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  1. Me too, listening to the Ale & Vale Podcast, Vale Park Playlist after, WhatsApping loads of folks, checking FB and on here. Getting collected at 3.30 from Stafford, Bulls at 4'ish all being well.
  2. We've got the ref who did our 3-0 home game vs Colchester.
  3. Without proof how do you know they're local
  4. Not shown anything 1st half. I know that it's nervy but I hope that there's more of an atmosphere tomorrow at Vale Park.
  5. It may be better with the home fans all walking down the Hamil after the game and them walking away from the ground via a different route. I was surprised at the away game that they had the coaches park 10-15 minutes away from the ground and we walked past the home end to get to our end. No trouble at all that I saw. At least in our situation the fans can be kept apart and the only ones that may want to walk that way are ones that are looking for hassle.
  6. According to Vale FB page over 8000 home tickets have been sold
  7. I had to change my password then it was fine.
  8. I've just been asked if I know of a spare, so maybe still relevant.
  9. I also had that issue. There's a link that says 'If you have not already set up an online account but have purchased a season or membership ticket click here' I clicked the link and reset my password, it then allowed me to buy it.
  10. Only 2 weeks late and let's not forget they're not dirty and are the most fouled team in the universe
  11. It was his birthday earlier in the week too😮
  12. I've been up on a Tuesday night and the turnstiles have been open over an hour before kick off. Not sure what the reasoning for them not to be open on Saturday. What I will add is that the 2 lower paddock turnstiles were vert efficient, I arrived at around 2.35 and the queue stretched back about half way along the length of the paddock, took less than 10 minutes to get in.
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