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  1. Me too, I left straight after the sending off, couldn't face any more. Looking forward to Salford though got to reset and get back to winning ways.
  2. I assume that Asante will be missing for them having been sent off yesterday. Happy with that if so.
  3. I've not seen a keeper as commanding in the air as Cov in years he's also a decent shot stopper and his distribution is decent too. He's decent for L2 IMHO. He's cut out the dribbling bit and puts his foot through it now. Yesterday was just bloody stupidity though.
  4. The difference in the teams is that they also have Simpson who allows them to play further up the pitch and dictate play. McKirdy plays off him and brings Williams into the action too. With Proctor injured we just don't have anyone like this to allow us to play off and get further up the pitch. I'm as disappointed as anyone in relation to Covolan having stood by his previous errors, I hope that Clarke dishes out his punishment and he returns to the side when he feels it's right to do so. I'm not so convinced with Stone. I think that there's a really decent keeper there but he's got to cut out stuff like this.
  5. They're holed up in a Hanley hotel so they're likely to catch something far worse🤒
  6. How did you know he was a Stoke fan was he throwing it out of the window?
  7. Amos and Whitehead have been released. Shame for Amos I think, seemed a nice fella.
  8. Yeah seen that Conrad, it was Rich that PM'd me to let me know. I'd decided not to make the trip and cancelled my hotel earlier, quite lucky really.
  9. I cancelled my hotel this morning otherwise if would've been nearly £150 down the Swanee as I couldn't go anyway. Very pleased that I had too as the cut off for cancellation was 10am.
  10. Thanks Rich I didn't see your 1st PM only the 2nd but thanks for getting back to me fella.
  11. I posted also in the Harrogate Town thread. I have 2 standing tickets for sale, unfortunately I'm in Stafford (ST16 1) but can possibly travel. Please PM me if interested.
  12. I have 2 tickets available for sale as I'm now no longer going (not Covid related). I'm in the Stafford area though (ST16 1) so could be a problem. PM me if interested.
  13. Would that mean that every club who has loan player out there need to recall them all?
  14. Absolutely Rob I too have missed AR's contributions to the site Merry Christmas Barry, Ann and family. Have a happy new year and wishes for a better 2022. And that goes for all of us too xx
  15. It was his funeral today RR. RIP Tony
  16. Was that a Tuesday night game? I seem that have Cambridge in my head, I was due to go but ended up missing it.
  17. What was your opinion of him Phil? Was a clue in his name?
  18. But he doesn't actually touch him, he wins the ball without endangering the player. He then falls over his outstretched leg. Good tackle for me but I'd be surprised if he gets the card rescinded. It's his birthday today so maybe deserves a week off...............
  19. Cheers, actually looks worse than I thought, it was high but he won the ball without getting the man.
  20. Agreed, unless there is some other footage, rather than that clear as day snap of Jones taking the ball cleanly, 1 footed, then I don't think an appeal will be successful however stupid the red was.
  21. That's one hell of an incentive to keep on winning
  22. Amazing what you can do when you're part of the EU but you can't do it when you have your own sovereignty.
  23. We played a good side yesterday who are on form, they'd lost 1 in 11 in the league and no doubt buoyed by a last minute winner in in their previous home game vs Sutton. I was hoping that we'd have either Worrall, Rodney or both available but when I saw the team I feared the worst. We had a completely makeshift side out there yesterday, many of the players bought in have had limited minutes so we were bound to tire as the game went on. We grabbed a goal against the run of play and most of the people around me were almost in a sense of shock that we'd grabbed a goal and would've taken a draw then. I was disappointed with their 1st goal though, we seemed to lose concentration but on the balance of play we'd have been lucky to hold out for the draw.
  24. Maybe because the ball was there to be won, he won it cleanly, 1 footed. Their player went over his outstretched leg and their players surrounded the ref who I don't think had a decent view of it at all. IMHO it was a great challenge and I said so at the game. I thought that the tackle by Pett earlier in the game was far worse, he got a yellow.
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