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  1. I went in front of Staffs FA at the CSG a few years ago for a disciplinary - league secretary, opposition secretary all present and all said that I had no case to answer. Verdict £120 fine and 3 point deduction, you couldn't make it up.
  2. Slightly off topic but I've just bought a book 'Fever Hitch' that's written by a blades fan who hitched to almost every game one season, he appeared also on Footballs Hardest Away Days. He did a similar thing with a band that I like, only in this case 101 gigs, that's how I got to know about it.
  3. I like them but would've preferred the green keepers top to the blue, other than that they're smart and I like the brown bit down the side of the away shirt. I must be getting old.
  4. Depends what's in them, might be horses heads......or worse that yellow shirt that was photographed. May even be fake like http://www.footballshirtculture.com/19/20-Kits/huddersfield-town-2019-20-umbro-home-kit.html
  5. Shame I was hoping that it was nightwear.
  6. I quite like the ritual of driving up there having a look around the shop if I am able. Even if it's just to collect a receipt I see it as tradition, I think that I've only ever had to order over the phone after leaving it too late to get up there.
  7. I guess that they'll be something similar to this http://www.footballshirtculture.com/19/20-Kits/grimsby-town-2019-2020-errea-third-kit.html
  8. I'm happy with Errea, BLK was a disaster but it all depends on the design of course. Hummels Cambridge away shirt isn't the best http://www.footballshirtculture.com/19/20-Kits/cambridge-united-2019-2020-hummel-away-kit.html
  9. Yeah, another terrible VAR decision or rule or whatever you want to call it for the penalty, unintentional handball arm out but not in an unnatural position. England are playing well and look to be technically and physical better than the majority of the teams I've seen and much better than Scotland. The earlier game was like watching school kids in the playground with everyone following the ball around the pitch, quite odd to watch.
  10. Whatever we get they couldn't possibly be as bad as any of these. http://www.footballshirtculture.com/19/20-Kits/yeovil-town-2019-2020-shirt-vote.html Noticed too that Shrewburys Admiral offering on the same website looks really poorly made and ill fitting.
  11. Pleased that Liverpool won after finishing 2nd in the league but my goodness it wasn't half dull. Didn't mind missing much of the 2nd half after 'watching' the 1st and the penalty decision killed it for me. If that had been given against the Vale in a friendly I'd have been annoyed but a game of this stature and with VAR it makes it a mockery, UEFA directive or otherwise.
  12. And the Odd Vale fan in Stafford. Got a nice ring to it, maybe the name for a new Vale website:smile:
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