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  1. There are a few copies of the lockdown issues left (nos 101-103) and you can pick copies up from Andy at his usual pitch by the ground before the Sheff Wed game on Tuesday. £1 each or 3 issues for £2. There are also copies of the 'Ron & Brian' compilation available for £1. Just clearing the decks before the first one of the new season in about another week's time!
  2. Complete and utter rubbish! We have sold 700, they have sold 300.
  3. Anyone who wants a copy of any of the lockdown issues (101-103) and/or the first volume of the "Les aventures de Ron et Brian" compilation can get them at the game at Kidsgrove this Saturday. Just look out for Editor Andy milling about.
  4. Those of you who have acquired any of the lockdown Dereks may be aware that a compilation of "Les Aventures de Ron et Brian" cartoons has been planned. The first of four volumes has now been published and is a packed 36 pages priced at £1 plus p&p. It is available on a mail order basis so if anyone would like one then send £2 (or £1 and a stamp) to 29 Wade Street, Burslem, ST6 1HR. Alternatively, text Andy on 07910 224642 with your details and you can get instructions about how to pay via bank transfer. Copies can also be collected from Wade Street but please phone or text first to arrange. Use the same number if you have any other queries. Hopefully the next regular Derek will be out before the start of the season and with a bit of luck we will be able to attend the games! There have been three lockdown Dereks in the past 15 months (no's 101-103) which can also be ordered as above. Andy Mac
  5. Phil

    Retained list

    Really? No thanks
  6. Which is next weekend so doesn't matter to us!
  7. A new issue of Derek I'm Gutted!!! (no 103) has been produced and is now on sale. It is back to the regular size of 36 pages, mainly because it includes the latest sacking supplement! As we're still locked out it will mainly be available on a mail order basis as it was last time although High Lane News in Burslem will have a stock as usual. To obtain a copy you will need to contact Andy the Editor at 29 Wade Street Burslem ST6 1HR. It's still only £1 but please add either an extra £1 or a stamp to cover postage. You can collect from the above address but please phone or text 07910 224642 beforehand to arrange collection (social distancing of course!). The same number can be used for any other queries. Don't miss it!
  8. Despite the absence of crowds a new issue (no 102) has been produced. It is a smaller edition than usual but includes a free copy of issue 101 from March that never got sold. Apart from the regular outlets, High Lane News and the Bulls Head, it will only be available from Andy the Editor at 29 Wade Street Burslem, ST6 1HR Still only £1 but please add either a stamp or £1 to cover postage. You can collect a copy personally from the above address but ring Andy first on 07910 224642 to make sure he isn't in the pub or if you have any other queries. Sorry it isn't the usual size but we are testing the water to see if it is worth the effort of trying a mail order service unless by some miracle crowds are allowed back in... If there is sufficient interest the plan is to do another issue in the New Year nearer the usual size. Don't miss it! Andy Mac
  9. As long as it stays within 1.5 mill in total.......
  10. And you know that because?.........
  11. The only club in all four divisions who could get all our average gate in with only 25% seating capacity allowed bar Coventry at Birmingham.
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