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  1. Rubbish,it was a reply to Coyney Valiant and the video about Wokeford. Please keep up.
  2. Anybody who calls the Labour leader Keir Llama will do for me. Brilliant,you can have him,he's perfect for Labour.🤣
  3. Watford at it again. Ranieri obviously didn't give them enough pizza's?😀
  4. Did the MSM's credibility die of covid or with covid?
  5. Photo looks like the one taken in September,2020? Better get the bog rolls in?😃
  6. You'd have to ask the players who were in that promotion team about that but you seem to have already answered that question with your last sentence. Anyway,I'm with DC,protect the wage structure
  7. The teams you mention plus the likes of Burton,Fleetwood and Wycombe deserve a bit more respect in my opinion.Bigger and better stadiums plus greater support don't guarantee you three points on the field.It's more down to management and recruitment.
  8. We are protecting our wage structure along with our dressing room.
  9. Are you saying LBC and the Guardian are telling porkies then?
  10. Tshimanga looks good at Chesterfield with 21 goals in 23 games and 100% record from 19 penalties. We wish.😃
  11. "In Britain it's alcohol,in Canada it's maple syrup,while in Australia it's a crucial additive for diesel trucks and in New Zealand it's brown sugar.These are just some of the many shortages affecting consumers and businesses around the world as industry experts warn that the supply chain crisis prompted by the coronavirus could last for many more months and even up to two years. Industry experts and economists believe the problems could persist as the finely calibrated network of world trade,already weakened by months of shipping backlogs,labour shortages and geopolitical tensions remains discombobulated.For anyone expecting the post-pandemic world to return to normal,forget it.Whatever was considered normal before the pandemic is not coming back.Companies have to make the supply chain a priority,he says.If it breaks down we can't say we didn't see it coming". The Guardian 18th Dec,2021
  12. Thank goodness we can request FOI.
  13. You can always google it though?
  14. Good point away from home,the best is yet to come. KTF.UTV
  15. It seems to happening in many countries,I wonder if it could be down to the pandemic and nothing at all do do with Brexit?🤔
  16. "Minor Incursion" "Let's go Brandon"
  17. Ex-player Wayne Brown takes over at Colchester after boss Hayden Mullins gets the sack.
  18. Very strange that none of the main stream media have mentioned this?
  19. What are the odds on Rishi How,is he worth a tenner?
  20. ND seems to have triggered the top earners?😃
  21. I'm slowly starting to dislike January transfer windows.
  22. A bit unfair to blame Bas though?
  23. Should he have told Johnson that parties were against Johnson's Laws? Better ask his boss,the commissioner.
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