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  1. The tackle was just in front of me and I thought that it was hard but fair, I was surprised when the referee booked Legge and I told him so too! Interesting that many on their forum agree and the ones that are generally saying that it should be red are commenting on a still.
  2. No, I don't believe so. I already had my season ticket allocation but wrote into the Vale for a mate who goes most home and away games but hadn't had a ST this season due to personal reasons. I got one. The good news is that it also says that if tickets are not claimed by the 2nd then they'll be put on sale again.
  3. And the highest paid female worldwide, the next is someone in the US who 'earns' around 100m!
  4. Though this was about an away day in Cheshire............
  5. But it's odd then that you could get a 3 game ban in the FA Cup, your team may only get to play 1 game a season, so the ban could last for 3 years!!
  6. I called Vale TO 15 minutes ago and they have 4 tickets left in the side stand all with restricted views. May need to miss out on this one, can't face going behind the goal.
  7. I went in front of Staffs FA at the CSG a few years ago for a disciplinary - league secretary, opposition secretary all present and all said that I had no case to answer. Verdict £120 fine and 3 point deduction, you couldn't make it up.
  8. Slightly off topic but I've just bought a book 'Fever Hitch' that's written by a blades fan who hitched to almost every game one season, he appeared also on Footballs Hardest Away Days. He did a similar thing with a band that I like, only in this case 101 gigs, that's how I got to know about it.
  9. I like them but would've preferred the green keepers top to the blue, other than that they're smart and I like the brown bit down the side of the away shirt. I must be getting old.
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