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  1. Didn't Carol say that Coors had the option of a contract extension as in order to meet their terms we need to sell so many units per season. Obviously that didn't happen last year. Vale want to look at a more local supply once the contract expires, who knows if that'll be Titanic but it would be great IMHO if it was. I might actually buy something.
  2. RIP Ernie, from the era when I started supporting the mighty whites.
  3. Does anyone know how many tickets Vale have sold for the Rangers game, someone on their message board have said we've sold over 1000 but I can't see that being right
  4. He's the quy you've quoted in your post.........
  5. I'm happy with Covolan too if available. Prefer the keeper shirt too should I be lucky. Edit-Didn't see the link for cash, done home & away. Cheers
  6. There must be a few forfeited bets on here to sponsor a number of players
  7. So maybe there's hope for me yet.....
  8. I'm not actually sure that's true at times.............
  9. Can you make the turnstiles a little wider too after, may need that now after lockdown...........
  10. Strange really to switch him into the back 4 especially after his MoTM performance last game when in midfield. He's played in 3/4 different positions in the time he's been at Chesterfield so he's versatile if nothing else.
  11. You get a link to download the electronic copy every week if they have your details
  12. Just seen that, have they given a reason for it? Weather, away team arriving late?
  13. He'd dodge the bullets, he could dive as well as Steino as seen at the Withdean one rainy Friday night in December.
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