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  1. Yeah I was amazed at what they're charging, all tickets for the various age ranges are more expensive, minimum was a couple of quid for an adult but up to £16 as you say for an U12.
  2. I think that it's interesting that Mansfield fans are commenting that it was their best performance of the season bar 1 so if that's as good as they've got then it bodes well. We didn't help ourselves last night constantly telegraphing passes, far too slow to control it, the movement was almost non existent and when we did try to go long or switch the play the passes were terrible. They also gave credit to Conlon for the free kick, I'm not sure that we'd be so gracious had Covolan let that in.
  3. I thought that he too had a reasonable game. Considering the amount of the ball that they had in and around our box they didn't have too many clear chances. He missed 5 mins, or it seemed as long as that, of the 2nd half getting his nose plugged too, it seemed that the physios were also concerned so maybe took a knock to the head. Couple of dodgy moments though particularly when heading a cross facing his own goal when reaching for it and off balance, we've seen that somewhere.
  4. The referee spaced them and moved Garrity to the right of the wall over to be 1m away. All looks good to me.
  5. Cheers, good call. Sadly not processing for me, stating website error.
  6. I'd be disappointed to see him dropped after his one 'error'. I'm not sure that any of the goals against vs Sutton were down to him either, that result IMHO, especially after the performance was freakish. I think he adds more to the side than just his shop stopping. I don't recall seeing a Vale keeper so strong in the air as him, he plays a high line and is also fairly quick unless we're winning and he's trotting back to take a goal kick. DC made it clear that he was disappointed with his contribution to the goal, I'd hope and expect that to be enough.
  7. Yes indeed, with about a dozen or so still in the draw there were some horrible draws we could've had. I thought this morning that we'd get Marske who were next out of the hat.
  8. I agree completely and I'll also add that it's been a long time since we've had a keeper so comfortable coming and claiming crosses as him. This in itself reduces the number of opportunities the opposition have to score.
  9. Had to rewatch the game again after seeing some of the comments and thinking I was watching a different game. Still can't believe that we lost it we should've been out of sight.
  10. OG seems to be banging them in this season too. Wonder if it's some sort of record , 4 consecutive games where 'he's' scored.
  11. I can't believe that DC would even consider this if Rodders was fit, I think that if he wasn't starting he'd be a great impact sub.
  12. I preferred the old server, it kept posts really well. Whilst it was really reliable when 1st installed it has been slowing down for the last couple of seasons, I'm not too sure about this new one. It's doing things that I've not seen any of our previous servers doing. Like playing a high line and actually looking comfortable when coming and claiming crosses............... I'll get me coat.
  13. But did he though the ball was knocked in headed against the back of the head of another player bounced down and someone smacked it straight past another player and into the roof of the net. Not sure how Covolan can be blamed for any of the goals but it seems to be some peoples favourite past time. (not yours of course)
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