expect' and 'Feed The Pope' scarves hanging on the hooks in the shop. I'd stick with the generic club shop tat.
  5. I thought that Smith handled him quite well given his size and strength certainly after the 1st couple of times that they came together. Also noticed that he gave Cass a bit of a nudge in the back to give him space at the back post for his goal. BTW what is it with some people?
  6. Just hope that we play better than we did against them last year. They were a physical side that stopped us playing our pedestrian style of football. Just hope that we start on the front foot and get an early breakthrough otherwise the fans may get impatient again.
  7. I think that they reap what they sow, the £25 in from years ago certainly puts me off now, plus it's generally a rubbish away day, from the boozer to the score line. We at least sorted one of those today.
  8. Looking at the 'normal' social media sites their fans are far more complementary. Swindon v Port Vale pre match chat and matchday thread THETOWNEND.COM Seems that Twitter and FB are full of reactionaries......
  9. To be fair to Carl, he was pleased that we'd won and only complained about us not winning at home. They cut him off after about 30 seconds as they has Stoke fans to talk to.
  10. When the RS commentary went off during the game and we were patched over the the Stoke game. Johnson gave an apology and then said through gritted teeth that Port Vale were winning and it was 'good news'. I thought that his dog had just died.
  11. And possibly the starting line up. Dropping Martin for Cass give us some forward impetus, Rodders ran them ragged. Oddly I thought that Proctor was the weak link. Spent too much time complaining rather than trying for the 2nd ball, he may have been fouled in the build up but their centre halves were that bad that if he'd kept his concentration he'd have had a chance to win the ball back.
  12. I thought that at the time from my seat almost centre of the paddock, someone behind me moaned about Covolan not saving it. I 'corrected' them at the time.
  13. I'm on Windows 10 and use NordVPN, I watched the FGR game from home. If you do look to purchase a VPN take a look at the cashback sites and don't pay the full price for them,
  14. Does that mean we've paid him off, or has he agreed to walk for nothing and sign for Bradford? Mutual termination so I'd guess that we've paid him off.
  15. We had enough chances to win the game in the 2nd half too, poor finishing, the wrong pass and the changes made cost us. We played pretty well then too. No problem though the players need game time so a useful exercise.
  16. Can you let them know how awesome he is then, wouldn't want anything putting them off.
  17. A bit quiet, looked a little unfit as expected evident when he jogged back when trying to cover.
  18. It's more positive and balanced than the majority of the sites. I had to leave a couple of the FB sites for example, now they are something special.
  19. And so do I but did you see the penalty awarded for Scunthorpe against Tranmere by non other than Trevor Kettle........Wow
  20. I'm not certain how many were produced but to be fair it is a standard item with a sticker stuck on one side to commemorate the occasion and score. I really happened upon it by accident, it's not something that I'd ever consider buying. I do like to get memorabilia, I've got one of the Paine Proffitt 12/13 print, it's a great reminder of the season highlights. As for the turntable that's a Rega P1, I was looking for a while and it's a good budget option. Very pleased with it.
  21. I think that the front 2 of Wilson and Proctor offered so much more defensively and maybe offensively , both are far more mobile than Rodney unless maybe playing on the break. It was clear when Rodders came on and was fresh just how much little closing down he actually did. Should've been busting a gut for me after the effort his team mates put in.
  22. Well that was great. Was going to drive down today but didn't feel too well so did the old iPlayer thing and well... Super performance, Covolan was great what he had to do, Garrity played really well, solid defence.... Carls on RS now, who is he? FFS........
  23. Do you mean one of these? Someone gave this to my dad who really didn't like football but they knew that his lad supported Vale. Odd thing really. It has the sliding roof thing and rugby posts.
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