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  1. Strange really to switch him into the back 4 especially after his MoTM performance last game when in midfield. He's played in 3/4 different positions in the time he's been at Chesterfield so he's versatile if nothing else.
  2. You get a link to download the electronic copy every week if they have your details
  3. Just seen that, have they given a reason for it? Weather, away team arriving late?
  4. He'd dodge the bullets, he could dive as well as Steino as seen at the Withdean one rainy Friday night in December.
  5. He's right you know........I was looking at Solihill Moors🤐
  6. I can't see past Sutton, the only game of any note that they have is Hartlepool at home but I really hope that they don't make it. They'll be like another Stevenage, Crawley type club, no away support and another trek to get there, likewise Bromley. Torquay still have Bromley at home and go to Stockport so they have it slightly tougher. Barnet, with Sutton playing them twice and Maidenhead play many of the top clubs so they'll have some say. I'd be happy with any of the local clubs, Notts County, Wrexham, Stockport or Halifax. Chesterfield have really faded after they lost their main st
  7. Yes they did, and they all sang 'always look on the bright side of life'. I'd love so much to be there on Saturday to have a singalong too.
  8. There's an iFollow thread here, your question may have been covered.
  9. Didn't Clarke mention that they would be travelling on Friday. The team wouldn't be staying over would they for a 3 hour trip? Unless maybe they were looking to possibly have a training camp with playing Barrow on Tuesday. Not sure how Covid restrictions would hinder this mind.
  10. Such a shame that we were not able to get the best out of him due to the manager at the time. Always felt that he was a decent player, pleased for him. Don't think that I'll travel to watch him like I did Birchall in Germany.
  11. I've got the Bristol Rovers playoff win at VP, watched it very recently and TBH it was ****** boring, football is so much quicker and the backpass rule change has made footie a hell of a lot more interesting.
  12. I'm not really into female lead singers there voices often sound contrived....but I do quite like Claire Lemmon of Sidi Bou Said and Tanya Donelly of The Throwing Muses/The Breeders.
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